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*VAMPIRE FEATURE SCRIPT. We are looking to Option a vampire script, must be able to be made on a low-budget. Features only. Payment TBD. TM has produced films with Noel Gugliemi, Eric Roberts, and Dean Cain. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* SCREENWRITER FOR COMEDY MUSICAL. We are on the lookout for an experienced, budget-friendly screenwriter to help pen our short musical comedy film! We are looking for: Ability to craft humor that resonates globally. A reliable, independent thinker with flexibility. Paid Position. Indie film, we offer a fixed payment. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* FEMALE-DRIVEN FEATURE. I’m looking for female-driven, limited locations screenplays in the thriller/suspense /drama genres that can be produced for under 1M. All queries can submit a logline and synopsis. MG has worked on projects such as Criminal Minds and Charmed. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* COMEDY-DRAMA FEATURE, $15MM. Searching for a comedy-drama feature film that we're looking to package with a large AAPI comedian looking to take on a more dramatic acting role that contrast's their stage persona. We're looking for a script that has plenty of heart and focuses on a mentor-mentee type relationship akin to The Holdovers, Dead Poets Society, etc. The mentor/supporting role will be played by the comedian (Asian, male, 40+). Cast size can range from small to an ensemble type project. Budget is $15M. Page length should not exceed 110 pages. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* WEB-SERIES OR SHORT. Looking for a web-series or short film that can be divided into 10 minute mini episodes contained in on same location with a total runtime of 30 minutes idea (not per episode.. total) and up to 50 min max. There is not much pay,  but it will be produced with a recognizable name in it and distributed on AVODS platform such as Tubi. Genres accepted: Sci-fi, martial arts, comedy, Haunted House. IGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* CALL FOR SHORT FILM SCRIPTS. We require the short to be no longer than 10 pages, and to be set in a practical location, with a max of 5 characters. We welcome scripts/writers from all over, but especially under represented voices. Stories should be powerful, but simple. We are an emerging production company based out of Manchester. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* SCREENWRITER FOR PC GAME. We are seeking a screenwriter for a PC game in the horror/slasher/action genre at  The project requires a full-length game script, a demo script for the minimum viable product, and a trailer script. The game, developed in Unity, will be a non-linear, open-world experience in first-person POV, featuring 5 to 6 main characters, 50 to 55 side characters, and around 150 other characters across 6 to 7 main locations. Expected gameplay is around 30 hours or more, aiming for AAA or AA quality. Additional materials, including character designs, storyboards, and detailed descriptions, will be provided. Within six months, we will also have scripts for three live-action films, three stop-motion animations, three books, and three motion comics. Paid. This horror IP is inspired by local folklore, focusing on three mythical creatures or spirits. The script should allow players to choose between a lead antagonist or protagonist, with the story revolving around three main bosses. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* DOCUMENTARY SCREENWRITER. We are producing a documentary and a coffee table book simultaneously for a large beverage distribution company. We are looking for a screenwriter to write the script for the documentary and possibly the content for the coffee table book as well. In the initial stages of the coffee table book process, the Story Creator/Writer will: Guide the Client and Producer in establishing interview questions and direction. Write detailed scripts for narrators and interviewers, participate in casting, and tailor scripts as needed. Review interview footage and historical film to support the story concept. Coordinate with the Client and Producer to define the story concept and goals. Payment industry standard. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* INTERNATIONAL INDIE FEATURES. I am a filmmaker seeking an exceptional screenplay that can captivate an international audience. Having completed a feature film previously, I am now planning a new project with a unique and intriguing concept, primarily set in limited locations. I am particularly interested in genres such as survival, dark comedy, or thriller/horror. The setting can vary widely—from mountains and snow to deserts and urban environments—as long as it enhances the story and maintains the audience's interest. Payment for script. Think No Country for Old Men, Fargo, The Hangover, Hot Fuzz, The Ritual, and A Quiet Place. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* MICRO-BUDGET FEATURE SCRIPTS. Los Angeles-based company is looking for micro budget crime, horror, thriller and sci fi features. Big concept yet small budget. Limited locations. Preferred. contained. