PAID Screenwriting Job Success Stories:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Through Screenwriting Staffing PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, KiddoTV [] HIRED Taylor Sardoni [] to develop a children's TV show (and pilot). Taylor will be working one week out of KiddoTV's office in Los Angeles, and then traveling to Tokyo for 3 weeks. For more info on KiddoTV:,
For more info on Taylor: focuses on creative Kids, Development, Educational TV.

Through a SS PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, Steven Feld [] entered into an agreement with Better Management [] for representation. "Jordan (who runs Better Management) loved two of my scripts, Take My Wife, Please, and The Diva Takes a Wife, and will be actively pitching them to production companies on my behalf." -- Steven F. Over the past twenty-five years, Steve Feld [] has worked with Disney, Lifetime, Nickelodeon, The History Channel, ESPN, Universal, Paramount and the "Big Four" television networks, either as a writer, director or producer (and sometimes all three). That work, along with numerous other productions, has earned him seven Emmy Awards, the Cable Ace Award, the Clio Award, Icon Award and the prestigious Ohio State Award given annually for "Outstanding Achievement in Education Communication.

Through Screenwriting Staffing PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, 

Bawn Media Group []

HIRED Rhonda Kennedy [] as a writer for the 2nd season of "Cheetah In August[]. Rhonda Kennedy will be responsible for creating, with a collection of other writers, a 10 episodic season that will air

on AMAZON instant video. Bawn Media: Be sure to check out Rhonda's current web-series: Good Lovin'

​Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Forrest DePoy with Dirtyfox Productions [] found screenwriter Shirley Day 

[]  for his upcoming film. "Shirley Day is currently working on the first draft, she is so talented, so we're all very excited! Thanks so much, Screenwriting Staffing". -- Forrest

Through SS Premium Membership, Tariq Nasheed of King Flex Entertainment hired Robert Hoxie to write his found footage film. King Flex is based out of LA, where they release top selling books, films, and lecture dvds. For more info:

Type your paragraph here. Robert is a represented and produced screenwriter with The Barone Literary Agency. For more info on Robert, please visit his personal website:

Through SS Premium Membership, Cross the Line Entertainment hired Matt DeitchJosh Brewer, and Joe Downey to write for their ongoing web series - The Superheroines. This series has been running for over three years and shoots continuously throughout the year. For more info on Cross The Line:

Josh Brewer:
Matt Deitch:  

Joe Downey:

​Through SS Premium Membership, Tina A. Wake was hired by Francesco Giannini of Frankly Films ( to turn a novel into a TV Series. Tina is a produced screenwriter and has written over 40 features (6 for other producers) and 20 shorts with five more shorts and two features currently in various stages of production. Check out her available scripts on her website: For more info on Frankly Films:

For more info on Francesco:

​​Through Screenwriting Staffing's Premium Membership, Adam Slutsky [] secured a screenwriting job! Hamzah Tarzan [] was seeking a screenwriter for a re-write on a film being shot this September. You can follow Hamzah @ Adam recently co-wrote 'They Are Here' with Steven Seagal, an action/thriller set in the realm of Phenomenology and Remote Viewing. [].
Adam is represented by Premium Member, Kathy Muraviov [], with The Muraviov Company. Kathy's roots are with Universal Studios (34+ years), which is where she developed a love for all things movie scripts.

​​Through SS Premium Membership, Skipper Films (Jason A. Kesse) hired THREE SS PREMIUM MEMBERS to write for the new miniseries, Unearthly. You can view the sizzle reel here: UNEARTHLY: Hired Writers: Craig Sabin, represented by Barbara Bitela (also a premium member). Craig has written for Disney, Showtime, TNT and HBO []. This is Craig's 2nd SS Success Story! Brandon Rhiness. He is a screenwriter and comic book writer/publisher. He writes and publishes comics under his company Higher Universe Comics. You can check them out at 

www.thehigheruniverse.comDave Miller. He hails from Midland, Michigan, but has lived most of his life in Washington, D.C. Educated at Georgetown University.
For more info on Jason:,

​Through SS Premium Membership, Eddie Brown Jr. 

