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* SCRIPT DOCTOR NEEDED. I am looking for a script doctor of skill, experience, and notoriety for a touch up job on a script. Received two less than stellar evaluations on the Black List, but the notes were quite praiseworthy, all things considered, but the script was not without flaw. This is a little outside my wheelhouse. This is where you come in, I need someone to read the script as it is, read the notes, and make corrections accordingly. I can make the file available to you. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* WEB-SERIES SCRIPTS. We are looking to produce a series through the web. We want short episodes, no longer than 15 minutes (not short scripts). We would like to see a deck and a synopsis. If we are interested we will request the first episode. There is pay. Our team is based in Germany, Scotland, and Singapore, but we will accept writers and stories from anywhere. All genres accepted except horror. 


* SCREENWRITER FOR SLASHER FILM. We are seeking a non-wga screenwriter who can take a comic book we own the rights to and turn it into a screenplay. The comic book falls under science fiction, but we would like to turn this into a slasher. The writer must have at least one produced short or feature (or television) horror credit to apply. This is a paid job, TBD, but between 7.5K to 10K, depending on experience. Your location is not important (must be fluent in English). SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* WESTERN FEATURE. We are looking for completed feature-length westerns based on the life of legendary gunslinger, lawman, and cowboy Frank Eaton aka Pistol Pete. Budget is to be determined. WGA and non-WGA writers may submit at this time. Payment negotiable. We are not accepting any other material. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* SHORT SCRIPTS. We are looking for 2 short scripts that have no more than 3 locations. Payment for each short. Genres we will accept: horror, comedy, drama. Nothing else at this time. Budget for shorts will not exceed 10K each. We produced a short through SS in 2017. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* THRILLER SET IN MEXICO. We are looking for a thriller, preferably something with a female lead (but not mandatory) that is set in Mexico. The script does not need to be in Spanish (we can translate), but the story must be in Mexico, preferably in rural Mexico (not mandatory). We have a B-list Mexican actress to play a lead role. Movie to reference as far as preferred storyline is DEEP CRIMSON (Profundo Carmesí). SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* CRIME FEATURE SCRIPT. Looking for something that can be filmed minimally (ultra low budget). I would like something gritty. Not so many guns and battles as thriller-type underworld. Taxi Driver and Mean Streets, not Transporter. Preferably UK small town based. But transferable. Estimated budget between 50K-100k. 2 features under our belt; countless commercials. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* SCREENWRITER/RESEARCHER. SGP is looking for screenwriters & researchers for Feature Films and Web Series. Qualifications (A Mus)t: Must speak either Hindi & Marathi, as well as English. Location: Mumbai; Remuneration is negotiable. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

* FEATURE SCRIPTS, 1MM. Feature-length projects that are set in Italy or France. Note: we are not wanting to read material where the location can be adapted to those countries. We only want to read material where either France or Italy play an important role/element in the story. Budget will not exceed 1MM. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

WRITER FOR TREATMENT. I optioned the rights of a New York times best selling book to be made into a feature film. I am looking for a screenwriter to read the book and then write a synopsis/treatment of the book. This will also be used in the deck. The current book is based off of Indian mythology and young adult fantasy. Ideally, I am looking for a writer who has worked with production companies like Westbrook, Legendary, Netflix, Miramax, Warner Brothers. And who has done work on mythological content based on family fantasy and action. The book is about 350-375 pages. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

SCREENWRITER FOR BRAINSTORMING SESSIONS. Brainstorm and rewrite an outline. logline: A girl sets out to get revenge on her cheating boyfriend using witchcraft, but a curse is unleashed threatening her and her best friends’ lives. I will discuss story plots with writer two to three hours everyday. <$200 a day. One-two weeks. I hired a writer through SS back in December. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

ROMCOM SCREENWRITER. We are looking for a writer based in Southern California to work with us on a romcom set in college. Must have significant romcom writing experience with sample and credits to back it. Paid position. Starts in 2 weeks. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

MICRO BUDGET FEATURE SCRIPT. We're looking for a  micro-budget feature film with two or three characters in one or two easy locations. We would like to have a script with great values/morals, with a big finale which can give a moral teaching. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

