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Dear Executive,


I’ve written a comedic drama feature called “Doing Time in Paradise” that I think you may have an interest in. “Doing Time in Paradise” is in the delightful acerbic tradition of “St. Vincent”, “About Schmidt”, “As Good as it Gets”, and “Grandma”, a coming of age tale about someone who is beyond the age of giving a shit.


Logline: After doing time for armed robbery, an alcoholic grandmother has to live with her estranged daughter and family as part of her parole conditions while trying to figure out who ratted her out and where they stashed the loot.


Released from prison early for good behavior, LORI DIXON, late 50’s, is ready to get out and finally make some changes to her life. She hasn’t seen her daughter ERIN MAYER in over ten years, so it’s a surprise when she’s released into Erin’s custody as part of her parole conditions. Now she has to live with her and Erin’s haughty professor husband, SIDNEY, who she once called an asshat to his face, and their two kids, surly teenager CHLOE and precocious boy REGGIE. What does she know about being a grandmother? She knows how to pick locks, steal cars, and break bones, not how to bake cookies and crochet hats and mittens.


Between mandated visits with her parole officer, NED, and AA meetings, Lori hatches a plan with her best friend ANGELA, ex-stripper turned MLM beauty consultant, on how to get her money back from her rat ex-boyfriend, DARRYL, but is forced to deal with her past mistakes especially when she notices that her granddaughter Chloe is heading down the same path. Lori will do anything to keep that from happening, even if it means giving up the restitution she’d been dreaming about for the past six years, and breaking a few noses.


I’m a NYT and USA Today Bestselling Canadian author of over 40 books. I’ve won the 2012 Acclaim TV Pilot contest, and have been a quarter-finalist in Austin, Slamdance, a semi-finalist in Stage 32 and Finishline Script Competitions. I am also a ghostwriter and book editor.


Thank you for your time.


Tawny Stokes