[], with MysterE Visions Entertainment [], HIRED Brandon Rhiness 

[] to scribe a low-budget THRILLER/SUSPENSE screenplay. This is Brandon's 2ND SUCCESS STORY. MysterE Visions Entertainment is based out of Los Angeles, CA. For more information:

​Through "SS" Premium Membership, TMI Hollywood hired Tracey Maye to write 2 episodes for their show: 1) 50 Shades of Monogamy (2015) ... 2) TMI Takes on Oscar III (2015). Tracey Maye is a teacher and a writer. She has received over twenty screenwriting awards in both horror and comedy categories and two of her scripts have been read aloud by actors in Manhattan and Las Vegas. Links to her work: and

Link to TMI Hollywood:

​Through Screenwriting Staffing's Premium Membership, Neil Manspeizer [] HIRED Kate Niemuller 

[] to adapt 3 novels into screenplays. "The Forbidden Seeds of Canaan" is a collection of 3 short stories, total of 278 pages. For more info: Kate Niemuller is the founder and head screenwriter at Script Society (, a storytelling agency designed to help writers.

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Director Hakeem Stevens 

[] brought on Screenwriter Robert Hayek 

[] as the head writer for the TV mini series 'Wishful Thinking' (2016) []. There are currently 6 episodes up online. The series is Produced by Tony Que. This is Robert's 2nd success story via SS! For more info on Robert, please visit his Linkedin:

Through SS Premium Membership, Tracey Lynn Conrad, Founder of Young Philanthropist Society of 

Cincinnati, HIRED Michael Doyle to take an existing outline/concept, revolving around the hipster community, and turn it into a full-length feature screenplay.  More info on Michael Doyle: More info on Tracey Conrad:,

​Through SS PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, Dea Divi [] was HIRED to complete 5 screenplays in one year for Loud Films, Inc []. Dea currently has 3 scripts left to complete. L.O.U.D. Films is an independent film production company founded in Atlanta, Ga. by three cinematic visionaries. Marcus CollinsJamal McWhorter, and Shaquita Smith

formed the company in 2014 as a platform for their unique film ideas

You can follow Dea on Twitter:

Through Screenwriting Staffing PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, Willoughby Pictures

[] HIRED Jane Therese [] to adapt "Too Many Tears" [] into a treatment which will be used in creating the feature-length screenplay. Laura K. Willoughby, Founder of Willoughby Pictures, is known for "Dragonfly", "The Apocalypse", & "Closure". 


​Through SS Premium Membership Toastmasters International [] HIRED Ioannis Skiotes to scribe 30-60 second commercials and short training videos. NDA & Contract Agreement signed. First script already completed! Ioannis was  selected to the 1st Annual Sundance Independent Producer's Conference, served as an Adjunct Screenwriting Instructor at Community Colleges, offers his script analysis service, and his book “Screenwriting Kept Simple” is on Amazon and Kindle.

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Paul M. Field 

[] has entered into an agreement with Jordan Chadwick of Better Management [] for representation for this screenplay 'A British Hacker In America', which is based on his auto-biographical book of the same name []. This is the 2nd SS writer Better Management has entered into agreement with.

Through SS Premium Membership, Tina A. Wake was hired by Roderick Heck to adapt "From Hell to Salvation: One Girl's Journey" (…/…/1475940432) into a feature-length screenplay. Tina's IMDb: Tina's available scripts:

Through SS PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP. Joel Heath [] HIRED Adam Stovall 


to scribe "Countdown to Ragnarok". This is Adam's 1st success story through SS! Adam Stovall is a jack of all writing. He has written acceptance speeches for Morgan Freeman, and articles for The Hollywood Reporter, Backstage, and Honeysuckle Magazines, as well as served as the Contributing Editor of Creative Screenwriting Magazine. You can follow Joel on Twitter:
You can follow Adam of Twitter:

Through SS PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, we reported Adam Smithe ( hired Travis Seppala to write an episode of a new TV sci-fi series Adam's company was developing. Travis did so well, they JUST HIRED him (4/15) to write another SEVEN episodes. In 2014, Travis was also hired by an Independent Pennsylvania Production Company to write coverage on 2 feature-length screenplays. Travis is an optioned screenwriter, PAGE quarter-finalist and top 10 finalist in Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope Screenwriting Contest. For more info, contact him @

Through SS Premium Membership, Arun Konda, with Lightening Sky Pictures, hired Rick Hansberry ( to RE-WRITE an existing horror feature-length screenplay. Production is expected this summer.

