"A 30-something alcoholic gringo who launders guns into Juarez encounters a Mexican child separated from his mother while trying to cross into the States. Needing a way to reconnect with his mother, he reluctantly agrees to hide him in his car and get him to his drop off in El Paso. But things turn upside down when he realizes he’s no ordinary immigrant, but the son of a high-profile cartel member, whose mother took him and ran away from her abusive husband. Having successfully gotten him into El Paso, he must decide whether to spare his own life and return the boy to Mexico, or get him to his mother and face the consequences."




More information can be found on IMDb. Looking to receive credit or invest? More info provided at the bottom of the page.

The following visuals represent the mood, tone, and feel we plan to achieve:


Short Film; Approximately

15-20 minutes in length.

Similar Films

Puerto Vallarta Squeeze

Sicario, Trade, Man on Fire.


Juárez, Mexico; El Paso, United States; June or July


Drama, Crime, Dark Comedy; Spanish & English.

Waylon (Gringo)

Lead (early 30's)

An alcoholic Caucasian lone wolf who smuggles drug money into Juarez. He befriends Rosa, and attempts to sneak her across the border in his car.


Lead (7-8 years old)

Mexican; child of a powerful local drug lord. He enlists a gringo to help him reach his mother in the States.


Supporting (late 20's)

Mexican; feisty, determined, strong-minded. She works for a local drug cartel, who attempts to return Arturo back to his father.


Supporting (early 30's)

Mexican; mother of Arturo.; escapes her abusive husband, attempting to get her and her kid to the States with the help of a gringo.


Supporting (mid 30's)

Mexican; cartel member; violent, a slob, with loose morals. He dates Reneta.

Jacob N. Stuart is the writer, director, and producer of FROM GRINGO TO GRAVE. Jacob is an award-winning and produced screenwriter and filmmaker. His films have been screened in theaters across the world, and distributed traditionally through 

DVD/Blu Ray. He currently has 3 films on VOD, 2 of them on Amazon. Jacob has a long history of film festival success, with over 50 film festival appearances, winning nearly 10 of them. He is the Founder of Screenwriting Staffing and a graduate of The Los Angeles Film School.  He has taught screenwriting professionally and has spoken on film and writing panels across the country.


From Gringo to Grave started as a feature-length script. Now hoping to raise enough funds to turn this into a feature film, we scaled down the project into a short. 

Long-term goals: Use this short to raise capital for a feature-length film.

Short-term goals: Shoot a high-quality short using a limited amount of cast and locations. Once completed, the short will be submitted to top film festivals. Upon festival success, we plan to acquire distribution.

Right now: The short is already funded. However, we are still seeking additional funds to increase production value.

Are you looking for IMDb and/or on-screen credit? Consider DONATING to our film. Looking to make a profit? Consider INVESTING in our film. While our film already has financing secured, additional funds help increase value and relay our message.

CREDIT: PRODUCTION STAFF (7 left our of 10)

$50 donation gives you full credit on IMDb, screen credit, and other promotional material. You are also invited on-set and film premieres. More info/perks in DISCLAIMER below. 


$100 donation gives you full credit on IMDb, screen credit, and other promotional material. You are also invited on-set and film premieres.

More info/perks in DISCLAIMER below.

CREDIT: CO-PRODUCER (1 left out of 3)

$200 donation gives you full credit on IMDb, screen credit, and other promotional material. You are also invited on-set and film premieres. More info/perks in DISCLAIMER below. 


$500 donation gives everything the other 3 credits give you, plus 25% of all profits once film recoups original funds allotted. More info/perks in DISCLAIMER below.

DISCLAIMER & ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This plan has been submitted by Jacob N. Stuart to recipient solely for the purpose of evaluating potential donations and investment by said recipient and the information contained herein are provided solely for the purpose of acquainting the reader with FROM GRINGO TO GRAVE. This business plan does not constitute or to sell securities. all information herein will be treated as confidential material.

Everyone who donates and/or invests IS invited to all festival and public appearances, as well as invited to be on-set. Production will not cover expenses on travel, lodging, and ticket prices. Everyone who donates or invests will receive adequate exposure on everything related to the film. Those who donate and invest will be kept up-to-date on all production details.

In the event the film does not get produced, everyone who donated or invested will receive their funds back via the method they paid (pay pal). Production has 12 months to begin shooting, and 1 1/2 years to finish project. Production does expect to start filming this summer and start submitting to film festivals late Fall.

By donating or investing, you understand that films change -- this include location, story, actors, crew, just to name a few. While I'll goal is to stick with everything listed in the business plan, you agree changes may be made.

For investorsFilm profits are generated in a multitude of ways including: winning in film festivals, the sale of the film to a distribution company or major studio, foreign sales, domestic sales, ticket sales, video-on-demand agreements, online streaming sales, merchandise, and more. Distribution can be sold to specif markets, such as North America (USA, Mexico and Canada) and then broken into other regional markets or sold on a worldwide scale. In most cases, the bulk of a

film’s profits are realized when the film is sold to a film distributor. It is the distributor’s
job to market, promote, and release to the general public. 

Once the entire budget (pro-production-post-production) is recouped, investors will receive 25% of all profits moving forward. A budget breakdown will be sent to you, as well as an expense sheet you so can follow transactions.

For additional questions or comments please email Jacob directly: Don't want to donate/invest via pay pal? No problem. Contact us for other ways to pay.


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