​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​PREMIUM LEADS

​* SCRIPT SET IN PARIS. Seeking features set in PARIS. Please do no not submit anything else. Accepting all genres except for horror. Scripts with minority leads preferred. Budget has not been established -- right now, we are focused on powerful stories. Will accept submissions from produced and unproduced writers. Industry standard rates. DA is best known for being the technical adviser for the film, "Vic". She has worked in production on several award-winning films. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​ 

* FEATURE SCRIPTS THAT EXPLORE MARRIAGE. We are looking for a feature film that explores and interrogates the concept of marriage in this modern age. The film and the journey of multiple protagonists should be a 'feel good' story with every couple surviving the trip to the divorce lawyers, however, your take on the topic can come from any angle. Comedies, adventure stories, dramas, etc. are welcome! Option Agreement
We are known for the drama, 'Hear Me Love'. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​ 

* EXPERIENCED ANIMATION SCREENWRITER. I am a producer for an upcoming animated series. Our small team of 7 packs a punch. We are looking for a well-seasoned screenwriter for our massive sci-fi/drama/comedy animation. This will be a potentially large project, with hopes of using our close connections. The right candidate will have extensive knowledge of screenwriting, hours of experience. We are looking for someone long term, possibly, very long term. We will be needing a whole season written. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​ 

* SCRIPT WRITER NEEDED. CHB seek script writer/screenwriter to polish scripts based upon many types of influential cultural history events/people. Scripts are about 5-15 min. duration. Those based in Ohio will get first look. Send a brief bio, links to work, and script samples. Pay TBD. CHS produces cultural history still image videos and cultural history presentations. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​ 

* STRONG FEMALE-DRIVEN FEATURES/TV PILOTS. BM, a literary management company based in Los Angeles, is looking to represent writers with strong female-driven features and TV pilots. Scripts can be any genre as long as it's female-driven. Comedies are especially welcome. Please email loglines only. If we like the logline, we will request the script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​

* SCRIPT NEEDS FORMATTING, LOS ANGELES. $30/HOUR. A script is ready for formatting, done on Microsoft Word just need it to industry standards, we have Final Draft 10, but open to suggestions. Ideally, you are near West L.A., or in the Valley, Beverly Hills etc. The job location is Mulholland Drive. Open hours are 10 am to 10 pm, choose your hours. You must be able to start immediately if hired. Pay is in cash or checks, which ever you prefer. Must have good references and be able to get here daily until the project is done. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​

* WRITER FOR WEB-SERIES. I am seeking another writer to join our writing team in Sherman Oaks, CA. We are developing a 9 episode web-series that will be pitched to YOUTUBE RED (we have direct contact) once produced. This is a PAID POSITION, and you will be required to meet 3 times a week in our offices. If you are NOT located in the Los Angeles-area, please do not apply at this time. If we don't find an LA-based writer, we may submit again broadening our search. Until then, only those who can work from our Sherman Oaks office. Series similar to WORKAHOLICS. I have produced nearly a dozen shorts, including a short starring WADE BRIGGS. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​ 

​* ASSOCIATE WRITER/EDITOR. Bilingual (English/Spanish) is a must. MUST be based in Los Angeles or NYC. We are a diversified company with leading assets in the media and entertainment arenas. Knowledgeable and passionate about the Latin music market. College degree required. We offer a competitive salary with excellent benefits. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​ 

FEMALE LEAD, ULB SCRIPTS. LF is currently seeking an ultra-low feature length screenplay of 60-90 pages. The film will be shot by a team working for NMW. The project must be a drama concerning 2-4 persons. It needs to have a brilliant female lead. The number of characters and locations need to remain as small as creatively possible. Please, no special effects and do not send crime stories. We are looking for completed, existing screenplays. Payment for script. Please submit a logline and a synopsis. Resumes/CVs are not requested. We are planning to produce the film over a 21-day shoot with a skeleton Crew. Again, we value solidly created, well-rounded characters, which which help make your scripts' basic premise unsinkable! SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​

FEATURES, 16-25 MALE PROTAGONIST SCRIPTS. Looking for feature-length scripts for an Actor. Must watch/view actor's work to see if your protagonist fits the actor:  No specific genres, actor specializes in character stories, what ever the genre is he'll portray it as real as possible, the male protagonist must be between 16-25 (easy to adapt but needs to be a young male). MUST SEND FULL SYNOPSIS FIRST. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​

SHORTS, CHINESE LEAD. Paying up to 3K for the right short. We posted back in July of 2016 seeking a feature script. After a year, we finally locked financing on the script we chose. We have a little funds leftover, and want to to produce a short on the side, similar vein. Searching for short films that feature a Chinese lead; film will be shot 60% in the UK and the other 40% in China. We are NOT seeking scripts where the main character can be "changed" to Chinese. Scripts must include Chinese culture and landmarks. We will not accept anything with gore, sex, or shaming the government. Maximum 2 major cast and 2 minor cast. Contemporary setting (no costly period pieces or extreme CG/SPFX). SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​

SEEKING SCREENWRITER. I do not come from a screenwriting background, but I do have a concept, it's a short story, that I would like to see in script format. I have a friend who is a producer who wants to shoot it, but she has to see it in script format first. MUST be comfortable writing LGBT material. I would like to see the script at about 20 pages. The short story is little over 40 pages in word doc. Will pay for your services, and we can split writing credit.  Send me a short script sample, and a link to a short that's been produced that you wrote. Anything LGBT preferred. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​