STAFF WRITER, LA OR NYC. We are hiring an Awards Staff Writer to join our newsrooms in either NYC or LA. With a renowned authority among artists, fans and the industry,  powers the ultimate global music destination and magazine, featuring unrivaled reporting on music news, issues and trends, and the industry's definitive charts. We are seeking a keen attention to detail because there are literally dozens of award shows each year. We also cover the various organizations that bestow these awards, such as the Recording Academy and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, which make news apart from their awards and nominations. Both are very active currently on race and equity initiatives, which we cover. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

DRAMATIC TV SERIES WRITER/GRAPHIC DESIGNER FOR PITCH DECK. We have posted here and met some talented candidates, however, not the right one. The person will be required to do a heavy amount of research on life in "Los Angeles" as far back as the 1700's: THE RANCHO SAN PEDRO. We have developed an outline for a multi-generational four to five seasons high budget early California historical true story series. The writer will have dramatic TV series experience able to rewrite and polish an existing 15 page outline. The right person will be able to create 

original graphics that resemble that time period. Please do not apply if you don't have prior experience or skills, $3500 fee, two week turn, submit pitch bible examples. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

ISO COMEDY & DRAMA TV PILOTS.  Seeking lower budget pilot with intentions to shop produced pilot. Only want to read Drama and Comedies. Winner of best director Sundance in the past. I own a production company in Cleveland, Ohio with both the technical and financial means to produce a pilot. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

DARK COMEDY FEATURE. We want to read dark comedy feature scripts. Think of movies like THE LOBSTER. No other genre. While you don't have to be Canadian, the story must be able to be shot in Canada. This is for tax credit purposes. Budget is open. Payment union rates. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

FILM & TV DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT NEEDED. SOT are looking for an experienced Scripted assistant to help develop TV shows and films. This is an opportunity to join a growing team working on premium content with an international appeal in both comedy and drama. You'll be working with up and coming talent on and off the screen. Significant experience ideally at another production company or on scripted content. This is a full-time permanent position. Salary TBC. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

EXPERIENCED SCREENWRITER WANTED. I am in the midst of writing a psychological, action, drama involving 2 brothers. I'm looking for someone who can work closely with me on ideas toward completion, collaborate on a work-in-progress screenplay. Outline, genre and basic storyline are complete. I am an attorney by day. So I need an experienced screenwriter to help me with this project. Payment negotiable. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

SCI-FI, THRILLER, OR COMEDY FEATURES/TELE-MOVIES. I'm an actress and producer, and looking for some potential sci fi, thriller or comedy feature length scripts (or tele-movie) that have a female lead in her 20's or early 30's. I am looking for lower budget scripts to produce, with a minimal cast and crew if possible. WGA Standard Rates. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

SHORT DRAMA ON ADDICTION. I am looking to Produce & Direct a 20-30 dramatic short film this fall 2021, to be filmed in either Vancouver, BC or Ottawa, ON. As a recovered alcoholic/addict, I am looking for a powerful script on addiction and recovery in the realm of Requiem for a Dream, A Star is Born, Leaving Las Vegas, etc. No stunts, special effects, etc. I have over 20 years in the film industry in almost very department and aim to make this my best project to date. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT.

ISO FAITH-BASED FILM AND TV SHOW SCRIPTS. Production Company is searching for Faith-Based stories to bring to life. If you have a deck or detailed query letter/treatment, please email (Film & Tv shows scripted and unscripted). We did this a few years ago, and found an amazing script. Our last film starred Dennis Quaid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CHRISTMAS ROMANCE FEATURES. We’re looking for Christmas/Holiday romance or Christmas rom coms. Non WGA writer a plus. No other genres. Budget open. Compensation TBD. We have produced projects through Hallmark and Lifetime. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORT SCRIPTS WANTED. We are looking for short scripts for a specific actor. The lead role needs to be for a 16 to 18-year-old male (or adaptable for that). Max 15 pages, contained, and preferably with a martial arts scene (although will consider scripts without one or those that we can easily edited to add a scene). We are looking for dramatic scripts that have a message. Open to sci-fi, fantasy or suspense dramas as long as the story is contained. Hoping to produce in June-July. MWP is an award-winning full-service film production company specializing in high-quality storytelling. We have hired via SS twice before. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ACTION-COMEDY FEATURE. Producer looking for spec script for a feature length action-comedy. No other genre. Budget around US $2,000,000. Option/Buyout. He is known for Resistance & Gloria. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