Through SS Premium Membership, Gabby Tary recently hired Zack Van Eyck as a screenplay consultant on a 1st draft of a feature-length screenplay. Zack Van Eyck is a SCREENWRITER, script doctor, director and producer based in Los Angeles. ( His production company is currently in post and seeking distribution for three original TV pilots. The teaser sizzle for his comedy series "Coitus of the Week" can be seen here: For more info on Gabby:

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Susan Judith Hahn was hired by Broken Token Media ( to turn a horror/thriller outline into a TV Series. Susan Hahn is best described as a successfully skilled writer whose marketing and public relations background has given her the upper edge in promoting her own work. Interested in any of her spec screenplays? Contact her @

​Through SS Premium Membership, Evelyn Gabai just completed work on a sitcom presentation Bible, helping clients (Fred Weinberg and his wife) develop their series' world, characters and sample episode premise. Check out her IMDb: Evelyn has written for shows such as The Smurfs, The Jetsons, & Beetlejuice.

​Through Premium Membership, Paul Robert Lingas was hired to do a single episode rewrite for a Sci-fi TV show ( in late January. Paul ended up heavily rewriting most of the 10 episode season and is now credited as one of two writers for the entire show. They are currently filming in Virginia. 'Dystopia' stars Michael Copon & Eve MauroSimon Phillips is the show's creator:, For more information on Paul Lingas, please visit:

Through SS Premium Membership, Craig Sabin was hired by Kirill Vishnevskij to write a script for the promotional video for Kirill's upcoming TV Show. This is Crag's first success story. Craig is currently represented by Babz Bitela, who is also a Premium Member. For more info on Craig, visit his IMDb:

Through SS Premium Membership, Tina Wake was hired to turn Shideh Sherafat's life story into a feature-length screenplay. For more on Shideh:

Check out Tina's available scripts on her website:

​Through SS Premium Membership, Arturo Portillo was hired to write an episode for Samuel M. Rodriquez's new show, 'Encarnatus'. For more info on Arturo, please visit his IMDb: More info on Samuel:

Through Screenwriting Staffing Membership, Jason Zink [], Weird On Top Pictures, HIRES Brandon Rhiness [] as a SCREENWRITER for an upcoming project. Jason was the Director of When I Die; Co-director of Night Terrors; Producer of Where Happiness Lies. This is Brandon's 1st SS success story.

Through SS Premium Membership, Niki Galiano, Founder of the Rush Hour Comedy Project, has entered into an agreement to write radio scripts with 3 of our members: Arturo PortilloKelly Nettles, & Tina Wake. We are thrilled and honored that Rush Hour Comedy is using 3 of our Premium Member as screenwriters. Kelly has over 20 produced shorts in her credits, many appearing in film festivals around the country. Most notable, however, was a 40-minute short which was screened at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Ms. Nettles also has a feature-length, family comedy being released this Christmas titled Santa's Boot Camp, staring Eric Roberts.

​Through Premium Membership with Screenwriting Staffing, Nightway Films hired Shaun Jooste as a horror screenwriter to work on an existing screenplay. The goal is to have a feature ready to play at the likes of the London Frightfest within the next year. Budget will be between 1-3M. For more info on Shaun Jooste:

​Through SS Premium Membership, Monica Warden was hired by Patrick Lavery to write a script for his' Lives of the Dissidents' animated shorts project. Be sure to follow Moncia on Twitter:

​Through SS Premium Membership, Puget Sound Talent hired Mario Leone as a full-time screenwriter.  PST's goal is to attract the indy film industry to a very specific and un-tapped demographic.  For more info on Mario, contact him at

​Through SS Premium Membership, Brandon Warnock, of H&W Films out of Oklahoma, hires Michael Halton Doyle to write a screenplay for their upcoming short film. More info on Michael Doyle:

​Through SS Premium Membership, Nicole Jones-Dion was hired as a SCRIPT EDITOR through a SS private search. Nicole is a professional screenwriter whose produced credits include DRACULA - THE DARK PRINCE (starring Academy Award-winner Jon Voight) and a live action adaptation of the best-selling video game TEKKEN - A MAN CALLED X that just wrapped production in Thailand. For more info, please visit

​Through SS Premium Membership, 321 Productions 

hired Joyce Howard to write a treatment for their next feature film. For more info on Joyce: For more info on 321 Productions: 

​Through SS premium membership, Christian Betley connected with writer/director Kamal Sadanah. Chrisitan will be writing an action/adventure feature script revolved around the Himalayas. Bio: Christian has written on a number of successful feature films incl. ‘Stranded’ (Christian Slater); ‘Breakout’ (Brendan Fraser); ’13 EERIE’ (Katherine Isabelle) and ‘Dark Hearts’ (Lucas Till). For more info on Christian:

Through SS Premium Membership, Tina A. Wake was hired to convert Bernard Young's novel, "Harem Boy Saga", into a feature-length screenplay. For more information:

​Through SS Premium Membership, James D. Howes was hired through a private SS search to complete in-depth screenplay coverage/notes on a feature-length script for an international writer/director. James has an MFA from Columbia College in Chicago. He lived for a time in Norway where he optioned a feature animation screenplay and translated dialog from Norwegian to English for Water Easy Reach (1998). He has also facilitated CincyScript. For more information on James:

​Through PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, Johnny Black [] brought on Ioannis Skiotes 

[] to work as a SCREENWRITER with his crew and network for their film projects coming up this spring in Palm Beach.  Ioannis is an accomplished, Award Winning Screenwriter who has scribed 40 scripts including 8 sales, 1 option, and 4 for a renown studio. [].

Through SS Premium Membership, Larry Van Loon [] hired Tina A. Wake to write a western feature for him. He advertised looking for a feature with animals in one location and then decided to go with an idea he had been sitting on for a while. Tina is currently writing the script at this very moment.

​Through Screenwriting Staffing, Jill Remensnyder was brought on by Shore Scripts [] as a contributing writer. Jill Remensnyder is a producer and writer, known for Light of Mine (2011), Northwest Bounty (2007) and By God's Grace (2014). You can follow Jill on Twitter: You can follow Shore Scripts on Twitter:

Through SS Premium Membership,  Jeff Johnston landed a video scriptwriter position through Investopedia. He has already written 6 scripts for them thus far. Jeff is currently based in Dallas, Texas. For more information on Jeff, please visit:

​Through SS Premium Membership, Bryan R. Carrier was hired to write SyFy short - with the help of Matt Sneed- for director Jose Cruz of Cruz Films titled "Static!" Find out more about Bryan: .

Through SS Premium Membership, Lisa Alexander, at 'The Marking Stylist', has hired Tina A. Wake to create introductory shorts scripts for promo and presentations. For more info on Lisa: For more info on Tina:

​Through private SS Premium Membership search, Blue de Goyer was hired to provide in-depth coverage for an aspiring  screenwriter.  His new film 'House of Good & Evil' just hit theaters worldwide. For a list of Blu's credits, please visit his IMDB:

Through SS Premium Membership, R.S. Ebert was also hired to write loglines and titles for Exiram Productions []. Bio: Fantasy novelist R.S. Ebert self published Time’s Disease, Laurent In Chains with a favorable  Kirkus Review in 2012. Time’s Disease, Tie That Binds earned author Ebert a management company in 2013, and will be released as an all language e-book in 2014. Kirkus Review in 2012. Time’s Disease, Tie That Binds earned author Ebert a management company in 2013, and will be released as an all language e-book. For more information on R.S. and her projects, please visit her Linkedin:

Through our Premium Membership, Karen Bankhead was hired by Paul M. Garton, Inc.® , a Nevada-based company that specializes in transcription and translation of audio and video documentaries, as a full-time transcriber.  For a bio and full resume of Karen's work, be sure to check her portfolio out @

Through a SS Premium Membership private search, Nancy Newbauer was hired to write coverage on 4 separate screenplays.  Nancy has worked for Paramount Pictures, Parkway Production, and American Interactive Productions. For more info, please visit:

Through our Premium Membership, Devon Nissen was hired as a TV Series screenwriter, where he will be creating content for children ages 4-8. Interested in Devon's work? E-mail Devon:

Through SS Premium Membership, Stephen Grey HIRED Bobby Kownack to assist in screenplay coverage at his small production company. Bobby received such high praise from Mr. Grey, Screenwriting Staffing decided to hire Bobby to work as a freelance script reader, where he already has received PAID work. Bobby graduated from James Madison University and relocated to Los Angeles within the last year. After directing a 30 minute short film, he went on to co-create a five episode web-series, "Weekends.". For more info:

Through SS Premium Membership, Mark Bobesich was hired by Stage in Light Productions to convert a screenplay into a stage play. This was Mark's first success story through us. Mark received his BFA from York University majoring in visual arts. He has worked as a copywriter, video director, playwright, poet, and musician. As an actor/voice artist in Toronto he has appeared in 60+commercial productions in Canada and the U.S. More on Marqus:

