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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We do not belong to the WGA, but we support their efforts. Even if you're not a member of the guild, you can work with non-WGA production companies. Many indie production companies are still allowed to work with non-WGA writers during the strike and they use our services. However, it's crucial for all screenwriters, regardless of their WGA membership, to avoid signing contracts with struck companies during the strike. Staying informed through reputable news sources is key to understanding the situation. Read more at the WGAW.

LIVE ACTION TV WRITER. This is for a Live Action Children’s Show. Looking for a screenwriter with experience in live action children’s shows. I have a pilot script written so I am looking for someone with experience in the industry to review and edit. Paid opportunity. Open to your hourly, set rate. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT

* SCRIPT WRITER FOR COMMERCIAL. I am director seeking script writer to help pen a 60 second craft beer commercial being shot in Orange County, CA. You MUST have commercial writing experience and be able to provide samples and links. Must understand dark humor. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT

* HOLIDAY FEATURE SCRIPTS. Boutique production company reviewing holiday feature scripts. Seeking standout submissions. Budget TBD, but moderate. Only non-WGA writers are eligible. We are especially looking for Christmas scripts. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT

SHORT SCRIPT REQUEST. I'm a filmmaker in Los Angeles and looking to purchase and produce a short film script that is less than 15 pages, has strong female characters, and falls into one of the following genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Western, and/or a Period Piece. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT

* ROMANTIC COMEDY SHORT. I am looking to produce a script this summer to submit to film festivals. LGBT is a huge plus, but not needed. No more than 15 pages in length. A romance but also funny and quirky. No extravagant locations, something in the city would be ideal. Payment will be discussed. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

* DOCUMENTARY FEATURE SCREENWRITER. We are looking for a screenwriter to work with us on a feature documentary concept. We are looking for a professional, experienced, creative DOCUMENTARY writer who brings our concept to another level. This is a paid opportunity. You MUST send a produced and released reference film that you wrote so that we can watch and get a clear vision on how creative you are.


* LOS ANGELES-BASED SCI-FI SCREENWRITER WANTED. Convert a 20-page science fiction treatment into a full screenplay. Requirements: Passion for Science fiction/ Thriller genre. MUST have previous experience in writing screenplays in that genre. Ability to provide writing samples. MUST be located in Los Angeles (Producer based in Century City) There is payment. This opportunity is ideal for those seeking to expand their network in LA and enhance their skills. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

BILINGUAL SCREENWRITER. NS seeks experienced screenwriting translator needed for Portuguese to American English script translation project. Must be proficient in both languages and skilled in capturing slang and popular phrases. Budget: TBD. Must own screenwriting software.​ Native-level fluency in American English required. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORT DRAMA, AFRICAN AMERICAN LEAD. Looking for a brief short drama script centered on an African American male protagonist, set in the inner city. No other genres will be considered. Compensation for the short script is $1,000. We are specifically seeking scripts that authentically portray an African American lead character and family dramas are preferred. The budget for the short film will not exceed $20,000. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

DRAMEDY FEATURE SCRIPTS. Los Angeles company seeks scripts. Here's a summary of what we are seeking: Can be produced for $250k in Southern California. Dramedy, black comedy-drama. Few characters. Few locations. Lead can be male or female. 100 pages or less. Looking for a script where the main character is going through/suffers an emotional crisis. Where he/she follows a singular obsession to get what they want and it’s a matter of life or death if they get it. Not necessarily literal death (but it could be) but where if they fail to get what they want they’ll end up completely broken. A shell of a human. Emotionally, spiritually, socially, and/or financially dead. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEATURES SET IN A HOTEL. We're in search of a captivating feature script set in a luxurious, high-end hotel. Our story demands a strong female lead to take center stage. Key Details: Genre: Drama, Horror, or Dark Comedy. Setting: Nice to high-end hotel. Lead Character: Female. Language: English. Compensation: The payment for the selected script will be determined during the negotiation process. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CON

* SCREENWRITER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL CAUSE PROJECTS. Culver City production company produces scripted, children's series revolving around environmental conservation. We are looking for an experienced screenwriter with knowledge, insight and passion for climate change and other environmental issues. Writer will work with us to develop and re-write a script, that is a cautionary tale for children, about the dangers of not preserving our Earth. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT

* YA OR ROMCOM FEATURE. I'm on the lookout for YA (Young Adult written for teenagers) scripts and elevated, sophisticated, original romcoms by writers with at least one feature. The writer MUST have 1 feature produced (please show). No other genres will be accepted. EU company is run by a team with a combined 40 years experience in the entertainment industry. We’ve won awards at Venice, Critic’s Choice Award’s, Cannes, Independent Spirit Award’s and The Academy Awards. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT

* SCREENWRITER WHO SPECALIZES IN DIALOUGE. We are currently seeking a skilled screenplay and dialogue writer for an urgent indie movie project with an Erotic/Thriller/Drama theme. The ideal candidate should possess prior experience in feature film writing and be available to complete the project within the given timeline. While we have an initial draft of the story and screenplay, we require a creative input that will elevate the quality of our film. As compensation, we offer a flat fee for your services. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

