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Dear Director of Development,


I've written a high concept, female-driven romantic comedy called "Dating Casey, Again" that I'd like to send your way.


Logline: Casey creates a fake dating profile to keep tabs on Todd, her soon-to-be ex-husband, only to accidentally start falling for him all over again.


"Dating Casey, Again" is written in the vein of films like "How to Be Single," "Mrs. Doubtfire," and "Hitch."


Casey’s a go-getter, an ambitious, intelligent real estate agent on the rise. Todd is a talented artist with a unique painting style (he paints with his lips) that hasn’t exactly worked out for him so far. She’s cornering every housing market she sets her sights on. He’s about to lose his art gallery. They’re as mismatched as they come. Somehow, they’ve made it a few years into their marriage, but it all falls apart when Todd’s childishness and refusal to take life seriously finally takes its toll on Casey. She threatens to leave, and when he doesn’t fight for her, she does.


Casey’s determined to move forward with the divorce and find someone better, someone more like her. With her sister’s help, she hops on a dating app…only to find Todd’s already beat her there. She was persuaded by her sister, he by his best friend. Curiosity, and a bit of jealousy, prompts her to create a false profile under the guise of “Jean” and send Todd a request. Surprisingly to Casey, he accepts. It’s like old times, except one’s holding a huge lie. Having seen what’s out there, not liking it, and then seeing Todd create an art class for children and conduct himself in the way she always hoped he’d be, Casey begins to think about a second go at it. But it looks like Todd’s into “Jean,” the new her. Casey doesn’t know if it’s the real Todd she’s dating, and worse, she doesn't know if the real her is enough now.


I'm represented by Mike Gerard of Esprit Talent Agency. I'm a produced screenwriter for "We," which has won Best Screenplay, Best Indie Film, and Best Canadian Feature, among other awards (25 thus far) and nominations. I have also previously optioned a thriller/suspense and a romantic comedy.



Alejandro Leopardi