A small Spanish production company, via SS Premium Membership, hired Garry Eilers  to do coverage on a feature screenplay. Gary is from Long Island, New York, but currently lives in Sweden. He is best known for his screenplay coverage service:

Through our Premium Membership , Warren Hull discovered a lead as a screenwriter and just locked a lucrative contract this year with Randall Benson. The script involves a very highly publicized event in sports history that has had (and will continue to have) a significant impact on the future of professional sports: Mike Webster (Pittsburgh Steeler Hall of Famer). You can view Warren's bio at:

Through Our Premium Membership, Deb Stenard was hired to edit a script for an Atlanta-based Producer. She is currently on staff at AEGIS FILM GROUP, where she is a co-writer of KATIE'S STORY, a faith-based feature film in pre-production for 2015. She is also the co-writer of two of Aegis' television series- MY LIFE IS HEADED SOUTH and DEAD HISTORY. For more info, please visit her IMDb:

Through SS Premium Membership, ​Robert Hoxie was recently hired to re-write/edit Tyler Omoth's 25 page TV pilot. For more:

For more info on Robert, please visit his personal website:

​Through SS Premium Membership, Diogo Costa [] hired Ioannis Skiotes [] as a Screenplay Editor for Diogo's Graphic Novel Screenplay. This is Ioannis' 3rd SS PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP SUCCESS STORY! You can follow Diago on Twitter: @digcta
You can also follow Ioannis on Twitter: @IoannisSkiotes.

​Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Steph Greegor hired to complete in-depth screenplay coverage. Steph Greegor is an award-winning journalist and prize-winning screenwriter, who just produced and directed her first short film, OLSKY, based on her feature length script, THE THIRD PERIOD, a character drama set in the hockey world. Links:

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Ashley Scott Meyers 

[] worked out a deal to syndicate Ashley's podcasts [] with LA SCREENWRITER] & SHORE SCRIPTS []. Ashley Scott Meyers is the Founder of

Through Premium Membership, Claudia Marinelli was hired to complete extensive screenplay coverage through a private SS search. . For more info on Claudia:

Through SS Premium Membership, Bryan Stubbles was hired for a one-time script coverage job through Crafts Video. Bryan is a screenwriter and playwright whose work has been made in three countries. Originally from Utah, he has his BA in Film Studies. For many years he lived outside of America, working as an ESL teacher. Following his first feature sale, he returned to the US to write full-time. The move is paying dividends now. Find Byran on IMDb

SS was created 3/2013. Since then, SS has facilitated OVER 125+ success stories, 50 in 2015. There is NO other site on the web that produces as many SCREENWRITING JOB success stories as ours! 

Be sure to check out some of our FEATURED success stories from 2014-2016. 15 success stories in 2016!

"A Professional Online Staffing Service for Screenwriters'."

Screenwriting Staffing     

PAID ​Screenplay Sales & Options:

Through a Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Smash Media/Shelley Hack [] has optioned A Bramble House Christmas from author CJ Carmichael [] from a pitch by Designated Pitcher/Tawny Stokes []. SMASH MEDIA is a Los Angeles based film production company designed to take projects from concept to completion. Headed by industry veteran Harry Winer, SMASH develops popular entertainment for television and film that have global appeal with an emphasis on compelling emotional content, unique, well-defined characters, and a memorable story. SMASH has assembled a team of creative and business professionals dedicated to finding innovative business models in a changing economic environment.


Dena Hysell [

and Isak Borg [] OPTIONED their feature script, ESCAPE ROOM, w/ The Robb Company []. 

Dena and Isak are also attached to DIRECT, as well! Founded in 2003, The Robb Company is an actor and writer management company, based in Los Angeles, and is dedicated to the discovery, development, marketing and guiding the careers of a select group of actors and writers. [

Dena Hysell is an award winning producer, writer, and director whose work has screened at top festivals (Toronto, Sundance, Cinequest, etc) and has a track record of being acquired by major distributors. Currently a managing partner at Rumpus Room Productions, she has previously run successful production companies both in and out of the studio system.

Through Screenwriting Staffing's PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, Najeeb Khuda [], with Endless Media [], OPTIONED Greg Houghton's [] feature-length screenplay CRAWL. Greg is represented by Barbara Bitela (Silver/Bitela Agency). This is her 3rd success story through SS!
Greg is an award-winning screenwriter. His movie, in which he wrote, Good Ol Boy, is now in theaters. []
Be sure to tune into BABZ BUZZ, hosted by Barbara, Screenwriting Podcast. A lot of GREAT info for screenwriters! []
Endless Media is located in Santa Monica, CA.

