To Whom It May Concern,


I am writing to introduce myself and my feature film "The Undefeated Man" (Suspense / Drama, 118 pages).  The script was a semi-finalist in both the New York International Screenplay Contest (2020) and the Chicago Screenplay Awards (2020). 


After Elise Arnaud is killed, her husband Marlon Arnaud, an undefeated boxing champ, struggles to move on and becomes involved with a single mother, but he soon puts this new life in jeopardy when he tries to avenge his wife's death. 


This is a mid-budget film with mostly indoor locations and general urban exteriors. There are four lead characters with a small cast of secondary characters. 


I am a Toronto-based Canadian screenwriter, playwright, and novelist. My feature-length film The Composers is currently under option by Animal Mother Films (Vancouver) while I also wrote the film adaptation for my award-winning play Short Story Long after it was optioned by Diamond Films (New York) For five years, I have a worked as a script reader and story analyst for companies in Canada and the United States. I hold a B.A. in Creative Writing and Theatre and am pursuing my MFA in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia.  


My novel “The Thunder of Giants was published in 2015 and many of my plays have been produced in Canada, the United States, and in the United Kingdom. My fiction and non-fiction have been widely published, while my plays have been honored at such competitions as the Toronto Fringe New Play Contest (Winner), the Georgia Theatre Conference One-Act Contest (Winner), the Dayton Playhouse Futurefest (Finalist), and the Great Plains Theatre Conference (Finalist). Most recently, my play David and Alice and Sophie Broke Up won the Fratti-Newman Political Playwriting Contest (2017).  


For more information about me and my work, I invite you to visit  I would be happy to discuss this screenplay or any other projects you feel I may be suited for. 


Best regards,

Joel Fishbane

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