SHORT SCRIPT W/ VO FOR MALE LEAD. I am seeking a short script, any genre but horror or sci-fi, that the main character is a male in his late 20's, early 30's, with heavy voice over. I will be producing and acting in the short. Director attached. Will pay between $750 to 1K for short -- depends on quality. I've posted before. I can't stress this enough: Do NOT send me shorts that feature a main lead that's not a male, and that do not have a great deal of VO. Scripts under 10 mins preferred (for festival reasons); will not read anything past 15. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​

SCRIPTS THAT TARGET 35-55 AGE-RANGE. I am on the hunt for completed feature-length scripts. Budget not to exceed $1 million. Must be able to be filmed in Pacific Northwest. Older-skewing target audience, 35-55 range, absolutely no horror or period pieces. There is upfront payment for script, will be negotiated. RC is the organizer for one of the largest film community groups in Canada dedicated to screenwriting, where he regularly hosts workshops, discussions, and script feedback session. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​

DRAMA/HORROR/ANIMATION; FILM & TV. We are searching for feature length films that have diverse topics and social relevance from any time period. We prefer things that are for adults, meaning intense dramatic scenes, psychological horror without all the blood. In the horror genre, we care more about the fear of death than actual death and all the blood. In terms of budget size we are looking for mid size budgets from 500k to 5 Million. Also, we are looking for television drama pilots. Series should be original, non cliche, bold and thought provoking. WGA rates when purchased. Please submit logline and synopsis for feature films only. Do not submit any scripts. For TV pilots, please submit Show Bible. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​

INSPIRING, HEARTFELT SCRIPTS. We are looking for inspiring, heartfelt, character driven features films - drama & drama-comedy only. (i.e.: “The Big Sick”, “The Intern”, and “The Holiday”). We just completed out last film, starring María Conchita Alonso. Only send logline and synopsis at this time. We are based in Hollywood. WGA rates for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​

SCRIPT ANALYSIS. Could lead to a re-write job. We need studio-level development notes on two DRAMEDY scripts. Some of the questions we want answered: Is our hero challenged enough? If the dialogue too on-the-nose? Are our supporting characters cliche? Do you have a strong connection with our hero? Does our hero's eternal goal carry past the 1st ACT? We are not merely looking for a screenwriter to offer coverage. You must come from a story and development background from a recognizable production company or agency. Producing credits preferred. If you taught at the college level, please mention. It goes without saying you must have at least 1 "known" feature writing credit. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​

SHORT SCRIPTS FOR IMMEDIATE PRODUCTION. DN seeks short scripts in the following genres: Drama, Comedy, Dramedy, Horror. Minimum on 6 pages, max of 20. Please no "CAMERA/EDITING DIRECTIONS" or "MUSIC SUGGESTIONS" in the script. Not looking for a project that will require thousands and thousands of dollars to produce. DN has worked as a lighting director on shows such as: Lucha Underground, UFC Ultimate Insider, Sports Science, among many more! SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​

ISO SCREENWRITER. D​SS​ is looking to collaborate with a screenwriter that is an artist, storyteller, and deep thinker. Upfront compensation, and negotiable back-end points. Send script samples and links to work; will go in more detail if you are a right fit.​ ​DSS ​was credited as "story by" for the 1992 Aladdin; he has also worked as a storyboard artist for Space Jam, Casper, The Croods & many more!​ SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​

SERIES WRITERS. OTE seeks writers. We have an immediate need for writers with chutzpah. The project is expected to require up to 5 writers to collaborate for quick turn around and to engage the kind of creativity we need. The Challenge: Creating a new series of a dozen 10-15 min episodes based on a new distribution model which will be disclosed under mandatory non-disclosure agreement. Collaboration will be done via conference calls and online sources. A lead writer may be assigned to single episodes or appropriate clusters. Compensation will be discussed if shortlisted. About you: While experienced and/or educated in the industry, you’re not limited by the constructs of how projects are usually made. You’re open to new ideas and adapt easily to change. You are able to communicate your ideas effectively while appreciating genius in others. All genres welcomed. Don't let minimal formal production experience prevent you from applying. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​

DRAMA SCRIPTS. We are NOT interested in any other genre. ONLY DRAMA. Feature scripts only. No first drafts. Budget has yet to been determined. Our client list includes: Netflix, VH1, MTV, QC, among many more! Send a logline and shor​t​ synopsis at this time. Option Agreement 1st. We are based in NYC. ​​SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​​

FEMALE-DRIVEN ​TV/FEATURE ​SCRIPTS FOR DEVELOPMENT. Casting a net to find great stories for development:​ ​Commercially viable​. ​International appeal​l. ​Female driven (not just a token)​. ​Teen or grown women​. ​Characters matter - smart, intelligent​. ​Comedy, drama, action/thriller, fantasy, sci-fi​. ​FRESH!​ ​If you have something, please submit. If it is compelling, you will be asked to sign a release before submitting. Please follow instructions when submitting (logline, synopsis, short bio, contact info)​.​​ SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

BOLLYWOOD SCRIPT. Searching for a Bollywood feature film script for a Bollywood actress we have attached for our next movie. ONLY light comedies and romance. Nothing dark. I am acting as a consulting producer, and will not be the main person you correspond with if your script passes the initial round of vetting. Scripts need to take place in India, with an Indian Female Lead, with Indian themes.​ ​I have been an associate/co-producer for over 10 years on several features, including "Alli Arjuna"​. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

