Dear Bloodthirsty,


ARENA is a fast-paced, blood-soaked Sci-Fi Action spectacular in the vein of THE FIFTH ELEMENT, with a healthy dose of DREDD and GLADIATOR:


When the galaxy's toughest cop is framed for murder and sent to the dreaded prison planet Arena, he must battle heinous criminals on a gladiatorial game show in order to clear his name, clear his conscience, and come home.


The brave JOSEPH CAGE (30s) is a merciless veteran cop -- and a single dad to his cute daughter SAMMY (8) ever since his wife left. Square-jawed Cage ships the most violent criminals to "Arena," the galaxy's most-watched TV show where cyborgs, aliens, and insectoid convicts rip each other limb-from-limb to the roaring applause of the universe. It's all peachy, until Cage gets framed by his crooked partner and thrown in the slammer.


Cage the cop is suddenly Cage the convict, locked up with notorious villains like the criminally insane cyborg RAZOR (40s), who blames Cage for ruining his life. Everybody in the prison wants Cage's blood. And who is the prison doctor... but his ex-wife HELENA (30s), a caring medical wiz! Now Cage must slash his way through ten straight battles if he is to win the coveted Pardon, prove his innocence and come home to Sammy. And the fights are like nothing you've seen. Zero gravity! Laser whips and hoverbikes! Tentacled monsters and skull-splintering violence! Cage isn't even safe in his own cell, as assassins lurk around every corner. Will this cop keep his skin long enough to fix things with his wife -- whom Cage himself sent to jail for dealing drugs on the black market? Will Cage come to realize that not everybody he put away is truly guilty?


And will he win all ten battles, including the impossible Tenth Battle against psycho Razor, and bring down the bastards who framed him? Tune in for the next episode of... Arrrrrena!


I'm a screenwriter and professor, teaching writing at Loyola Marymount University in LA. I've placed as Finalist in the Page Awards (2019), Quarterfinalist in both Bluecat (2018) and Final Draft Big Break (2019), and Top 25 in the Tracking Board's 2015 Pilot Contest.


If you like hard-hitting Sci-Fi Action scripts about a shattered family coming together through some wildly futuristic mayhem, ARENA is your story.


To Victory,

Catlan McClelland 

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