POLICE DRAMA FAITH-BASED FEATURES. Looking for Pro Police themed stories, focusing on the struggles, personal costs, family sacrifices and political turmoil of police work. Budget between $500,000 and $2 million. Feature-length. WGA scale depending on final budget. 20+ year television creative (ABC, NBC, CBS) forming well financed production company specializing in faith based, middle America traditional value themed movies. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

DARK COMEDIES OR EROTIC THRILLERS. We are looking for properties that we can option as part of our slate. We are looking for projects that can be made for $1 - $2 million. We would like to keep the cast size to a minimum as well as locations. We are also only interested in scripts that are between 80 - 100 pages. Please do not send us scripts that are over 100 pages.  With regard to the Erotic Thrillers, please do not send anything overly pornographic. We're looking for films like Basic Instinct, Dressed To Kill, The Housemaid, Unfaithful, Swimming Pool, Bound, Mulholland Drive, or Chloe. 


SCREENWRITER FOR TRAILER. Looking to create several 3-4 minute trailers that will help promote documentary videos that will begin shooting in the fall. These videos will be shared with investors, sponsors and advertisers of the project(s) to summarize the stories and generate excitement. No footage of the documentary is available, so we will be using still photographs, voice overs, and others graphics to tell the stories. Creating scripts that will engage are critical to this effort. We would prefer to negotiate a flat fee after sharing full scope of project(s), but can also pay hourly rate if that is preferred. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

TV SERIES WANTED. We are working with a producer in Saudi Arabia who is looking to purchase a TV series. Should be 30 episodes. Genres accepted: Comedy, drama, action, or horror. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FAITH-BASED FEATURE SCRIPT. We are wanting to read feature-length Christian. faith-centered scripts. Think of 'Miracles from Heaven'. Script set in Southwest preferred (Arizona, New Mexico). Prefer stories that feature more of an adult cast (not kids). SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORT ANIMATION SCRIPT. Searching for shorts under 30 minutes that can compete in top festivals. We are looking for stories that pull on the heart string. Open to most genres, except horror. Payment will be given for script. We produced a short through SS back in 2019. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR FEATURE SCRIPT. We are looking for horror material to produce this summer. Budget wont' exceed 500K. Projects must be set in the United States. Blood and gore okay, but we would like to avoid nudity. Scripts with small cast preferred. Payment will be decided based on final budget.



PROJECT. We are looking for a talented screenwriter to transform an early draft of a 20 minute narrative film to camera ready. The ideal candidate has a deep understanding of character-driven storytelling, yet willing to play with weaving in experimental sequences and collaborate. Experience with topics of social & eco justice, white fragility, American colonial history, and sexual/gender identity are a plus. LGBT+, BIPOC, disabled, and other underrepresented writers are encouraged to apply. Paid.


FEATURE-LENGTH THRILLER SCRIPT. We are seeking a thriller script that can be produced on an ultra low budget ($300,000 and below). It needs to meet the following parameters or it will NOT be considered. Please submit a logline to synopsis, and if there is interest we will request the full script. Parameters: -Must have starring roles for a combo Bette Midler/Meryl Streep actress in her early mid 50s to early 60s, Caucasian (no older) -Must have a starring role for a Jake Gyllenhaal/Chris Evans-type actor in late 20s to early 30s, Caucasian. -Must contain strong onscreen relationship between the older female and younger man. This could be mother/son cop/criminal. Payment for script. We just produced a script through SS.  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HIGH CONCEPT SCI-FI FEATURES. ISO High Concept SciFi Scripts Projects like Ex Machina, Primer, The One I Love, Synchronic. Must be able to be made for <$1million. Limited locations, limited cast, no big extras scenes, or VFX requirements.. Paid - Option fee offered and purchase fee to be negotiated (non union). SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORT SCRIPTS WANTED. We are looking for either drama or comedy; no other genres. Payment TBD. Looking for stories with female lead 24-32. We have produced many films/commercials. One of our most notable projects was AMERICAN SON, the Sundance-nominated film written/directed by one of our founders Neil Abramson (UTA). SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR GRITTY URBAN FILM. Producer looking to partner up with an up and coming screenwriter that understands inner city culture (film will be taking place in West Baltimore, shooting this June). The tone we are going for is an R-rated gritty but adventure film. Think of it as a mix between Richard Donner's The Goonies and Justin Tipping's Kicks. I have already worked with a writing consultant for the film's main plot outline. Screenwriter will bring the story to life and develop major characters further. I am 100% open to a creative partnership as screenwriter will have most of the creative control. Payment TBD (mix of up front payment and equity in film). SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR HISTORICAL SERIES. Assist our writer to complete and polish a historical multi-general based five season proposed streamer series bible and pitch deck narratives. Candidate will review current work, provide creative and structural comments, co-rewrite and polish completed first draft work. The candidate will remotely work with us on the project. We are not signatories, so writer cannot be WGA member. Budget $2000. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FAMILY-FRIENDLY SCREENPLAY. We are looking for a family feature - one in which the lead is under 12 years old - for a microbudget production taking place this summer. Payment details TBD. Joanne Butcher was a producer on ADDICTIED (TV SERIES) & DEATH OF A FOOL. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SPORTS DOCUMENTARY WRITER. Major sports brand is seeking a creative individual that can help bring the director’s vision to life. She/he will help conceptualize and format scripts for a diverse type of media, with a main focus on long format shows, documentaries and films but also short format and promotional videos for different media and social platforms. Must have 7 years of experiences with both long and short format content. 