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* MYSTERY FEATURE, UNDER $1MM. Looking for low-budget mysteries (can include some horror elements) to be shot for under one million. Small cast size. Payment TBD. ZW is a 2x Emmy Award-Winner. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* CHRISTMAS FEATURE, 1 LOCATION.  Company looking for Christmas scripts set in a single location, without any big towns, malls, or schools. The setting doesn't need to rely on snow. Low budget. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* LOW-BUDGET SPEC SCRIPT WANTED. I am a French producer/director looking for a completed spec script for a low budget feature film to be shot in France & Los Angeles. No science fiction, horror, biopic or historical genres. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* SHORT SCRIPTS WANTED. I'm a director based in Sydney, Australia, and I'm seeking a short script to produce with my company. I'm looking for something that doesn't require a large budget, is perfect for film festivals, and has the potential to be expanded into a feature if it becomes a hit. Mainly seeking dramas. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* ISO WRITER FOR FEATURE FILM. I am looking for a writer for a feature film in the crime drama genre. This is a paid opportunity. Applicants should have experience writing feature films. It is preferred if the writer has had a feature film produced. Please know the genre. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* SHORT SCRIPT, FEMALE LEAD. We have a fantastic actress, cinematographer and gaffer, producer, director, and location all ready to roll on 3-4 June, but we've decided to spend more time on the script. That means, we have a very short window to possibly select a different script to shoot instead. We're looking for a short script that matches ALL of these requirements: • One interior location • Lead actor female, 25-35. We are open to: • Scripts up to 15 pages, but we'd prefer around 6-10. • Up to 2 additional actors, but the fewer the better • Limited set build on location. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* FEATURE SCRIPTS SET IN KOREA ($2MM). We are looking for feature film scripts set in Korea that feature a Korean female lead. The budget for each project will be capped at $2 million. We are accepting submissions in the thriller, action, and adventure genres only. Compensation to be determined. We have worked with SS writers before. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* INIDE FEATURE SCRIPTS. We are looking for thriller /dark comedy or survival kinds of screenplay ideas. The length could be 100-120 mins. The project will be for international audiences, not just limited to any specific country. It will be independent and self produced feature film but we have international team of creatives. Payment negotiated. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* EXPERIENCED TV WRITER. Paid Position. Seeking experienced male TV writer for a television pilot and future episodes. This is a collaboration of a pilot that’s already written. You will be working with the creator of the series. Must have television format experience. Must provide examples of your work. Serious inquires only. I am an award-winning actress-producer. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* SCREENPLAY EDITOR. I've completed a feature film script, and it's in solid condition. I've even consulted with a script doctor to fine-tune its emotional resonance and narrative structure. However, as English isn't my first language, I'm seeking assistance in refining, editing, and enhancing the dialogue. Payment: Contact. Since our establishment in 2010, we have made our mark by producing engaging television content across the globe. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* SCI-FI FEATURES, UNDER $1MM. We're in search of completed, feature-length sci-fi scripts suitable for moderate to low budget production. $500K-$1MM. We would like to utilize forests, mountains, cabins, barns, lakes. PaymentSIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* SCRIPTS IN PORTUGAL, FEATURE OR TV. I'm on the hunt for a film script that beautifully captures the essence of Portuguese culture, set in Portugal and showcasing the diverse and rich heritage of the country. Whether it's a riveting historical drama, a captivating romance, or an adventurous tale, I'm open to any genre and period, as long as it is distinctly Portuguese. Feature, TV. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* ULTRA SHORT SCRIPTS. Looking for short scripts approximately one minute in duration. Aiming for a runtime of about a minute. Payment TBD. Any genre. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* TV SERIES WRITER. New Mini-Series seeking experienced script writers and script editors. This is a chilling story centered around a grieving, at-risk teenage boy who witnessed his father's murder and is now seeking revenge for his father's death. Rate will be discussed. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* FEATURE SET IN COURTROOM. Think 'The Accused.' There needs to be a female lead. Genres open to dark comedy, drama, thriller. Must be primarily set in a courtroom. Budget open. Paid. Company based in Southern CA. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

