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When a time-travelling mad scientist accidentally kidnaps a rugby-loving church minister from the 1800s, they both land smack in the middle of a last-ditch fight to save mankind from an alien invasion. THE CHRONIC ARGONAUTS.


"The Chronic Argonauts" was adapted from the graphic novel of the same name from New Baby Production, the publishers of the "Elemental Fources" series. Based on the largely unknown original short story by H.G. Wells, this screenplay was designated a top script, scoring 8s and 9s, on Franklin Leonard's Black List.


Franklin Leonard's "The Black List" review:


““The Chronic Argonauts” is excellent science-fiction. Cook is a wonderful protagonist, our intrepid everyman, observing the journey with the wonder of the audience. The script clearly has a mind to it, articulating its themes, but it does not get overly wordy and the discussions do not detract from the spectacle or the action. In fact, the script has the potential to be a great display of special effects and thrilling action. It can sometimes be a challenge for a movie to be both cerebral and visceral, intellectually stimulating and simply entertaining, but the script pulls it off.”

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I'd like to send you a copy of the screenplay for “The Chronic Argonauts”.


Dan Goforth