* WRITERS FOR SCI-FI TV SERIES. This is an on-site writing job in New York City (not remote) where you'll be part of a team working on a complete season of an SCI-FI TV series. You'll receive episode assignments and report to the Head Writer. To be eligible, you must have experience writing sci-fi and be skilled at crafting believable, heartfelt scenes. You'll need prior experience with episodic work and excellent skills in structuring episodes with multiple storylines. Other requirements include at least one year of experience working in a writers' room, ability to follow directions and be creative while staying within project parameters, and meeting deadlines. You must be adaptable and able to make changes quickly and take feedback professionally. 1 month job. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

* QUALIFIED SCREENWRITER TO ADAPT SERIES. Author seeking a screenwriter to adapt a series of my published historical novels. The screenplay will be written in consultation with the author. QUALIFICATIONS: The screenwriter applicant must demonstrate previous experience adapting a novel for the screen. The ideal candidate will also have experience adapting a story with rich historical content, preferably familiarity with the Georgian/Regency era.  Produced as a mini-series, the stories would resurrect a largely unknown historical narrative of the West Indies and New Orleans. A film or streaming media production would provide significant roles for persons of color and appeal to fans of Bridgerton, Poldark, Outlander and the new ITV re-make of Tom Jones. I am the author of seven successful, traditionally published, historical novels and non-fiction books. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

THRILLER SCREENWRITER NEEDED. I am in search of a skilled screenwriter who specializes in the psychological thriller genre to assist me in improving my screenplay. I have already completed the first draft, but I need a  rewrite to ensure that it meets the standards of the genre. The ideal candidate should have a proven track record and notable credits in this area. Paid gig.  We will work on a weekly basis, collaborating to refine and revise the screenplay until it meets our shared vision. Paid job. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

EXPERIENCED SCREENWRITER NEEDED. CVC is looking for a talented screenwriter to develop characters, rewrite and enhance the plot of a screenplay. The project is 75 pages long and qualified writers will have access to notes. CV has as been directing and producing for the last 12 years, and is behind the project featuring Bruce and Nick Vallelonga. Paid gig. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

LOW-BUDGET SHORT SCRIPT. I'm a director based in South India, seeking a very low-budget indie short script to direct. However, I'd like short film to have the potential to be developed into a full-length script, or a pilot that I could direct and find a producer for. Although the story does not necessarily have to be set solely in India, it must be adaptable and shootable in India. Therefore, stories from around the world are welcome as long as they can fit this requirement. Basic locations, such as houses, cafes, bars, rooftops, and offices, or easily accessible public places, would be ideal. Minimal cast and extras. Some pay. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR ADAPTATION. I am seeking an experienced screenplay writer who specializes in horror and mystery genres to collaborate on adapting a completed Limited Series script based on the historical fiction novel, which has gained media attention and is gaining momentum in sales as the 100th anniversary of Richmond, VA's urban legend approaches on October 2, 2025. The Limited Series script has already been evaluated three times on The Black List, but it became apparent that the complex plot could not fit into a 2-hour movie format. As a result, we need a talented screenwriter to hone the storyline, making it more concise and flowing in its content. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEATURE SCRIPT, WHOLESOME STORY. I'm in search of a script that can be produced quickly and easily without requiring any major action scenes, car chases, guns, or explosions. It doesn't have to be faith-based or an exotic story, but it should be set in a tropical location like Florida. While it doesn't have to include Hispanic elements, it would be advantageous if it did. Ultimately, I'm looking for a wholesome, straightforward narrative that is simple to film. Again, it doesn't need to be faith-based, but clean and pure. Produce has been involved in majors films such as Nefarious and Unplanned. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

MICRO/SHOE-STRING BUDGET SHORTS OR FEATURES, MALE 40'S. I am a small-market actor seeking scripts to use as showcase material. Scripts must meet the following parameters: 1-2 locations, less than 10 characters, Feature-length must be able to be produced as a micro-budget (under 20k). Short scripts should be between 15-30 pages. Lead character should be male, 40s. Character types include blue collar, detective, soldier, intellectual, criminal. Qualities include anti-hero, intelligent, dry humor, intense, resourceful, conflicted, etc. Willing to negotiate percentage of total budget and/or back-end. No upfront pay. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR KANNADA MOVIE. We are currently seeking talented writers with exceptional writing skills and a flair for creative thinking to work on screenplays and dialogues for our upcoming Kannada movie, which will be produced under the umbrella company. Paid. Our production house is based in the startup capital of India, Bangalore. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

INDIE FILM NOIR/MYSTERY/CRIME FEATURES. We're on the hunt for a full-length screenplay suitable for an independent film production with a limited budget in 2024. Our focus is on mystery, crime, or (especially) film noir genres, and we're not considering sci-fi or horror scripts at this time. We have a preference for scripts featuring female leads. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

VP SCRIPT/CONTENT DEVELOPMENT (MEXICO CITY).  International Production's network of television production for the Latin America & US Hispanic. They market and produces Spanish language programming for various clients. They are seeking a Vice President of Content Development who can help establish them as a leading provider of quality programming. The ideal candidate should be fluent in Spanish and English, with Portuguese as a plus. Must is based in Mexico City. In this role, the VP of Content Development will identify intellectual property and engage writers to develop that IP while guiding them to deliver high-quality development materials. Great pay. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENPLAY EDITOR. I'm looking for a script editor for my independent, low-budget short film. Upfront payment. Please send your resume and bio. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

TV SERIES WRITER. CRS based in Atlanta, is looking for a writer for a TV series. The writer we are looking for MUST be of Jamaican descent or from Jamaica. Paid opportunity. We may consider expanding our search to other Caribbean countries, such as Trinidad, for example. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