ISO SHORT SCRIPTS. Company based in Chicago looking for a short script to direct and produce. Budget TBD. Paid. Any genre. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

GENRE FEATURE SCRIPT. we are now looking for a script for a feature film with limited location and cast and also must be a genre film script (no drama). The length of the script should be ideally around 80 pages and must be an ultra low-budget or low-budget. We have worked with SS writers before. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

SCREENWRITER FOR BOOK. Genre true story. Book needs adapted. I have been working on adapting it into a screenplay format. I need help finalizing the draft. Paid. We really want the writer to be of Nigerian decent, but it's not mandatory. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

SHORT SCRIPT WANTED. I am an award-winning filmmaker and French director looking for a short film screenplay to shoot in the city of Mumbai with a local crew. My favorite genres are: Drama, thriller, crime, musical, action.

SCREENWRITER FOR RE-WRITE. I have hired SS writers before. This time I need a polish and re-write on current works. Payment negotiable. I need to see actual screenwriting credits. 10 pages of writing samples. Bio and/or links to work. Founded in 2003. We are based in Los Angeles. Writer can be from anywhere. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

FAITH-BASED/INSPIRATIONAL FEATURE SCRIPTS. Notable filmmaker currently in search of contemporary biographical screenplays that are faith-based or inspirational theme, akin to renowned titles like "I Can Only Imagine," "I Still Believe," "The Case for Christ," and "Jesus Revolution." The main criterion is that the screenplay must revolve around a prominent or noteworthy figure. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

FANTASY SCRIPTWRITER WANTED. I am looking to hire a scriptwriter to help clean up a 90 page feature length fantasy screenplay Fire and Ice. I have put in an inquiry once before last year and I am searching again. Details are as follows: I am an independent filmmaker looking to hire a script writer to help clean up and tie loose ends in a feature length script. Payment as well as a screenwriter credit. Time period for completion of the script will be 30-45 days. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

SCRIPTS FROM CANADIAN WRITERS. SKP is looking for feature film scripts for production from Canadian writers that can be filmed in Canada. Moderate funding but good for the right script. Looking for scripts in either the thriller or comedy genre (or both combined). That have an international element to them. Nothing too dark. Director and production team already attached.  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

MICRO-BUDGET FEATURE SCRIPT. I am seeking a suspense, rom-com or dark fantasy that can be made on a shoe-string budget. Minimum cast and locations. Preferably a story that lends itself to a unique visual style. Small payment and percentage of gross.  I'm a filmmaker with over 20 years of experience. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

RELATIONSHIP-THRILLER SCREENPLAY. Company is searching for relationship-thriller screenplays. Budget is open, Relationship-thrillers explore themes such as trust, betrayal, manipulation, and power struggles within romantic, familial, or friendship connections. Many of our films can be seen on Peacock, Prime, Tubi. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

FEATURE SCRIPTS THAT CAN BE SHOT/FILMED IN ASIA. We are paying close attention to FEATURE horror/ psychological thrillers and romcoms that can be adapted for and filmed in Asia. Payment and budget TBD. WF has worked with SS writers before. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

TV OR FILM THRILLER SCRIPT. I'm on the hunt for a specific kind of script. Something akin to the TV series Dexter would be ideal, but I'm also open to a fresh thriller concept that hasn't been overly explored yet. No other type of genre will be read. TV or Feature. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

NATIVE ENGLISH SCREENWRITER. I’m a creative producer and actress based in the Netherlands. I am looking for: 1) Talented, passionate, NATIVE English writer; 2) Who has at least one complete feature script written and; 3) Who understands/connects to/can write truthfully about 90’s crime life to collaborate with on an upcoming feature script.
Understanding of story, scenes, beats, character development goes without saying. PAID WORK. IGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIREC

LOW BUDGET HORROR FEATURE. Award-winning director/producer is in search of an original low-budget horror scripts. NO other genres. Medium-sized cast and few locations. Payment negotiable. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

ROMCOM FEATURE. Credited Director/Producer searching for 2 feature romantic comedy feature scripts to option and then later purchase/produce this year. I will only accept romcoms. Script must be completed. Budget open. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

SHORT DRAMA SCRIPT. Looking for a story about a strong heroine/heroines 30-40 years old. Possibly with an interesting plot twist at the end. Drama. No children or animals. Not a comedy. No action scenes. Payment is $1,000. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

SEASONED BIPOC TV COMEDY WRITER/EDITOR WANTED. I am looking for a COMEDY screenwriter with TV WRITING CREDITS who can rewrite my one-hour dramedy pilot into a final market-ready draft. The style/tone of this pilot is along the lines of shows like Never Have I Ever, The Mindy Project, etc. The script needs to be strengthened, edited, punched up, and rewritten to create a significant impact. Also I will need help with getting this script in the hands of the right producers so I will need advice/referrals and active assistance on that end. Before moving forward with the rewrite, I will require the script to be read and analyzed with proposed changes discussed in detail. The story takes place in the US and India. Being of Indian descent is not a requirement but it is a plus. Understanding Hindi cinema in particular is also a plus. My main priority is finding a writer with a quirky sense of humor and a strong command over story structure, character arcs, and dialogues. I am looking for someone ASAP. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

SINGLE LOCATION FEATURE SCRIPT. UK producer currently seeking a single-location feature script with a strong suspense or mystery theme. No other type of stories. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

LOW-BUDGET, ANY GENRE. Looking for feature scripts that can be made for under 200k. Good concepts with simple production needs. Any genre. Payment for script upfront and backend in film. Filmmaker has had various production roles on movies such as THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, THE REVENANT, & INCEPTION. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

SUSPENSE-THRILLER FEATURES. Award-winning filmmaker seeks limited location features under the suspense/thriller genre. Nothing else at this time. Payment TBD. MG has worked on projects such as Criminal Minds and Charmed. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

SCREENWRITER NEEDED ASAP. Seeking an experienced screenwriter for "Jimmy's Longest March" script. Compensation negotiable, starting at $40/hr for a script of 90-120 pages. Upon payment, full ownership rights will be transferred. Additional compensation possible through option payments and royalties. Successful candidate may also be involved in pitching to industry professionals and will share in option payments. Qualifications for scriptwriting include: screenwriting classes, paid assignments, relevant experience (e.g., stand-up comedy, acting in war movies), director/producer roles, awards (Golden Globes, Emmys), and any relevant expertise for crafting a screenplay about a modern-day Don Quixote, a Korean War veteran aiming to reenlist in the Army, or other relevant aspects of the story. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT. 