DOCUMENTARY WRITER FOR SHORT. Documentary line producer now turned director, seeks writer for a short form documentary on immigration. I previously contracted a writer through SS last month for a farming doc. This project is entirely different. MUST have produced documentary credits, with links to prove. Documentary will run under 20 mins. More info will be given to shortlisted candidates.​ SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

SCRIPT WRITER FOR COMMERCIAL. I've posted here before. My background is in film, but was just brought on to direct a car commercial. Need a script writer to re-write the script; something's missing. This is PAID. Needs to be turned in by next week. Looking for someone with commercial writing experience, specifically with cars. Send the following: 1 writing sample; a link to a produced commercial, quick bio. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CANNES-WORTHY SCRIPTS. My producing team and I are looking for 1 more script to add to our slate. We are seeking a Cannes-worthy film; something we can attach at least a B-list actor (if not A-list). Indie, with a flare of dark and edgy. DO NOT send raunchy comedies, romance, romcom, fantasy, biopic, or animation. Budget will NOT exceed 1MM. 6-month option agreement if chosen. Think THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER. TL has 20 years of experience, working as a recruiter and consultant on large films such as CANDY (starring Heath Ledger) and Assault on Precinct 13 (starring Ethan Hawke). SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

ISO SCRIPT WRITER. Production Company in Houston with mini-series concept needs a script writer to come on board. Those based in the Houston-area preferred. Compensation is negotiable. Send writing samples and bio. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

DIRECTOR SEEKING HIGH-CONCEPT SCRIPTS. I am a director-actor-publicist who is looking for high-concept screenplays for me to direct and star. I have a full production team and we can take scripts and produce it from A to Z. I have the capacity to produce content and bring it to the marketplace in a fast and furious way. JM. Josh has directed OVER 15 scripts., including Coffee & Cabbage & Wine Tasting. If you think your script is ready - please email me a catchy logline and we will go from there. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

REAL DRAMA SCREENWRITER. We've been in touch two months ago during a process for finding the best writer for a supernatural horror. Unfortunately we haven't found the best matching writer for this one, but currently we're looking for a real drama writer who's passionate about animals with a sense for humor. We've developed a heartbreaking story about a dog based on a true event and looking for an experienced writer to write the script for a feature. Needs to sign NDA! PAID. Email your resume and drama writing experience. WON Golden Globe on PromaxBDA Global Excellence Promotion Marketing & Design Award for the RTVS redesign. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

SCREENWRITER FOR TEASER. We are taking our TV Pilot (and Pitch Bible) to some Christian networks at the end of August. We need a screenwriter, who has no previous attachments to the project, to come on board, and objectively write a 2 minute teaser trailer based off the pilot. This will be used for pitching and promotional purposes. This is a Christian story. Writer should have an understanding of the Book of Job. Paid assignment; we hired a SS writer last year through this e-blast. Known for his work on NO GREATER LOVE, which was later distributed by Lionsgate. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

SHORT FILM SCRIPTS WANTED. RBP, based in Los Angeles, seeks 3-10 page scripts. Hey screenwriters of the world. I'm seeking 10 short film screenplays to be produced and shot for a UCLA class I am teaching this July. 3-10 pages ideally, minimal locations. Scripts will be made and come to life! RBP just wrapped post-production on his feature film, INK & RAIN starring ELISHA KRIIS. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

PROFESSIONAL SCRIPT FORMATTING. I need someone who owns Final Draft to take my script that's currently in Word and format it correctly. This has to be done in Final Draft. I have a script doctor on standby who I'm commissioning to edit my script. He won't edit it until script is formatted correctly -- he works off Final Draft. I'm not sure how much this costs, but I'm prepared to pay a fair and appropriate amount. Message me with rate and turnaround time as well as professional script writing experience. And -- a writing sample! SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

SCRIPT FOR PRODUCTION. Seeking scripts w/ lead role for black male actor in his mid to late 30's. Scripts with Haitian male lead will also be considered. I am looking for great vehicles with social conscience as the theme. Please submit logline and bio for consideration. Will pay for rights. Will accept features, shorts, and/or web-series. BIS manager and publicist. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

COMEDY, ROM-COM, THRILLER, HORROR SCRIPTS. Former VP of Development for Jonathan Krane is looking for strong stories with memorable characters. Any comedies that induce a laugh out loud response are guaranteed to get a call to discuss. Submissions MUST meet the following elements: 1. Cast of 2-10 people 2. No more than 3 locations - preferably ONE or two. 3. No Children/No Animals 4. No car chases, explosions or action sequences These are for low-budget ($250K and under). Genre doesn't matter - we're more interested in the elements above being in place first. Compensation: Flexible - up front payment, option agreement and percentage all possible. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

HORROR/PARANORMAL SCREENWRITER. I am looking for a screenwriter with a huge imagination towards the darker themes. Can be any ideas within the 3 genres of: Found Footage with the horror/paranormal themes, Feature film within the horror/paranormal themes, or Feature film with a psychological horror theme. Please let me know more about yourself, and attach any past samples close to the genres mentioned or any genres you have done (even if it's in a novel form). Your location does not matter for this application. Up front payment available. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

SHORT SCRIPT. Genre: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Drama ONLY. We want to grow into a full production company, we currently are a post-production facility, and will eventually gravitate to features, but we want to start with a short. Emotional/puzzling/fulfilling resolution scripts. Option Agreement. RS is known for (post production) on films such as KIDNAP, THE HUNTER'S PRAYER, & FORKS OVER KNIFES, among others. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

