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Forever Friends -Two friends with problematic childhoods struggle to determine their true feelings for each other as they grow up and enter various other relationships.



Take Me Out -A down-on-his-luck former baseball scout is unexpectedly asked to run a new major league baseball team in Las Vegas, and must quickly figure out how to make money and keep his team focused amidst the glitz and glamour of Sin City.



The Great Charlie Bean -As for being a janitor or ditch digger..those jobs are for the other people to do. At the age of 28, Charlie Bean comes to the harsh realization that he just might be the other people.



Smile -Two single parents, a widow and widowe, struggling to find love in a world without their soulmates, embark on separate paths leading to each other.



BIGFOOT! A TRUE STORY…MAYBE -A man, who unknowingly shares a healing connection with Bigfoot, sets out to find the elusive creature during a mid-life crisis.



The Great Santa Experiment (TV Pilot) - Santa has decided to spend part of the year living in a metropolitan area where he can experience the real world problems facing kids and parents today first hand. Kris Kringle almost gets on his own Naughty List attempting to balance living in suburbia and The North Pole while trying to pull off Christmas! Based on funny and heartwarming stories from a real professional Santa.



Nikki & Alexandria - Santa has decided to spend part of the year living in a metropolitan area where he can experience the real world problems facing kids and parents today first hand. Kris Kringle almost gets on his own Naughty List attempting to balance living in suburbia and The North Pole while trying to pull off Christmas! Based on funny and heartwarming stories from a real professional Santa.



My Clone - While trying to clone a duck, a geneticst accidentally clones himself. He makes a deal with his clone for the clone to take over his marriage and career while he secretly runs off and parties around the world. But what happens when he returns? How will his wife react when she learns that for a year she’s been sleeping with one of his experiments? An experiment that got her pregnant?



The Director's Girlfriend - His marriage on the rocks, a lush - a once hot Hollywood writer - finds himself in over his head when he falls for the sexy, psychotic young girlfriend of his sleazy movie director neighbor.



Sinkhole - When a hapless, well-meaning buffoon begins to question his small-town life, he makes the decision to get a pool over fixing the house, resulting in him falling through a sinkhole into another dimension where things are deceivingly better.



The Starter Marriage - After a friend gets divorced, Mark and Tina agree to get married for one year so they can learn from all of the mistakes the first time in order to have a successful second marriage.



WOODY - A hilarious view into one less than ordinary man's adventure of becoming one of the greatest adult entertainers of all time.



Sometimes, Good Guys Don't Wear White - A practicing Satanist falls in love at the scene of an accident and has a crisis of faith, while a recent convert threatens to ruin his life.



Dooda and Rayford, The Alabaster Boys - Two bumbling brothers from the muddy Alabaster, Alabama backwoods get caught up in a police investigation involving two jewel thieves when they enter and win an all expenses paid sightseeing weekend in New York City.



Monster Suit Blues - Monsters who starred in sci-fi films from the '50s and '60s find themselves unemployed in the modern era of CGI animation. They try to make a comeback in show business while dealing with the frustrations of their everyday lives.



Zombie Hippies - When tainted weed circulates through a 4-20 festival in Humboldt County, the local D.O.N.T. Officer is forced to team up with a young drug-dealer to stop an army of dirty, stinkin', zombie hippies!



Just Kasey - A transgender man struggles to find inner peace when he is reunited with the daughter he gave up for adoption sixteen years ago.



The Love Shuttle - A bomb threat stalls an airport shuttle, forcing 6 desperate people to reveal deep secrets, solve problems, and find romance…and one of them is the bomber. And it's funny. (Just one location.)



All Together Now - (TV pilot) Due to financial issues, a liberal nurse and a computer geek couple, among their young androgynous son, needs to move in with the wife's parents - an extremely conservative father and a cheeky insurance agent mother - into their tiny house. There will be blood.



The Eavesdropper - An ordinary guy, working an ordinary job, David Littlefield gets an extraordinary opportunity to play Casanova when he discovers that he can listen into women's therapy sessions through the air vent in his office wall.



Hotel Wyoming - An erroneous astrological reading convinces two disillusioned rock musicians to move from Los Angeles to an isolated Wyoming town in search of happiness. But their bliss turns to dread as the quirky locals do their best to get rid of the rockers, fearing the town’s well-kept secret will be revealed to the world.”



Our New Effin' Dad (TV Pilot) - The Nichols family is forced to deal with their mom’s new husband, Raj, a young and successful East Indian American entrepreneur… who is thirty years her junior.



Get With The Hef - What do you do when life throws you the ultimate b**** slap? If you’re Lane ‘the HEF’ Hefner, you get your head out of your *** and throw a huge rock concert in your back yard, of course.



Sherwood - A Philosophical, sports-hating American ends up as a miraculous and celebrated NHL goaltender who earns nothing but shutouts – almost. He dislikes fame, doesn’t care about big money, is at odds with his greedy agent, dates a street sweeper. Through a tragedy he finally finds happiness.



Carmudgeon Forest - A driver picks up three hitchhikers after their car breaks down in the middle of a big forest road. They get to know each others, discover an old treasure, meet a mysterious hermit who's been looking for it. One meets a mermaid living in a pond and gets useful information. Two become a couple. Finally they get out of there in an intriguing way.



The Stand (TV Pilot) - Charlie graduated Harvard business school, only to become a veggie hotdog stand owner working in front of a government building where he uses his wits and humor to deal with people. Add a nosy apartment complex lobby clerk Amberla who always wants to know what’s going on.



The Obligatory - All of the necessary elements of a film noir are in place – a buxom femme fatale, a mysterious villain, heck even a spider web of deceit – but suddenly two amateur filmmakers are instructed by their eccentric financier to “add an obligatory Christmas scene.”



Awkworld - A socially awkward alien princess ditches a critical political meeting with a nearby planet in order to attend an Earth high school.



The Grime Kings - Two loser vacuum cleaner salesmen resort to ever-increasingly desperate measures in order to win an annual sales' contest and trounce their corrupt boss.



Cheeky Boys - An ambitious young copywriter pretends to find two feral, mute brothers abandoned in a forest then promotes them to boost his career, but major problems arise when they become an inspiration to thousands of people.



Yellow Touch Red, You're Dead - Trapped on his gang's bus, fleeing the cartel, a girl plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with the maverick leader who's keeping her till she sleeps with him, no matter the cost.



A Doggone Christmas - Why haven’t the world’s nicest man and “man’s best friend” ever teamed up? In the holiday comedy “A Doggone Christmas”, a self-centered dog who dislikes people is accidentally stranded at the North Pole with Santa Claus, who hates dogs the way a mailman does. The two must overcome their mutual distrust to save Christmas- and all of Dog’s canine friends- from a pack of arctic wolves with a serious beef.



AAA -Love blooms in a home shopping channel that sells sex toys to avoid bankruptcy.



Family Heist - A dysfunctional group of Scottish highlanders decide to save their town hall from development, by ripping off rich tourists in search of their highland roots.