FEATURE PERIOD PIECE. Only looking for action period pieces. Searching for scripts with a budget of up to 20MM. Payment price TBD. Only finished scripts, not concepts. HB previously worked on the Walking Dead. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

LOS ANGELES-BASED BILINGUAL TV WRITER (CHINESE & ENGLISH). Responsibilities:  Read and research for the series. 

Brainstorm and break stories in the writers’ room on a daily basis. Write, rewrite, translate, localize & polish story outlines and teleplays. Provide notes on literary materials generated for the project. Compensation competitive / TBD. This is a non-WGA project. This is a long term position with  benefits. We have hired a TV writer through SS before. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SUSPENSE OR THRILLER FEATURES. Los Angeles-based production company that develops feature films and television series is searching for suspense or thriller feature scripts (no shorts or pilots) that are about relationships and character development. Female-driven is always a plus. Budget open. Buyout for script, non-WGA. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORT SCRIPTS WANTED. Preferably an international contest awarded script. Low budget, with a few characters and a few locations. Any genre accepted. Goal: festival. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR/SLASHER FEATURE RE-WRITE. Our team is looking for a screenwriter who is very familiar with the Horror/ Slasher Genre to complete a re-write on our feature film. The script is mostly done, however it needs some fine tuning, and some adjustments to characters. We are also happy to have you put your own creativity to work as well. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

DARK COMEDY, PILOTS. We were searching for supernatural thriller pilots last month, but opening up the search to dark comedies. We need a strong, original television pilot. We prefer you already have a TV Bible. While you don't have to be Canadian, the story must be able to be shot in Canada. This is for tax credit purposes. There is no exception. Budget is open. Payment union rates. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HALF HOUR COMEDY PILOTS. Comedies only. We are not going after networks, but new streaming services. So foul 

language and raunchy humor is acceptable. One of the leads or main supporting cast MUST be POC (person of color). No extravagant locations. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

DRAMA OR THRILLER SET IN LONDON. The ideal feature script fits into a 150k budget and is set in London. We're looking for a Drama Script shootable in 25 days (style references examples : Traffic/ Simshar). The film has to end on a positive note and address some meaningful values. We will negotiate a fee for the script. Only drama (or drama-thriller).

e are proud to have developed a big database of Locations and work closely with the film offices and councils in London, Scotland, Wales, Yorkshire, Kent, and Cornwall. We helped produced over 25 feature films. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR, SCIENCE-FICTION FEATURES. We have recently sourced £180k funding for a micro budget feature film, and are looking for a suitable genre script (sci-fi or horror). No other genres Ideally set in 1-2 locations and limited cast. Must have either lead or supporting female role (late 30s/early 40s). Payment TBD. We would love for you to submit through SS's form if you have anything suitable. Our films have won numerous awards and screened worldwide. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