LOW-BUDGET HORROR FEATURE. UK-based company is currently in search of a horror script that has a limited number of characters, contained locations, and can be produced on a low budget. We will not accept any other type of genres. Films featuring notable actors like Nicholas Cage and Kelsey Grammer, and even directed by Ethan Hawke, have been produced by NTF in recent times. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT

SCREENWRITER FOR NON UNION TV PILOT. Need a screenwriter to write the pilot episode, based on real life events. Potential for series writer. TV series: pilot episode. Genre: crime, adventure, drama (similar to breaking bad). Budget: low budget $50k for pilot episode. Spanish speaking is plus, but not mandatory. Paid. DMH, based in Los Angeles, was founded in 2019 has worked with reputable Brands/Artists such as "Sony Records, Rockie Fresh, Ybn Nahmir, 24hrs". SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEMALE SCREENWRITERS FOR ROMANCE ADAPTATIONS. Specifically, we are trying to find female screenwriters to adapt romance novels we have already optioned into either feature film scripts or television series scripts. I do not need any other types of writers, so if someone reaches out about other genres, they will be deleted. We only work with non-WGA writers, and the pay is based on experience/quality of their sample script they submit for review. Ideally we would like to read a script of a romance book they have already adapted for screen to see how they handle adapting a book to screenplay. GF has produced films currently streaming on both Starz and Hulu. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FREELANCE SCRIPT WRITER. CM is currently looking for creative and talented script writers to create informative and well-researched screenplays for our celebrity and entertainment related YouTube Channels. Paid. We have 5M Subscribers. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

PARTIALY-FUNDED SCREENPLAYS. I have been working in the Canadian film industry since 2012 and completed more than 45 projects. I an an Assistant Director and Producer known for my work ranging from low-budget and Indie films to blockbuster projects with Disney, Netflix, and HBO. I am also a start-up founder of a service production company that also helps with funding and boosting your budget. We can only work with a handful of projects/screenplays at this time, We are looking for projects/scripts that are: Planning to shoot in 2023 or 2024. Planning to shoot in Canada. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

COMEBACK SCRIPTS  FOR MAJOR ACTORS. We are talking with the following actors: Mike Myers, Martin Lawrence, and Pauly Shore. We are looking for comeback scripts for them. We are talking with these guys about reinventing themselves now that Brendan Frasier won the Oscar. We will only look at unique stories or characters they could use their talents to garner big press or even an award for the performance. It can be any genre. HOWEVER, you must state in your intro why why they should consider the role and what it aims to do with their talents. They will not read if this is not included. Furthermore, you must have a logline, a short summary of the story, and bio/contact. Think Travolta in PULP FICTION, Fraser in THE WHALE, Downey in TROPIC THUNDER, Cruise in TROPIC THUNDER, or Odenkirk in NOBODY. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FILIPINO-SPEAKING SCREENWRITER. We need a screenwriter for a love story based on real life events Filipino-speaking screenwriter. This is for a film Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR INSPIRATIONAL SCRIPT. Specialty: Female-driven, Faith-based, Inspirational. Feature script. I have thorough coverage notes I'd like to go back into the script, but with a screenwriter that can help with some of the notes I don't understand. Please tell me your process and rate. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ACTION-COMEDY FEATURE SCRIPTS. Looking for some completed feature scripts that are old school solid action films like Diehard, Predator, Sniper, Lethal Weapon, Cliffhanger, etc. I want to produce your film. AK has produced film starring, Bruce Willis, Luke Wilson, & John Malkovich. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

BOOK TO SCRIPT. Writer from Bulgaria seeks a screenwriter to adapt his 100-page book to an industry standard screenplay. Genre: science fiction. Writer will be traveling to the USA in May while his book is translated into English. Project will be started shortly after. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

BRITISH-SPEAKING SCREENWRITER. Book by Stephen Leather book- known for The Foreigner -2017 - a micro budget indie thriller will shoot in Thailand June 2023. I need an experienced British
writer to sharpen the script final draft (90 pages) dialogue into more natural British. (The existing American writer of the script has given his blessing). Paid and credit. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


REALITY TV WRITER. This is a VICE style project - not for the politically correct writer. I need an outline for a Reality TV show based in the unique world of girly bars in Pattaya, Thailand. The show needs to promote the executive producers business interests which are Girly bars, Visa lawyers and MMA training resort. Example - Several male contestants arrive to expat in Pattaya and are given/vetted for visa advice then boot-camped in the MMA resort then given money to break the "3 day rule" in the girly bars. Hired SS writers before. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR SCREENWRITER NEEDED. I am looking for an experienced scriptwriter in Southern California who can write a 100 page script for me in the horror genre. I have a 10 page treatment from which you can take direction. This would be for an indie feature film. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SITCOM WRITER. I am hiring writers for my half hour single cam sitcom. Seeking a writer who has been in a writers room before. Also seeking 3 writers with two (2) TV samples under their belt PAID: $1000 upfront - 10 hrs / week *IMDB credit and deferred pay WHEN the show gets picked up. Familiarity with NYC living and all its wackiness a plus. Think Issa Rae / Tyler Perry guerrilla style approach. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