Grow Up! - Just Grow Up! - Two haggard new parents just want their hellion toddler to grow up! Until the night they get their wish and they promptly lose their new 250lb man-child in the big city.



Live And Let Buy - The world's greatest superspy gets fired and winds up working as a small-town department store greeter, where he learns about live and love in the "real" world and earns one last chance to stop his archenemy from destroying America.



Warpaint - When Glasgow Shop Girl Willow meets dashing New Yorker Rick and marries him after a whirlwind romance, her new life in NYC is far from the perfect fresh start she imagines.



American Education (TV Pilot) - When the district superintendent decides to cut the fine arts program in order to remodel, West Valley High School's community is determined to save the annual fall musical. Inspired by Parks and Recreation, the series proves that there's more to high school than teenage drama.



Pushing The Red Envelope - Four women in their late 30's have been BFF's since childhood. A day before the most audacious of the group passes away, she sends them each a red envelope that will change their lives forever.



Love And Issues - It’s a story of how four middle age men overcome their dramatic love issues by doing something for love, evening if it ends their relationship.



Soft Tarets in a Hot Zone - A misfit bunch of celebrity impersonators must impersonate a deadly bunch of terrorists to stop a nuclear attack on Vegas.



Adopting Jamie - When an eligible bachelor is ready to settle down because his player lifestyle is no longer appealing to the women he's been dating, he does the only logical thing to land his perfect woman; he temporarily adopts a kid.



Taking Chance - A charming gambler's night goes from bad to worse when he has to deliver contraband to Vegas to repay a debt and his only support is his estranged brother and their group of addict friends.



Mr. Dick's Neighborhood (TV Pilot) - Ted Dick is just what his last name is; a dick, and he really shouldn’t be allowed outside or to talk to human beings, but despite all that, Ted decides to take a chubby little kid under his wing and teach him about life and all the bullshit it entails.



Taking Chance - An unlucky gambler’s night goes from bad to worse when he has to deliver contraband to Vegas to repay a marker and his only support system is his estranged twin brother and their group of addict friends.



UnHaunted - A ghostly intervention ends a bitter sibling rivalry between Dr. Lucky Adams and her half-brother Meshawn Adams.



Blind Love (Short) - A blind woman encounters a man while getting his help to walk across a street only to find out that his touch brings a sense that she has never experienced.



Kiss Off! - When a patriotic stoner tries to help an East German gymnast defect to Ohio in 1985, the two are chased by the KGB, a rogue CIA agent and a vengeful ex-girlfriend as they race toward love, freedom and the end of the Cold War in a purple muscle car.



Brenda In Dharmaland - After being injured in a brawl at home plate, an ornery and compulsively competitive coach seeks inner peace with a great and wonderful guru who turns out to be an orgy loving nut job.



The Livin' Rooms - A comedy about a cook in an assisted living facility and a group of zany octogenarians take on the local drug dealer and his thugs.



A Sign of the Times - A comedy about an upwardly mobile sign company, an Irish pub and a ladies amateur pool tournament.



Full Moon - A misfit group of friends, led by a reckless Australian junior lawyer, travel through Thailand after a semester abroad in Australia, in search of the legendary Full Moon Party. Based on a true story.



Driving Jersey - Two twenty-something slackers have 90 minutes to drive from the most densely populated state, New Jersey, into Manhattan to pitch their script to a legendary producer. Oh, and they have to figure how their script ends before they arrive...



How to Be a Killer Life Coach - Twin brother and sister run an inspirational life coach cover business by day, but work as assassins by night. When they're hired to off an heiress by her misogynistic adoptive father, the heiress realizes she's being targeted and employs her own kill-for-hire to take out the twins.



Designing Dora (TV Pilot) - A high-strung fashion designer, once a Broadway Diva, runs a chic yet chaotic clothing design studio with her gay brother-in-law in this stylish workplace sitcom. They work with a zany staff which includes a quirky secretary who relishes in his stories about life “back home on Gracy Farms Lane”, a sassy assistant who volunteers at an AIDS clinic, and a feisty middle-aged housekeeper who keeps everyone in line.



Caught In The Web (TV Pilot) - Two girls in their late teens, one a struggling actress, the other an aspiring writer, become best friends while living at a quirky New York City women’s residence, The Webber Apartments, a.k.a. “The Web”. They are surrounded by a group of zany but likable characters in this family-oriented TV sitcom.



Air Capitol - A brilliant, charismatic, and completely amoral teen is preparing to escape his dead end future in the Midwest for school on the west coast, when his tuition disappears when his parents suddenly move to Mexico. Instead of wallowing in despair or even making a backup plan, he finds that he is both willing and able to manipulate an entire city to get what he wants.



Liv and Love - An insecure real estate agent, struggling to find herself after a divorce, takes on a run-down farm in the California Wine Country, and falls in love with the contractor. But, he isn’t who she thinks he is.



Sparks - When a charming man's touch sends lightning crackling from Dr. Emma Spegal's hand, she pulls him into her world where they discover that everyone has a secret that stands in the way of a normal life and an electric love.



Truthies - The President is accidentally infected by a manmade virus that forces him to tell only the truth… and he's infectious. The forces of untruth rally to try to kill the President and his growing army of "Truthies."



Taking Chance - A charming but unlucky gambler’s night goes from bad to worse when he has to deliver drugs to Vegas to repay a marker and his only support system is his alcoholic twin brother and their group of addict friends.



Hail Satan! - In an American high school, Jesus Christ is an outcast who is constantly picked on by the increasingly popular and snooty Satan, causing Christ and his 12 "friends" to take action.



Ghostwriter (Short) - World's greatest ghostwriter dies, goes to heaven. There, God asks him to ghost the new bible.



The Pizza Mafioso - A honest pizza chef, unexpectedly, inherits a multinational company only to find its 'employees' are Mafia fronts for a international money-laundering cabal.



Wimps, Heroes & Aliens - A freak accident in an exotic pet store transforms two middle school wimps into adolescent heroes who must now stop an hostile alien takeover that's starting in their very own neighborhood.



Me & Uncle Blu - Uncle Blu has just opened a new chocolate shop with his nephew, Dagmar. One of their first customers is a large unwanted possum.



Last of the Alumni (TV Pilot) - Among a struggling generation of graduates, three lads fight for the life they expected to await them.



I'm Not Kevin - When a down on his luck, geeky teen with identity issues takes on the identity of Kevin, he gets more than he bargained for… a comedic tale of mistaken identity and a young man wearing the wrong badge!



Pure Romance - What if a klutzy teacher, spurred by her mentor, sells sex toys at parties for women in order to raise money to shelter abandoned dogs, and discovers that her uptight lawyer boyfriend is her slum landlord, who later rescues the women from a serious attack?



Safe Sex Summer Camp - When foxy Gigi Wolf arrives at a dilapidated summer camp with her over-sexed boyfriend and lusty friends, their hedonism is interrupted by two nosy rich Arabs, a big Indian and the uptight high school administrator.