BLACK COMEDY/NOIR THRILLER. Production Company looking for a script for an indie feature. Noir psychological thriller with dark Hitchcockian humour. Think Rear Window meets La Piscine. I have access to a unique location with high production value in the south of France for free. I want a maximum of 4 principals with a maximum of 4 supporting roles. Preferably even leaner. Production model is similar to Oren Peli concept. If you've got a shit hot script, that's low budget, get in touch for an initial chat. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

HIGH CONCEPT HORROR FEATURE SCREENPLAY. Twice produced feature horror director/producer  looking for next project. Criteria: Horror/thriller. Horror/sci-fi. Horror/mystery genre. No horror comedies at this time. Writer must have been PRODUCED (feature), must have PLACED AT A REPUTABLE COMPETITION (quarterfinalists and up) and/or RECEIVED RECOMMEND COVERAGE by an experienced reader. (Must provide evidence of these if logline is selected). Option/Purchase. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

​​CREATIVE WRITER/PRODUCER. Discovery Communications, Emmy award-winning shows, is seeking a creative WRITER/PRODUCER. Position Summary: Conceive, write and produce on-air tv spots that include series launch and topical promos that are in alignment with the our brand and campaign messaging Conceive, write, and produce scripts for the network. Proven expertise across a breadth of media including t.v., interstitial network branding, radio, print and digital. Collaborate with Marketing Strategy team, programming, production, and scheduling departments. Responsible for acquisition of stock footage and/or shooting additional footage.8. Develop/edit campaign concept & scripts. Great PAY with medical benefits. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

SECOND SCREENWRITER/CO-WRITER. Director/Producer with completed first draft of a political thriller/dark comedy set in one single location, much in the vein of Phonebooth or Hard Candy. Film is contained yet has a strong premise and unique, interesting characters, but need help to get it to a produce-able state. The vibe is Black Mirror meets Hard Candy meets King of Comedy. Now that the story and characters are laid out from beginning to end, a strong foundation for future drafts, I need help with; character development, dialogue (too much exposition right now), and replacing/ adding a few more scenes that help in these areas. Looking for somebody to take this draft, do whatever you can to make it better, then go back and forth, bouncing ideas off each other etc. via email or skype until the script is done. Already working with a SONY signed producer to reach out to talent for this script, aiming to shoot within the next year depending when script is done. PAID job. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

SEEKING NEXT FEATURE-LENGTH SCRIPT. We just completed our latest film, a rom-com called “Off the Menu”, and are now looking for our next project. Looking for completed scripts - drama, drama-comedy and true stories - inspirational, character driven - we like stories that bridge cultures, that brings people together from different walks of life who change each other;  stories about someone that challenges the norms, fights for injustice, a witness to history yet their story had never been told (i.e.: “The Hundred Foot Journey”, “The Intouchables” (french film), “Hidden Figures”, “The Zookeeper’s Wife”). SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

SHORT SCRIPT. New York production company is developing and financing short scripts. We are currently seeking short film proof of concept scripts maximum of 5 pages long. We are open to all genres. All concepts and stories should be made into a maximum of 5 min 5 pages long short. Chosen script(s) will receive 1K. Our connections include agents and producers from CAA, WME, UTA and Gersh. We have produced 1 short script and optioned 2 features through SS! SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

LGBT SCREENWRITERS NEEDED. Gay Streaming Network, based in Atlanta, is seeking talented screen writers for various upcoming project.  Must have writing experience. Provide samples of LGBT themed work. Must be able to work part-time at least 10 hours per week. ONLY SERIOUS APPLY. Payment based on experience. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

MONSTER SCREENPLAYS. TSF, based in Los Angeles, is looking for a micro-budget monster movie screenplay to direct. A story that would allow for eerily atmospheric shots and some great scares! Please submit loglines! Payment for script TBD. Known for PSYCHO MANOR. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

WRITER, BEAT SHEET. Seeking screenwriter to create a beat sheet on an existing 20 page treatment. Must have beat sheet samples to show. MUST understand Blake Snyder's beat sheet template. Your job is to sequence our story, using bullet points, not long sentences. I have optioned and purchased scripts from SS writers before. Known for working on the production staff for UNCANNY. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

ULB HORROR SCRIPTS. I am currently looking for quality ultra low budget scripts for feature length (will also review short) horror films. No vampires, torture porn or zombies. Screenplays must be formatted properly. Non-union. Please send me a logline and detailed one paragraph description of the entire story. All other genres will be ignored. Known for "Harvest of Fear". SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

SPECIFIC SHORT SCRIPT. I am looking to make my fourth short film. No longer than 7 pages and no more than three characters. The two main actors that I will be using (so script needs to match these descriptions): Male: can play 43-48 year-old, blue collar, warm, charming, but can be mean; Female: 38-45 year old, smart and attractive, but can have a tempter. Genre: dramedy, drama, comedy, or thriller. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

DARK SCRIPTS. We are interested in stories about the dark arts, the occult and New England lore. No other genres at this time. MUST send query letter first. Feature-length. Films have won at festivals such as North American Film Awards & Stories by The River Film Festival. We are based out of Los Angeles, known for 'On The Fringe'. Payment/Option. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

CALL FOR SHORT FILM SCRIPTS. In search of short film scripts, under 15 pages, any genre. Send clear synopsis and link to you, imdb or reels, website. Female leads preferred. ULB, set in one house or apartment or easy to get location, little to no exteriors. I have numerous produced films to my name. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

