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The Hybrid - When scientists fail at lab experiments, they create a human hybrid causing havoc. They must stop her in three days or get exposed by government, media and the public.



Perish - While a female Detective in 1983 Manhattan searches for her paternal father, she take a case to locate a stolen religious relic, which leads her back to her estranged family, and the answers to her deepest desire.



Alien Return - When a Las Vegas plane tour operator finds an unusual relic, he and his taxi girlfriend battle the casino mafia, Feds, and military for an alien cover-up.



The Sphere of Light - An extraterrestrial intelligence leads the first manned mission beyond Pluto to a voyage beyond our universe determining our next step in the Cosmos.



Dreamweaver - Two modern-day professionals get caught in Merlin's spell which enables them to live the lives of an Arthurian-era wartime king and duchess when they dream. Each life affects the other and they soon learn their choices have the power to change history.



Horror World - Melvin Macky, 10, a super-geeky game master obsessed with techno gadgets who is relentlessly bullied in school finally snaps one day and accidentally kills his loving mother in the process. Melvin forces the bullies to partake in the wildly gruesome Horror World that he creates as “The Maniacal and Wacky Melvin Macky.” Many hidden pasts and secrets are finally unlocked inside the wicked walls of Horror World..



Final Set - A fitness boot camp turns deadly when a psychotic personal trainer goes berserk.



Deformed - A retired film agent attempts to stop a revengeful psychopath that can take on any persona while disfiguring his victims. He doesn't want to kill you. He wants to DEFORM you! A detailed pitch packet is available upon request.



A Space Opera - A troupe of exiled holovision actors reunite to incite a revolution against a tyrannical planetary dictator.



Midnight Road - Family and friends go missing when they drive down a road late at night known as Midnight Road and are forced to battle against unspeakable horror that may shatter their lives forever. There is a Hitchcockian twist at the midpoint that really turns the story on its head.



Hope To Die - A Lawyer tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter who develops supernatural abilities after a tragedy kills his ex wife.



MR TORTURE - There is only one way of walking out alive. Just show him what he wants. "Torture"



Moonchild - After a visit from her estranged mother, a young werewolf is forced to choose between a successful life in the human world and the survival of her pack.



Edie (short) - When a male escort takes a date with a lonely young woman, he uncovers a horrifying truth.



Kill Pill - A love guru and chemist's attempt to create the world's first ever Love Pill turns catastrophic when a defective batch forces the recipient to want to kill the next person they see. Think Love Potion #9 gone horrifically, absolutely dreadfully, painstakingly bad! Ilya Salkind, the producer of the original Superman movies from the 80s, is a fan of the script.



Sleeping With Darkness - Logan Rose is secretly controlled like a puppet via sleepwalking. He awakes one morning and hits play on his laptop to reveal POV video footage of him handing over his only son to the madmen responsible for his sleepwalking missions. Logan must go deep underground to confront the psychos and uncover the truth of their maniacal operation if he has any hope of reuniting with his son ever again.



Creatures of Revenge - A young boy stumbles upon a computer program that lets him create his very own real life horror creatures to send after his enemies. Unfortunately, some of the horrific creations set their sights on the young boy and his entire family.



Sick Blood - From his death row cell, a psychopathic father forces his twin sons to follow his syllabus of destruction and instill unspeakable havoc on themselves and others while resurrecting nightmarish scenarios from their horrific childhood.



Red Wine On Your Thigh - An old man, who dresses up in vintage costumes, terrorizes nine colorful moviegoers during a horror flick, and just like him, his torture devices are outdated, but lethal. The only person who can end the madness? A man with cerebral palsy. ONLY 1 location; takes place all in 1 day; tiny, ethnically diverse cast.



The Sphere of Light - The voyage to the edge of the solar system and beyond our universe starts in the Sphere of Light.



Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues - A college student finds revenge against his tormentors through a magical talisman which gives him supernatural powers over every creature and natural force on Earth.



Blockworld - Gamers are lured to an abandoned hi-tech game park where they get trapped inside by the artificially-intelligent computer that runs the building. A surreal look at gaming and the addictive nature of technology.



Pray For Your Souls - After attending their ten-year reunion, two couples break into their old high school and encounter the ghost of a former classmate.



Inked In Blood - A tortured man returns to the town he ran away from as a child to exact his revenge on all those who wronged him, and face the one man he fears the most - his father.



13 - A young man who survived a horrific childhood abduction hasn't dared leave home in 15 years, so his brother and an ominous doctor devise a plan to scare him out of his house, but when bizarre things start to happen, is it the work of his brother or is he beginning to lose his mind.



S&M In Space - In deep space an experienced spacecraft pilot attempts an emergency fuel transfer to the supply ship of his favorite female counterpart, but has performance problems that only she may be able to fix to ensure a successful hookup. (2 characters, low-budget, with some special effects)



Richter's War (Short) - As "The Battle of Los Angeles" rages on, a hard-boiled detective makes an out of this world discovery about the cause of the fight.



Alley Cats - Five young city dwellers question reality after a mysterious crystal, discarded in a back-alley Dumpster, sends them on a dream-like exploration of their past lives in Atlantis. Low-budget, set entirely in one location, a back alley, with minimal special effects. Thematic references to reincarnation and the lost continent of Atlantis.



CLAW - A brilliant but disturbed postgraduate scientist unwittingly opens a backdoor to a collective robotic ‘computer super brain’ that could forever change the world as we know it.



Stasis - A desperate marine biologist uses a destructive device for his own aspirations, but when he learns it is decaying in tandem with the solar flares, he must get rid of before the last one hits.



Spring Training - Babe Ruth and Josh Gibson attend spring training... in 2016. The two greatest players in the history of the game cross space and time to face 99mph fastballs, steroid freaks, their own legends and each other.



Close My Eyes - An upper class family moves to the country getting the house of their dreams but it carries a sinister vortex with ghosts harboring vengeance onto the living.



A Devil's Ranch - A cattle rancher moves his family to rural Utah, only to discover their new home is a breeding ground for frighteningly bizarre phenomena intent on scaring them away – or worse. Based on a true story (rights owned by author), set in 1996.



The Bloody Vial -Before the next full moon, a new Vampire dentist-in-training must choose between giving magical ancient vampire blood to himself, his jealous family vampires and friends, or saving a hot blonde babe from a needy bitten human. Ancient Vampire Blood comes with a bite.



