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expert screenplay coverage for under $65. delivered within just 72 hours

SS readers have worked for the following: Disney Studios, Tristar Pictures, 

Sundance, Miramax Films, Final Draft, Bluecat, Sony, Tribeca, Austin, WorldFest, TMG Entertainment, You Go Far, SXSW, Paramount Vantage, Shore Scripts, & MORE!


UP TO 12


3 & 7 DAY 

At Screenwriting Staffing, our primary mission is to guide budding screenwriters towards success by offering them thorough, honest, and constructive feedback on their work. We understand that each script is a labor of love, crafted with passion and dedication. That's why we've developed a comprehensive coverage/notes service designed to delve deep into the intricacies of your story, character arcs, dialogue, and structure. Our seasoned team of professionals provides actionable insights that can significantly elevate the quality of your screenplay. Over the years, this service has not only assisted numerous writers in honing their craft but has also paved the way for them to establish invaluable industry connections. 

When you receive a consider rating on your script, you'll receive one free logline upload on our rating board, plus a free month of SS premium membership. If you receive a recommend rating, you'll get one free logline upload and a free year of premium membership. In addition, we'll send your logline to over 3,000 industry professionals, which has led to sales, representation, and assignments for many of our writers.

We recognize that achieving perfection in a screenplay is an elusive goal. That's why we reserve our 'consider' ratings for the top 10% of submissions and our esteemed 'recommend' ratings for an exclusive 4%. These ratings underscore our commitment to upholding the highest standards in screenwriting. Should you have queries regarding our coverage/notes service, kindly refer to the FAQ section at the page's end.

"Thank you for the script coverage for my feature script. This will truly help me fix my screenplay to become even better. Best wishes!"

"Many thanks for the feedback, really useful notes! Pass my thanks to the reader, there’s some good insights

and things for me to work on in the next re-write!"


“Thank you Screenwriting Staffing for the most comprehensive coverage I've ever received. Your analysis and strategies to improve my script were spot on. SS is my new 'go-to' for coverage!” 

Thank you, Screenwriting Staffing, for your coverage notes on HALFWAY HOME - it's timely and helpful in my rewriting of the script.

6 pages of
industry notes:
ONLY $64 (must be under 45 pages)

9 pages of
extensive, industry notes:
ONLY $79
(must be under 85 pages)

10 pages of
extensive, industry notes:
ONLY $89
(must be under
140 pages)

12 pages of
extensive, industry notes:
ONLY $99
(must be under
140 pages)

We help you elevate, package, and sell your script for ONLY
ONLY $450 


Q - Who receives my logline if I receive a recommend? 

- Our database of agents, managers, directors and producers. And, yes, this has resulted in success: options and sales! This is sent out 4 times a year.

​Q - Does SS disclose the "reader's" name?

A - Yes, but only if the screenwriter requests this prior to the coverage.


Q - Does SS offer FREE coverage?

A - SS offers 1 page of FREE coverage to 1-year PREMIUM MEMBERS


Q - What if my coverage isn't returned within the time-frame I chose (3 or 7)?

A- Screenwriter will receive a 100% refund, no questions asked.


Q - Do SS readers include a longer synopsis?

A - If requested upfront, yes. Otherwise, our readers like to focus their attention on ways to improve your screenplay. But not to worry, even if you don't request it, we still provide you with short summary. You can also get a longer synopsis through our query letter service.


Q - If I want more than 1 script covered, do you offer a discount? 

A - Yes, we offer 15% off. Contact us directly.

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