LOW-BUDGET COMEDIES. International producer ISO low budget comedies. Female/male lead okay. Location - planning to shoot in Los Angeles, main location would be preferably a house. Only features. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLERS/DRAMAS. (2MM). We are currently looking for feature length dramas and psychological thrillers that can be produced on a low budget. We are most drawn to stories of the human condition that are rooted in truth rather than escapism. *Budget - Under 2M *Looking for stories with female lead (25-32 yo) or strong female supporting roles. Payment TBD. We have produced many films/commercials. One of our most notable projects was just recently a Sundance-nominated film. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR TV PILOT. We are looking for a horror TV pilot. We will accept hybrid horror, like slasher, paranormal, or creature. This is for a network in India so the content must 1) be able to be shot in India, and 2) feature at least one main Indian cast member. An example of horror-style Indian shows would be Betaal. If you've written for the Indian market, please state this in your introduction.  ​SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

RE-WRITE FOR SCI-FI SCRIPT. We are making a science-fiction short film this summer. It's based on a short story we own the rights too. We may eventually turn this into a feature. For now, we need a writer who specializes in science fiction to re-write our first draft. We have investments and grants, and can compensate a writer more than a fair fee. We must see sci-fi work and you must have sci-fi produced work. ​SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CRIME-ACTION FEATURE SCRIPTS (2MM). We are looking for action, crime, and thriller scripts with a strong female lead. Age range of female late 20's to early 30's. We are looking to produce these on a budget of $1 - $2 million. Scripts with heists, hitmen, detectives, cops, and anti-heroes will get special consideration. Option and percentage of production budget. Producer has over 20 produced film credits. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEMALE-LEAD ADVENTURE/SUSPENSE SCRIPTS (5M OR UNDER). Please only submit if your script meets our parameters. We are looking for adventure+suspense blended stories that are somewhat contained and manageable for an under 5 mil budget. Should have some heart and ability to add or have situational humor. 1980's and newer but no extended future concepts (potentially open to other time periods if fits budget and great concept.) To film potentially in New England or similar (but open). Cast size minimal, as tight to 90-100 as possible, female lead or potential to transform to female lead. Projects include both HBO and Lionsgate.  Option - Negotiable. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCRIPT WRITER NEEDED. We are going to produce some online training classes. We will send you a book and other background information to make this easy. We need a short 2-3 minute VO read to pitch the class. Then interview questions to get experts to talk about the subject. So I need you to go through the book and other materials write an outline for the class and then a short 30 second to 1 minute read to set up the topic and then specific questions to get the experts talking about that topic. Compensation will be provided. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

VOODOO SCRIPT. We would like to read horror scripts that are centered around voodoo. We will also consider thriller-dramas just as long as the story is set around the world of voodoo. No other exceptions. Budget won't exceed 500K. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

1-2 LOCATON COMEDY FEATURE. We want to shoot a comedy feature this summer. With Covid regulations, we can not accept material that has more than 2 locations. We would like the cast count to be low too. Stories set in a house or apartment would be perfect. We will accept submissions from produced and unproduced writers. Although, if you have had comedy material produced, please share. Budget won't exceed 500K. Payment negotiable. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CRIME-DRAMA SHORT SCRIPTS. I'm looking for a short-film screenplay to shoot during Feb 2021. The genre I am looking for is a Crime Drama/Thriller but am also open to other genres depending on the script. I am an experienced Director/Producer with access to Cine cameras and gear all of which will be available for this project. I am based in London, Essex United Kingdom. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

EPISODIC SCREENWRITER FOR SERIES. Screenwriter needed for a new 12 episodic youtube series currently in development. The series focuses on the life of 26-yo black woman, this series tackles social issues affecting black people. The concepts will be explained further once candidacy is heavily considered. A potential candidate must be well-versed and knowledgeable about the plights and consciousness of black existence and activism. Paid.  