SCREENWRITER OF INDIAN DECENT. We are currently reviewing submissions on behalf of an American screenwriter client. The production company, with offices in Los Angeles, Paris, and Mumbai, is seeking a writer of Indian descent who possesses a deep understanding of Indian culture. This is crucial as the script needs to be adaptable to the marketplace in India, Bangladesh, and other relevant countries within this region. Proficiency in languages such as Hindi, or other primary languages in these regions, may be necessary. Payment and work details will be provided upon their outreach. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT. 


SCRIPTS SET IN LOUISIANA. I'm looking to connect with screenwriters in Louisiana, but also open to meeting everyone, but right now I am particularly interested in scripts films with French content. (Bilingual scripts are fine) or scripts that could be adapted in Louisiana. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT. 


FEMALE SCREENWRITER NEEDED. I'm looking for a female writer. It would help with military background. It’s a story about an ex-female solider. Modern day. I currently have films in the film festival circuit. Paid gig. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT. 

FEATURE SCRIPT ABOUT ST. PATRICK. Looking for any spec scripts about St. Patrick. Nothing else at the moment. TFF is an award-winning independent Irish film production company based in Dublin, Ireland. Payment TBA. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT. 

CALL FOR SHORT CONTAINED SCRIPTS. I'm putting out a call for scripts. I want to buy and produce your short script: 5-9 pages. 1-6 actors. 1-3 locations. I'll pay $500 for rights to the script. Any genre as long as it is a self contained story (no episodes, series, teasers, etc.).


LGBT 1-HOUR TV DRAMA-COMEDY. Company is searching for an LGBT one-hour drama. Think Sort Of, but longer. Diverse characters a must. Do not pitch us anything else. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT. 

SCRIPTS TO ADD TO SLATE. We are looking for some more scripts to add to our slate for 2024. What are we looking for? Projects that are under 10 minutes in length with minimal locations. This also applies to characters. We are looking for interesting stories, stories that make audiences heads turn. Expect the unexpected, be amazed, be moved etc. Prices will be negotiated based on pages. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT. 

SHORT SCRIPT, LA. Looking for a short script that can take place in the streets of Los Angeles. Genres accepted: Drama, Dark Comedy, Romance. Anything between friends preferred. Payment for script. Script will be sent to festivals and shot this Summer. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT. 

THRILLER FEATURE SCRIPTS. We are looking for low budget 1M and under thrillers, limited locations and cast. Female protagonist, inspired by true stories. Latina leads a plus. We are a global film company founded in 2019. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT. 


COMEDIC SCREENWRITER. Looking for a screenwriter to rewrite a film script with good humor. Paid. We have hired SS writers before. Send writing samples. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT. 

SUPERNATURAL PILOT SCRIPTS. We're looking for professionally-crafted pilot scripts at least an hour in length. Target audience should be at young adults with a medium cast of characters to be around 3-5 people, alongside a brief description of the plot, including the main characters, their goals, and the central conflict. Genre has to be either sci-fi or supernatural. NO other genres. We have a rich legacy in creating groundbreaking television shows, including "The X-Files" and its spin-offs "Millennium", "The Lone Gunmen" and the short-lived series "Harsh Realm. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

SCREENWRITER FOR FEATURE RE-WRITE. I have been asked to manage a film project that has been dormant due to the untimely death of the author by the author’s wife. An initial screenplay had been written (125 pages), and a story board created. The story takes place 75 years in the future and extrapolates today’s technological advances to show the huge effects on global society. Some of the key characters in the story experience the benefits of scientific advances: Artificial Intelligence, brain implants, medical advances over aging and diseases, improved economic living conditions, military unifications, and domed charter cities. But the rest of the global population lives outside in squatter cities in the Void Lands, where everything – including water – is scarce. I am looking for a talented and experienced writer that can take the theme and the characters and recreate a compelling screenplay. We need to see the complexities of these characters, making them more relatable with viewers as they proceed through the events of the action story. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

SCRIPT ADAPTATION. Need experienced screenwriter to adapt my self-published dystopian action novella, Mission Abort, into a feature length screenplay. Logline, plot outline, and story available upon request. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

REVENGE-DRAMAS/MIND-BENDING FEATURES. We are now particularly focused on exploring film stories that range from the likes of 'Predator' (similar genres), male / female-centric revenge dramas , and mind-bending concepts such as 'Signs' and 'The Sixth Sense'.  Budget TBD​. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

SCREENWRITERS TO JOIN FILM. We are looking for writers to join our team for our film called It’s a low budget film about two secret agents trying to figure out their relationship while fighting for their lives on a secret mission.⁣⁣⁣ Set in a modern-day London, where cyber-security and global terrorism are at high risk. The narrative underscores the juxtaposition between societal norms and individual self-expression.⁣⁣⁣  It’s a paid opportunity. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