TV SCRIPT WRITER. Looking for an associate writer for an OTT show. Must have prior experience in writing TV / OTT / film fiction screenplays. Must have a good command over English. Looking to hire on a monthly basis. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FROM LONDON ASAP. Desperately seeking a Script writer due to unforeseen circumstances A modern day gangster action comedy with lock stock as a reference  There is a team in place that needs a strong lead writer  There is a meeting scheduled for this Saturday near London for the writers room to develop this project  This is a paid contracted role. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

OPENING FOR A SCREENWRITER. I am seeking a script writer who can write the following: Must be able to write a fictionalized dramedy feature. No other genres. My last film is now on TUBI.. Payment will depend on involvement. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

MICRO-BUDGET SCI-FI FEATURE. I am looking for a shoe-string budget sci-fi feature to co-produce. By shoe-string, we mean under $50K. No more than 5 characters, 1-2 locations, more dialogue than action. Think of a movie like 5 CUBE (1997).  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

WGA WRITER NEEDED. I need a Writers Guild of America Screenwriter. Adaptation. Based
on my book. Which is on an all time list of inspirational and motivational books. I was working with a Paramount Pictures Executive from July-Nov. '22. They are now wanting a WGA co-writer to come on board. ONLY WGA at this time. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ISO OF SPECIFIC FEATURE SCRIPT. London-based production company is seeking an already written script that has the main idea of immortality/desire to live longer or lifespan extension. We are looking for a powerful story, nothing overly expensive. Any genre. We can sign an NDA upon request. Payment structure to be discussed. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

WGA SCREENWRITER NEEDED. MK is ISO a screenwriter who is WGA that is interested in participating in writing a screenplay with a production company.  A production company is interested in producing a book that I wrote and so I am looking for a screenwriter. You MUST be Writers Guild of America. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR CRIME FEATURE. VP is seeking a screenwriter for a feature film. Two male leads. Crime drama. PAID. Think Goodfellas, Scarface, & The Departed. 


DIALOGUE COMEDY SCREENWRITER. Former Executive Producer at Walt Disney Studios is searching for a comedy writer to dialogue-polish an approved :60 second script for a gaming company. Must have short-form comedy samples, commercials a plus. UCB, 2nd City experience a plus. Work-for-hire, freelance, hourly DOE $75-125.00/ hour. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORT SCREENPLAY WANTED. Director/Producer is looking for his next short script to produce. Something around 15 pages. Genre open. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SEEKING FEATURES TO PRODUCE. An established company is now looking for scripts to option, only feature films. We are looking for Faith-Based, True Stories, Inspirational, Family Friendly, Christmas. No other genres will be accepted. Budget TBD. Our last Christmas movie premiered on AMC+. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

LIMITED LOCATION FEATURE SCRIPT. I am in need of a feature script, only: family movie / horror, or holiday special, low budget, less locations, and likely kids as main characters. Payment TBD. PP's last film won international awards is now on Amazon. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

COMEDIC SCREENWRITER. Looking for a screenwriter for a comedic script for film. While it is paid, I'm looking for someone passionate about the story. Must write comedy.  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

DIALOGUE SCREENWRITER. Looking for a script writer for an Urdu short horror film, that will be shot in Canada. I am looking for someone who is experienced in Urdu dialogues and has a good grasp on vocabulary. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ULTRA SHORT SCRIPT/WRITER. I’m a San Diego-based filmmaker looking to collaborate with screenwriters who are willing to sell their work or help me develop a 1 to 2 min short screenplay. This is a paid project.  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ASIAN-CENTRIC NARRATIVE FEATURE. I am working for two production companies who are looking to produce an Asian-centric narrative film. We are looking for feature length scripts that are either based around adoption and the adoptee returning to their birth country or a script about a 2nd / 3rd generation Asian-American returning to their family's original country. We recently produced movies with Isabel May & Virginia Gardner. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR/CHILDREN ACTION FEATURE. QCF is looking for two types of FEATURE scripts: Horror, specially horror comedy, and children’s action. No other genres. Our last film was released on Feb 2023 worldwide. Payment for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

TV SITCOM WRITER NEEDED. I've created a pitch deck for a concept I have for a single-cam dramedy - satirical TV sitcom. Need YO to write the teleplay for the 42 min pilot. NDA required. Please provide your *list of credits* list of awards won, if any * writing samples of teleplays in this genre. Payment negotiable. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

DRAMA SHORT SCRIPT WANTED. Two pages or less. I’ve made a handful of low-budget, self-funded shorts.  Immediate payment for script! Only genre I'm looking for: Drama-inclined, but open to unique genre twists/mashes. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CALL FOR SCRIPTS. Pay for the shooting script: 1.500 € . We invite screenwriters to submit a 2000-2500-character synopsis of original content on the topic of Study of Religion. We are looking for a story that elaborates on the question “are we free to study religion?”, and that is related to Central and Eastern Europe. The synopsis must give a preview of the main plot for an eight-minute shooting script that the winner will be asked to deliver. The script will be filmed and used as a frame story of a film documentary funded by the European Commission. Narrative Feature: any genre. Requirement: a story with no dialogues or monologues.  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ACTION/DRAMA SCREENWRITER WANTED. Established Film Director & Producer (more details about client, who has 3 BET Viewers Choice Awards, provided if chosen) seeks scriptwriter. Must specialize in action and drama scripts. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

