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December 2, 2020

Producer Address Info

To Whom It May Concern:


Because of your track record in producing political thrillers such as “---” and “---,” I would like to pitch you “Non-Binary,” a gritty, quirky and ultra-relevant political thriller. The script is new and has already won two contests and finished in the finals of a third. One of the contest wins resulted in a full table read.


Logline: “A non-binary, biracial CIA operative is tasked with preventing the assassination of an ultra-right-wing American President."


Synopsis: CIA operative HARRY O’MALLEY is in Houston, investigating cargo containers shipped from Iran. The containers turn out to be filled with dead LGBTQ+ teenagers escaping the death penalty Iran imposes on gays. The incident causes Harry to experience PTSD, which expresses itself as a non-binary appearance, an odd Irish brogue and devil-may-care attitude. O’Malley is sent to London to try to prevent an assassination plot against ultra-right-wing President MAHLER.


O’Malley is forced to ally with a former Arab terrorist, and a female member of a plot against the United States and the U.K., facing off against foreign and domestic terrorists, the Russians and the American far-right as he uncovers a Russian plot to conquer the West.


BIO: I’m a produced, award-winning screenwriter, globe-trotting script doctor, published novelist, former motion picture development executive, and author of screenwriting books and “DVDs. Four of my feature film scripts are currently in development, and my latest produced film, “Get Married or Die” is available on Amazon Prime.


“Non-Binary” is available upon request, by contacting me by email or phone..


Thank you, and stay safe.

Robert Tobin​