PROFESSIONAL SCREENWRITER WANTED. Project name: Alien (Not a sci-fi). We would like them to submit the following: CV with credits. Couple of samples of writing styles. The ideal candidate should have a good grasp of Dostoyevsky style but not essential. Even though the feature will mainly have documentarial/information value the story will have similarities in style to the "Big Short" movie with the main character to have resemblance to Christian Bale's role in the film. We are planning to have a 90 minutes or less feature film script in the end. The project idea already have investors in place for around €5M, hence once the first draft is funded, the script will require the second draft to fit with the final agreed budget. Depending on the agreed budget the screenwriter will receive the usual 2.5%. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

EXPERIENCED SCREENWRITER. We're a Swedish production house is looking to pay good money for insightful feedback on a variety of screenplays. If you're an experienced screenwriter with a track record of main writing credits on produced films or TV series, we want to hear from you. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT

HORROR SCREENWRITER. Seeking a skilled horror screenwriter for an exciting project. Budget: $500,000 to $1 million. Compensation: 2% of the production budget. Inspirations: Drawing parallels to the chilling atmospheres of "It Follows" and "The Babadook". Only those with proven horror writing experience should apply. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT

SCI-FI/ACTION FEATURES FOR ADULTS. We're looking for scripts that will involve large-scale action sequences, like sci-fi or superhero movies/shows that would be suited for an epic adventure with a sprawling narrative. The narrative focuses on two equally important characters who could be any combination of genders. Target audience is for adults. NO other type of submissions will be accepted. Company produced sixteen feature-length productions and nearly 300 hours of TV series were made collaborating with some of Hollywood’s most creative filmmakers and have grossed over a billion dollars. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT

SCI-FI TV PILOT. Our company is looking for screenwriters to present a pilot script for a potential television series in regarding to Sci-Fi/Fantasy. NO other genres. ONLY TV. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT

2-MINUTE SHORT SCRIPT. We are gearing up for short film project.  We're on the lookout for a fantastic 2-minute short script that reflects the themes of Mental Health, OR a heartwarming love story set in a single location.

FEATURE SCRIPT SET ON PLANE. Seeking a feature-length script set on a plane. Should be Action or Drama. Option Agreement. Budget TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

1 LOCATION FEATURE SCRIPT. We are seeking to secure single location less than 90 pages scripts to put into production. ONLY comedy, drama, and crime. Do NOT submit anything else. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SERIES SCRIPT WRITER NEEDED. I am looking for a Script Writer / Editor to work on a project we have coming up for short film series. Paid Position. More information to come. TUS has worked with companies such as Puma, Manchester United, & BBC SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FAITH-BASED FEATURES. I am looking for faith based, wholesome screenplays. Features. Female lead or male lead. Drama, inspirational and animation scripts welcome too as long as it is uplifting. Budget not to exceed $2MM. We are an international production company. Payment for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR FILM STYLE AUDIOBOOK. I’m looking to hire a screenwriter that could possibly help with an audiobook project.  My book is approximately a 300 page book excluding the “Ki’s” (Takeaway insights at the end of each chapter). The book is already written in a film-style theme. We want to transcribe the manuscript/book into a format that would accommodate an audiobook: in radio-theater or audio-film style. Think animated film. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEATURE-LENGTH SCRIPTS WANTED. Production/Management company with multiple produced features that had either theatrical, premium cable or major streamer distribution seeks feature-length scripts. Budget under $10MM. All genres accepted except period. Payment. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER WANTED. Seeking a screenwriter for a feature-length crime horror script. I'm a Tampa Bay-based film producer/screenwriter eager to team up with an up-and-coming writer who resonates with the tone of films like The Town, The Purge series, Heat, and Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remakes. We'll share responsibilities, including story beats, outlining, and drafting, with shared co-writer credits. Local to Tampa Bay is preferred but not mandatory. Negotiable compensation. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CHRISTIAN FEATURE, $1MM. We are searching for a Christian script for Option. Something along the lines of OVERCOMER. Anything that takes place in a school is preferred. No other genres. Budget won't exceed 1MM. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


TV SCREENWRITER FOR DRAMA. Seeking an experienced LA-based screenwriter for an epic biopic TV series. Please send resume and script samples (drama/biopics) for consideration (no horror, action). Guaranteed Writing Credit and full payment negotiated upon agreement. We've have produced music videos, published books, and several unproduced film scripts, but we are new to TV productionSIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

AMERICAN SCREENWRITER. Seeking a screenwriter to revise a script, ideally based in America with a strong understanding of the country's nuances. Familiarity with healthcare, political dynamics, and cultural intricacies is essential for this grounded narrative. Similar to family dramas like Coda and Minari, this project offers compensation. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR SCREENWRITER FOR SHORT. We need a a screenwriter to re-write our horror short.. Please have produced horror or thriller experience. Paid position. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ACTION-THRILLER FEATURE WANTED. Producer with movies on tubi and Lifetime seeks a moderate to low budget action thriller. Preferably around 500k. Somewhat contained and not too many characters. Buyers prefer female led, but all good characters welcome. Should be roughly 80-90 pages, but that shouldn’t disqualify a good story.