LIMITED LOCATION FEATURES. Producer is seeking limited location screenplays which are suitable for a micro budget feature film. Looking for screenplays in the Horror/Thriller/Sci-Fi genres.  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEATURES SET ON A RANCH. We have access to a ranch and we would like to shoot something this Fall. Features only. Only family-friendly stories. No horror or dark comedies, etc... Budget TBD, but no more than 1M. Exact payment for script TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

LITERARY AGENT SEEKS ACTION & COMEDY SCRIPTS. Franchised Los Angeles-based Talent and Lit Agent (WGA accredited) is searching for action and comedy feature scripts. Budget open. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORT SCRIPTS WANTED, OPEN TO ALL GENRES. Independent film director in the Carolinas with a small dedicated crew; we are looking for screenplays that are 5 to 50 pages to produce. My team and I are continually looking for imaginative people. We will work with any genre, but we are particularly interested in Horror, Thriller, Comedy, and Super-Hero stories. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SEEKING PROFESSIONAL STORY ANALYSTS. We're seeking to hire 3 professional readers to review our romantic comedy. We are now seeking coverage specifically from individuals who read scripts professionally on an everyday basis. Our goal is to discover if our script is at a high enough level of quality to compete adeptly in today's industry before we hand it over to our agent. If you are currently working as a story analyst...freelancing or on staff at a production company, network, studio etc...and would like to make some extra bucks by providing a page to two of comment​. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ALL GENRE SHORT SCRIPTS. I am an independent film director in North Florida, looking for short screenplays to produce. If you have a short screenplay (5 to 40 pages) that you believe would be a great fit for my next project, I would love to hear from you. I am interested in all scripts and I want to explore a wide range of genres, from drama to comedy to horror, and everything in between. I am particularly interested in Mysteries and Thrillers, which I consider to be my favorite genres. Of course, we are always looking for stories that are character-driven and that explore universal themes that audiences can relate to. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HINDI ROM-COM FEATURE OR SERIES. Urgently looking for a Hindi rom-com script for a web-series or feature Northern, central, eastern, and western India. The content should be original and the script must be completed. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

MICRO-LENGTH SHORT SCRIPTS. Award-winning company is looking for micro short films (30 secs - 2 min max). Looking for a "lost and found" script short or other themes. Minimal characters and locations. Inspiring or faith based, or dramatic, or comedy. Selected scripts will be produced this year. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

INSPIRED/TRUE EVENTS FEATURES. My production company specializes in scripts that are based on or inspired by true events. It can be a biopic, historical event, global event, or local story. But I only want "based on a true story" or "inspired by true events". SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

LIFETIME THRILLER FEATURE SCRIPTS. I am vetting scripts for a 2x Emmy award-winning producer. She is searching for thriller features/tele-movies that can be made for under 1M that fit Lifetime's network requirements. No other genres. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR WEB-SERIES WRITER. We are looking for a talented web series scriptwriter to join our team. We are building a team in the process of getting development funding. The ideal match will be a passionate horror/comedy scriptwriter with previous experience and credits. We are interested in collaborating with people who can write engaging scripts, come with fresh ideas and are able to work independently and with a team to develop ideas and concepts. This is a freelance, remote, paid position (funded). If you're a team player with a passion for the comedy and horror genre, we'd love to hear from you! SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

5 PAGES OR LESS SHORT. Only genres accepted: Drama-inclined but open to unique genre twists/mashes5 pages or less! Festival potential! Must feel a bit of the writer behind the story. Please state genre and logline in email body. I’ve made a handful of low-budget, self-funded shorts. However, this would be my first with a generous budget and a production team. I’ll be looking for something that speaks to me personally. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

MELBOURNE-BASED SCREENWRITERS. Looking for Expressions of Interest to collaborate with Melbourne based writers on brand new TV Series Script. For this particular production we are primarily looking for screenwriters based in Melbourne, Australia. The primary role would be as Co-Writer to bring a working series idea to life for a potential first season and counting. The story is a Comedy/Crime/Drama based around a close knit group of family and friends trying to make their way and help each other through the competitive film industry of Australia. It's Entourage meets The Many Saints of Newark, how does that happen? Work with us and we'll make it happen. Pay TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

BRITISH SOCIAL REALISM FEATURE. SDP is looking for a British Social Realism or drama feature length script. Preferable a grounded character study film that could be shot anywhere in the UK, rural or urban. Comps: Tyrannosaur (2011), Submarine (2010). Payment Negotiable. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER WANTED. I am looking for a non -WGA writer to write a script from a treatment we have. Paid. Simon has hired writers through SS before. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORT SCRIPTS NEEDED. I’m a short-film producer studying MA Producing at Royal Holloway. I am based in London and currently on the hunt for stories for my final project. I’m looking for something amazing and so I’m writing to you all asking for your best scripts. One you’ve been sitting on for a while and you think has amazing potential. The only limitation is that it has to be a short film somewhere around 10-20 minutes (ideally around 13-18 mins). We will come up with a small option agreement fee with a clause that when funding is raised you will be paid for your work.  I have an interest in British social realism and covering topics that are important today. I am also a big fan of surrealism, comedies, dramas, and horrors. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORT SET IN (OR AROUND) DALLAS. I am looking for a film I can shoot on an ultra low budget. Set in Dallas, Texas, or within an hour of Dallas. Anywhere from 4-10ish pages would be good. No more than 4-5 actors/actresses as well. Any genre but horror would be best. ULB pay, but also pay on the backend. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HOLIDAY/THRILLER SERIES OR FEATURE. We are looking for minimal location holiday films, or thrillers. We are also looking to read more series. The budgets for these films will be determined once we read it. Do NOT submit anything other than holiday or thriller. We have shot several series and feature film MOWs for several networks. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