Akatewa - When two trains collide in her small western town, a brilliant young woman takes charge – and in the process meets the man who’ll help free her from her wounded past and go her own way.



Who Scanned Danny Donkey? - Just 3D-digitized, two famous old-school Toon-actors are tricked into spreading an elusive virus on the Internet and must join with Toons from many cultures and countries to protect their loved ones and save the world from a technological and political reverse back to the 1980s.



The Executioner - When a series of murders with obscure motives stains with blood a small kingdom just after the abolition of the capital punishment, the police ends up suspecting the former last executioner to work on his own.



Baby On Board - Two hapless brother bank robbers steal a getaway car with a pregnant woman inside and zany hijinks ensues.



Love Stupid - A relationship saboteur stumbles upon true love, despite himself.



American School (TV Pilot) - Expats and other misfits cope with the bugs and perils of living in Latin America while working at an exclusive private school for a bipolar-ish principal.



A Kiss In The Rain - When a married man's secret male lover suddenly dies, he struggles to hide his grief from his wife but he's shocked when he receives help from an unexpected source.



I Love You Two - Two men, an Executive and a Blues Musician, both love one woman, who is pregnant with both of their children.



Bingo Bango – A nebbish BINGO caller (Bingo Bango) has a swift change of fortune after inheriting a BINGO dauber from the luckiest old lady in town. But is it the BINGO dauber or Billy that’s making his luck?



Cannibals - After graduating, an intelligent and principled Adonis takes a job with a ‘headhunter’ and triumphs over unscrupulous colleagues as he ‘gets the girl’, a Westernized Muslim whose devout identical twin introduces a farcical collision of Western and Muslim cultures.



Love and Obsession - A young ladies man is giving up his one night stands in search of true love and he may have found it , but his psycho ex is sabotaging the relationship.



Rebound Man - Women on the Rebound always dump their next lover giving Jack no risk commitments, until Anna, who waits for Jack to do the dirty work.



Ellie All Over - Sometimes, becoming who you want to be means going home.



It's Ya Birthday - A 30-something loser decides to go to the strip club for his birthday, but a series of random mishaps are foiling his birthday plans.



Tokens - A black man from Atlanta gets a job promotion and is transferred to an All white suburban town in Idaho.



Just Be Yourself - When a 1980's comic is shot dead during his act, his life takes an amazing turn.



Saudade - When a man's dreams are haunted by a woman from another life, he sets out to find her. Fate, destiny, and reality collide in Ireland.



Red vs. Blue - Two rival English football supporters fall for each other but must overcome their ultra-competitive natures and their intrusive families if their romance is to last.



Wylde House - Ellen, a repressed librarian, falls for a mysterious woman and pursues her from the library to a remote mansion only to discover that the woman is a misfit vampire—who’s celebrating the night she was born. Bad luck for Ellen and other guests of this “birthnight” party because it just may be their last—unless Ellen can outwit her deadly host, a vengeful 60-year-old teenager and her own, conflicted desires.



John Glad & Peter Sting In the Seven Wonders of the World - Two friends, one fat and stupid, the other thin and smart, obtain a precious amulet from a Chinese Mandarin. The chase is immediately on. The amulet is part of Yin and Yang and determines the balance on earth that is disturbed. After a humoristic chase over all continents with pygmies, terrorists and thieves they return the amulet to the Imperial Palace in Peking and restore the balance of Yin Yang.



Leader of the Pack - A fledgling Wall Street fund manager attempts to snag a prized client during his son's week-long scouting jamboree, unknowing his quirky boss plans to pin a fraud rap on him if he fails.



Weird Saturday - "Freaky Friday" meets "Vice Versa" when this family of four is turned inside out when the kids switch bodies with the parents.



Conundrum of Love - Attempting to save a life - DAVEN SMITH - a rich and skilled musician is left incapable of remembering his past. Enlisting the help of his only sister, his best friend and a dating Guru he embarks on the most amazing dating spree in search of true love only to discover the most exceptional journey of love with an intricate twist.



La Donna Traviata - Violetta is a happy hooker in the famous red light district of Amsterdam. She is charming, funny and beloved. Everything comes her way. She is fond of opera and likes to sing herself. Her life drastically changes when she meets Fabio Paresi, a famous Italian heroic tenor. But a hooker never should fall in love. What seemed a way up is the beginning of a downfall into misery and death.



Jack Whitter, Quitter - A man known for never finishing what he starts, fights himself and his reputation to get the girl of his dreams through his own ultimate weight-loss challenge.



Minerva & Maude - Disgruntled roommates in an assisted living center fit together like oil and water, but when the facility's practices prove questionable, the elderly women must get creative and put their differences aside.



Just Jerry - A man with multiple personalities attempts to balance his embarrassed, socialite mother's wishes with his different personas' need to express themselves.



The Dirrogate - After the woman he loves is killed in a terrorist incident, an expert in Alternative Reality technology finds a way to defy death by digitally resurrecting her, and in the process, helps others reunite with loved ones.



Tender Heart - A bullied teenager commits suicide and donates his heart to his ailing high school crush. But when he comes back, re-incarnated, he struggles to win her love again.



Looking For Libra – A lovelorn casket-maker must date one woman from each sign of the zodiac in order to find true love or risk being alone for the next 25 years.



The Belize Twist - The Belize Twist pits lovely antiquities dealer, Meg Germain against anti-hero, Robert Maxwell in a dangerous South American jungle adventure. Their quests to find the mythical crystal skull with the power of soul transference is hindered as billionaire, Howard Houseman will stop at nothing to get the prize first. As romance develops between the hero and heroine, they venture into the deep recesses of a primitive dig site, jet along the barrier reef, and reluctantly jump from a helicopter seconds before it explodes.



Orbiting Ezmerelda - As part of the world's richest man's business model, an artist 'kills' himself which incites a bidding mania and compels maternal instincts in the childless art curator, thus clashing with her husband in a dissolving marriage as she pursues alternative insemination.



Bujama Dreams - When the San Francisco bon-vivant and the lady accountant wine lover have a meet – cute each thinks this may be the one but, clobbered by financial and romantic crises, he escapes to Latin America and gets profound lessons of life and love.



Tory - This is to be an animated feature film project about a dust devil that comes alive to help a young nerd in trouble.



The Dawghouse (Animated Comedy/TV) - A sports fanatic is incessantly banished to his backyard dog house by his wife and kids who are sick of his addiction to sports on TV and neglect of family duties.  



Polterqueer – A gay ghost, and a misfit Grim reaper work together to help a psychic cop help lost spirits become un-lost.  



Bad Girls & The LA Creeper (Comedy/TV) - They want a "nice guy." He wants a "bad girl." Three femme fatale roomies place an ad for a fourth and mistakenly consent to a single creeper male who's clueless on how to navigate the dating world.  



Dead Hooker - Man returns dead hooker he just bought minutes ago to a sex shop clerk who insists she just resting.



Sex Therapy – A bold and brash comedy (think “The 40 Year Old Virgin”) about an over-sexed young woman discussing her relationship problems with her therapist.