NON UNION SCRIPT DOCTOR/WRITER. I would like to pay a screenwriter who can condense my script down to 10 pages to serve as a POC. Horror/Thriller. Preferably someone from Oklahoma but not mandatory. and non union. Send rates. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

DRAMA, THRILLER, COMEDY SCRIPTS. We're particularly interested in the genres of drama, thriller, and comedy. What We're Looking For: Feature-length screenplays ready for the independent film scene Short film scripts suitable for low-to-no budget production. Scripts with compelling narratives, depth in character development, and the ability to engage and resonate with audiences. Genres: Drama, Thriller, and Comedy. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR FEATURE SCRIPT. Seeking a horror screenplay that can be made for under 500k. Looking for that special screenplay that could fit right along with the Blumhouse or A24 catalogue. Interested in psychological horror, arty elevated horror, creature features, cults, folk horror, body horror, thought provoking social horror, high concept, etc... Not usually interested in teen slashers, zombies, found footage, clowns, "Saw" inspired or vampires. Really looking for that special script that is scary, will have a marketable hook to it and has the potential for hauntingly beautiful imagery. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

GENRE FEATURE SCRIPT, UP TO $2MM. I'm on the lookout for a feature genre film, horror, thriller, etc to direct with a strong MALE 40'S-50'S LEAD. Budget $1-2MM, no attachments.


STORY EDITOR NEEDED FOR DIGITAL TV SERIES. PAID. We're seeking a professional Story Editor to join our team for our digital series, Requirements: 1–3 years of experience as a digital series writer or staff writer for TV or film script writer. Canadian / US Citizen or Resident. Strong storytelling skills and understanding of COMEDY narrative structure and creative arc. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

THRILLER-DRAMA SCREENWRITER NEEDED. An actor/producer is on the lookout for a talented co-writer to collaborate on a gripping film, featuring a strong female lead. I already have a rough draft of the outline. Requirements: • Proven experience in writing compelling short screenplays. • A keen understanding of the thriller/drama genre, with a knack for creating suspenseful and emotionally resonant narratives. • Collaborative spirit and ability to work seamlessly in a creative partnership. • Availability to commit to the project timeline and contribute to a few brainstorming sessions. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCRIPT WRITER NEEDED. Professional experienced film script writer with industry credentials needed to do a rewrite. PAID.  Please send screenwriting credentials. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CRIME TV WRITER WANTED. Looking for a screenwriter to collaborate with for a one hour tv dark drama/crime series currently being developed and shopped. Must have samples to show the same genre/tone. Paid. Pitch deck can be provided upon request. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITERS FROM THE USA. I am just beginning to work on a new project that is a series/webisode similar to The Twilight Zone but from the disability community perspective. I am seeking a screenwriter who can take a synopsis and create 2 short 10-minute screenplays. The two short screenplays will be the pilots for the proposed series. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SINGLE LOCATION FEATURE SCRIPTS. I'm interested in ONLY single location, limited cast feature scripts. Only the following genres will be accepted: drama, thriller, action. NO horror. Budget/Payment TBD. DK has produced 2 scripts through SS. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

VAMPIRE/STONER SCRIPT. Quick rundown: I'm looking for three 20 page scripts with a vampire/stoner concept. Pays $100 per script. No other type of scripts will be accepted. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SITCOM WRITER. We're looking for someone with sit-com writing experience for an upcoming project adapting a book for TV. The source material means we're ideally looking for a female writer, but that's not hard and fast at this point. Paid. SB has worked across the entertainment industry in business development and strategic partnership roles at AMC Networks, and entertainment/tech ventures backed by Sky, ITV, and Tencent. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ELEVATED HORROR FEATURE, $2M-$5M. Looking for "elevated" horror feature screenplays. However, we will NOT read unless there's a developed pitch deck or look book. Great examples are Midsommar, Get Out, What Lies Beneath, Don't Worry Darling, Mother! Please NO slasher/zombie/vampire/werewolf/or creature stories unless it's maybe in a sci-fi nature. Budget of up to $5 Million. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEATURE-LENGTH HORROR SCREENPLAY. We are looking to Option a feature-length, low-budget horror film with a small cast and limited locations for a Network. If you have a project that aligns with these criteria, kindly share your pitch with us. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ISO SHORT SCRIPTS OR HIRING A WRITER .I'm a Los Angeles-based director. I wanted to see if there were any writer that would be interested in writing a short film. I would also consider buying unproduced short film screenplays. I previously worked for Blumhouse and UTA. PAID. WHAT I NEED: The script would ideally be less than 10 pages and would be able to be produced on a low-budget. I am partial to thrillers, horror, sci-fi, mysteries. I’m not interested in pure comedy or drama, but would be open to comedic elements if it’s mixed with another genre. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