IMMIGRATION FEATURE. We are looking for a feature that deals with immigration on the US/Mexico border. Must have a female lead. Budget won't exceed $250K. Option then payment. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ALIEN FEATURE SCRIPT. Seeking a low-budget sci-fi (possible comedy) that features aliens. Something contained. Something corky and weird like Forbidden World (1982). Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER NEEDED. Looking for short film scriptwriter to work with me on a short film to be shot in a money transfer hawala with two main characters. Inspired by no country for old men coin flip scene. Genre: drama/thriller. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

2 MORE SCREENWRITERS FOR SCRIPT POLISH. Paid. Looking for screenwriter(s) who can help me "polish" my pitches and project descriptions in ENGLISH: We are working on five new TV-series, and a major streamer wants to have another meeting about all 5 projects. I have been making TV-series for them for the last 3 years, and it has become a big success, so now they want to have another meeting about my future projects. So, I need a) "Polishing" 3 pitches and 3 project descriptions (1-5 pages) b) Rewriting/writing 2 pitches and 3 project descriptions (1-5 pages). Two of my projects have a greenlight for filming a high quality promo in NYC/ Spain. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEATURE ABOUT BOXING. We have a boxer now turned actor that we would like to star in our next film. Budget should not exceed $2M. Something similar to THE FIGHTER, that intertwines family, addiction, even romance. Option than purchase. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

COMEDY SHORT WANTED. Director is searching for his next short. Only Comedy. Budget around $5K. Payment for script between $500-$1K. The short will most likely be shot in or around Washington State. Will also be sent to film festivals. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CHRISTMAS FEATURE SCRIPT. Emmy award-winning team is looking for a Christmas script with very minimal characters mostly shot in a home. Think micro budget/high production value. Payment: 5% of budget and backend. Romance genre. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

WAR, ACTION, TRUE STORY FEATURES. I have spent over 28 years in the industry as a Special Effects Supervisor (Batman Begins, The Wolfman, Band of Brothers) and am now looking at using my unique skillset to produce feature length movies or TV Series. I am initially looking at 5-10M USD budget projects with an emphasis on True Story, War, Military, Iraq, Afghanistan conflicts. I am keen on getting to know the characters and understanding their backgrounds to add substance and depth to the production. These will be shot in the middle East and with Heavy In Camera Special Effects, explosions, military Vehicles, etc. I would like to see desert based locations. Payment for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HIGH SCHOOL/COLLEGE STUDENT FEATURE SCRIPTS. Genres acceptable: Drama, Horror, or Thriller only. I'm looking for a union or non union writer that has a script with High School (seniors) or College age student/s (male for sure and could add female love interest) as the leads. This will be a low budget film with very few locations. Limited cast size. My last feature starred Terry Kiser (Bernie from Weekend at Bernie's). SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CRIME-NOIR-THRILLER FEATURE. Low budget, UK based, female-led, Noir, dark, around 100 pages, few characters, few locations. Features only. Payment will be negotiated. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCRIPT DOCTOR. Looking for a script doctor to do a medium level rewrite on an action-comedy script attentively title Valley. The characters need to be more developed, so I'm looking for an experienced script doctor that can fix the issues so the script can have a better script score. Total time is 2 months since I'm on a deadline to get this finished. Prime Candidates will receive a zoom link to speak with me to talk more about the project. Payment around $4K. Currently I'm packaging 3 features for investors, and this will be my third of the package. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

COMEDY SHORT. Looking to produce and direct a short film this upcoming year. Preferably Comedy/ rom-com Reference: Airplane, Naked gun or like 21 jump street. This will be a low budget project, so few locations and cast would be great. There will be payment.

ARTISTIC FEATURE SCRIPTS. We are looking for a great story (any genre) with capabilities to shoot for Film Festivals like (Tribeca, Cannes, Toronto and many others). Something artistic but powerful story. These festivals have a specific niche, so please make sure your story fits. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FILM NOIR FEATURE. Please understand the genre before submitting your project. We would like the story set in and around the 30's, 40's or 50's. Budget TBD. Our team of crew and producers would like to begin filming in the end of 2023, or first of 2024. Please nothing overly expensive. We love stories with brutal antagonists. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORT SET IN APARTMENT. Indian filmmaker seeks the following: 1) The story must not have more than 2 characters. 2. The story must be based in or around one apartment. 3. The story should be about “self acceptance” or something in which the protagonist overcomes a problem then to find out that the problem was not really outside in the world but inside him/her. Payment for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CO-WRITER FOR SUPER HERO FILM. Must know how to write a full length superhero movie with action, drama, suspense, sadness with action pack fight scenes. Payment is a one time fee for the co-writer. I created. produced, directed a full length animated original Christmas movie. Also a original animated series with several IP's I have in development. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

