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Speedy Script Program: Elevate, sell, and connect scripts to professionals.


At Screenwriting Staffing, we've optimized the journey from script to screen, creating a seamless, drive-through-like experience specifically engineered for elevating and selling your screenplay.

Our core services – premium screenwriting leads, customized query letters, professional script analysis, and precision-targeted e-blasts – have always been instrumental for many in the industry. Yet, we understand that screenwriters are a diverse group. Some may be inches away from their objective, seeking that final push. Others hold potent narratives but need the expertise to polish, pitch, and present them to the industry's luminaries.


The world of screenwriting is rife with labs, fellowships, and mentorships that often zoom in on story development, neglecting the crucial phase of connecting scripts with key industry players. Moreover, such services can be both time-consuming and expensive.


Enter our Speedy Script Development & Pitch Program—a curated blend of our most effective services. We don't just polish your script; we propel it into pitch-mode, placing it directly in the limelight for industry leaders. Drawing from our historical successes, we're confident that this program is your accelerated track to standing out in a competitive industry.

How it works!


Crafting a stellar script is only the beginning. With Screenwriting Staffing, you'll receive honest, constructive feedback tailored to bring out the best in your work. Over the years, our proven coverage/notes service has empowered writers to refine their skills, leading them to invaluable industry connections.


Price when purchased separately: $100+



First impressions can be game-changers in the world of screenwriting. We're here to ensure that your introduction isn't just good—it's exceptional. Our tailored, strategic query letters are meticulously crafted to bridge the gap between your talent and the industry's movers and shakers, ushering in a wave of new opportunities for your career.


Price when purchased separately: $95



One-on-One Consultations: Our personalized zoom video sessions are dedicated to refining your script, pitch, and presentation.


Experience the power of personalized guidance, offering motivation and inspiration every step of the way.


Price when purchased separately: $200+


Welcome to an elite circle of talent. Our Premium Membership isn't just a title—it's your passport to PAID screenwriting jobs, exclusive industry networks, and direct access to film and TV professionals eager to purchase scripts and collaborate with gifted writers like you. The next step? Get your script on the big screen.


Price when purchased separately: $130




Through our advanced dual-channel query

letter campaigns

across email and social media, screenwriters have secured representation, successfully sold and optioned their scripts, and witnessed their creations transition seamlessly into production. It's not just about writing—it's about making a lasting impact in your presentation.


Price when purchased separately: $99




In every profession, including screenwriting, a well-crafted resume is essential.


Whether you're just starting out or an experienced veteran, we personalize your experience to create a resume designed to land you your next opportunity!


Price when purchased separately: $125

But there's more! While not all script contests are of equal stature, some can catapult you in front of industry decision-makers, kickstart your career, and offer significant cash prizes. We've partnered with notable competitions like

The Golden Script Competition (with access to 60+ OSCAR & BAFTA-winning production companies & agencies), Filmmatic Screenwriting Awards (distributed to top film/TV studios, agencies), and the Reno-Tahoe Screenplay Contest (where your script is optioned and produced), among others.


After evaluating your script, we'll pinpoint the best contest for your story. Plus, you'll receive one free contest submission, a value of over $75!

Your story deserves to be told. With Screenwriting Staffing, we're committed to ensuring it's told right. Let's collaboratively craft masterpieces that stand the test of time. Your screenwriting journey, redefined.

So, who will be your direct point of contact?

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We think it's essential for you to understand the projects that your mentor, Jacob, has played a significant role in. Over the past year, Jacob produced "CONTROL" featuring Kevin Spacey, now on major VOD platforms, CRUST, staring Alan Ruck & Sean Whalen, coming to theaters in the Fall of 2024, & "CURSED WATERS," starring Costas Mandylor & Michael Paré, coming to VOD streaming platforms in 2025. Learn more about Jacob on IMDb. Please find the trailers below!

[Original size] [Original size] SS Banner Transparent (1).png

"Wow! I can’t thank you enough for your super-detailed feedback! So organized * clear, combining complements & reinforcements with constructive and targeted criticism. It was so helpful to read & I can’t wait to start brainstorming and rewriting according to your notes. I’m so glad I chose your SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM and will definitely recommend it to anyone who is willing to listen."
- Hadar Yaakovi (Israel)

** SUCCESS STORY: Literary Manager Kathy Muraviov, with The Muraviov Company, agreed to REPRESENT Phyllis Corley's drama (made-for-tv) screenplay, EVOLVEMENT.

** SUCCESS STORY: Aliyah Jackson HIRED Mary Goldman to join the writing team for the web-series, THE TAJ CHRONICLES (2 Seasons completed).

** SUCCESS STORY: Eun-Kyung Jun and her production team PURCHASED Caroline Bester's action-thriller "WILD AS SIN." Film will be shot in South Korea.

** SUCCESS STORY: Nick Montalvo, with Riveting River Entertainment, entered into a SHOPPING AGREEMENT with Laura Guy's feature script  REMEMBER I LOVE YOU.

** SUCCESS STORY: Rogelio Magallanes HIRED Bárbara Vega to adapt a novel for which he holds the rights into a screenplay.

** SUCCESS STORY: Timothy Lockridge OPTIONED Blake Mote's feature horror script, WELCOME TO TOWN.

Are you ready to get started?

This isn't just another standard fellowship, lab, or mentorship. It's an opportunity to collaborate directly with the SS Founder to refine your script and place it in the hands of those truly capable of bringing your film to life.


Purchasing all of these services separately would cost well-over $900 and take more that a year! We're offering this tailored and accelerated program for a mere $429.99. 

 Before submitting, we strongly recommend reviewing our

Q&A and Terms & Conditions. Click here!

 Are you ready to take the next step and get started with us? Let's go! Click here to begin!

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