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership,  Red Entertainment/Carlos Keyes Film Entertainment [

OPTIONED Rob Watson's feature screenplay 

Some things are never meant to be seen…But what happens when they are? A mother discovers the answer to that question when an unseen malevolence sets its designs on her autistic son.
Carlos Keyes Film Entertainment is an independent production company based out of New York, []. Carlos also REPRESENTS talent such as Steven Seagal Gloria Gaynor. Rob is the owner of DAMAGED PSYCHE PRODUCTIONS

Through Screenwriting Staffing PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, Glix Entertainment

[] OPTIONED Justin DiSandro's feature screenplay, PALETwo convicts escape from prison and take cover in an old farm, where they encounter an elderly man who claims to have captured the devil, and is holding him prisoner in his barn. Glix Entertainment is a full service, independent production company based out of Burbank,

Just Disandro is an author and screenwriter from Chicago. Most recently, he adapted a novel by Andrew Neiderman, author of the acclaimed "The Devil's Advocate". He also had two scripts featured in the Scriptshadow 250 [].

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Laura Cross, Producer of Rebel Seed Films, is shopping "No Rest: Mission4Muna" by Angela Munson. Laura Cross has attached herself as producer, and is exclusively shopping the "story" the script is based on. This is the true story of Angela's sister whose daughter was abducted by her African ex husband and taken to war torn Mali West Africa.  For more info on Rebel Seed Films: 

www.RebelSeedFilms.comFor more info on Laura Cross:

Through Screenwriting Staffing PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, Robert Hoxie [] signed contracts with Ryan Baker [], of Sixgun Pictures [], for an Option/Purchase for his feature screenplay, 

The Beekeeper! For more info on Sixgun Pictures: For more info on Robert E. Hoxie: Robert is no stranger to success via SS Premium Membership. Robert has found success since 2014 through our services.

Through SS Premium Membership, Krane Entertainment's President, Richard Ransom, has OPTIONED Brent Beebe's screenplay, 'Redemption'. Krane Entertainment is the company of Jonathan D. Krane, former manager of John Travolta and executive producer of such films as Face/Off, Basic, Swordfish and co-writer/producer of Father of Invention. Brent recently started his own company, Productive Productions, in which he has completed several projects for various individuals. For more information about Brent's IMDb and personal bio: For more info on Krane Entertainment:

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Matt Hodgkinson with Cheeky Monkey Productions (Australia) OPTIONS screenplay ''The Dark', written by Jeffery Lancelle. For more info on Matt and his produced credits:,

Through Screenwriting Staffings Premium Membership, William B. Keller signed an agreement (2015) with B.J. Littleton Jr., The Disciple Group, for his feature screenplay 'Deadly Reunion'. The film is now in post-production, and will be released in 2016 by BJE Distribution. Keller has five optioned feature screenplays and a produced short. As a full time writer, he has won several screenplay competitions. For more information on William, please visit his IMDb:

Through Screenwriting Staffing's 

Premium Membership, Dalton Conway

[] OPTIONED Carole Hannahan's feature screenplay, FACE ME.
Dalton was seeking a faith-based script, and immediately fell in love with FACE ME. Production is set for 2017. This is Kelly's first option

Through Screenwriting Staffing PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, Moetle Landers [] PURCHASED Joyce Mack's low-budget HORROR feature, Macabre Unearthed. Production is set for the spring on 2016. A HUGE congrats to Joyce for SELLING her 1st feature screenplay.

Through SS PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, Dexter E. Williams connected to Larry Freeman of Morning Dream Films []. Larry took a liking to Dexter's short script, "SWIM INTO THE UNCONSCIOUS", and plans to shoot it next summer.  More on Dexter Williams: Interested in Dexter's other scripts? E-mail him at: More on Morning Dream Films:,

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Brendan McNeill, producer at True Bearing Pictures, OPTIONS screenwriter Jason Bortz's thriller/suspense screenplay.  Jason is represented by Babz Bitela, who is also a premium member! For more info on Jason:

For more info on True Bearing Pictures:

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, SunCity Productions (, based out of Canada, PURCHASED Deborah Solberg's feature-length screenplay, "No Fixed Address". The project is set for production sometime this year (2015). Deborah Solberg is an Artistic Director with Theatrix Youtheatre Society. You can learn more about what she does on their web-site: For Deborha's 

Through SS Premium Membership, Ren Stanton Dupre, with, has agreed to produce Derrick Shaw's low budget short. Film will be completed by November. For more info on Derrick, please visit: For more info on Ren:

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Silicon Valley technologist turned screenwriter, Robert Christian Frostholm,SOLD 5 shorts to Italian director/producer Lucio Lepri.

