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Dear Industry Professional,


Deathcentralized is a technological horror/thriller feature that is one part blockchain satire to two parts terrifying chiller. It was a finalist in the Concept category of the ScreenCraft 2019 Horror Screenplay competition.


After a long, fruitless job hunt, a talented software developer finally lands a position at her idol's cryptocurrency start-up, but a string of mysterious suicides with apparent ties to the company leads her to the discovery of an ancient and primal evil.


Having recently graduated top of her class with a computer science degree, Mackenzie is unsure what her next step should be. When her idol, serial tech entrepreneur Magnus K., announces he is opening a new blockchain company called KillCoin, she seeks out her friend and crypto evangelist Barkley, who explains that a blockchain is a revolutionary new type of public digital ledger that makes it impossible to tamper with transaction data. Intrigued, she applies for a job at KillCoin and gets the break of a lifetime when Magnus himself intervenes to hire her.


All the while, a wave of mysterious and brutal suicides is eluding the authorities. When the latest victim of this epidemic is revealed to be Mackenzie’s childhood friend, she takes it upon herself to investigate. She makes a serendipitous and disturbing discovery - all the victims were members of the KillCoin pilot program. This in turn leads her to a startling revelation - her hero had made a pact with an otherworldly demon, who has promised him wealth and power in return for using the KillCoin blockchain as a conduit to enter our reality.


Mackenzie and Barkley seek out Magnus’ reclusive former partner and machine learning expert Alex Yang, who explains that the demon is a technopath feeding on humanity’s growing dependence on technology. The only way it may be defeated is by destroying the KillCoin blockchain using a deep neural network. In a desperate race against time, Mackenzie must stop her former idol and mentor and his demonic ally before the KillCoin blockchain goes live and becomes available to the general public, condemning humanity to an eternity of hellish torment.


As experienced software developers, we are fully immersed in the world Deathcentralized gorily skewers, and as such are uniquely positioned to bring a sense of authenticity and searing insight into deflating the blockchain bubble. Lifelong horror fans, we also know a thing or two about scaring people.


All the best,

Luca Filipi and Robert Jaworzyn