Dust - When a supernatural plague spreads through her community like a designer drug, a female ex-con must battle her own addictive tendencies and face off against the one man spearheading the plague--her former lover, now a powerful drug lord.



Deathgrind - When an experimental power grid causes corpses to reanimate and attack the living, a rag tag group of survivors must find a way to shut the grid down.



Swampdog - A teen-age girl and her family relocate to strange Cousin Caesar’s swamp compound. They are uncomfortable with his two vicious dogs – the beast he keeps in the cellar is another matter.



KILLER GOAL - Eight players of a professional soccer team wake up in an abandoned warehouse, after being kidnapped by a mysterious goalkeeper, and are forced to play a penalty shootout for their own lives.



THE LEGEND OF CROGLIN GRANG - An ambitious reality TV producer gets bitten by a 200-year-old vampire and learns she's the reincarnation of his lost love, forcing her to decide between exposing his existence or going back in time to stop the Celtic witch who cursed him.



Crossing Flowers Motel - A young man, who thinks the motel he’s living in used to speak to him, invites an older woman over for sex; however, she fits the exact profile of his estranged mom. 3 LOCATIONS. UNDER 5 characters.



KISS OF BLOOD - A tormented but noble vampire confronts his own demons and his fear of death when he tries to save the woman he loves from a modern-day Jack the Ripper.



The Sleep-Fear Manifest - A Psychiatrist calls on his imaginary friend and an old diary to destroy The Sack Man, which abducted his sister decades before, and now threatens to abduct young cancer patient.



The Work of Zombies - The hunt for zombie bank robbers leads a backwoods Cajun cop into Savannah's Haitian voodoo community and a supernatural duel with a deranged teenaged priest to save his kidnapped partner.



Kill the Children - When she is terrorized by a gang of murderous children donning masks, grieving mother Sharon must decide if she can do the unthinkable in order to survive.



Red Rose (TV PILOT) - The dual-faction crew of an interstellar scout ship travels to a distant planet to pave the way for Humanity, after news of Earth's pending demise. As conflicts arise between crew members, they discover an old, abandoned Earth Ship in orbit. Now, the crew must band together to find out why the Earthship is there and what happened to its crew.



Vortex - The love of a forest nymph for a prince and his unwary choices change their destinies and bring them to fatal consequences. The inner fight between platonic and physical love makes the prince able to feel real love, while the nymph loses her immortality and her dream to become a real woman comes true.



The Caries (Short) - A girl fond of horror movies, needs a medical treatment for her tooth and finds a cheap but too suspicious dentist from uptown. Girl's fear of dentists and her anxiety cause a totally surprising end of story.



The Sleep-Fear Manifest - A Psychiatrist calls on his imaginary friend and an old diary to destroy The Sack Man, which abducted his sister decades before, and now threatens to abduct young cancer patient.



A Stitch In Time - When catastrophic conditions in the year 2365 reach epidemic proportions, the director of Time Line Changes (T.L.C.) systematically proposes changing two historical events: thwart President Lincoln’s death and prevent Titanic from sinking.



Martha's Memory - When Michael and his girlfriend move in and take care of Martha, his grandma with severe Alzheimer's, unexplained and sinister events transpire when the one memory his grandma wishes would elude her, doesn't. Based on true events. ONLY 1 location. UNDER 5 characters.



Alice in Zombieland - After a plague-riddled White Rabbit puts her family in grave danger, an adult Alice must once again go through the looking glass to rescue her daughter, save Wonderland, and prevent a zombie horde from breaching the boundaries of the real world.



Revenant - A guilt-ridden ex-cop returns to his hometown to confront his former lover and the friends who share his dark secret. But when a malicious force turns his friends into a trail of body bags, he must find the strength to let go of the past and stop an outraged evil from beyond the grave.



Soldier of Tomorrow - A female ex-military operative awakens to discover she has been transformed into a cyborg by a group of scientists who are challenged by her efforts to escape and retaliate.



Melchom - A tormented woman is possessed by a demon that can leave her body and return, preventing exorcisms from working. After the demon kills three home invaders by her hand, she turns to a disgraced faith healer to save her before she loses her life and her soul.



Dog Face - A lonely man on a weekend hunting trip witnesses an accidental shooting and a series of supernatural events that make him the target of three female werewolves.



Countess Bathory - This is the cinematic journey of the first real living vampire, Countess Bathory, based on actual historical events.



Ash - A young girl’s descent into madness opens a door to another dimension.



Dreams In The Witch House - A long dead witch seeks a surrogate host body to rise from the dead and live again.



Call Of The Cthulhu - Knox, a private investigator, discovers an ancient idol of Cthulhu, which leads him to awaken the ancient evil Acolyte of Cthulhu.



Last Night On Albion - A group of young occultists unlock the secret behind a Nazi medallion, which takes them on a whirlwind adventure.



Faustine I - Faustine, a witch in a steam-punk future, seeks true self-liberation and eternal life through Satanic exultation.



Monster Mountain - Mountain hikers meet a tribe of half-human, half-dinosaur creatures and the space aliens who created them over the course of millions of years. Only one lives to tell about it.



Odum - When a naive teen discovers that she's a shape-shifting leopard, she's unwittingly caught in the middle of a centuries-old feud and must lead her leopard clan in battle against an ancient serpentine rival that threatens their very existence.



Twas the Night - On Xmas eve, three thieves unknowingly break into the house of a serial killer and set off a chain of events that will encompass a small Minnesota town.



A Stranger Follows - An unsolved murder leads a distressed woman to think she is crossing paths with a frightening man who resembles a villainous character from a current movie release...or is someone making her think so. Although no one believes her terrifying claims to be more than an overactive imagination, after several horrific murders, people suspect that this woman's life is clearly in danger.



Tranquility (TV pilot) - A group of mercenaries pass through a space anomaly and crash land on what seems to be 19th century Earth, where they face a dilemma: stop a town from being massacred by ruthless outlaws, knowing that their own history may be altered; or do nothing and sacrifice innocent lives.



The Reincarnation Cop - When a conscientious reincarnation policeman uncovers misuse of a soul transferal machine and becomes Public Enemy No. 1, he is forced to come up against the most powerful man on the planet in order to create a new and more just world.



Sentient - One-Eight a self aware combat android with a conscience chooses to fight no more and devotes himself to healing the wounded. Until the war hits close to home and discovers how human he really is on a mission of revenge.



