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your script read by the decision-makers

Screenwriters who routinely Option and/or Sell their script do so by 1) writing an effective query letter for each script and 2) targeting qualified and capable industry buyers and pros and then sending them their polished query letter.

After 9 years of continued success, Screenwriting Staffing has proven that sending out query letters regularly is one of the most effective ways to connect with producers, companies, and agents. SS has facilitated over 275 success stories (options, purchases, representation, jobs), with over 100 scripts being produced.

That is why we launched a one-of-a-kind social media and email query letter campaign service.

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How it works once you submit your
query letter to our staff:


Our staff will provide minor edits to ensure readability and formatting. 


Your query letter will be sent out to over 3,000 industry pros and buyers (agents, producers, companies, directors) that have subscribed to our email list over the last 9 years.


Your query letter will be shared with our extensive social media following of 75K+ (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Social Media Groups & Forums). These are entertainment professionals active within the film and television business. 


After 2 days, another email blast will be sent out to the unopened emails, maximizing your chances for a read and request.


Your logline will be posted on our logline board.

What happens from here?

If your query letter piques an industry professional's interest, the pro will email you directly to read the script (or to set up a call/meeting); or, the pro will reach out to us to connect you directly with them.


Our comprehensive industry and buyer list are professionals who have used our site in some capacity over the last 9 years. These are pros from all over the world, with merit and vetted credits/work.

Screenplay Contests charge lots of money to get your script into the hands of decision-makers. But only 1-2% of the screenwriters actually get their script read by top industry judges.


Our query letter marketing campaign gets your query letter right into the hands of those who matter! Emails are one of the top ways to get in touch with the major film and television players, but it can’t end there in today's market. That’s why we parlay our query letter blast with the power of social media to maximize your success!

Let's get started!

** SUCCESS STORY: Micheline Keller, with the Keller Entertainment Group of Los Angeles, OPTIONED "MOMENTS OF GLORY" from Beni Fiore. Ben also OPTIONED his screenplay "THE FIFTH GRAVE: A Collection of Haunting Tales", with Sherry Robb and Marc Martinez, of The Robb Company in Los Angeles. 

** SUCCESS STORYCharles Morris Jr., V.P. of Development and Acquisitions for Global Genesis Group, OPTIONED Milan Skrecek's Holiday Feature ''A CALIENTE CHRISTMAS;'.

** SUCCESS STORY: Kenya Branch signed an OPTIONED agreement with Ali Schmahl, of AlefCine Pictures, for his script "TRAINS OF THOUGHT".

** SUCCESS STORYPhillip E. Hardy signed a RIGHT-TO-SHOP AGREEMENT for his screenplay "THE OTHER AUSTEN GIRL" with James Quince of Golden Idea Productions. James also signed a RIGHT-TO-SHOP AGREEMENT for Faith D Cox's screenplays for her screenplays A LADLE OF LOVE and THE CHRISTMAS BEAU.

** SUCCESS STORY: Tom Vecchio signed an OPTION agreement with Angus Benfield, of Bridge and Acorn Entertainment, for his script "THE WINDOW MARSH".

** SUCCESS STORY: John Strawn, with Common Era Films, OPTIONED Ron Chepesiuk's script "DEATH FENCES"

** SUCCESS STORY: Michael Adante, with Adante Media, OPTIONED Marty Howe's screenplay "CREEP CATCHER."

** SUCCESS STORY: Nick Montalvo, with Riveting River Entertainment, OPTIONED Laura Guy's script REMEMBER I LOVE YOU.​ Riveting River Entertainment also entered into a SHOPPING AGREEMENT with

Bill Well's script GRAVE DUTY.

** SUCCESS STORY: Jerry Robbins SIGNED with Literary Agent Stephanie Rodgers of Stephanie Rogers & Associates.

** SUCCESS STORY: Lisa Simpson, with Simpson Literary Agency, has agreed to REPRESENT "READ NAKED" by Adam Rocke.

** SUCCESS STORY: Robert Stitt of Stitt Entertainment has agreed to REPRESENT "LIMBO" by Jan Fettin Maxwell.



Q: How soon will my query letter be sent out? 

A: Query letters are sent out in the order in which they are received. We space out query letter blasts in order to give our pros time to read and evaluate each pitch. Expect up to 2 weeks once you submit.


Q: How many script requests/responses should I expect?

A: Well-written, high concept query letters tend to get the most responses. Other factors include: genre, budget, location, and time of the year. Here is some advice.

Q: Will Screenwriting Staffing re-write my query letter?

A: No. We may make some minor adjustments to ensure readability, but if the query letter requires a lot of work, we suggest using our query letter assistance service.


Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Once your query letter is blasted out, a refund can not be given. If you wish to have a refund before your query letter is emailed, 80% of your purchase will be given back.


Q: What kind of projects do our pros accept?

A: Our pros accept features, television pilots, and shorts. At this time, we can not accept stage plays or books. All genres are accepted, but horror, dramas, and t seem to do the best.

Q: What budgets do your pros typically work with?

A: While we do have some major companies on our list, most of our pros work in the moderate to low budget world. As high as $10MM to as low as $100K. 

Q: If I select 2 query letters, will they be sent out separately? 

A: We find that combining the 2 in one email gives the writer the best chance to find success.

For more questions (or to see if your script is a good fit) email us!

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