Tables – One-Thousand Men, Three years, one table, a quest for the chemistry of love. A true story about online dating.  



Differences of Opinion – A honeymoon begins on a less than pleasant note when the bride and groom discover on their wedding night that they have strongly opposing feelings about a subject relating to personal hygiene.  



Love Stupid – A serial-relationship-killer gives up on romance just as the perfect woman falls into his life. Can he overcome his self-sabotaging ways and finally find happiness … or is he forever damned to “love stupid”?  



Flirt – On her first night as a call girl, a pessimistic young woman falls in love with her first client and, together, imagine a life worth pursuing.  



The Flintstones: I Yabba Dabba Do – A modern stone-age man does whatever he can to stop his daughter’s wedding, no matter what the cost…or legalities.  



The Shepherd Conspiracy – An undercover operative is targeted for elimination and framed for murder as he attempts to untangle a wide-reaching conspiratorial organization that intends to assassinate a high-ranking government official.  



America, I Have a Life! – The comedic tale of a melodramatic substitute teacher who, after an unsuccessful decade trying to prove her chops on Broadway, attempts to create a reality television show about her life to prove she’s happy being single and thirty.  





A Star Reborn -After reminiscing with Priscilla and Joe Esposito at Elvis’ 80th birthday celebration, Troy Manning imagines how the role in A STAR IS BORN might have changed Elvis’ life.



Big Sister - A successful woman abandons her career to save her destitute younger sister, but her efforts backfire and she becomes the one who needs to be saved.



Gypsy (TV Pilot) - Leila is forced out of her gypsy settlement and sets out to find the soldiers who killed her friends and family during the civil war in Lebanon, 1975.



Out Of Time Man - When a long-estranged cousin desperate for a kidney donor comes back into his life, an unfulfilled taxi driver is confronted with a choice he must make before they both run out of time.



AFOAKOM: once lost never regained - A priceless sculpture, the sacred cultural heritage of the KOM kingdom of Cameroon, is stolen only to be found for sale in the gallery of a notorious Manhattan dealer in primitive art. Its return is the only way to restore the people’s dignity and put an end to the ongoing misery.



Evolvement - An infertile liberal-minded executive desperate for a child moves her husband’s pregnant one-night-stand into their home, so they can adopt the baby. When her husband dies unexpectedly, she is left to grieve and deal with an array of complications that challenge her humanity.



Dead States (TV Pilot) Small town teens struggle to carve out a new future after TEOTWAWKI events ripple out and crush the U.S. power grid and population.



Last Flag On Oak Island - A museum curator and his female student assistant use a wartime journal’s cryptic passages to discover the Oak Island treasure as two rival treasure hunters close in on the wealth of the century or the island's deft insult.



GALERIJ (TV Pilot) As an art authenticator works to collect twelve 17th century Dutch Brohm family portraits -- the Galerij -- she has doubts when an art expert warns the gallery paintings will unleash the Brohms into present day society, resuming control over and castrating European trade.



Transition (TV Pilot) An mma fighter looks to transition from amateur to pro, as she wrestles with her sexuality and a checkered past.



Houses of The Holy (TV Pilot) A pair of private investigators turned real-estate agents are caught in a deadly undertow of corruption, greed, and homicide when their wealthy client is found murdered in the home she has listed for sale,



In Between the Lines -Five years after university graduation in Oxford a group of 10 young adult friends Charlie, Matthew, Stuart, Derek, Raymond, Jane, Cheryl, Amanda, Nadine and Lesley are trying to navigate through life while maintaining their friendships in their post-university lives in London.



Everything's Not Lost - Rachel and Elaine are two lifelong divorced best friends since college and both of them are having great times together by knowing each other over these years. But their world come crashing down when Rachel is diagnosed with breast cancer and Elaine becomes her caregiver by taking care of her. At the very end Rachel dies leaving her family and Elaine and her family behind devastated.



On the Run in Nazi Berlin - True story of a teenager arrested by the Gestapo during WWII. They want him in prison or dead, but he remains alive and free almost to the end of the war. Once captured, he was the only known person to escape detention in Berlin.



Welcome to the Jungle- There have been three great movies made, each of which originated in California and depicted life in the inner city. Menace II Society, Straight Outta Compton and Boyz in the Hood. All achieved financial success and critical acclaim. Now Atlanta has a story to tell. Get ready for Welcome to the Jungle.



STRONG ENOUGH - As she visits her comatose former lover in a hospital, a young woman remembers their troubled relationship while facing an agonizing choice.



IN OUR HEARTS THERE IS LIGHT - An unexpected journey of a Vietnam soldier helping his friend who died in Vietnam to finally lay to rest. Friendship and love tells the story of "In Our Hearts There Is Light".



Prodigal - A conservative grad student’s life implodes when her troubled stepbrother’s return from rehab disrupts the family’s stability.



SOUL OF THE SPHINX - A wealthy, aggressive, young black gang leader struggles to maintain his success while battling to overcome hidden, childhood memories of his white, multiple personality mother's horrific sexual abuse.



Where in The World Is Matthew Redstone? - A father/businessman overcomes homelessness, memory loss, trials and tribulations, when his Journalist son, who was only ten years old when he mysteriously disappeared, accidentally finds him languishing in a homeless shelter after searching twenty years for him.



THE MAN WHO SHOT JOHN WILKES BOOTH - This is the life story of my alleged ancestor, Boston Corbett, who killed President Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth. It is a tale of self-castration, mental illness, religious fervor, a prisoner at infamous Andersonville during the Civil War, and violent paranoia triggered by being pursued by the Booth Avengers.



Betrayal of the Badge's Honor - A police officer becomes the main target of a major reverse drug sting operation by a police department suspicious of his illegal activities.



Where Everything is Music - A given away at birth woman embarks on a quest for her roots and lost identity to discover the important after all was the quest it self.



Blood and Loyalty - A botched jewelry store hold-up, a fatal hit-and-run getaway and an ironic twist of fate spell disaster for two delinquent brothers.



A British Hacker in America - A British Hacker learns how to break into computer networks as a teenager in the mid-1980s... later he is arrested by the US Secret Service while visiting the USA, and has to choose between prison and helping them with the first ever undercover internet sting. A true story.



Kandy (TV Pilot) - Candace Shaw, an ex shadow operative with a troubled past, infiltrates the world of high class prostitution to track down her sister's murderer. Candace gets more than she bargained for when all her dark secrets from the past are revealed and her pursuit of the killer leads her directly to the White House.



An Addicting Picture - A man must prove he's not an addict after a psychic tells his fiancé not to marry him, all because of one picture. ONLY 1 location, all in 1 day, ONLY 8 characters.



Faithful - A spoiled young American woman in Afghanistan risks her life disguised as a male jailer, to rescue her husband from a Taliban prison.



Untitled (Female Prison Feature) - A young trouble maker from the rough streets of South Boston, lands herself in Framingham prison where she finally finds both herself and her place in the world.