Bring Her Back - In 1920’s New Orleans, a distraught mortician revives his dead wife and belatedly discovers that something evil takes resident.



Lizzie - A new railroad detective discovers the “accidental” deaths plaguing the rail yard are actually the work of a vengeful witch’s spirit. He reluctantly joins forces with a troubled teen girl to stop the menace before more innocent lives are lost - including their own.



Graft (Short) - A grieving Doctor cannot understand why the hospital's syhthetic skin grafts keep disappearing, she suspects a thief but the answer is much more macabre.



True Tears are Precious - A young princess, who grew up hidden in the woods, must find her father the king to save the kingdom from doom – His twin sister and self-appointed Sorceress Queen who banished him almost 18 years ago uses all her powers to prevent a successful journey.



Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues - A chosen individual exercises his supernatural powers over Earthly creatures and elements by activating a magical talisman.



Manifest Dyre (TV Pilot) - A vampire queen descends upon a New England town to settle old scores with an already shattered family dynasty.



The Great Alien War - An elite military task force attempts to keep an dying alien race from taking over Earth.



AustrALIEN - In 2055, Australia becomes the target of an alleged alien invasion caused by a bitter family feud triggered by two half-brothers. Who will reign supreme and who will whisper the words "They're Coming."



Timeless - In 1871, Lewis Carroll wrote “Through the Looking Glass”, and created two mirrors capable of FTL "Faster Than Light" time travel. In 1996, at the Mauerbach Auction, a man buys the mirrors, believing they can bring the love of his life, lost in a fire 20 years ago, back to him. Now, he has to wait 20 years, to go back and find her, unaware what he’ll find, is himself.



A Stitch In Time - Pandemic conditions in the year 2365 have caused Ian Deimos to propose a radical solution to the global problem.



The God's Box - Oscar must defeat the demon in front of him in order to advance to the next room. Not finding the key to beat the system could result in something worse than losing his soul.



Rampage - The Food chain is turned upside down when a group of hunters and conservationists become the prey of wildlife infected by toxins leaking from a biohazard waste dump.



Tagged - A masked killer begins murdering teenagers in a small Georgia town, and as the body count rises, one girl and her friends realize they may have let him into their lives via a random "friending" on Facebook.



Project Human - A doctor sabotages the works of his alien captors when he figures out they're going to kill him.



The Promethean - In a dark future, a young man must decide whether to continue his meaningless existence or test the limits of humanity and logic by venturing into the unknown.



Line of Control - Sam a naive small town farmer, becomes the target of government agencies, after being set-up into planting a super seed that unknowingly takes a turn for the worse. When the parasite living in the seed begins to destroy all in it's wake, Sam takes matters into his own hands, resorting to whatever means necessary to save his farm and family.



Dissonance - A woman must fight the aliens who enslave most of humanity after the invaders introduce a computer virus people unwittingly download to their devices.



Magic - Stage magic and sleight-of-hand trickery meet ritual magic and deadly spiritual warfare when a widowed single mom and her amateur magician teen son are caught in the occult crossfire raging between rival lodges of modern Magi (one black, one white) battling for possession of an ancient document offering the mystical keys to immortality and limitless supernatural power.



A Face in the Crowd - A man who works cataloging secrets is dogged by a dark shadow that has secrets of its’ own.



The Day of the Scarecrow - Despite being repeatedly haunted by the ghost of an innocent man, hanged a century previously in nearby woods, the Evans family of Settlers choose to stay in their new homestead, suffering horrific incidents committed by a scarecrow in disguise, culminating in Ivor Evans' plan to cease the horror once and for all.



Rainbow's Inc. - When the Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow is stolen, the world begins to die and it's up to Connor Sullivan, a reluctant teenage hero, to prevent the deaths of two worlds.



Catman - Harvard professor Blumenfels performs biotech experiments to discover the gene that leads to the source of the fountain of youth. Catman is his first experiment but a failure, a genetic mutilated man who turned into a frightening wild cat.



Baboopites - The year is 2065 and the world is over populated with society people and so the others unwanted humans known as no-rades a people left without any assistants from the government a renowned scientist professor Scheusal creates a new water purification system aimed at integrating both classes of people.



Superheroes vs. Aliens - Three teen bloggers are caught in a battle between aliens and superheroes and must become heroes themselves when they discover they are the key to stopping the invading aliens.



Golem - An angry young man uses a Golem, a mythical Jewish monster, in an effort to bring justice to his crime-ridden neighborhood before its continued use can destroys his soul.



Posthuman - A young man tries to figure out what his superpowers are after a life in the limelight overshadowed by his world famous superhero parents.



Wake Up Evil Angel - A group of kids go camping, and take a walk to get to know the area, they find a cave wherein lives a fallen angel, and awaken her. Now they need the help of Archangels and an Indian to put her back to sleep or she will unleash demons to take possession of the land.



Adorn - An out of work English teacher, named Martin Strider accepts an offer to teach in Adorn, yet with his presence, the sleepy town comes alive stripping the good doer appearance to a tragic hell of which he must escape before silent.



Skinfolk - Five high-schoolers get a last lesson in terror when they visit the site of an eighty-year-old hate-crime. A one-location Old School style horror film.



Danny’s Ark - Danny Felton thinks he's escaped urban problems to live an idyllic life in a Northwest forest. Instead, he finds deep craters where massive redwoods once stood. Three intruders tell a crazy tale: they've journeyed from the future to collect extinct forms of life for breeding...and they need Danny's help. A low-budget, low-tech, pseudo-documentary, "found footage" style sci-fi thriller script with an environmental message.



The Vamurai Prophecy - On a dark alien world, a noble vampire warrior rebels against his evil Wizard Lord master in order to save the woman he loves, and after surviving execution, discovers his destiny as the potential savior of his people.



Heroes Are Made, Not Born - A lonely, immortal creature finds his true calling as a hero when he teams up with revenge-seeking Internet reporter to battle a shady bio-industrialist bent on world domination.



The Terror At Mason Manor - After learning of his mother's unexpected death, Rudy forms a ghost hunting group so he can communicate with her one last time, but when dean Mario Marquis hears about the group, he hires them to investigate his newly purchased Mansion, the Mason Manor.



Among Us - A small town is invaded by a horde of humanoid creatures that incubate their spawn from under human skin after an accidental canister breaks open during a shipping to a military base.



