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Speedy Script Program: Elevate, sell, and connect scripts to professionals.

Program Frequently Asked Questions & Terms & Conditions!



How does the coverage work?

Jacob Stuart and one of our top readers will both review your script, combining their feedback into a comprehensive 10+ page report. Scripts receive a rating of "pass," "consider," or "recommend." If your script receives a "pass" rating, we'll invite you to apply our notes and edits and resubmit without additional charge. Regardless of your rating, you will have a one-hour consultation with the SS founder via Zoom to discuss improving your script for today's market.

Query letter assistance:

Once your script is finalized, we will craft a personalized query letter tailored for industry professionals. This includes alternate loglines, a synopsis, as well as a professional introduction and bio for you. After its creation, you'll have another Zoom session with Jacob to discuss its presentation and marketing strategy via email and social media. Additionally, Jacob will share pitching insights, both within and outside SS, and how to maximize our premium membership.

When will my query be pitched?

After the query is crafted, we will distribute your script to our professional contacts (3K+). Initially, it'll be sent to those unaffected by the strike, followed by those who are impacted after it concludes. From this point, most communication will happen via email. Jacob will assist you in refining your resume to appeal to paid writing opportunities through SS's premium membership. He will also identify the most suitable contests for you to enter without any extra charge.


What benefits come with the premium membership? 


The premium membership serves as the cornerstone of our platform. It grants you privileged access to a network of producers, companies, agents, and others in search of screenwriters for their projects, or to option or purchase scripts. It even offers opportunities for representation!

What if I already have a premium membership? 


If you're on a month-to-month plan, we'll suspend your payments for a year. For those with our annual membership, an additional year will be added once your current membership concludes!

My Resume:

Screenwriting Staffing has observed over a decade of successes that most industry professionals are hesitant to open attachments from unfamiliar writers. We also recognize that your resume essentially serves as a sample script, showcasing your talents. That's why SS crafts the ideal "email resume" for you to utilize when applying for job opportunities. This format is both comprehensive and quick to read, maximizing your chances of securing a position. If you're inclined towards a traditional resume, we can provide that in lieu of the email resume.


Program Duration:

The entire process takes approximately 3 weeks, depending on your script's quality and your availability. After a month, we can not guarantee expedited service.


Post-Program Follow-up:

Even after the program concludes, Jacob will remain available to discuss your script's progress. While he can't provide legal advice, he's eager to offer guidance based on his extensive industry experience, including contract reviews. If necessary, he can recommend expert entertainment attorneys. The post-program follow-up will only be done by email.


What to Expect:

By the end of our program, you'll possess a market-ready script, an impactful query letter, and an introduction to key industry decision-makers. Furthermore, you'll gain unparalleled insights from the SS founder on how to establish yourself as a paid screenwriter. Jacob emphasizes the importance of both storytelling prowess and understanding the business aspect. We are confident our offering is unparalleled online.



While we've had over 300 success stories in the past decade, we can't guarantee specific outcomes like contest wins, paid assignments or script sales. Your commitment and story quality play significant roles in your success.



Refunds are available up to 24 hours after payment (minus a 2.9% processing fee). Within 7 days, a 50% refund is available. After 7 days, refunds cannot be provided unless we fail to deliver our promised services.


Program Extension:

We respect busy schedules. While the program doesn't extend beyond a month, we can accommodate some delays. However, our availability might be affected.


Jacob's Connections:

Jacob will directly connect you with suitable industry professionals if he believes there's a perfect match. He leverages his vast experience and connections from over 35 countries.

What if I choose not to utilize all the services?


That's perfectly fine. However, please note that we don't offer discounts for using only select services or substituting them. We firmly believe that the combined package of services we offer provides you the best opportunity for success.



SS does not claim any rights to your work nor do we make a percentage of any sales.



All scripts must be registered, copyrighted, or otherwise protected.


Additional Consultations:

Extra hour-long Zoom sessions with Jacob can be scheduled for $39.99.



If a writer is consistently unavailable or uncooperative, SS reserves the right to terminate the program, offering only a 25% refund. Emergencies are understandable; just communicate with us.


Success Stories:

We celebrate and promote any success stories from our writers, using them to inspire others in the community. We require both the writer and producer to communicate with us in the event a deal is made.


Despite offering more value than competitors, our pricing remains competitive thanks to our strong infrastructure and commitment to writers.



Jacob does not usually produce projects from the program but may offer consultancy or production insights for promising scripts.


For additional inquiries, contact Jacob via email or WhatsApp. Include your full details and question. Please refrain from calling.

Any Success Stories?


Before launching the service on September 19, 2023, Jacob and the Screenwriting Staffing team conducted a trial. We aimed to gauge the impact of merging our services and offering personalized assistance to writers. In this preliminary phase, we collaborated with two screenwriters. As anticipated, both screenwriters achieved significant successes with our help! Kathy Muraviov of The Muraviov Company decided to REPRESENT Phyllis Corley's made-for-TV drama screenplay, EVOLVEMENT. Additionally, Nick Montalvo from Riveting River Entertainment OPTIONED Laura Guy's screenplay titled REMEMBER I LOVE YOU. Laura also secured placements in three contests, including the Reno-Tahoe Screenplay Contest, which we recommended and provided her a complimentary entry.


Terms of Agreement:

Enrolling in our program indicates your understanding of our no-guarantee policy. We're dedicated to doing our utmost, expecting the same level of commitment from you. Please alert us of any success stories, and understand that we might request significant script changes if it's not market-ready. Your spot will be reserved for when you're ready. Payment and submission confirm your agreement with all our terms, conditions, and Q&A points.

You release SS from any liability related to your screenplay.

 Are you ready to take the next step and get started with us? Let's go! Click here to begin!

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