FEATURE SCRIPTS W/ SCHOOL LOCATION. Funding available to greenlight immediately multiple $1mm films per year where the majority of the story takes place within a middle school (which can play elementary - college). Please send package/script/query letter. All other submissions will be ignored. Known for 'Lopez', 'Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party', & 'Younger'. Payment will be negotiated. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

EXPERIENCED/PRO HORROR SCREENWRITER NEEDED. We're looking for screenwriters to write the script for a supernatural feature horror movie. ONLY THOSE WITH REAL HORROR CREDITS SHOULD APPLY. There is a need for a team player who wants to get close as possible to movies like Conjuring, Insidious, The Ring, with a passion for supernatural adventures and ability to create strong characters and complete the story. The writer will work with the draft of our outline and a movie idea about a young couple moving into the apartment building with an empty flat right next to their home. Job is paid. Producer WON Golden Globe on PromaxBDA Global Excellence Promotion Marketing & Design Award for the RTVS redesign. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

TV PILOTS WANTED. Only submit pitches for one hour action/drama TV. No features, shorts, or sitcoms. ONLY stories that take place in Singapore. I operate a small visual effects studio, so scripts with lots of strong VFX encouraged! We prefer scripts that stay away from religion and politics. Budget has not yet been determined. A nominal up front fee with a 6 month option agreement. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

ISO SCREENWRITER, FEATURE. Seeking a screenwriter to help edit an already completed full-length feature script that will be going into production soon (Stephen Baldwin attached.). You will be given a writing assignment and interview with the Producer if shortlisted. Compensation: Pay is negotiable. Required Material: Please send your resume and samples of work. MUST have feature film experience/credits. Duration of job is 2-3 weeks. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

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The following LEADS with a BLUE (*) identify leads that are less than 1 week old. (approx.)


* SCREENPLAYS IN SPANISH. Seek scripts in Spanish, feature-length, no longer than 90 pages, limited locations and cast. Will pay for script, non union. Project will be produced. Please do not send scripts that are NOT already in Spanish. Genre: THRILLER and/or COMEDY. Let's start with a query letter. Attention: Julio Lora [www.imdb.com/name/nm5093517] -- juliolora@me.com. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

​​* EXPERIENCED FILM JOURNALIST/REPORTER. TTB shared a similar position with us several years back, and had a great turnout. Hoping we can help again! The Tracking Board 

[www.facebook.com/TheTrackingBoard] is Hollywood's #1 source for insider news and exclusives, tracking, analysis and coverage on all things film, television and entertainment. The Tracking Board 

[www.tracking-board.com] is seeking a smart, highly motivated, and knowledgeable writer to join our editorial team. A minimum of one year industry experience covering film or television entertainment for a major outlet or publication required. This is not an entry level position. Writer must have working knowledge of the industry, as well as the companies, projects, and players within. Must have the ability to identify, develop, track and break stories. Competitive salary. Position is full time and in-office at our Los Angeles newsroom. Apply at the bottom of this page: www.tracking-board.com/jobs-internshipsPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​​

* CHRISTIAN/FAMILY/CHILDREN SCRIPTS. Alumni Arts Presents [www.alumniartspresents.org] is currently searching for screenplays for our Faith Based Department! Want to see your screenplay come to life? Christian based films, family films, children films ONLY. All other submissions will not be accepted. AAP is also looking to put together a team of screenwriters for the FBD. Send your logline, synopsis and/or script to: acralumniarts@gmail.com; more links here: www.facebook.com/alumniartspresents
https://twitter.com/aapgoldenticketPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

* PARTNER ON SCRIPT. I want someone with strong industry connections, to join me in creating a pilot script and show bible for a new proposed series called THE CHOSEN, a fictional story of wealthy Mormons in Salt Lake City.  Main characters are a "Mitt Romney" type character with a controlling wife. I am not seeking proofreaders, editors. I need someone with strong industry connections, who believes in this project, and wants to go in 50/50.  No pay unless the project is greenlighted. Thank you. Darrick Evenson  

darrickevenson@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​​

* SCRIPT CONSULTANT. We are currently looking for a script consultant for our film project. Those who have experience jumping in as a co-writer preferred. We are a part of the United Nations multi-stakeholder registry for partnerships and voluntary projects that promote sustainable development and poverty eradication. For more on the film-maker, Joseph Danjie: 

www.sdgafoakomcampaign.com/about.php, www.filmproposals.com/association-africaura-productions-film-production-company.html. For more on the film: 

www.afoakomfilmproject.com. We are based in Africa, but will accept writers from all over the world. Email: mediaprocameroon@gmail.com. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

WRITERS GROUP LOOKING FOR SCREENWRITERS. Deadline Junkies is a professional writing group looking for new dedicated and hard working writers. Since 2009, we have held 3 table reads every Tuesday night from 7:15 - 10:00 at the Open Stage West theater in Sherman Oaks. Each read consists of 30 pages or less and the pages are performed on stage by professional actors. It’s followed by 15 minutes of feedback by writers in the group. Every writer is expected to attend every week and to have new material on a monthly basis. This is not for amateurs. There are 15 writers in the group and you’re up every 5 weeks. We are comedy focused and are open to films, tv shows, and online series. Attend a meeting for free and ask for Jordan and/or Ashley to submit a script to become a writer on rotation. More details can be found at http://www.deadlinejunkies.com; Email Jordan Imiola: Jordan.Imiola@Gmail.com; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