When Darkness Falls - After an expedition to find Pandora's box in the Bermuda Triangle by way of a cruise liner, all Hell literally breaks loose when the mythological box spreads its plagues across the eastern coast reanimating the dead back to life. Survivors on land and as well on a sinking cruise liner filled with hundreds of undead tourists, must fend for their lives before the explorers can find a way to close Pandora's box.



Purpensula - Maddie and her brother, Timmy, spend the summer with their Aunt who lives in a magical house that holds the secret to the world of Purpensula, where a cousin they have never met is trapped, and they must rescue her in 3 days or remain in Purpensula forever!



Getting Over - An identical twin saw her ex-boyfriend murder her twin sister. Disturbed with guilt and loss. she then meets a husband, his wife and his father, each one on separate occasions under supernatural circumstances, all leading to an ending none of them could have foreseen.



Without Remorse - A story about five female college athletes, who bike their way across state on their way to Spring Break. Meeting with gruesome results when they take a shortcut through a forbidden section of the forest…Now they find themselves trapped, and must find a way to escape the horror that hunts them.



A Raven - A couple meet in a club then set off for a hotel but a mysterious raven causes death and mayhem to prevent them from becoming lovers.



The Oval Portrait - Since 1871 all new owners of a fabulous Louisiana mansion die promptly of natural causes so that a ghostly couple can continue their love affair.



Isaiah's Rest - A murderous land baron plots the death of an unsuspecting family after they inherit their family's plantation home in South Carolina, but soon discovers that the plantation's history has come back to haunt him.



Fear the Night - Distraught after the loss of his father, a college student studying myth and religion has a supernatural encounter with a horrific creature from his studies and finds that this bone-crushing monstrosity is more than he's been taught.



“15” - A young man who survived a horrific childhood abduction hasn't dared leave home in 15 years, so his brother and an ominous doctor devise a foolproof agoraphobia treatment: re-subject him to every horror and screw with his mind until home is no longer safe.



Love Hits Earth - In his old neighborhood where weird lights are in the sky, a love-starved Medium pursues his dream girl without revealing his profession, but is tackled by ET’s who need him to save the planet.



The Nursing Home – An abandoned nursing home holds a diabolical supernatural force that will alter the life of the new midnight shift security guard at St. Anne’s nursing home.



7 Minutes in Heaven – eager to play “7 Minutes in Heaven” at their graduation, three high school outcasts must instead defend themselves against the awakening of nocturnal beasts.



Fallout – Amid a zombie apocalypse, a mother and son have to steal the key to their emergency fallout stash from around the neck of their newly zombified father/husband.



Unrest – A violent attack by local thugs on a young woman and her visiting grandparents arouse restless spirits at a boulder house in Yucca Valley. As events escalate from torture to murder, the connection between the resident ghosts and the earthly intruders turns out to be thicker than blood.



Witch – a newly married woman and her two reluctant stepchildren are left home alone at a secluded farmhouse the same night that the home’s previous owner, a homicidal mother, returns to complete an ancient blood sacrifice as the witch.



Keep Out – A group of thrill seeking teenagers break into an abandoned insane asylum, only to find themselves being hunted by the beastly presence lurking inside.



Yucca Man! - Using alien technology, the Army transplants a soldier’s brain into a cactus for covert ops in the desert. But Project: Frankenvine goes awry when Yucca Man escapes and falls in love with a sheriff’s daughter, kidnapping her.



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Sleeper - A deep-cover KGB agent sent to the US before the collapse of the Soviet Union and left stranded for decades is ordered to carry out a high-profile assassination but all the agent wants to do is protect his American family.



Container -When a wanted Felon's father dies, he will spend five days in the back of a container truck as he travels over the U.S./ Mexico Boarder in an attempt to avoid detection by the authorities and attend his father's funeral.



Lost In The Zoo - A trip to the local zoo for a school teacher and the children, turns out to be horrifying when a mentally unstable Zookeeper unlocks and opens the cages setting the animals free. Mayhem is ensued.



Cops and Robbers - In the vein of 'Thelma and Louise' set in 1962, two women execute the perfect robbery with the perfect getaway in the perfect vehicle. What the women don't count on is a determined Police Lieutenant who has the perfect plan of his own to stop them.



Out of Time Man - After refusing to donate his kidney to his dying cousin, a downhill slide begins for a small town taxi driver. It's a struggle against his loved ones, a struggle against his past and regrets, a fight against the clock.



The Wrong Number - After a wrong phone number leads to exchanged racial insults, two hot tempered men, one black, one white, plot to kill each other until their actions affect a criminal enterprise and they become targets who must partner together to survive.



Deadline - A greedy, insidious wife thinks she has hired a hitman, but she will never know who he really was.



The Protector - An agent suffers amnesia and must retrace his steps to find the safe house where he's hiding three young women from human traffickers.



The Boston Project - (TV Pilot) A law student with strong libertarian ideas is caught up in a whirlwind of high-profile international espionage. Mysterious events and shadowy people lead him to a shocking discovery about who he really is. He is offered the throne of one of the most vicious dictatorships in the world. He will soon be making incredibly difficult choices and come face to face with his own dark side.



Aurora - Two brothers James and Mitchell come across a widow named Aurora at her house in New England in Maine and one of them who has a deadly secret and threatens to put her in jeopardy while another falls in love with her.



Desperate - Stranded in the wilderness after a botched getaway, a trio of novice bank robbers struggle with mounting trust issues as they track down a bear that has taken off with their loot.



ERIKSSON - The Viking Leif Eriksson, who, to prove himself to his legendary father Erik the Red, embarks on a dangerous voyage to find new lands and inadvertently discovers America.



Samba Rio - Set in the exotic playgrounds of Rio de Janeiro, this is the story of one man's descent into the world of erotic obsession, and his journey back to sanity, on the edge of danger – saving his lover from hired killers. It is also the story of a Rio Asst. D.A., herself a former prostitute, who risks everything to help him.



SANDWALKERS - A platoon of American and Afghanistan soldiers must join forces to fight the real terror that lies beneath the sand, Sandwalkers.



The Ascension - A researcher guides a team of Earth scientists in search of clues that point to the leader of a corrupt, worldwide banking and finance society who is determined to stop mankind's Earth consciousness transformation from the older materialistic world to a new Utopian realm.



Not On My Beat - Two young men are framed and sent to prison for a murder orchestrated by three corrupt officers and a criminal judge running a profitable carjacking ring and their only hope lies with a retired police sergeant who must uncover the truth.