The Weeding - A recently widowed FBI agent discovers a conspiracy to rid society of its least desirable members; but her loyalties are tested when they execute the man who killed her husband and son.



We Sin For Glory - A screenwriter's quest for fame and fortune leads him down a path of sex, drugs, alcohol and psychosis. Ultimately, he must decide whether or not the life he's dreamed up for so long is really worth losing his family, or maybe even his life.



The Colonel - In the face of humanitarian disaster in the Philippines, Col. Arthur Lee Shreve decides to do it his way; using the Army’s Military Intelligence [MIS-X] and the Japanese culture against his captors in order to save as many lives as possible in Cabanatuan during WWII.



Crossing Guard Santa - When Nick North (Santa) accepts a position as a crossing guard to bridge finance the toy production, he sees bullying by both children and adults and then must communicate the Christmas Spirit without magic to end the abuse.



Welcome To Storyville - Before Vegas there was Storyville. Set in turn of the century New Orleans, revolving around the real life colorful saints and sinners of Storyville as the fight for power in America’s most notorious yet legal red light district.



When Fools Collide - When the heart decides, there's no turning back. Forget 'The English patient', or 'Out of Africa', for I'm a remnant of the two. Not even 'AVATAR', for in my scenario, the superior could not overcome the inferior. On the search expedition, I become a stranger in my own land, imprisoned by my host: after being rescued by a 'Guardian Angel' in the middle of the night, the story just began!



Homeless Lies - After a homeless woman revives an attorney nearly beaten to death, she believes her late husband has come back through his body to search for his killer.



The Isa (TV Pilot) - A small-town travel agent is left no choice but to involve himself in an international drug smuggling scheme to save the life of his dying wife.



The Dreamer - A poor writer falls in love with the daughter of the wealthy man that killed his father.



This Is Not My Home -A young man, Mike Denton, is hired to work in the recreation department of a nursing home. Once there, he makes a dramatic difference in the lives of the residing seniors. But when a resident close to him dies, his world falls apart. The story is based on true events.



Broken And Entered -Tom Miller is a widower who has not been able to leave his home since the death of his wife two years ago. Debby and Charlie, teen runaways from a children’s prison, break into his darkened house with the intention of stealing food and money. When they discover one another, Tom offers them sanctuary. The entire story takes place in one location.



What Are The Odds? - Faced with a dilemma Charlie uses a random moment in time to make a last ditch effort to save herself.



PATCHES' PERIL - What if after running away from her drunken prostitute mother to her small town uncle’s home, a teenage girl must retrieve her two younger sisters before they are put into the big city street trade? Based on true facts.



A Kiss In The Rain - When a married man's secret male lover suddenly dies, he is forced to make some dramatic decisions while keeping his grief hidden from his wife.



Molly's Field -When an elderly man, saddened by his wife's death, is forced from his home after the dog he loves is taken from him, he must expose a corrupt council before he can be re-united with his pet.



Last Train Home - During the last, fleeting beats of his pulse, a man seemingly put to death in Florida’s electric chair in 1999 is sent on a journey across time to confront himself as a teen and change the course of his dire destiny.



Saint Peter's Snow Removal - In Utica, NY, there are three people who over two days all find one lost dream.



Bujama Dreams - After they get split up by a nasty misunderstanding, the superstar salesman travels to Latin American and his adventure there compels a return home to rescue the charming lady accountant from a dating wasteland.



FALSE TESTIMONY -A painfully shy woman finds the courage against all odds to expose a brilliant and world-famous encounter group guru for using her as a sex surrogate for one of his homosexual patients. Based on a precedential 1983 Boston court case.



Wolfram - 1944. Times of repression and famine in post Civil War Spain. Gloria, a young peasant girl, works at the village’s tungsten mine. The mine employs prisoners of war and trades illegally with the German Government, who needs it for their military weapon. Unwittingly , Gloria becomes involved in a plan of the guerrillas, who uses the ore as tool of pressure to get aid from the British allies.



The Mercenary King - Its story about mercenary who becomes king of empire after the king is murder by his own High Bishop.



Zakia’s Song - After losing her brother and a leg to a landmine, a precocious Afghan orphan learns the social complexities of elementary school when she gets adopted by an American soldier, brought to Virginia, and enters a school singing competition.



Armed Stay - A grieving young widow must overcome panic attacks and depression to protect her family from a desperate, hunted man who breaks into her home and hides out for one, long, transformative day.



March Madness - In 2014, a billionaire investor offered $1 billion dollars to anyone who picked a perfect college basketball bracket. This is a fictional story about how a hedge funds manager and his 5 partners try to pull off the impossible by picking, and fixing, every game. They must coerce/bribe players, avoid the media, and overcome obstacles if they wish to pull off the greatest heist in American history.



A Very Bad Day - A college student, trying to put the tragic loss of his father and brother behind him, sees visions of a K-9 he hit and buried in the snow, on a day where he races through one mishap after another to make amends for missing the biggest college exam of his life.



Shield of Honor - A maverick New York City Police Department captain must quell enormous calamities that befall New York City, while facing an internal affairs inquiry and personal medical concerns – all on one incredible day in May.



Ladyfingers - When a “dreamless,” nowhere man takes part in a devious scheme he must overcome the obstacles of wealth, greed, lust and murder.



Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears - Two-immigrant families journey to America in pursuit of the American dream, only to discover a living nightmare through atrocious living conditions and the tragedy at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory.



Hoops - Crusty, old-fashioned basketball coach battles players, administration, alumni, media, dishonest love interest, and gamblers to win his first-ever NCAA playoff game for his small Catholic college in Boston. "Hoosiers" meets "That Championship Season.



Jumper and the Bones - When a "wise fool's" accidental injury to a gang leader sparks a vendetta, this gentle oddball finds out who his real friends are, and whether homespun tactics can save the lady he adores.



Copper City Burning (TV Pilot) - The story of an Irish immigrant family’s turbulent life experience in Butte, Montana through the era of the corrupt Copper Kings, the ruthless Anaconda Mining Company, and the 1917 fire in the Granite mine that killed 162 miners – the greatest hard rock disaster in US history.



Tunnel Vision - Noela, a young psychic, attempts to stop her own foreseen murder before it occurs.



Concentration - Gypsies survive the holocaust through supernatural means.



Crowley I (The Beast 666) - Based upon the true confessions and life story of the occultist, Aleister Crowley, whom the British press dubbed, “The Wickedest Man In The World.”



Reich Of The Templars - This cinematic journey explores the roots of the symbolism behind the Pentagram and the Swastika.



THE MARCH OF THE 18TH - In 1864 the Veteran Reserve Corps was formed to allow disabled Union soldiers to continue to perform their duty for God and Country. This is the story of six invalid soldiers of the 18th Regiment and their 25 mile march against all odds into American history.



Ivan The Terrible - Ivan the Terrible, the first Czar of Russia, executes a great expansionist campaign, which lays the ground work for Russia to expand its regions and reign of power.



Lavey (Age Of Fire) - 1966, year one, as Anton Szandor LaVey declares, in his black Victorian stronghold in the heart of San Francisco.