WRITING PARTNER. I'm a director looking for a long-term writing partner. Someone who can hep with formatting,Script editing,etc. You will be credited as co-writer. 50/50 split if sold. Send your full name, email, phone number, and IMDb. Looking to start working with someone by the start of 2018. For more on me: 

www.facebook.com/Noah-James-Boyd-1618283945159632; send info to Noah James Boyd: nitemare.entertainment@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

ATTENTION SCREENWRITERS. A feature film is being written, and need your input. Crazy (WTF) moments that you endured while serving, are needed to piece together a creative and seriously funny military story.  IMDb credit and compensation will be offered. We are really looking for short scripts/stories that tell of some of the craziest (WTF) moments in Soldiers military careers.  We would also take fictional short scripts/stories if written well and funny. Military personnel, Active and Retired preferred. Cinemahill Productions (Production Company based in Texas): www.cinemahillproductions.com;  

www.imdb.com/company/co0591692. Add Operation Green Weinie in the subject line. Send in samples, stories, and resume to Andre Hillard [www.imdb.com/name/nm7144945] via email: 

cinemahillproductions@gmail.com. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

SCREENWRITER SEARCH. Would it be possible for you to write a brand new screenplay script to order for me? I am studying entertainment, movie and TV producing at UCLA Extension

[http://entertainment.uclaextension.edu], and one of my instructors is graciously helping me make my own movie on his own time. The first thing I need to do is to find the right script. It's short will get made, once we find the right script. The new and revised requirements suggested by my UCLA Extension Entertainment Instructor for our desired screenplay script are: a brand-new entertaining story that's a couple pages long, small in scale, and based on my life, details concerning which will be supplied to you upon your request. I'm also open to considering writers who'd like to pitch ideas for this. PAID.
Contact Joseph Wedner [
www.linkedin.com/in/joseph-wedner-75854186] via email: joewedner@yahoo.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

CO-SCREENWRITER. Ranjith Narayan 

[www.imdb.com/name/nm4893858] is seeking a co-writer (screenplay) for a sex comedy. The basic idea and some funny scenes have already been written and what I need is a story line. This is a project by an independent writer and the person I am looking for should be ready for prolonged discussion on this potentially exciting, fun filled, jolly movie.Compensation: 50/50 split. Email Ranjith: ranjithnarayan72@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

SEEKING SCREENWRITER. Romantic dramedy with medical horror backdrop Requires patience and admiration for disabled. I seek guidance towards polish for competition Non-fiction origin of hospital's code blue. The payment is speculative towards project attachment. Will need to sign NDA. Contact Kelly Stewart via email: Kellystewartonline@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

ATLANTA PRODUCTION COMPANY SEEKS WRITERS. CoCo Studios [http://coco-studios.com] is in search of the most creative script writers in the Atlanta area to develop content for various assignments (comedy skits, web series, shorts films, etc) and branded entertainment projects for audiences worldwide. If you can make us laugh, make us think, we want to hear from you! We are offering paid positions to the most talented script writers! If you have what it takes; contact us at info@coco-studios.com for further instructions on the submission process. Social Media Pages: www.facebook.com/CoCoStudiosATL
https://twitter.com/coco_studiosPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

TV SCREENWRITER. Los Angeles production company, LA Slam Productions,  needs writer for a spec script for the pilot of an 8 episode series for pitch to Amazon TV. Being IRISH is  MAJOR plus. . Female = Bonus Points. If your a Magician or into Magic =  Bonus Points. If your chosen and our script gets picked up to series, you are guaranteed a spot in our writers room. Please send samples of your writing. Contact Scott Tamura [www.imdb.com/name/nm4538633] via email: sltdmd@earthlink.netPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

PRODUCED, COMPLETED G-RATED SHORT FILMS. The Historic Plaza Theater (Miamisburg, OH) opened on Christmas back in 1919! An amazing venue! It's surrounded by amazing restaurants, pubs, and shops. We are looking for is a fun, family-friendly, kid-friendly shorts, G-rating, 1-12 minutes. What you get if your short screens at the theatre: $30. 2 screenings in front of a large audience in a historic theatre! Your movie and your personal info listed in all press and promotional material. GREAT EXPOSURE, I promise! Free passes to the screenings! lodging, transportation not provided. I expect a large amount of submissions, so if films aren't submitted to me in this fashion, it will be ignored: EMAIL HEADING:c FILM'S NAME -- YOUR NAME. BODY OF EMAIL: SHORT LOGLINE, RUN-TIME, ANY AWARDS, PRESS, ETC., LINK TO FILM TO BE REVIEWED. IF IT'S NOT ONLINE, PLEASE SEND ME A VIDEO FILE, ANY WEBSITES. RATING OF FILM. Email to Screenwriting Staffing's founder, Jacob N. Stuart: jacobnathanstuart@gmail.com. NO SCRIPTS; JUST COMPLETED SHORT FILMS. For more info: http://eepurl.com/cSDJZv.