No Such Thing as Monsters - Having exhausted all means for a cure, a desperate father strikes a deal with a mysterious occult healer and agrees to kill three people in exchange for his daughter's healing.



Quake - After an earthquake, a college girl is trapped in an abandoned warehouse's cellar with ten other people, all of whom are men with a questionable past; ONLY 3 locations!



Network of Killers - A detective and a witness are targeted by a ruthless mafia organization after obtaining information which connects them to the killing of an FBI agent.



Brush Creek Charlie -One woman races against time to stop a psychopath who fuels a murderous cycle which has an entire city on edge.



Kill The Kabuki - When their extortion scheme goes bad, a fearless and untrusting mercenary must trust past enemies to defeat a soul snatching shadow creature known as The Kabuki.



Eagle Gone - (TV pilot) One day, the President of the United States disappears. Tony Brown, CEO of the best private investigation firm in D.C. is hired to solve the mystery of the most intense, classified, and dangerous case he has ever taken.



McCaslin's River - A cynical police detective and his mentor become snared in a web of danger and deceit when they uncover a human trafficking operation on the rivers of Pittsburgh. Grappling with their own demons and unable to trust anyone, they push on despite becoming targeted for death.



Born Forever -After a tight knit group of reckless Detroit firefighters are forced to disband due to citywide budget cuts, they find themselves rallying back together almost a year later led by their fearless, albeit newly minted alcoholic, Captain to take on the cities most dangerous night.



Beverly Hills: Uncovered -Two L.A. patrol cops and two homicide detectives must track down and stop Gordon Donovan, a dangerous British criminal mastermind who is immortal with no past.



Against All Odds - Two female detectives try to stop notorious Libyan war criminal from taking over New York City underworld.



S.O.B. - A religious, non-violent police dispatcher suspects his teen daughter has been kidnapped by sex traffickers, journeys deep into the crime world to find her and evolves into a killer.



67 NTSTT (Short) - A bitcoin transaction goes south for an social media generational entrepreneur.



Burn Forever - After a tight knit group of reckless Detroit firefighters are forced to disband due to citywide budget cuts, they find themselves rallying back together almost a year later led by their fearless, albeit newly minted alcoholic, Captain to take on the cities most dangerous night…Devil’s Night.



Red Hats - With the threat of World War III hanging in the balance, an American Air Force Pilot under Top Secret orders uses a stolen Russian stealth jet to attack a nuclear weapons factory and assassinate Iranian Nuclear scientists -- while making sure the Russians take the fall. Inspired by a real group of test pilots flying out of Area 51.



MORTAL DANGER - When a group of teens, gathered to rehearse a screenplay, start disappearing one by one, they don't realize there is a connection between the scary script and their own reality until it's too late.



WRATHFUL ANGEL - After her teenage secretary is kidnapped by the vampire thugs of the mysterious Crime Lord, Angela, a doctor at a free clinic by day and a vampire vigilante for victimized women by night, must scramble to discover the Crime Lord's identity and stop the imminent shipment of hundreds of young women to sex hellholes overseas. "WRATHFUL ANGEL," is Mother Theresa with Fangs.



RSVP (short) - When a Veteran with PTSD busts out of the psych ward to disrupt his ex-wife's wedding, he gets to the church and finds his ex missing, the fiancé murdered and he's the main suspect.



THE SECRET OF THE DEVIL'S BOG - With the aid of a wise and powerful Druid, three young teens must try to stop an immortal Viking warrior from destroying the magical source of all light and knowledge in the world.



Someone Is Here - Detective Brian Sumner is assigned to Bayview’s first serial killer case. The killer targets women living alone, and Brian has just separated from Annie, his High School sweetheart. Pushed into the media spotlight by the case, his marital trouble becomes public, and Annie becomes convinced she is the killer’s next target.



Nuclear One - An unpopular small town Sheriff must stop a cunning anti-government terrorist who's hell-bent on melting down Arkansas’ Nuclear One power plant.



THE VAMURAI PROPHECY - A newly-indoctrinated vampire warrior, with one impulsive act to save the woman he loves, begins a journey that sees him miraculously survive execution and lead a rebellion of vengeance against the ruthless Wizard Lord who’s trying to enslave the planet.



In Debt Deep - An MMA fighter with ghosts from her past is offered a chance to fight to free her niece and herself; with the help of her family she must learn to see herself as a winner before she can step into the ring.



14 - Once an almost retired journalist sees a connection between fast upcoming politicians in 14 countries he sets out on a quest to discover why they have so much in common, what their ultimate goal is, and who is behind it all; and while getting close to revealing a plan to establish a new world order his efforts are brutally targeted with all kinds of governmental and non governmental organisations.



Darkspaces - A couple and their son attempt to leave behind a past of booze and cheating, but that baggage and an unseen enemy drags them back for a reckonin.



The Devil Tree - A serial killer hangs bodies by an ancient tree. It's believed his evil seeped into the tree, creating the legend of The Devil Tree.



Hidden Agenda - A desperate writer strikes a devil's pact with an escaped convict.



Phate - During a major outbreak, an American au pair falsely accused of murder in Nigeria goes on the run and struggles to get to the sole witness of the crime, a young boy lost among the hundreds quarantined in an offshore facility.



Doug The Pug's Final Adventure - When the neighbor’s pug is kidnapped, a girl, her elderly pug Doug, her cat, and the boy-next-door embark on a rescue mission to find and retrieve the missing dog without alerting the new babysitter of their absence, and before the sickly Doug kicks the bucket.



Expedition - When some mysterious tracks are discovered a group of men embark on a journey to uncover the existence of Bigfoot they stumble across a burial ground and remove some bones, they must decide surrendering their only proof or else pay with their lives.



Primal Duty - A federal convict becomes the key to unlocking religious truths after invasive brain experimentation. He escapes captivity, prompting a vicious chase by scientists and religious zealots alike. Mad Max meets The Da Vinci Code.



Blue Pearl - A young attorney searches for the truth about her twin sister’s death but disturbing dreams, ghostly encounters and international smugglers turn her investigation into a haunting experience that could get her killed.



Sky Wanderer (Short) - Victor Luminoso, an astro-archeologist, must view a rare star alignment at midnight tonight or he will never be able to prove his theory about that mysterious mound he's been excavating- His colleague, Danzig, stands in his way.