INDIE SHORT SCRIPT. Producer/Director is in search of a screenplay around 20 pages that is both indie in budget and storyline and budget. Thriller and comedy scripts only. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR-THRILLER-CRIME-REVENGE FEATURES. Company searching for their next screenplay. We are in the market for a horror, thriller, action, crime or stand out revenge screenplay. Production must be below a £1m budget with minimal cast and locations and able to shoot in Great Britain (Wales, Scotland, England). Comps: Reservoir Dogs, The Blair Witch Project, X, The Infinity Chamber. What not to send: TV pilots, short films, fantasy, and period pieces or costume dramas. Payment negotiable.  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ONE LOCATION/CHARACTER FEATURE. Searching for an ultra low budget feature length screenplay that features one character and one location. A simple location. Something along the lines of Nightingale (2014) Locke (2013) or Buried (2010). Drama and thriller are best, but any genre will work. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR FEATURE. I have been on the hunt for a good low-budget horror script for a long time with no luck. If you have a good concept horror script, I'd be interested in reading. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

COMEDY-HORROR SHORT. I am looking for a comedy-horror short to produce and direct in 2023. The script should not be any longer than 10 pages. Female lead would be great. Think of the 'The Nun 2'. Only shorts, no other genres. Payment for script. Budget TBD.

ROMCOM SCREENWRITER. Looking to hire a screenwriter with comedic chops for a feature length ROM-COM (currently a treatment exists but would need further development). Low budget film. Position will be paid, rate negotiable. Would need to see example of a comedy script you’ve written. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ELDERLY CAST SCRIPT. Seeking a feature script with an elderly cast. Asian leads preferred. Budget needs to be under $1MM. Will accept submissions from produced and unproduced writers. If we have interest in the pitch, we will reach out for the script. No horror. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCIENCE FICTION TV WRITER. We are working on a short sci-fi series that is in pre-production called Nemesis. We are looking for an experienced writer to work on the dialogue and putting together the story. You MUST have sci-fi experience. Pay is hourly. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

COMEDY SITCOM WRITER. Producer/Director is looking for a screenwriter for a 24 minute sitcom about a rapper. Payment per episode. You will write character bio, and A/B/C storyline. Must have experience in TV comedy. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORTS WITH LOTS OF VISUAL EFFECTS. I work for a visual effects company and we are looking to make a short with lots of effects for under $20K. No features. Action or Fantasy would be our first choice. No dramas or romances. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ACTION FEATURE OR TELE-MOVIE. Looking for action scripts in the <2.5MM range. Location TBD, though likely incentive/budget driven. 90-110 pages. Fight action and small arms. Heist, war, crime, revenge, Noir, Mercenary. No other genres accepted. Purchase price TBD. Producer's credits include 18 1/2, Savage Dog, The Mercenary. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SEEKING CREENWRITERS FOR WRITING ROOM. I'm seeking junior screenwriters to join my writing room. Scope of work spans research, story, screenplay and dialogues for original films and series. This is a paid part time job that demands both offline and online working hours. Mumbai only. English language skills must be good. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

LOS ANGELES-BASED CO-SCREENWRITER NEEDED. We are looking for a co-screenwriter; the story is ready. It's in 85% English and 15% French. ULB feature film shot in LA. We are a newly formed production company based in Los Angeles. Paid You will get credit, as well. Female screenwriters preferably, must be based in Los Angeles. The screenwriter has to sit and write with our co-screenwriter, who is the Director, Producer, Writer and Actor of the film, in our office in Hollywood, CA. The hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and lunch is provided. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR/PARANORMAL FEATURE. Specific request: 6-8 person cast. 1 main location with 1 minor location 90-100 mins . Looking for a film about paranormal researchers or semi-famous ghost hunters on YouTube that stumble across a home that is haunted. This is a shoe-string, ultra low budget production. Think storylines like: No nana land, rise of the crimson butcher, infamous, ci ape. Payment for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEATURE WITH FEMALE LEAD. Looking for a low budget script, female lead. Only Action or Drama to be produced. It will be played by a Latina actress. Not necessarily looking for latinx stories but open to something that bring a sparkle to it. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEATURE SCRIPT SET (OR CAN BE FILMED) IN NORTHERN ONTARIO: REQUIREMENTS: Can be filmed in ONTARIO, CANADA only. Weather: extreme cold in the winters. Must have limited locations, preferably 3 or less. Something in a snowy cottage country. All indoors preferred. High concept thriller, think the movie 'Cold Blooded'. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENPLAY WRITER FOR HORROR SCRIPT. Looking for a screenplay writer for our complete original horror story (50,000 words). We need the story converted into a script/screenplay for a £300,000 budget feature length being filmed next year at the house from Malevolence (Netflix).  Details: Must be either UK Based & available to be on set as a script supervisor OR from the USA and happy for a script supervisor to take over your work. For this particular project we are not looking for NON English as first language speaking individuals. Must have a background in writing Horror/Thriller screenplays with published work we can be linked to. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR MUSICAL. I'm a singer and songwriter from the UK. I've written and produced ten new songs and a screenplay for a musical film. It tells the story of a man who finds himself falling in a love with a guy, for the first time. The songs are raw, emotional and honest. I'm looking to find a screenwriting consultant or partner to help me tighten up the script a little, before casting. I'm looking for someone who understands writing in a musical film genre. Payment negotiable. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ADAPTATION. I am seeking a screenwriter to adapt my first book into a feature script. Please have experience with adaptations. Payment is negotiable. Please send qualifications. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

UK FEATURE SCRIPTS (£5M+ BUDGET). Calling all screenwriters, writer-directors, etc. GIP is open to submissions for the following: UK Feature Film Scripts (£5M+ budget) in any of the following genres; Thriller, Horror, Comedy, Action and Rom-Com. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