War In OZ - Witches from the north, south, east and west wage war on one another to gain control of the world of OZ.



Ardennes - Awaiting orders for the final push into Germany during December, 1944. Two American Regiments try to hold out the hope that victory will be quick & easy. With new replacements coming in daily, they must learn the ropes, & learn them quick. Just in case! Because quiet and quick are not to be. They bluntly endure the onslaught of the German offensive along with brutal cold & snow.



The Searchers - After his brothers family is murdered. Ethan learns that maybe someone survived. Help from neighbors & his adopted nephew (Martin) he begins his obsessive 10 year search to find them, if he can. What will happen though if they are found? Searching through Indian country that is uncharted is just the beginning of the dangers ahead. Unpredictable weather, landscape, ambushes, outlaws & bounty hunters await them!



Thunderheart II - Two children find a man who knows a secret. Police Chief Walter Crow Horse is a grizzled vet. Decades earlier the reservation, was a war zone. Walter turns to Ray Levoi who hasn't lost his old school detective skills. Decades have passed since they saw each other, but they quickly realize this is no ordinary case. Now someone will do anything to keep the past buried.



Edge of Sanity - A lawyer turned soccer mom and a smaller than life, reluctant partner catch a bad guy and imprison him in a storm shelter.



Dry Up and Blow Away - A closeted gay man learns to take control of his life while his mother, suffering from Alzheimer’s, loses control of her own.



The Mix-Up - A shy Italian woman’s life turns wacky and chaotic when she’s mistakenly told she’s dying and sets out to do things she’d normally never do – like wanting a romantic evening with a co-worker that she’s secretly been infatuated with.



Benched (Short) - An injured ex-collegiate student athlete fights to overcome his injury and go professional, while dealing with the financial reality of life after college.



Return To The Horse Whisperer - Having settled into a lucrative lifestyle as a writer in Manhattan. Grace MacLean is happy. Having adjusted well from what changed everything two decades earlier. Tom Booker moved on with life, a serious injury changed that. Having not talked in years, Grace feels obligated to help. She drops everything in her life to go back to a unlikely place…Montana. But the results are not predictable or guaranteed.



Four Of A Kind (TV Pilot) - Four friends, consisting of a gay guy, a straight guy, a straight girl and a lesbian, all emotionally confused with inappropriate boundaries, depend on each other to battle through life and relationships without getting completely destroyed.



Ferocious: John Paul Jones and Catherine The Great - Fearless naval hero John Paul Jones is a living legend, but he faces his greatest challenge serving at the invitation of Catherine the Great.



Lone Wolf Unit (TV-Pilot) - As the war on terror becomes more prevalent, the U.S. Government assigns an undisclosed team of Agents with no civil liberty restrictions, in an effort to take down the lone wolf terrorists.



Behind the Colored Glass - The harrowing true story of siblings, taken from their drug addicted mother and forced into an even more abusive and neglectful foster care system, and how one went from hopeless and homeless to a Army Ranger and sued to fix the system that broke them.



Placebo - Government employees pose as patients in a mental facility to monitor the use of generic drugs that could cause the pharmaceutical industry to collapse.



Catwatch - A young couple relocates to New Mexico in search of freedom to create, but when their home is broken into, their focus turns to an outlandish technological invention: Catwatch. Designed to use your house cat’s heart rate as a tool for home security, the journey to get the device on the entrepreneurial TV program Shark Tank leads the star crossed lovers through drug induced journeys of antics and epic fate.



Blast - Set against the post 9/11 political climate of 2002 New York, ‘Blast’ follows the high school freshman year of three first generation american students. The story takes a dramatic turn when their participation in the “Activism through Art” class puts them on a an FBI terrorist watch-list, which in turn catalyzes a deadly domestic terrorist attack. The students must use tactics learned to liberate their now imprisoned teacher.



Prophet - A chemistry student helps convince millions of people his best friend is God’s latest prophet - but it all goes way, way too far.



New Age Messiah - An Egyptian Goddess takes the side of a tortured truth seeker in his quest to end religion and bring people to nature.



The Woman - Rhiannon, an enigmatic woman whom is protecting the last Druid tribe in Ireland during the sixth crusades. But, she falls in love with Niall. The Knight Templar whom is the one to destroy the tribe.



Double Steed - When a teen takes over the care and training of her competitor’s new horse, her compassion and companionship with the two horses wins her a dressage competition.



Sunday Dinner (Short) - A father, who's been in denial, does the unthinkable after a family altercation puts his son's mental illness on display.



Kaffarah - Kaffarah (atonement) Habib Jalal has sent his son into Israel as a suicide bomber. In Israel, a baker named Zvi Daron is tormented by omens that portend his own son’s death. A simple act of kindness compels Zvi to seek out Habib and both realize that decisions in their lives demand atonement.



Ramp Rats - Miami Air ramp-service personnel engage in the systematic looting of airport luggage and merchandize, which leads to the death of eight “Ramp Rats” and the arrest of sixty-three other luggage handlers and airport personnel.



To Destroy His Honor - A police officer suffers a serious downward spiral once he becomes the main target of a major reverse drug sting operation.



Beard - A gay middle aged movie star hires a young ingenue to play his wife after scandalous photos surface online. When their careers begin to take different trajectories the friendly business relationship turns into a bitter rivalry.



Sellers' Market (TV Pilot) - In a world where stiff regulations prevent people from getting the organs they need, one surgeon fed up with the system, dives into the seedy realm of the black organ trade.



Channeling Smedley - A shy college freshman plans to join the Marines to avenge his father's death on 9/11 but has second thoughts after he travels back in time to 1933, meets General Smedley Butler, and witnesses the true story of the plot to seize power from President Roosevelt.



EBabe - EBABE finds success buying and selling on Eworld Auctions, but now her life's become a weird "Eventure."



Vigilante Preacher - To save the townspeople from environmental disaster, an ex-ultimate fighting champ turned preacher must confront a ruthless natural gas company president while struggling with his uncontrollable rage.



Ginger Knight Scammers - Courtney broke up with his girlfriend Pauline to be with Sharon, who is a scammer. Pauline is back after a two year absence as an undercover cop. She intends to make them pay for their indiscretion.



Kingpin: The Return - After fifteen years on the run, a drug kingpin risks all by returning to his home turf to save the son he never knew he had from a psycho mobster.



Enterprising - After an economic collapse, a scandal caused by a financial bottom fisher ensnares the African American financier who boldly navigates tacit racism and eventually triumphs as a Dutch prostitute in the Amsterdam Red Light District enchants him.



Realities of Perception - A man that finds love in a place farfetched from what his own perspective of reality could never imagine.



Seven Days - When an alcoholic DEA special agent launches a rogue one-man investigation to track down his wife's murderer, he discovers he's the most likely suspect.



The Restorer - A cemetery restorer learns that he can interact with the dead and help trapped souls move on, an ability that demonic entities wish to use to cross over to the world of the living.