The Way - A dying Roman Official sends his trusted servant to Jerusalem to investigate and validate a disturbing new religious sect.



Hunting Party - When a renowned hunter creates a virtual reality program to escape from the pains of life, he finds himself and his friends hunted on an island by one of his creations determined to give him that escape… by tearing away from the hunter everything that he has.



Depraved Indifference (Short) - What would you do, if you had the power of persuasion? Would you use it for good… or evil? Set against the backdrop of a super-secret museum housing famous stolen works of art, our sinister Svengali saunters in and out of support groups in search of suggestible victims.



Lambs To The Slaughter - After employees of a U.S. meat-processing company are butchered on-camera by animal rights extremists, a female ex-marine is hired to find a human slaughterhouse, deep within the jungles of Colombia.



Early Retirement (Short) - After a million-dollar lottery ticket is drawn, the winner asks his best friend since childhood to secure it secretly for two weeks before telling anyone else, never realizing the pent level up of animosity that would be unleashed.



Lineage - Jordan Henry, a Philosophy Professor gives her students a syllabus that invokes a whirlwind of controversy with the FBI. Her students are raising a question that intensifies word origins and contextual perceptions based on laws " What really happens if we make contact with an extra terrestrial?"



The Hunted - A talk show host under the thumb of greedy businessmen is ordered to infiltrate a suspected eco-terrorist group led by a woman. Enticed by her beauty and enlightened by her mission, he goes native, falls in love and joins her in becoming targeted for death.



Just Cause - A soldier, returns from Afghanistan to discover that her husband's been murdered and her teenage son's being hunted by the killers. In a race against time she must find out why, save her boy and seek retribution.



Blackstone - An ex-con, out on parole and just trying to reconcile his shattered life, is on the run from a treasonous group of super-rich elite after narrowly escaping a pre-meditated mass murder.



The Bridge Club - A cynical nurse leads a team carrying out contract killings with a difference. But when she is stalked by a brutal killer, Wendy has to learn to trust the detective pursuing both of them.



Relative Contact - At remote farms where lone women's masked attacks stump local police, a new female TV reporter escapes her big city past, returns to her home town and becomes the next victim. She battles small town prejudice, angst and secrets that had turned an innocent childhood act to adult jealousy and violence.



Gordon Donovan - An LA patrol cop and his partner arrest a burglary suspect. After the suspect quickly makes bail the two cops discover the suspect has no past and is no ordinary criminal.



Brush Creek Charlie - A psychopath fuels a murderous cycle that involves the mutilation of women in which one woman is determined to stop.



Network of Killers - A network of crime bosses maintain their uncontrolled greed and lust for power through contract killers and crooked politicians.



The Little King - A young man calls off his honeymoon trip on the Titanic and goes to Africa to protect the lion who saved his life, ten years ago.



Wipe - When a woman is left for dead suffering from severe memory loss, and her husband’s dead body is later found by a Detective, they discover an underground memory trafficking operation run by a mysterious man who goes by the name Logan.



Kiss With A Fist - Waking up to one another and a dead body, a socialite and a mechanic are forced to work in tandem in order to fight for their lives against a vengeful drug cartel.



White Plains - When a widowed Pathologist meets a woman who resembles his deceased wife, his sanity slowly unravels in ways only he could imagine.



American Ooze - One Halloween season, a young boy, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, resents his life, but realizes through the power of an altering, spiritual, mirror, and adventure, into the Afterlife, we all get one, and it’s important to make the best of it.



iRobot (Short) - A cantankerous war veteran receives an unexpected package and find himself in a fight to the death with a technology beyond his understanding... over the kitchen table.



Jewels: Softkill - Agent Edison, who belongs to an elite group of women with a little something extra in their DNA (wolf, dragon, vampire, gargoyle...), is assigned to protect a Senator and his young daughter after his wife is killed by a car bomb. In the hunt to find the mole in their midst before they strike again, everyone is suspect... even Edison and her Chief.



Lead Us Not - A pregnant ex-assassin has only days to recall a lifetime, retrieve two stolen control chips, which control the US Missile Defense System and save two children from termination by THE CLUB, which trained her. Two problems. 1) She can't remember The Club but they remember her. 2) The two children belong to the woman she terminated and THE CLUB wants them dead.



The Patriot's Club - When a discredited journalist discovers a series of homeland terrorist attacks are the work of a U.S. cabal led by the NSA director, she risks her life to expose the plot.



Osama's Revenge - When a Navy Seal, estranged from the Bin Laden hit team, learns Al Qaeda has discovered their identities and is retaliating, he rejoins them to help prevent a nuclear attack on US soil.



The Jinx - Dark gypsy enchantment woo's a surgent painter in a spiral of crime, love and despair.



Double Decker Double Cross - He killed two people on the bridge that night. Once he realized one was a cop, he ran. He tried to put it behind him, but now he can't. He's been called for jury duty, to judge the innocent man accused of his crime.



Murdermorphosis - A police detective doggedly, but unknowingly, chases a killer who happens to also be the victim.



Torn - An abandoned U.S. combat vet with a psychiatric discharge finds purpose in helping his secretly suffering sister, but when the extent of her troubles emerge, he must resist the temptation to exercise his God-given talent for violence.



Beau: The Everglades Racer - 1930’s - The true tale adventures of a boy and his legendary dog that was stolen by racetrack mobsters, dyed black, and renamed "Black Astor" -- the fastest greyhound ever recorded.



Hollywood Boulevard - When a washed-up, ex-junkie actor investigates the murder of the kindhearted woman he was in love with, he discovers Hollywood scandal, corrupt executives, a heinous smuggling ring and a seedy trail of broken promises in a town famous for its glamour and dark past.



Only A Brave Man - Faced with the brutal murder of her son while vacationing in Mexico, Cathy confronts the local drug cartel, the killer and the woman behind the financing, all who are immune from the anarchy of this lawless government. This true account set in the 1980’s, documents the first man extradited back to Mexico since 1812.



Rendezvous With Death - An encrypted message – poem, reveals an organ trafficking case and leads a famous detective to the traces of a paranoid genetist and the genetically mutant killer, the Raven woman.



The Blue Parrot - A private detective is asked by a gorgeous female dancer to find the traces of her missing husband, but he discovers the apple of discord…the notorious Nazi gold, and the hidden aspects of their past seem now, threatening for all.