SPANISH-SPEAKING SCREENWRITER. Screenwriter wanted to write a crime/drama script in Spanish based on true events to be produced in the next year. This is a paid position. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR SCREENWRITER WANTED. Talent Agent is actively seeking to hire and collaborate with a screenwriter for his upcoming project, 'RAT'S – The Hills Have Eyes meets Silence of the Lambs: NYC Horror Story. Uproot payment and back-end. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SEASONED SCREENWRITER, ASIAN-AMERICAN SCRIPT. I'm working on a short film script and am in need of an extra edit and polish from an award-winning and experienced screenwriter. Please have at least a few credits in short films and features at top festivals with links to your IMDb and credits/website. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

LGBTQ+ FEATURE OR TV SCRIPT. Production company with locations in both Chicago and Dallas is seeking an LGBT feature film or made-for-tv script. The company has purchased a script through SS before. 1) Biographical script related to the LGBTQ+ community. 2) Buddy scripts with an LGBTQ+ theme. 3) Scripts related to LGBTQ+ in sports. Budget won't exceed $10MM. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR FEATURE. I am a Director with a Horror / Mystery Proof of Concept Short that recently received positive feedback . I'm looking for a screenwriter to partner with and develop this into a feature. I have a working Treatment. I can provide payment and equity in project and back end. Upon an initial introduction I will send out a link/ screener to the concept short and can discuss a creative and business partnership opportunity in greater detail. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

THRILLER-HORROR FEATURE SCRIPT. ISO Thriller / Horror. Budget under $400k. Male / female lead, does not matter. Urban setting. Cast size open. Roughly about 100 pages. I am a reality TV director. This will be my first feature film. 50% up front, 50% deferred till after release. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


HORROR FEATURE SCRIPT. Company looking to option feature length scripts. We are currently looking for horror scripts, with sub-genres of drama or comedy. We are not interested in slasher, overly gorey, or torture porn horror. We are currently interested in scripts with a budget of up to $500,000. One of our recent films won Best Film at Screamfest New Orleans, as well as various other awards throughout its festival run. JC is currently a Senior Analyst at The Walt Disney Company. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR-COMEDY SCREENWRITER. I am looking for a screenplay writer to help flesh out my idea for a horror comedy film. I have a plot and some scene ideas. I just need someone with the skills to bring them to life by writing the script. This is a film I plan to direct. Send rates. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN FEATURE. We are seeking completed screenplays for a feature film project focusing on faith-based drama or comedy. If it addresses contemporary addiction themes that is plus. The screenplay should feature a small cast of 2-4 characters, utilize 2-4 locations, and balance serious themes with hope and redemption, aiming for a length of 90-120 minutes. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCI-FI SCREENWRITER. I have a script optioned and I need a co-writer to doctor it. The producer gave me notes. You would get co-writing credit. I will pay for assistance. More money will come if the script gets bought. Must know sci-fi. IGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ISO DRAMA SCREENWRITER. We are looking for a screenwriter who can turn a conceptual narrative into a compelling, professionally crafted drama script. Key Requirements: Proficient in standard script formatting and industry norms. Demonstrated experience in screenplay writing, preferably within the drama genre. Ability to interpret and adapt concepts into engaging and coherent narratives. Remote position. This is a paid contract position. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

STRONG HEROINE SHORT. Looking for a script for a short film about a strong heroine. Location Europe with priority Serbia, England, Germany. Low budget project. ONLY GENRES THAT WILL BE ACCEPTED: drama, comedy, melodrama, crime. Payment will be discussed with writer. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

BILINGUAL SCREENWRITER. Looking for a screenwriter proficient in both Chinese and English. We currently have two writing projects - one with a completed TV script that requires adjustments to the pacing, and another project that involves translating a finished Chinese script into English. Producer has worked as a cinematographer alongside Oscar-winning directors and actors. PAID. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ANIMATION SCREENWRITER WANTED. We are looking for a full-time screenwriter for a YouTube animation channel. The channel features short stories about a regular family and its friends – funny adventures, family problems, affairs, relationship issues, fails, etc. We're on the hunt for a talented and imaginative Screenwriter who can bring fresh ideas and a unique voice to our growing channel. It's a remote job and not limited to any region. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