Holiday of the Daleks - Two British Dr. Who fans take their families on a road trip across America, without telling their wives they are really searching for a set of Daleks lost on a 1966 publicity tour.



My Child's Eyes - Detective Candace Sharpe muddles through life living with the horror she saw as a child. On top professionally, she masks her personal pain with sex and booze...her only fear, commitment. Her life comes full circle when she investigates a crime, seen through a child's eyes.



Talking Bout The Thompsons - (Half-hour sitcom) A black family in Atlanta dealing with the struggles of day to day life and finding the humor through it all.



Along the Way - A series of bad choices puts a teen's future in jeopardy.



Strife - A fearsome and noble enforcer pledges to kill himself if he fails to capture a young drifter who must evade capture to defend innocent lives from the enforcer’s boss.



The Road to Rosarito - Based on true events, a low-level drug runner has his hands full after using a group trip to Rosarito as a guise to save his friends and lover from a collision course with the cartel.



The Tree House Man - An older, rich gentleman is afraid he has lost his childhood so he builds a live-in tree house in the back of his Beverly Hills home, which skirts an exclusive golf course and they are suing him to remove it just as he is fighting to hold onto his youth and childhood.



Appalachian Wind - Southeast Kentucky 1966, twelve year old Danny along with his 2 half-sisters, mother and her unemployed third husband are living on his grandfather’s farm. Danny is attending a 2 room school with no running water, outside toilets and a coal fired stove. His family is receiving government surplus food.



The Jet - A baseball prodigy must overcome a racist coach to realize his dream of baseball stardom.



One Hit Wonder - When a family man has an unexpected reunion with his high school garage band mates after nearly twenty years, their sudden, unexpected popularity threatens to change everything about the life he has built in the interim.



KONGO: A Refugee's Journey - During the first Congo war led by an ex-Rwandan militant, a finance minister must embark on a brutally rebellious journey with his wife and ill child, in order to find an American organization which cooperate for government Intel and in return helps old regime workers to illegally flee from new leadership oppression, slaughter and slavery.



Chasing Forever- Just before the final performance of his farewell tour, a music superstar reconnects with the women that inspired him to write his biggest hit song. Will the legendary mystery of the song's inspiration be revealed as the curtain closes on his performance?



#1 Star - A married limousine driver finds himself unable to convince anyone that he's being stalked by a famous movie actress who's determined to win his love... no matter what.



Taking The Reins - A reckless equestrian struggles through personal and professional setbacks as he tries to make history as the youngest winner ever of the elite Rolex championship, but his destructive personality poses the biggest obstacle to claiming the title.



Chasing Forever - Just before the final performance of his farewell tour, a music superstar reconnects with the women that inspired him to write his biggest hit song. Will the legendary mystery of the song's inspiration be revealed as the curtain closes on his performance?



Tongue Tied - (TV Pilot) In the near future, a technologically advanced society outlaws creativity and storytelling because it is superfluous and wasteful. Violators are reprogrammed or executed. But in a parallel world exists imagination, and sooner or later both worlds will collide.



Deadbeats - Eddie Thomas a slick auto wholesaler got too slick when he borrowed twenty thousand from Joe Lags, using cars on his lot for collateral, cars that had been consigned. When Joe learned he'd been duped he goes ballistic. Fate sends Eddie a possible escape route, a naive banker, Brian Sweeney, who manages the installment loan department of a local bank and has similar vices as Eddie, women, drinking and gambling.



Entity Unknown - A woman dreaming of a better life acquires a curse which gives her the ability to live other lives. While searching for the source, she falls in love with a man who has the same affliction.



Above the Fog (Short) - Daisy wakes in a barren stairwell, an unconscious stranger her only company. Together they must climb the stairs and discover what happened befell them.



Misplaced (Short) - A man must find out why his life is being erased before he ceases to exist.



Exposed - Two famous actresses and a musician living in the limelight face harsh realities of unrequited love, loneliness, a degenerative disease, and a miscarriage. Yet as friends they’re oddly cold to one another, lost in their own world facing the consequences of their irreparable actions in the media spotlight, they search for the meaning in their strained relationships.



Helpless Innocence - Ivy League Professor, with a terminally ill son, takes the fight to a ruthless Big Pharma lobbyist.



Hurricane - A woman who lost a son finds solace with a group of people surviving Hurricane Katrina as her grief creates a common bond that is based on a much deeper ground.



Family Secret - A woman's insatiable desire for wealth, power and social status leads to a personal tragedy of enormous consequence, which in turn, creates one of the most famous murder mysteries of the 20th Century.



'Enterprising' - During an economic collapse, a scandal caused by a financial industry bottom fisher ensnares the African American financier who boldly navigates tacit racism and eventually triumphs as a Dutch prostitute in the Amsterdam Red Light District enchants him.



Breakfast at Zucky's - Rich Cavello arrives in Santa Monica hoping to fulfill his screenwriting dream after meeting a slick agent.



Shrink - A schizophrenic psychiatrist, struggles to hang on to his family as an affair he’s having threatens to have lethal consequences.



Rock Spinner - The rise and tragic fall of a radio DJ, who gets back on his feet with the help of a wisecracking tween girl.



Darkspaces - A family with a past riddled with marital missteps attempts to move forward, but their own baggage and that of an unseen enemy drags them back for a reckoning.



Jacob's Attic - Two disturbed teens struggle to fix their mistakes that led to each family member's death.



First Lady - The United States has its first female president. As she desires to show the country that there is such a thing as an “honest” politician, she encounters challenges and resistance, even from those in her own staff, as many feel she’s more concerned with proving something as the first woman president than she is with doing her job.



Salt 'n' Pepper - A privileged white girl encounters a beautiful but impoverished Afro-American dancer whose feisty and rebellious spirit drastically changes the white girl's life.



Granite - A woman's secret desires are granted, and catapult her into a nightmare-laden reality of deceit, betrayal, and catastrophe.



The Nephew - When the headstrong Techa Pennington marries a man more than twice her age, she becomes the mistress of bleak Sighvale Manor—and an unwitting actor in an oedipal drama of lust, murder, and retribution.



Just Brilliant -They were created to be the next evolution of humanity by the Just Brilliant project, for creating bio-weapons yet being animal and human alike they have no place in the world, so they must create their place among them.



The Tiny Ideas - Edwin Brooks is a local wellness coach who writes a self-help book, "The Tiny Ideas," and suddenly gets some success from his book; however, gets a female fan who applies the rules of his book aggressively to her life in order to win him.



I Was a Teenage Assassin - Life suddenly turns upside down for a teenage assassin when she’s told she was adopted. Trying to quit cold turkey to look for her real parents was a bad idea as her maniacal boss has a hard time letting her go.



The Brotherhood - A former Special Forces veteran returning home for the first time in 8 years brings with him a Japanese bride that was promised in marriage to the son of a Yakuza Crime Boss.



Expecting The Unexpected - A high school senior suffers from PTSD after losing her mother in Iraq and becomes worse after finding out that her father has agreed to an extended tour in Afghanistan.