Goldilocks - A Russian secret agent must escape the claws of the Russian state after she absconds with advanced hacking software the Russian Government intends to use for nefarious purposes.



Inked In Blood - It wasn’t forgiveness for the constant physical and mental abuse, stitches and broken bones of the past that brought a tortured young man back to the town he ran away from as a boy. It was revenge.



The Neighbor - When a new neighbor moves in, a crazy woman becomes convinced that he is an alien bent on world destruction and plots his murder. .



Freak - A disturbed teen, a danger to self and others, undergoes ECT therapy and then moves to a new town and a new school with his father whom he barely knows, only to find that the demons of his past must be cast out if he is to survive in a world where the legion in his brain are all the voices of the dead left in his wake.



Seven Days - When an alcoholic DEA special agent launches a rogue one-man investigation to track down his wife's murderer, he discovers he's the most likely suspect.



Submission - When his mother dies, a gifted college wrestler moves in with his estranged father and pursues a Mixed Martial Arts career against his wishes.



Prototype A young boy takes his first shaky steps on the road to becoming a serial killer, and records it all for posterity.



Picture of Deception - A cop travels back in time to solve the murder of his father; but unleashes a serial killer in the present and now must fix the consequences.



Bloody Rose - A serial killer is on the loose; beautiful women are the target and a single rose is uniquely placed on the body of each victim.



Trampoline of Life - Two prisoners are brought to a remote cruel prison in a mountainous country where the warden demands organs from his inmates as a compensation for both their crimes and his own benefit. An attempt to violently escape succeeds. An immense chase is the result. One of the men meets a lovely rebellious woman. They fall in love but both their past haunts them. In a final spectacular rescue they escape.



Expiration - What would you do if you knew the exact date that someone was going to die and you were powerless to stop it? When an insurance actuary discovers there may be a formula for calculating a person's expiration date, he must race against time to solve the mystery of the equation before the impending death of his girlfriend.



Cut Off - A disturbed writer who wants to salvage his career moves to an island where he reconnects with an actress who starred in his most successful film, but then two detectives show up to question him about her murder, which supposedly happened months before. The writer attempts to solve the murder which he may have committed.



Green Mountain State - After a failed bank heist, a bank robber forces a hostage to hide him in his secluded home, only to find out that the hostage may be more dangerous than he is.



Dark Cabin - A young pregnant woman, on the run from her abusive husband, gets trapped with a new friend inside a remote forest cabin, and must battle her own fears and a vengeful ghost in order to survive and protect the life of her unborn daughter.



Changing Destiny - In the near future, the great-granddaughter of the Titanic's doomed captain and a renegade computer programmer struggle to use their suddenly shared precognitive dreams to save the world from a technological disaster.



Dummy! - A blind ventriloquist struggles with his manipulative dummy andy and discovers the terrible truth of how he became blind.



The Dragon With No Name - A martial arts expert with memory loss and a wisecracking action star on the decline team up to fight a murderess woman and her gang that wants the ancient and powerful black pearl they're trying to protect.



'Cannibals' Farce - After graduating, an intelligent and principled Adonis’ takes a job with a 'headhunter' and triumphs over unscrupulous colleagues as he ‘gets the girl’, a Westernized Muslim whose devout identical twin introduces a farcical collision of Western and Muslim cultures.



The Knife Salesman - When an expert conman with a rare disorder that doesn't allow him to possess a personality is recruited by the FBI, he inadvertently absorbs the personality of the serial killer he's hunting... becoming both the killer and the only one who can stop him.



The Killing Kind - A cop with nothing to lose goes undercover for the Russian mafia to assassinate the leader and avenge his father's death, but one last mission may end up costing him his life. With an assassin out to get him, a corrupt police partner trying to get rid of him and a secret briefcase that everyone wants, Jayson's vengeance will have to be put on hold.



Chick Fight - A woman struggling both socially and financially finds her life flipped upside down when her best friend takes her to an all-female fight club.



Narcoville - "The Dirty Dozen" meets "Black Hawk Down" in Mexico. Seven post-stressed war vets are hired by Mexican businessmen and a billionaire mercenary contractor to rescue a Sierra Madre town overrun by warring drug cartels. High-tech merc warfare, twisted heroism and ironic plot twists climax in a battle that inspires the locals to take up arms against the cartels, giving birth to a new Mexican revolution.



Clause 13 - A security guard father-to-be pisses off real super heroes by accidentally killing one, and has to run for his life—when he learns you don't have to be super to be a hero.



5ive - A film student follows a hitman on his last five hits before retiring. However, he is convinced he has a "killing gene" and wants to be his replacement, unaware that he is the 5th hit.



Pandora - 3 astronauts on Mars accidentally discover and open Pandora's box, unleashing the apocalypse back on Earth. It’s every man for himself once they learn it was no accident at all.



Shifter (TV Pilot) - Riley, a shape-shifting punk rock chick helps an international secret agency hunt for a mysterious criminal mastermind.



The Reason - When a mother’s sacrifice frees a young girl from an oppressive home, she seeks shelter with distant relatives, but discovers the family’s patriarch has much to hide as she unravels his licentious life.



Tags - Would you commit murder if you knew advanced RFID technology with 24/7 GPS location tracking and “phone home” capability was being secretly field tested in your silicone breast implants?



The 20th - America's first woman President races to expose who is behind a deadly White House conspiracy before she is the next victim.



Off Planet - Three friends must find their missing loved ones in a supermarket in space before burning up in Earth's atmosphere while fighting off the zombified crew.



Badland Wives - The day-to-day lives and perils of five big personality wives, married to the most notorious outlaws the world has ever known. Jesse James and Billy the Kid among featured beaus. Witness the men's historic holdups out of town and their wives' outrageous behavior at home.



Aquarius Stone - Set in post-Apocalyptic in the future Los Angeles, where anarchy rules and the city is controlled by tyrannical madmen and mobs; five rebel team members called Aquarius Stone fight to destroy the corruption and free their city, but can they do it while the past catches up to them begging to destroy them.



Precious Vengeance - Devastated by bereavement, subjected to cruelty by his grief-crazed wife, a father exacts spectacular vengeance on The Third Reich.



Red Earth, White Sea - A brilliant teenage Native American girl teams up with a Native American pro wrestler to avenge her parent's murder and unleash a world-changing invention.



Pray for Daylight - A notorious biker gang descended from warrior knights of long ago, battle ancient humanoids for Earth’s survival in small town USA.



