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At SSU, we believe every screenwriter has the ability to sell their screenplay and get paid to write.  That's why SSU has produced over 80 success stories since its creation in January of 2013.  

SSU accepts members from all over the world.  It doesn't matter where you are at in your screenwriting career - WGA or film student - SSU caters to you!

While there are similar screenwriting services like SSU, some that SSU publicly endorses, there is one main factor that separates SSU from them: how we connect you with producers, companies, and agents. These similar sites force you to submit through their page using a standard submission form.  Do they even reach the employer?  Not only is this inconvenient to you as a screenwriter, but the employer too.  Logging on to a site daily to apply can be time-consuming and hinder creativity.

SSU puts you in direct contact with the employer. We provide you with their personal e-mail, company web-sites, and phone numbers.  We understand every screenwriter pitches themselves differently, whether it's their screenplay or their screenwriting services.  Having direct contact with these employers puts you in the driver's seat.  You can submit when you want, how you want, and most importantly, you know they are receiving your information directly.

Our goal is simple: To create success stories, one Screenwriter at a time.

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