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It paves the way to establishing and connecting with industry professionals. Industry pros simply do not have the time to read through hundreds and hundreds of scripts daily. A query letter allows the pro to quickly decide if they have any interest in reading your script or not. If you are a Screenwriting Staffing member, you are well aware that 99% of our pros seek a logline and synopsis before reading a script. Most legitimate agents, producers, and companies do not accept unsolicited material. Your query letter, in essence, is your request to send them your screenplay. Whether they request your script or not, a concise and thorough query letter instantly labels you as a professional. 


Simple. SS has facilitated over 150 success stories. Nearly 50% of those account for sales and options. Those who have found success utilized the query letter. Everything starts with a compelling pitch! Those who don't get a response usually don't have a query letter, or do, but have an unprofessional one.


2 of our staff members read your script. Not just once, but two or three times. Once we fully understand your story, we start on your QUERY LETTER. 

-- A professional introduction tailored to your story.
-- 5 professional loglines (UNDER 70 words) to choose from.
-- 1 short synopsis (1 paragraph) and 1 long synopsis (3-4 paragraphs).
-- A bio, briefly detailing your writing experience and message behind your story.

NOTE:  These are for you to use. We do NOT own the rights to your query letter. This is not a coverage service. For coverage, please visit our script coverage page. Pat first; then upload screenplay.

​ONLY $105!


"The query letter you wrote me has garnered 12 script requests in less than 2 months! What a wonderful service you provide, SS!" 

-- Taylor Messings

"What a phenomenal job you did on my query letter! Thanks so much. I'd strongly recommend you guys to my writer friends. And I have another script in the wings that I would like to send your way. Again, thanks, SS!" -- Michael Begg 

"Thank you so much! The loglines and synopsis are very well written. I am finishing up a second screenplay which I will send to you in a week or two. Thanks!" -- Carisia Switala

It has come to our attention that there are not enough query letter services out there. The one's we did find do NOT read your script (only your current query letter) while the other ones simply did not have the credentials to back up their services. So Screenwriting Staffing has launched a personalized and affordable QUERY LETTER SERVICE! Want to read a sample?  Just let us know!