Clock Watchers - A group of investigators pose as college students in order to stop a jihadist and end up turning on each other when it is found that one of them is actually the leader of the plot.



The Ticket - After winning the lottery a young woman kills her lover to avoid sharing the money.



Reality Check - A mother and daughter compete with each other and will stop at nothing to produce the best reality television show.



My Neighbor's A Super Villain - A too-smart-for-her-own-good 3rd grader discovers her next door neighbor is a super villain that's never been caught. Let the games begin.



Hidden Sweets - Two dead friends must work from beyond the grave to prevent another murder.



Crone - In a deal to save her brother, a young girl frees a long-imprisoned witch, only to have the old hag resurrect every witch that has ever lived in order to wreak havoc upon the town that imprisoned her.



The Cuckoo’s Plight - When an actor is sent to a psychiatric facility following a plea of temporary insanity, the mother of the child he killed schemes to stop him getting back out.



The Arena - Gabriel Ethos, darling of the WCL (World Combat League), a professional fighting league showcasing the world's greatest combatants, is task with the ultimate challenge which arrives in the form of an intergalactic malevolent race, whose sole purpose is complete extinction of every living organism on the planet.



The Great Satan - In 1979 Daoud Salahuddin murdered the woman he loved, thirty five years later her husband arose from hell to avenge her.



Patriotism - Four Iranian air force pilots condemned to death during the Iranian revolution are spared by the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war to defend the Kharg Island oil terminal in the northern Persian Gulf.



Next! - In the depressed Southwest, Marc and his little sister meet bright kids "virtually" while hacking a new avatar game, WorldCraft, monitored by a futurist billionaire, and together they run a caper that shuts down Earth’s oil economy.



The Pure and The Evil – A martial arts instructor and his female student’s painful past fuel their need to deliver justice to those outside of the law.



Payback – An ex-cop, his past colliding with his new found, suburban affluence, sees his world spiral out of control in this psychological thriller.



Collard Greens and Pasta – A black teen gang steals cans, outrace cops, and run a chop shop to send minority kids to college. They’re into ‘tunes, bodybuilding, and car logo clothes. The cops and their competition, The Mob, aren’t impressed.



Sunday Dinner – A father does the unthinkable after realizing he can’t protect his mentally challenged son from the world.



Silos – When an anti-war store clerk accidentally opens a hidden missile silo, it initiates an eight-hour countdown to what he believes is the beginning of WWIII.



Husker – When a mentally unstable woman is pursued by skin-husking killer, she believes it is revenge for her policeman dad, who killed the suspect forty years earlier.



Disarming – Ex street cop, now Police Union President, lobbies Congress to ban handguns. The NRA, right wing militias and gun manufacturers take aim.



The Innocents – A wide array of animalistic criminal activity forces the Lieutenant and detectives of a cyber-crimes unit to submit to the unethical guidance of an eccentric and insidious hacker.



Retribution – A notorious outlaw secretly leads an orphaned teenager into a showdown with his father’s murders.



The Butterfly – A child’s innocent curiosity has unintended consequences when he is transformed into a butterfly.



The Reason – When a deadly storm frees a preacher’s daughter from her oppressive father, she flees and arrives unannounced at the home of his twin brother, only to uncover more evil – which means someone else in her family must die.



Rick Head – After an embarrassing sex toy recall, a head shot model becomes a marked man by angry infected women. He flees the country incognito and ends up deported. (Along with other suspected terrorists) to a remote island overrun by man eating pygmy headhunters and a mythical flatulent wildebeest.



The Ultimate Game – When brain implants and mind control infiltrate the National Football League—without consent—Sudden Death takes on a whole new meaning.



Distortia – A psychotic sketch artist loses his uncanny ability to draw violent criminals in his sleep at the worst possible time – after he’s the one witness to the grisly murder of a police detective. Now the shadowy killer is stalking him!



Rubberneckers – Road rage takes on a whole new meaning when, a family of four mistakenly take a picture of a road side accident and incur the wrath of a homicidal truck driver.



Delirious Chamber – In December of 1986, a young drifter sets out into the cold streets of Hollywood looking to shake up a boring existence he’s come to know. Immediately upon stepping foot into the streets this particular night however, he experiences events that prove to be much more chaotically turbulent and conflicting than he ever thought imaginable.



Down in Mexico – A gritty and gripping tale intertwining the brutal mishaps of a group of rugged, witty, and revenge seeking characters all connected through drug cartel leader.



Highway Sniper – A carload of friends set out in search of a desert rave only to become the unwitting targets of a homicidal highway sniper, who begins picking them off one by one.



TiDane – Man’s best friend becomes man’s worst enemy. A revengeful scientist crosses dog and tiger DNA. Wade, a detective, drafts Heather, a veterinarian, to help him kill the ruthless GMO’s.



A.L.I.C.E – F.B.I. Agent Alice Liddell journeys to the corrupt city of Wonderland to locate a missing young girl who was last photographed holding a white rabbit puppet…but in order to find her, Alice will have to confide in an incarcerated mad man known only as The Hatter.



Uncle Carl’s Bad Day – Carl Mather’s is a young hotshot commercial ad man who is putting together the presentation of his life for the promotion he’s always wanted. But his sister goes into labor and there’s no one to watch her Tasmanian devil of a three year old Evan except for Carl. Which one of them will survive the afternoon?



Go Kill – What if one night, a nice girl who had taken her relationship for granted, suddenly revealed to her lover the story of an unusual love triangle. The event only occurred one night but a series of murders due to excessive jealousy followed.



Second Skin – An impenetrable second skin makes two military criminals both predator and prey in their attempt to escape from a totalitarian country, which was once part of the United States.



Dimensions – A Native American man loses the love of his life and he replaces the void with greed, but his lust for power unleashes the wrath of a race of inter-dimensional creatures known as The Sasquatch.



Jon Jonsson Tattoo Artist Extraordinaire - Riding high, literally on glory and fame, Jon Jonsson, the world’s leading top name tattoo artist takes a fall losing it all. Soul searching, acceptance, and redemption comes in threes, this time it’s by the Triple Titties, a local biker gang with plans for Jon Jonsson and his crew.



Whiskey & Sex - A lawyer, who's tired of seeing men lose court cases by cheating and manipulative women, decides to save the victimized men's money and pride; not by winning the court cases, but by killing the women himself.