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Terms of use: We do NOT grant refunds on premium membership after 24 hours of payment/signup. However, if we fail to provide you with any of the services listed, we will award the premium member a full refund through Pal Pal. If you choose to opt out of our premium membership, it's YOUR responsibility to cancel the recurring charge through Pal Pal. If you would like to pay via Square or Google Wallet - instead of Pay Pal - please contact us directly for further information.

When you purchase our Premium Membership, you are instantly connected with our database of industry TV/Film professionals.

These are professionals actively looking to buy/option screenplays,

hire a screenwriter, represent/manage new writing talent, and more! 

Once you're enrolled in our premium e-blast, you are sent 1-2 

screenwriting leads a day, up to 5-6 times a week; that's OVER 48

PAID screenwriting opportunities a month. We work exclusively

through e-mail. You do NOT have to create a profile, submit through a third party form - where the employer's identity is hidden - and log on a variety of different sites. It's simple and fast - for you and the employer.

The LEADS are sent directly to your inbox. You are given DIRECT contact information to the industry pro (including personal/company e-mails, IMDb/company pages, and exclusive details regarding their specific search!




-  4 FREE LOGLINE uploads on our site upon sign up! 

-  FREE QUERY LETTER critique! (1 per customer)

-  FREE screenwriting RESUME assistance! 

​-  OVER 4 months worth of previous leads sent directly via e-mail!

​-  Instant DISCOUNTS on a variety of different screenplay contests!

​-  &, most importantly, daily SCREENWRITING LEADS sent to your e-mail!


-  OVER 4 months worth of previous leads sent directly via e-mail!

-  1 FREE LOGLINE uploaded on our site each month!

-  FREE LOGLINE assistance (1 per customer)

-  Instant DISCOUNTS on a variety of different screenplay contests!

​-  &, most importantly, daily SCREENWRITING LEADS sent to your e-mail!


​Q: What is your success rate? 
A: With just UNDER 50 leads a month, your chances of finding a match for your script and/or skills is very likely. We have been in operation for nearly 4 years (2/2013). Thus far, we have had a little over 150 success stories, that's OVER 40 success stories every year, 3 every month. 

Q: How do I know if your leads fit my current needs? 
A: We post all of our past leads (1 month worth) on our Screenwriting Jobs & Script Search Page. This gives you a clear understanding of what sort of leads we syndicate via our site. You can also enroll in our FREE membership, as well.

Q: What's the easiest way to finding success through SS Premium Membership? 
A: We encourage all of our Premium Members who are seeking to sell their script to have at least one script completed (multiple is even better). Writers who find success via our site have a professional, effective query letter to send to interested parties. We encourage all writers seeking employment to have one of the following (if not all): IMDb, screenwriting resume, video reel (vimeo, youtube), social media, and bio. Of course, how you submit is your choice, but having some of these in your arsenal is always a plus.

Q: Does SS make a percentage off of sales or jobs? 
A: Absolutely NOT. We are not a literary agency. We are the middleman. Industry pros come to us with their screenwriting needs. We send them to you, the screenwriter. All negotiations and deals are done between you and the industry pro, not through us.

Q: When you send out leads, do you just provide the pro's name and e-mail?
A: We do list the employer's full name and preferred e-mail, yes, but we also provide links to their IMDb, web-site, social media, publications, interviews, and more. The more active the pro is in the industry, the more links we will have to provide.

Q: What separates you from your competitors?

A: As stated above, we do NOT make our members create a profile, submit through 3rd party links (or our site), and hide the industry pro's identity. We effectively and efficiently send all info directly to your e-mail. This gives you the luxury of knowing exactly who you are submitting to, while submitting to them on your own time. This method has proven to work, and gives you quick access to the pro. 

Q: Who's had success through your site?

A: Be sure to scroll through our featured success stories and testimonials. Similar sites post member "success stories", but typically they do not come through a lead they posted, for example, they may post a member's success story who recently won a screenplay contest. Our success stories were facilitated directly through our site, and NO one else. 

Q: What makes your PREMIUM membership different than your FREE membership. 
A: Leads. Plain and simple. FREE leads usually are collaboration, volunteer, and/or deferred payment opportunities. PREMIUM is strictly PAID opportunities only. Other PREMIUM perks include FREE logline submissions, FREE script coverage, FREE resume assistance, contest/software discounts, and more. 

Q: How does billing work for SS Premium Membership. 
A: You have 2 choices. 1 year or month-to-month. If you choose the 1 year option, you are billed once every year. Month-to-Month, of course, is billed every month. You can cancel you reoccurring payments at anytime via your Pay Pal account. At that time, you will NO longer be billed. Don't use Pay Pal? While Pay Pal is our preferred method, we do use SQUARE. But only for those wishing to sign up for a full year. Contact us for more details.