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Memories of My Father

by Paul Spreadbury


Dear Director of Development,


My father-in-law was a wonderful man who got Alzheimer’s. I visited him often at a place where he was being cared for which is how the idea for Memories of my Father came about. It’s a high concept, high tech psychological thriller based on a very simple premise – maybe some things are best left forgotten.


Logline: A clinic receives a grant to test VR Goggles that trigger an elderly Alzheimer’s patient’s memories of gruesome murders he committed as a younger man. Now, he’s back in business. 


Russell was a decorated war hero, loving father, long haul trucker and (unknown to anyone else) murderer. Now, Russell is a sympathetic old man with Alzheimer’s. The financially struggling clinic caring for him receives a much needed grant to test the first ever virtual-reality approach for the treatment of Alzheimer’s. The test goggles trigger VR-stylized graphic recreations of each of Russell’s murders in his mind.


Young, compassionate Alzheimer’s social worker Jenny is excited to be assigned as Russell’s observer caretaker during the test. His memory improved, Russell kills two patients. When Jenny shares suspicions that Russell might have done it with clinic owner Heather, a lesbian clinical neurologist, she’s fired. Heather can’t afford to lose the grant money. About-to-retire detective Walter Cronin takes Jenny more seriously. They team up to put the pieces of Russell’s past together and discover the truth.


The final step of the clinical trial requires Russell to be observed in an open social setting. Heather and her quirky, lovable wife Cora take him out to dinner. After dinner Russell and Cora take Murphy, a lazy, obese pit bull for a walk (actually a drag) on the beach. The striking resemblance Cora has to Russell’s first victim, a high school crush, triggers an urge to kill her. Jenny and Cronin rush to the scene hoping to arrive in time to prevent Russell from creating one last horrific homicidal memory.


I’ve spent my adult life in advertising as a copywriter, creative director and broadcast producer so I know what sells and have hands on experience with film production and post production. Scripts I’ve written rank in the upper 8% of over 62,000 on Coverfly. Some have finished as finalist and semi-finalist in screenwriting competitions. I’ve digitally published a series of children’s stories under the brand ‘A Collection of Grandfathers Yarns’.


Thank you very much for taking the time to consider my pitch.


Paul Spreadbury