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Dear Producer,


RED SKY AT MORNING is a two-hander, female driven, one-hour steampunk drama pilot with comedy and horror elements, much like SUPERNATURAL but in reverse, or THE NEVERS, but in the American West.


Red sky at night, sailors' delight.

Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.

-- ancient mariner’s rhyme



Half dryad sisters run a detective agency from a cursed steamship, solving mysteries and protecting the supernatural community in 1890’s San Francisco from humans.


The show has romance, genderflux, intrigue, mystery, violence, politics, and gadgets made with the height of 1890s technology; a new take on vampires, immigrants, and unique beings that live alongside us in the dark and between places. The title of “monster” or “hero” are merely perspectives.


The Perry Sisters (often called the Eerie Sisters, but NEVER to their face) run their agency out of the SS Blue Sky, an 1840s steamship they rescued from being decommissioned when it gained a reputation as being cursed. They are hired when things get eerie, strange, or outright unexplainable.  Sometimes humans do the hiring, often it’s the non-humans who need their help. The Sisters try to keep humans from colliding with the Naturals, those that humans conversely consider supernatural or cryptid. And they struggle to protect the Naturals if they can, if it’s a ghost or occasional mermaid, it’s easier.  Sometimes monsters, human and natural, are just that and if they need to be slain to keep the tenuous peace, so be it. The Sisters consider keeping that peace their mission.


I wanted to write a swash-buckling adventure story that had a more open sensibility about who a woman is, or what kind of action-oriented story would have woman not fitting into the world of men, but a world of their own. 


I’m an award-winning screenwriter who tells stories where magic and science fight it out. When I’m not writing, or looking for unicorns, I’m an aerospace technician who launches spacecraft at Cape Canaveral. 


Thanks for taking the time to consider my script and I look forward to hearing from you.


Jodi Davis