GENRE-SPECIFIC SCRIPTS. Emmy-nominated production company ISO: fictional category interests are sports, family drama, mystery, and crime. Nonfiction or documentary interests include cold cases, sports, and human interest. No other genres. Indie budgets: $100K to $500K for features. $25K to $100K for pilots. $10K to $35K for shorts. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SLASHER SCRIPT. We are looking for a slasher short that can be shot for under $15,000. Payment for script. No features. We want something with a lot of blood and terror. Teenagers' major plus. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

PITCH SCREENWRITER. I am looking for someone to help me craft written pitch documents. I have two feature films screenplays. One is sci-fi and the other is a dark comedy stageplay musical adapted as a movie. Non union. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCRIPT EDITOR. I need 2 screenwriters to help me edit and format screenplays. Each script is paid. Only those who can start right away should apply. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

PAID SCREENWRITER PARTNER. I have a screenplay idea that I do not have time to expand on/create. I am looking to hire a screenwriter. While I'm looking to contract a writer, I'm seeking this person to also be a writing partner. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SYNOPSIS WRITER. 1 page synopsis. I've hired writers through SS before. Please submit 2-3 loglines for a low budget short film using allegory/metaphor on the 'pig butchering scams' prevalent in Cambodia/Myanmar and affecting both western victims and enslaved scam workers. The film will be made in Cambodia and needs to use allegory/metaphor due to it's controversial nature and possible censorship/consequences for the filmmakers. Paid.  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SLAPSTICK COMEDY FEATURE. ISO slapstick comedy, something characterized by its reliance on exaggerated physical actions that go beyond the typical limits of conventional physical humor. No other genre. Payment and budget TBD on script. Only feature. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

PACKAGED PROJECTS WANTED. As of now, we have 3 films on our slate and will not be accepting any new submission until fall 2025.  We are working in the mid 5-10mil range with attached talent.  However, we are looking for projects with director/money or talent attached. You must also have a completed screenplay. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR ADAPATION. I wrote and had published a book in 2006. It has been suggested to me to do a rewrite with slightly different themes.  But, I don’t want to rewrite - lots of little reasons, but a rewrite could make it more palatable for an eventual screenplay. Mind you it was published already in 2006. The story was based on a currency meltdown and creation of a new currency wiping out debt. Suggestion: rewrite based on the same structure but make it crypto. Need a screenwriter for adaptation. Send rates. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

VISUALLY INTERESTING SHORTS. I'm looking for screenwriters with interesting scripts ready to shoot in January while things are quiet. I'm looking to DOP and produce some shorts in the new year to build up my reel. Only genres accepted: scifi, action, horror and westerns, must be visually interesting. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

EPISODIC SCREENWRITER. ISO a screenwriter to pick up where the last writer left off. I need assistance completing the remaining four episodes to an eight episode true crime limited series. The pilot through episode four is complete and there is a full mini series treatment outlining the entire show that is also already finished. Not opposed to incorporating the new writers ideas into the remaining four episodes. The series is based on a true events. Payment negotiable. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORT ABOUT MUSIC. ISO a short that focuses on music or a musician. Only shorts, not features. Budget open. Payment for script. We have produced a short through SS before. NON WGA writers only should submit. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT

SCREENWRITER FOR TV SERIES ADAPTATION. Industrial Scripts and Coverfly have provided enthusiastic feedback on my screenplay "Lost", emphasizing its exceptional potential for a captivating drama series. The recommendation is to transform the screenplay into a mini-series, with each segment reflecting the depth and intensity of the story. I am seeking a talented screenwriter to undertake this. The original material is based on a book comprising seven chapters, each rich enough to be expanded into over an hour of cinematic storytelling. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER/ACTION FEATURE SCRIPTS. Northern California company currently accepting submissions for full-length film scripts (50 minute films at least). Only genres accepted: suspense, thriller, action. Moderate budget. We plan to being development/production of our next full length film in 2024. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CRIME FEATURE SCRIPTS. We are considering any kind of organized crime/criminal underworld scripts. They could be genre, or pure drama. Budget and payment TBD. 


INSPIRATIONAL FEATURE SCRIPT, $3-6MM. We just produced and directed a film called tarring Dennis Quaid. It was in over 1800 theaters and was released August 25th 2023. It’s on all the streaming sites now and will be on Netflix in January. We want keep in this genre. Looking for an inspirational story along these lines maybe with a person overcoming a disability. Preferably non sports orientated but will consider a story with inspiration and sports if it’s really special. Script should be able to translate into a budget between 3 million to 6 million. Think - Rudy, Field of Dreams , Seabiscuit, Dreamer. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SPECIFIC FEATURE SCRIPT SET IN ONTARIO, CANADA. Strick requirements. Do NOT submit if your scripts do not meet all of these parameters. Can be filmed in ONTARIO, CANADA only. Weather: extreme cold in the winters. Must have limited locations, preferably 3 or less. Something in a snowy cottage country. All indoors needed. High concept thriller, think the movie 'Cold Blooded'. Nothing in warm climate or big cities. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

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