THRILLER/FANTASY SCREENWRITER, MINNESOTA. Green Screen film (thriller/fantasy) looking for crew, but specifically screenwriters. The shooting location will be Minneapolis, MN. Looking for professionals  in and around Minneapolis. Knowledge of local dialect is an added advantage, specifically with 12-16 year old's. PAID. Contact BHAVANI GANTI [www.linkedin.com/in/bhavani-ganti-31241792]. He is the Founder of The Turiya Theatre Academy [www.facebook.com/The-Turiya-Theatre-Academy-404086523008960]. Send samples your location, and any link to your work: theturiya@gmail.com; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

LGBTQ+ TV WRITERS. Local Twin-Cities production company, Two Sheep Pictures [www.twosheeppictures.com] is looking for LGBTQ+ women of color to join a writer's room as a staff writer for a Minnesota-based ensemble comedy series. Staff writers are expected to write at least one episode (edited), and participate in writing sessions/collaborative editing with the room and showrunner in Minneapolis. A bit about Two Sheep: We are a fledgling production company based in Minneapolis whose mission is to tell the stories of queer women. This is an intersectional company and as such we are looking for a broad range of voices to tell these stories. We are looking for people that are passionate about telling LGBTQ+ women's stories and are willing to give it the time it takes to nurture a creative project into profitability. Upfront payment, but non-WGA rates. 
https://twitter.com/TwoSheepPicture. If you are interested, please send us an email with a bit about you and perhaps a sample of your comedic writing [twosheeppictures@gmail.com] and we'll dialogue from there. Attention: Arianna Conseur. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

WRITERS FOR NEW SCI-FI SERIES. I'm seeking writers to join me for the first season of a new series titled Starship Gemini. Logline: Disgraced computer prodigy Krystyn Kearns alerts Spaceflight Industries to a NASA alien cover-up on Mars, and an expedited mercenary team takes flight. Who is behind the mysterious spaceship, and what are their intentions for Earth? Writers shall assist with the writing team, providing feedback, and idea's. Writers will be paid for the episodes they write, when episode is filmed. Writers will report directly to me, and work with me and the directors to achieve the vision of the episode and season arc. Writers will provide honest feedback, and edits. I am seeking writers who have worked in the SciFi genre before, but I'm open to non SciFi genre writers. Production Company: Eola Entertainment [http://eolaentertainment.com]. Distributor: TVTibi [https://tvtibi.com]. Founder of Eola Ent.: Kevin S. Chambers [www.imdb.com/name/nm5003569]. Email Kevin resume and examples of work: kevin@eolaentertainment.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

SEEKING EMERGING SCREENWRITER CURRENTLY LIVING IN OR FROM NEW ORLEANS. Upstart production is seeking a TALENTED emerging/up-and-coming screenwriter who is looking for an opportunity to have his/her work produced. We do not have a budget as of yet, but we will pay a small stipend  for the completed screenplay. We also reserve the right to finalize the screenplay in order to bring it into alignment with our very high production standard after you submit it. We are not looking for any writing credit, only story credit--since the story already exists. We are also offering 10% of the film upon sale. (If we sell the film for a ridiculously low $100k, you still get $10k out of it. We value your contribution.) We will furnish a One Sheet, Drama Breakdown, Partial Character Breakdown. After you have completed your research and character breakdowns, we will provide you with a Full Synopsis. Most of the story has been fleshed out, but we are still in need of your genius input to allow what we have conjured up to take on wings. WE ARE SEEKING THE FOLLOWING:  -- You believe in researching topics in order to create authentic and life-like characters who behave as real people do versus characters in movies. -- You are a staunch believer in God and a person of faith. Please send a resume or brief recap of your writing experience along with a sample of your work.  Compensation: $500 + 10% of film sale. Required Material: resume or brief description of writing background, sample screenplay, any awards received. Contact the company's assistant, Michael Kendricks [www.imdb.com/name/nm6205147] with your experience: hitgloves@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

LESBIAN-THEMED SHORTS. Seeking screenwriters with a 10-15pg interesting lesbian themed script. We have an investment from a private Asian investment group. Director based out of Los Angeles. We are pitching loglines/summaries to the investment group this weekend -- so we are on a tight time crunch. Note from SS Founder: The director would like to remain private (or at least semi-private) due to the nature of the project and investment in this post. If your logline piques his interest, he will reach out to you with full details about him, his production company, and the investment group. He is fully-vetted, been a friend of mine for years; we have spoke together at several international film festival panels, as well. Please reply to Randy: Randybbp@yahoo.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

SCRIPT EDITOR. True Legend Studio, based in Canada, is producing a 6 episode historical docudrama miniseries and currently hiring. Job Description: The Script Editor will primarily be responsible for polishing scripts that have been translated from Mandarin to English. Prior experience writing for film, television or web series is essential. Responsibilities: Work closely with the writing team to understand the intentions of the narrative, Interpret and express the nuances of Chinese culture inside of an English-language script. Ensure the final scripts are grammatically correct. Work closely with the Director and Producers to realize a coherent vision. Production Manager: Dandan Shi [www.linkedin.com/in/dandan-shi-2a80b4121]
President: Leo He [
Email Dandan: 
dandans@truelegendstudio.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

D.C. AREA SCRIPT WRITERS. I am a documentary filmmaker and I am searching for a professional script writer in "DC AREA" to work with me on my first drama film script and synopsis. I am an international Filmmaker and I won many prizes around the world, so working with me could be a great chance for any talented writer as the film will screened in International Film Festivals. I need a creative and professional script writer who has a good experience in writing synopsis, treatment of the film, scenes...etc. This job is paid hourly and I need to be present with the person selected to better explain to him/ her what do I need to tell in my film story. P.S : I need to be present during the editing so the writer will type after me. For all script writers out of DC area, don't waste your time because I don't work over skype or phone calls". If you like to be a part of my project team, please contact me to my email address as soon as possible, so I can tell you more about the experience and who I am. Compensation: Upfront payment. Contact Adrian Wathec Salman w/ ZiaNoor LLC via email only: adrian.wsalman@gmail.comwww.linkedin.com/in/adrian-wathec-salman-18666953; https://twitter.com/AdrianwsalmanPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