Lilith - Lilith is doomed to roam the earth and the only way to freedom is to save 1000 souls so that she can finally die and be at peace.



The Quiet Professional - In this Zero Dark Thirty + Lawrence of Arabia meets True Grit saga, the fate of the Army's efforts in Southern Afghanistan rests in the hands of six men; six 'quiet professionals.



Say a Prayer for Emily Hall - A thriller novelist in a crumbling marriage meets a beautiful young woman who closes in on a deadly secret he's kept safe for almost thirty years.



Sunny Side Up - After learning that one of them is about to die, two young advertising executives volunteer at a retirement community in search of the Grim Reaper.



Tripping Tammy - A champion farm girl slips into meth addiction that drags her (and her parents) to hell...until losing her child scares her so bad, she vows if God brings him back, she’ll get clean, and she does.



In A Kingdom by The Sea - “The Marine who went smiling to meet Hezbollah” - while this officer’s abduction precipitates an international crisis, his passionate delusion that he can make a difference is soul-shaking.



The Awakening of Myra Thomas – Myra, a runaway female slave awakens into the body of Karen, a modern day white woman. Karen mysteriously experiences the same brutal beatings, rape’s and emotional disturbance that Myra did over a century ago.



Help Wanted – When Stranded in Key West during a business cruise trip, a wealthy executive, whose marriage is in trouble takes a $10/hour job and finds both his true self and true love while helping a single mom deal with her issues.



Human Terrain – To fulfill his mother’s last request, a young Lieutenant must overcome his anger towards his estranged father and his hatred for the terrorists who killed her.



Reasonably Crazy – College freshman Kenzie Monroe struggles to keep her pathological fear of abandonment from wrecking her life with Ford, a brilliant grad student with demons of his own; until he flies home to his wife and her worst fears are realized.



Grief and Gratitude – The lungs of a forced labor camp woman sold on the black market find their way to the highest bidder. The heart of a young girl who dreamed of being a nun now beats in the chest of a New York high school principal. Connections? Physical, Spiritual and more.



We’ll Meet Again – A teen searches for his missing girlfriend at a remote beach where the ghost of a lover desires a reunion.



The Road Through Maggie – Is an uplifting story about a middle age artist coming into her own, but thwarted by her conniving agent, sets out to bring her art to the world with the help of Maggie, a feisty eighty year old and her twenty-five year old nurse, Rosanna.



From Gringo to Grave – After searching for several years in Mexico for his kidnapped son, Keith, a highly-ranked FBI Agent, is sent back to Mexico to end an unidentified notorious American drug lord. But what he doesn’t know is that it’s his own son.



Broken – A heated conversation reveals a daughter’s bullying ways were inherited from her workaholic mother.



Alike – A liberal President deals with right wing dirty tricks during an election year and a female anti-war activist and a female FBI agent are unlikely allies.



Small Town Blues – A Police Union election in New Jersey in the 1970’s. A young detective takes on a corrupt Union President who wants him voted out, permanently. Based on a true story.



Lineage – Imagine being told that you and your ‘brother’ have the ‘God gene’ and are the descendants of Adam, David, and Jesus. Picture being on a ‘Mission Impossible’ through Heaven and Hell and one of you might be the next Messiah and one of you the ‘Anti-Christ’. One heck of a buddy movie!



The Poker Game – A man rehearses in his mind what might happen when he substitutes for a player in a poker game, only to discover reality bites and he’s all in for more than he bargained for.



Pigeons – A man and a woman have very different views about the proliferation of pigeons in city parks, but only one has a permanent solution.



Flight 153 – In a time of need, a woman of faith finds comfort from an atheist.



Mighty Lemming – A feisty lemming embarks on a solitary quest to debunk the infamous myth of the Lemming Suicide Plunge and discovers amazing truths about survival, life and love.



Whistleblower – An ambitious young Congressional staffer with political ambitions joins with an Internet activist to expose a corrupt Senator and the labyrinth of Washington D.C. power brokers.



Jake and the Actress – After L.A. producers and A-List actors’ giver her no hope, Jamie heads home. She finds her leading man, but he’s not interested. Can she tempt him and keep her crew from mutinying? Has she got what it takes or will going home kill her?



Fallen Brother – When the lives of two ex-soldiers plagued by nightmares collide with a mysterious criminal, they quickly discover that sometimes it’s not easy to escape their past.



For The Music – A coming of age story about Felix, a young Latino man, who tries to break out from his estranged father’s musical shadow, but discovers that he must embrace his roots in order to achieve his dream of becoming a musical star.



Nowhere To Run – A full tenure Professor at an ivy league university, who has a terminally ill son with a rare bone disease, decides to take on “Big Pharma” to try and change the way they influence the government to prevent changes that affect their bottom line but he has to get past one of the most ruthless and determined CEO’s of a lobbying firm and his dirty brigade.



Judgment Date – A death row inmate gets a chance at freedom on the live comeback TV show of a disgraced Idol judge.



Nailed – Harry and Lilly struggle in their sex life, Trey and Roseanna struggle with his cheating, Betty and Richard struggle with divorce, and their son Sam struggles with coming out as gay; all these stories intersect and collide, leading to a grand finale not everyone will survive.



Seller of Truth – A young Russian inventor cannot find application for his “truth generator” however, despite the objection of the FSB (modern KGB), a rich buyer appears.



Roscoe – A flamboyant gambler builds a financial empire in 1700 France, but comes undone by greed and jealousy as he risks losing the love of his life.



Purvis – A lapsed cherub in service to God, is banished from the Promised Land after his rowdy antics at Heaven’s staff Christmas party becomes too much for the Almighty. He is sentenced to Earth as a homeless human and can only repent when he finds the true meaning of his angelic duty: love.



Night Drop – A fantasy-driven teen finds reality really sucks when ‘something’ comes through the night drop of his video store and confronts him.



High Desert – Do you do your job and catch the criminal, or let him escape to save your family?



Mr. Win Win – A corporate negotiation and speaking guru is forced to take a well-paid job from a murdering CEO to pay back his gambling debts before the gangster who loaned the money takes his ex-wife and child as payment.



LADY – “Lady” tells the story of a lonely I.T. guy who discovers the dog that saved his life from a werewolf attack, becomes a drop-dead gorgeous woman every full moon. As he searches for the reasons for his dog’s condition he uncovers a secret that could put the lives of everyone he knows in jeopardy.



Lion King IV: Scars of Taka Part I – A young precocious prince tries to find his place in the kingdom after his older brother is chosen to be king, but faces challenges that turn him towards a path of destruction.



Crossing Flowers Motel - A young man, who thinks the motel he’s living in used to speak to him, invites an older woman over for sex; however, she fits the exact profile of his disappearing mom.



Color Blind - A young white man who is naïve about racism and a black man who is blinded by racism form the most unconventional relationship, all while following the true story of the unforgettable Chicago White Sox 2005 season.



The Mailbox - An elderly man with dementia holds out hope in hearing from his estranged family, only to find what he's been waiting for has already arrived.