For more information about Robert's other shorts and features, write him at or view

For more info on Lucio:

Through SS Premium Membership, Theatre X Entertainment [] PRODUCED Jaclyn Boser's screenplay 'A Christmas Reconciliation'. This is Jaclyn's 1st SS success story!
Check out the film's IMDb for more info: You can watch the film on Youtube: Find Theatre X Entertainment on FB:

Through SS Premium Membership, Georgie Lalov (, with The Projects Company [] based out of NY, PRODUCED Timothy McCelland's screenplay, ''15''. Learn more about the project on IMDb: More on Tim:

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, producer John Frederick bought Phil Clarke's short screenplay, "My Suicide". Bio: An award winning writer, he's had produced shorts featured at Cannes and Clermont Ferrand, and feature lengths optioned by Arnold Leibovit (Dreamwork's The Time Machine) and BAFTA award winning animation director Tony White. He just finished a writer for hire horror feature project; and a list of his other works is available via his webpage at Phil is represented by Premium Member Babz Bitela.

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Brent Beebe SOLD his short script, "Man's Best Friend", to Tyler Mason, with PaperLord Pictures. For more in Tyler: View Brent's other scripts:

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Mike LongSOLD his short script 'Mojo' to indie producer Chaz Remington. This was his first sale through!  Mike enjoys a quiet life with his wife and dog in Maryland. Logline: Caught in a compromising situation, 2 twins must reunite and take on their biggest enemy: big sister.

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Ed Love SOLD his first short comedy screenplay, "Casting Couch", which was directed by Vincenzo Fehring. Ed has spent most of his career (25+ years) as an Open Source Programmer, but these days, he mostly create websites, usually with Wordpress, along with consulting on computers, smartphones and the Internet. Visit:

Through SS Premium Membership, Alejandro Leopardi, along with co-writer Sean McKenzie, reached a deal with Baron Jay of Royalty Jay for the Romantic Comedy feature, "Dating Casey". Alejandro has been writing professionally for over a decade in various industries including marketing, sales, and film. He is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker with 4 completed feature-length screenplays, four completed short screenplays (3 of which have been produced into films), and 2 TV pilot scripts. Further, Alejandro was hired by 14 Films of Toronto to write a feature-length script for a film to be produced in 2014. For more info:​. For more on Sean:

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Lewis Gordon OPTIONEDhis short screenplay 'Miles High' for a newly developed Norwegian Production Company. This is Giordon's first sale. He is currently a student his his last semester at UCLA.

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Breatown Productions 

[] found screenwriter David Pauwels []
They are currently working on his short, that's set for production in November, called "Lunch Date" []. 

You can follow Breatown on Twitter:

You can follow David on Twitter:

Through SS Premium Membership, Paul Mason OPTIONEDhis short script, ''Changes''.  His first love, however, is not screenwriting, but directing. He usually directs most of his scripts.

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Shoestring Radio Theater ( will be recording Malcolm Stroud's script! Logline: Everyone knew James as a well-loved family man, until a lifetime’s secrets and an old enemy are exposed at his memorial service. Set in Adelaide, South Australia.

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Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Emily Eder SOLD her short script, "Danger Mountain", to indie producer/director Al Cage. Al was specifically looking for scripts that take place in the Northwest. Emily is a student at the University of Washington.

Through Screenwriting Staffing PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, Dexter Freemen of Goodwill Productions, is in negotiations with Tina A Wake to produce/purchase a few of Tina's short scripts. Production to begin 2016. More on Tina Wake and her body of work,,  More on Goodwill Productions:

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Gorilla Studios 


William Keller's feature screenplay, "Serial Killer". 

For more info on William Keller:

For more info on Gorilla Studios:

Through Screenwriting Staffing Premium Membership, Moetle Landers 

[] purchased the short script, LONE GIRL, from Becka Pummill. This is Becka's first sale as a screenwriter! Moetle is based out of Los Angele, known for 'Sea Gives, Sea Takes', & 'Mac'.