BILINGUAL CREATIVE WRITER. Native language speaker in one of the following languages: French, Italian, Spanish (from Mexico), Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (from Brazil). Fluent in English. BA in Writing, or professional experience equivalent. 2+ years experience writing dialogue for plays/screenplays, fiction/interactive fiction, and/or comedy/entertainment. Expert creative writing skills. Excellent organization and project management skills. Email LeapForce [www.leapforceathome.com] your resume and LinkedIn via email only. Put "Creative Bilingual Writer" in heading: admin@leapforceathome.com (DO NOT APPLY IF YOU DON'T SPEAK ALL THE LANGUAGES LISTED ABOVE). Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

SCREENWRITING COLLABORATION. My nephew and I are working on 3 movies and I need help trying to write the screenplays. He is writing the Reboot of Young Van Helsing, the Reboot of hotel transylvania, and his very own project called Silvermoon. We are looking for people to collaborate with. We are currently talking to investors. Send resume. Email Maegan Boyd [www.imdb.com/company/co0621662] -- maegan31@gmail.com

Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

DIALOGUE WRITER. A Cuba Documentary need dialogue writer/typist. MUST SPEAK ENGLISH & SPANISH, no exceptions. English/Spanish. Work Location: Arcadia, CA. You can work from home, but I would have to meet you first..Pay $10/Hour, plus credit. PM me with your contact info and experience. Simon Li [www.imdb.com/name/nm5475292]: 

Simonli1985@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

SCREENWRITERS LOCAL TO CHICAGO. Only those who live in Chicago or surrounding areas. No point in submitting if you are not semi-local. Comedy Show. The show revolves around a newly married couple and after one year into marriage, the life wonders of reality issues start to intrude in the happily married relationship, testing their love for one another. Atton Films Entertainment (based in Chicago). Founder, Robert James Atton: www.youtube.com/channel/UCf9X5pSJZmBN1zbDuvgqtKQ
https://twitter.com/writerbob32. Message Robert only by email: writeratton@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

HIP HOP FEATURE SCRIPT. Seeking smart, low-budget hip-hop/rap or urban feature film script with a lead role for a real-life rapper. Role preferably features on-screen performing, but not required. Seeking innovative approach, no genre cliches. Overall genre is open within low budget constraints: urban drama, crime drama, musical etc. Pre-pro start date: mid-January (flexible). Gender/ethnicity of lead role open. Please submit logline, synopsis. Small upfront payment, plus 5% of sales. Contact: William D. [zypherbox@gmail.com]. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

SCRIPTS ABOUT LOVE IN THE BIG CITY.We are looking for heartwarming, funny, stories about modern girl(s) looking for love. The stories should explore themes of forgiveness, romantic love, emotional bonds and vulnerability in an optimistic, contemporary and inspirational narrative. Stories should be set in the big city, with characters giving us insights into the challenges facing middle to upper class women, all wrapped up in an uplifting narrative with a happy ending. Should your script be suitable, we would option it based on mutually agreed terms. We will purchase any scripts that stand out. Links: http://coalstove.co.zawww.imdb.com/company/co0380875

www.facebook.com/coalstove. Contact Fidel Namisi [www.imdb.com/name/nm3416947] with your pitch: fidel@coalstove.co.zaPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

CO-WRITER NEEDED. Seeking co-writer for collaborative partnership on a book on transformational change, to include techniques, exercises, energy work and spiritualism. I’m a wellness expert with 

Deepak Chopra and will be drawing from my own life and as well as client case studies and metaphor to illustrate the change that is possible. The foreword will be written by an international spiritual guru. This is a paid gig and payment will be negotiated based on your experience. Please send a resume, a writing sample of a similar book, your requested project rate and any pertinent references. Contact Michele Paradise: info@changeyourmindforgood.com; www.changeyourmindforgood.comhttps://twitter.com/bridalcoachuk

www.imdb.com/name/nm3099279Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

SCREENWRITING COLLABORATION. Format: Feature and web series. Genre: Drama, action/adventure. Summarize : Under 2 million budget, DGA, SAG, WGA, etc. Character driven. I am a collaborator. I love working as a team. I am currently working with Mr. Louis P. Evans III, packaging a drama. It is a contemporary piece. Compensation: Joint Ventures only, must be willing to collaborate. Credits/Resume: Currently in development and will be doing two projects in 2017, one live-action and one documentary. Miscellaneous: When submitting, please only send the one-sheet. Please note that I am open to signing an NDA as well as working with you. Have been a member of Film Independent since the 1990's. Have a membership with California Lawyers for the Arts. Working with Mr. Evans III, he has a track record in Finance and Fashion Design. Contact ​ Ava Cohen www.linkedin.com/in/ava-cohen-754471133] via email if you are interested in collaborating: cohenava3@gmail.com; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

CHILDREN'S TV WRITER. I'm seeking an experienced children television screenwriter to team up with to come with a concept that would be developed into a TV Pilot script and a pitch bible. We will bounce ideas off until we create a good version of an animated TV series. I have some useful contacts that would help us pitch it to production companies. If interested, email me promptly with samples and background. Compensation to be given upon the project being funded for production. Please submit a pitch bible, children's script as a sample. I would prefer someone who can draw and also who can help me fleshing out my script as I'm not a native English speaker. Compensation: 50/50 split. Email Lucky Mahdar; https://tvfestival.org/2016/08/28/tv-show-pitch-the-ambitious-life-of-apple-by-lucky-mahdarluckymahdar13@gmail.com; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​​

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