SUPERNATURAL THRILLERS, PILOTS. We need a strong, original supernatural thriller television pilot. We prefer you already have a TV Bible. While you don't have to be Canadian, the story must be able to be shot in Canada. This is for tax credit purposes. Budget is open. Payment union rates.​ Producer has worked on major projects. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CO-WRITER FOR LARGE SHORT FILM. We have a $35,000 short film, and we are looking for a co-writer for. It's a deportation story and we are looking for LatinX writers, preferably female, but not a deal breaker. We shot a proof of concept for the short back in December. This is a PAID gig.​ The story is set on the Mexico-US border. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

DRAMA SHORT SCRIPT. Film Dates: 2021 - Genre: Drama - Female lead dealing with Cancer or someone she knows dealing with Cancer. Characters: 6 characters or less. Pages: 20 or less. Location: Midwest, preferably Missouri or Illinois. Payment for short.​ We've produced scripts through SS before. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

COMEDY TV WRITER FOR PILOT. Our company is seeking an experienced Television Writer to write the pilot for an early stage TV Show. You will have the opportunity to work directly with the 3 co-creators to help shape the vision of the show. If our pilot gains traction, we envision you, the writer, to play a key role through any further creative stages. About the Show: Length: 25-27-minute episodes. Show Cross: New Girl x Girls x Ramy. Tone: Set at the later stages of millennial life, the show explores the intersection of dating, self-purpose, and friendship. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

PAID TV PILOT COLABORATION. I have written a decent TV Pilot and outlined a year + of episodes in a Political drama/mystery that is inspired by my advocacy battles with the federal government + Congress.  The main characters are a female/male, who are a journalist/lawyer young couple.  Until now, the more conservative male was the protagonist, but based on industry feedback, that must change.  The woman, far more dynamic and risk taking, must be the protagonist.​ Female writers encouraged to apply. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

DARK COMEDY SCREENWRITER. Seeking fast and efficient screenwriter who understands the Black experience, New Orleans, and dark comedy (& drama). Feature-length project. Upfront pay with additional consideration. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

THRILLER OR HORROR, LIMITED LOCATION FEATURES. Right now, we are looking for completed scripts with limited locations (can be several locations in the script but must be capable to be filmed in one location (e.g. different rooms in a building, etc.), limited exterior outside of the building, some greenscreen okay, limited cast (no more than 4), limited VFX (some ok), in the genre segment (horror, thriller).  No more than 90 pages. We have a microbudget feature project and we are looking for 1-2 scripts to shoot in 14 days. Screenwriting fee to be paid before the first day of shooting. Screenwriting fee to be consummate with a TOTAL budget. Screenwriter will get a small profit share, and can elect to take a smaller fee for a greater profit share. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR FEATURE. I'm looking for a low budget thriller set in Los Angeles. I have the outline of the idea, (think cache) but I encourage deep collaboration. We would work on an outline together, then you would go and write the first draft. I've made countless short films, won a dozen awards, got write ups, but I need to make a feature. I'm planning on shooting one in 2021 starting in august with whatever budget I can get together (100k range). That's the time frame. I own and operate a commercial production company. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ACTION-THRILLER SCREENWRITER. New York based actress/producer is looking to team up and collaborate with a talented screenwriter to develop a fast-paced, well-plotted, compelling action thriller feature. The script will center around a strong fierce female lead, an enigmatic femme fatale with a dangerous mind and an ethical heart. Looking for someone experienced and comfortable with the genre. There will be more action, minimal dialogue, so experience in writing impressive fight scenes is strongly preferred. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FANTASY SCREENWRITER. We need an awesome script for a mythological fantasy thriller, similar to the "Wrath of Titans". There will be 3d characters and special effects along with real live action. We are looking for a writer who has experience with fantastic thriller scripts. We prefer highly experienced writers who have a good IMBD profile with a proven history of similar works. Payment TBD SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR FEATURE OR TV SCRIPT, 10MM. We are seeking Horror feature film scripts or TV Pilot/Bible with a female or diverse lead character. The budget is between $5-10 million. Preferably, single location but not mandatory. WGA rates for script. Company has 20 produced films. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

THRILLER FEATURE SCRIPT FOR PRODUCTION. We are seeking a horror/thriller script that can be produced on an ultra low budget ($300,000 and below). Parameters: -Must have starring roles for a Bette Midler-type actress in early mid 50s to early 60s, Caucasian. -Must have a starring role for a Jake Gyllenhaal-type actor in late 20s to early 30s, Caucasian. -Our preference is for the heart of the story to be the relationship between the older female and younger man. This could be mother/son cop/criminal, etc. It is a plus if the male role is the antagonist. -Minimal locations and minimal actors and effects - this is meant to be an actor piece that draws tension from dialogue and story rather than gore and SFX. -Ideally the bulk of the story takes place in a ramshackle mansion, but if it doesn't submissions are still acceptable. Payment. We have worked with SS writers before. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

