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Screenwriting Staffing     

All screenplays receive the following:

- 9 day turnaround​ (even on weekends)!

- UNDER 70 words professional logline!

- 1-2 paragraph synopsis!

- Up to 7 pages of DETAILED notes!

- Breakdown of story, characters, conflict, & other important elements!

- A "pass", "consider", or "RECOMMEND"!

- OBJECTIVE comments and notes from industry-trained readers!

​- Pro analysis grid (see how your script ranks)!

- Full refund if turned in late!


​Receiving a "consider" with Screenwriting Staffing grants you ONE (1) FREE LOGLINE UPLOAD on our rating board, plus a FREE month of SS PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP! Producers/Agents regurarly visit our logline board.

Receiving a "recommend" with Screenwriting Staffing grants you ONE (1) FREE LOGLINE UPLOAD on our rating board, plus a FREE year of SS PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP ($130 value)! Your logline will also be sent out to OVER 500 industry professionals (this has led to sales, options, an paid assignments).

SS believes in honest and constructive feedback. Having a screenplay that's "near" perfect is "nearly" impossible. That's why ONLY 10% receive a "consider", 4% receive a "recommend". 


​Q - Does SS disclose the "reader's" name?

A - Yes, but only if the screenwriter requests this prior to the coverage.

Q - Does SS provide a coverage sample?

A - Yes, e-mail us at info@screenwritingstaffing.com. Put "coverage sample" in header. We will send you 3 samples so you can guage our style.

Q - Does SS offer FREE coverage?

A - SS offers 1 page of FREE coverage to 1-year PREMIUM MEMBERS

Q - What if my coverage isn't returned within 10 days?

A- Screenwriter will receive a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Q - Do SS readers include a longer synopsis?

A - If requested upfront, yes. Otherwise, our readers like to focus their attention on ways to improve your screenplay. But not to worry, even if you don't request it, we still provid you with short summary.

Q - Who receives my logline if I receive a recommend?
Our database of agents, managers, directors and producers. And, yes, this has resulted in success: options and sales!

Q - If I want more than 1 script covered, do you offer a discount?

A - Yes, we offer 15% off. Contact us directly.

Still have more questions? Contact us at info@screenwritingstaffing.com.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SS readers have worked for the following:

Tristar Pictures, Sundance, Bluecat, Sony, Tribeca, WorldFest, TMG Entertainment, You Go Far, SXSW, Paramount Vantage, Disney Studios, HRIFF, & MORE!

Testimonials can be read at the bottom of the page.

Shorts (under 25 pages): 3 pages of extensive notes: ONLY $59.99

Television (under 70 pages): pages of extensive notes: ONLY $79.99

​Features (under 135 pages): 4 pages of extensive notes: ONLY $89.99

Features (under 135 pages): 6-7 pages of extensive notes:  ONLY $109.99

PREMIUM PACKAGE (features only): 7 pages of extensive notes, followed by a 1-hour phone/skype call, discussing your script in detail! ONLY $159.99

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After paying via Pay Pal, upload your screenplay:

What are screenwriters saying about our coverage?

" I submitted my script 3 times to SS for coverage in 2016. The first 2 times were a PASS. I incorporated 

all their notes and advice for the my 3rd (and last) submission. It finally got a RECOMMEND; SS blasted it out, as promised, to producers; my script is now optioned!"-- AJ Anand

​"Thank you for the script coverage for my feature script. This will truly help me fix my screenplay to become even better. Best wishes!"
- Arturo Portillo

"I really needed to know if my pilot had legs before submitting it to a TV pilot contest. SS's coverage gave me exactly what I needed to hear! Their feedback inspired me to push on! I can proudly say my script was a Finalist!"  - Marc Spitzer 

"Thank you very much for your excellent coverage. I found it informative, insightful, and critically constructive."  - Alex Kusaka

​"Many thanks for the feedback, really useful please! Pass my thanks to the reader, there’s some good insights and things for me to work on in the next re-write."  - Anthony Cawood

​"SS identified errors in my screenplay that I totally missed, even after numerous re-writes!" 

- Macy Hollister 

"Thank you, SS, for your coverage notes on HALFWAY HOME - it's timely and helpful in my rewriting of the synopsis."  - David J. Schroeder​