MYSTERY SCRIPT WRITERS. Improve and/or rewrite scenes for a mystery told through an "escape-like" room scenario.  Make sure the backstory of the crime is well thought out and is reflected in the clues in each room/space. Must have previous experience writing in the mystery genre, ex - crime shows, thriller books, riddles, etc. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ANY GENRE TV SERIES, FEATURES. Credited production company into ad films, now venturing into films, web series, tv shows, YouTube content. We are looking for low budget scripts to produce, indie films, series, content. Open to any genre as long as it's low budget. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

NATIVE FRENCH-SPEAKING SCREENWRITER NEEDED. We are looking for a native French-speaking screenwriter to create a script for a television talk show. In each episode, we invite 4 speakers - CEOs of major startups in France, to discuss their experiences and opinions. The show is intended to be informative and entertaining. We are looking for a talented French-speaking screenwriter who has already worked with talk shows. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR-THRILLER SCRIPTS. Currently only searching for horror, thriller, and crime features. Will strongly consider shorts, too. WCS has worked on projects such as: BLADE RUNNER 2049 and FATE OF THE FURIUOUS. Budget TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORT ON THE BORDER. We would like to review scripts that are set on the USA-Mexico border. We are open to all types of stories except things that deal with narcotics. Everything else is welcomed. There will be payment for the script. And, the script will be produced in 2023. We contracted a writer through SS before. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR AGENCY. I'm looking to hire a screenwriter for our creative agency (paid role, fulltime).We produce around 100 short scripts per month. Videos last anywhere from 45s to 1m30. We're looking for someone that knows how to screenwriter and that would be willing to learn marketing. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

COMEDY SCREENWRITERS. We are looking for non-native comedy writers living in the UK for a writers' room. The comedy-drama will focus on what it’s like to live as a non-native foreigner in the UK, especially from the EU and Central and Eastern Europe. Very strong consideration goes to underrepresented writers. PAID OPPORTUNITY. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEATURE SCRIPT OR PILOT ON BEING MEXICAN. Looking for script touches on being MEXICAN. Accepting completed scripts or very detailed treatments.  Genres accepted: Comedy, Drama, or Dramedy. If it's something that works for us, we'll request the first 20 pages of the script, and full script later on. During the option agreement, and final purchase of the script, we will take on Directing and Producing, can stay on board as Writer if that's the preference, but Directing and Producer roles will be at Production Company's discretion.  Most recent feature was official selection at Tribeca Film Festival this year, winning the Audience award, and continues to excel on the festival circuit. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORT SCRIPT, 5-10 MINS. I am looking for 1-2 short film scripts to shoot in the upcoming year. Ideally looking for 5-10 mins, low budget, min characters, min locations type of thing. Open to genres but as a heads up I tend to steer away from anything involving supernatural elements. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEMALE LEAD, FEATURE. I am an actor and budding producer, and I'm looking for a feature length script to option and work on producing next year. It should be able to be made low budget, hopefully between 60-90 pages, have a really great female lead between 25-30ish years old, and have a high concept story line that is really unique and interesting. I would want to act in the leading role. I am looking for a story that needs to be told, captivating, well written/structured, has a lot of heart, and also marketable. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

1 LOCATION SHORT SCRIPT. SHP is looking for a 1-2 location short script, preferably set between 4 walls. Low-budget. Only genres acceptable: DRAMA or COMEDY. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

COMEDY TV SCRIPT WRITER. I’m looking for a comedy talk show writer for my new upcoming show. TRUE ALTITUDE. A little background about me, I have a Real Estate Business & Private Jet Business. On my show I'll be talking about both so the content should reflect that. I’ll be talking about the real estate market & the private jet market and key news in both industries. I’m trying to deliver a late night show vibe but in a funny but informative way. Very similar to the Colbert report on Comedy Central. PLEASE NOTE: The entire show will be filmed in a green screen room. I’m working with a VFX artist to do wild graphics and antics. I will be the host. Hopefully your ideas are starting to brew. I need to give off the impression that I ONLY work with the 1% and nothing less. This is a weekly show. So if this works out I would be utilizing your service on an ongoing basis.  Payment to be determined. 


LOW BUDGET ROMCOM. We are seeking a low-budget feature romcom. Something in the vein of THE BICK SICK. Our team will review all pitches, but we can only respond back if we want to read the script. Minority characters are highly encouraged. Location needs to be it he US, preferably the South. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

WESTERN-ROMCOM RE-WRITE. Western Rom-Com full script rewrite. Needs to be shortened from 120 to 90 pages, Main characters developed further, featured characters also. Narrative and exposition decreased, and visuals increased. Only experienced western and/or romance film writers apply. Please send samples of your screenplays. Will start with writing synopsis of improved script. Payment negotiable. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CHRISTIAN FEATURE SCRIPT. Our production team is looking to produce a Christian/Faith-Based film (not spiritual) in late 2023. We have a location on the East Coast, so the setting/story should be set in the winter. Male or Female lead is fine. Budget not yet TBD. But we don't have ability to make a multi million dollar film. So please projects under 1-2M max. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ANY GENRE SHORT SCRIPT. I am a director based out of Australia. I am currently looking for a short script to fund and direct in the coming year. Any genre - as long as it is under 15p.  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

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