COMEDY WRITER FOR JEWISH SCRIPT. I need a comedy writer, major preference goes to Jewish comedy writers or those who have significant knowledge of Jewish humor. I need help finishing up an outline and then putting together at least a couple of drafts on top of that. Ideally, this would be finished mid 2021 and be filmed in early 2022. This is semi-autobiographical, so being a good collaborator is a must. Payment is negotiable​. NL is an Emmy nominated


SOCIAL JUSTICE FEATURE - DRAMA, THRILLER, COMEDY. Looking for projects that focus on social justice issues, impacting underserved communities of color. Budgets will be up to $300K, locations should be limited. For budget and tone think Fruitvale Station, for overall type of content think Queen and Slim, The hate U Give, Just Mercy, The Last Black Man in San Francisco. We are open to different types of stories but would like to be apart of something that is ultimately a message that can transcend us and be something that is easy to support. Example is making a movie about the Flint Michigan water crisis, and helping to bring awareness to an issue like this. Furthermore, we would like for the script to have some type of action or thrill that drives a good part of the story. Even though this could be considered in the realm of films, we don't want movies heavy in terms subject matter and drama as Precious. With that being said we are open to sci-fi, thrillers and comedies as well, as long as they fit within the theme of representing our target group in a educational and fresh or new light and or uplifting them. Payment for script. Credits include Rambo: Last Blood, Tesla, Gospel Hill, Up North. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER WITH WW2 KNOWLEDGE. Seeking writer with vast experience and knowledge in World War 2, specifically with the 442nd Japanese Infantry. Writer will work as a partner to map out the script as well as reach the climax of the story through scenes of war. Payment negotiated. Please sent script ample of war scenes, highlighting authentic dialogue, training, and war sequences.



SCREENWRITER WHO UNDERSTANDS OKINAWAN. Seeking expert Martial Arts writer, specifically Karate, with extensive knowledge in Okinawan culture. Chosen writer will work with me as a consultant/co-writer to ensure that all the dialogue, training, and fight sequences, as well as the cultural aspects are all authentic to Okinawa. Payment negotiated. Send Script Sample of Martial Arts, highlighting authentic dialogue, training, and fight sequences. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SUSPENSE-THRILLER SCREENWRITER. I'm looking for a professional co-writer to work on the second draft of a 110-page feature film script I have written. The genre is a suspense thriller. The protagonist and the antagonist both are lawyers, so you must be familiar with how that world works. It's not a courtroom drama, but the film does have one 10-15 minutes of a courtroom scene. The film is mainly for the Indian market, but it is not a Bollywood genre. Please note that this is a non-union project. The pay will be determined based on your experience. You will receive 20% of the payment for script, the rest 80% once we get the project financed. Official screen credit as a secondary screenwriter. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


REALITY TV COMEDY WRITER. We are producing a Reality TV show that is like American Idol but for Actors and the backer of this project is Christian so we need to include "The Rapture" as part of this concept. We have an outline script done and I am looking for a writer to work on this and give me a 20 page shooting script that we can film next year. This is combination of Reality TV but using Actors who can Improv or we can full script them in parts of the program and others give them the scenario. Someone with experience in Comedy. Payment for 20 page script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEATURE-LENGTH DRAMEDY. Producer-Actor (represented by Gersh) looking for a relatively contained, budget friendly drama, comedy, or dramedy, with a male main character in late teens/early-mid 20s. Pretty open minded to a wide variant of plot lines, cast size, locations, etc. - however must be fairly contained and relatively easy to produce. No other genres. Fair payment will be negotiated upon production agreement.​ SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR VIDEO. We are looking for a screenwriter to write the script for an exciting startup's video explainer. The startup is based in France, but has customers all around the world. Their mission is to facilitate the communication between businesses and their customers by providing an easy to use CRM platform. The video will be around 1-2 mins and needs to be snappy and engaging. There will be a voice-over and added subtitles.


SCREENWRITER WANTED. I have a short script I want to turn into a feature. I have TV show Ideas I want to develop. Also want to create content for streaming platforms. Looking for a writer who writes incredible cliff hangers. Fair market hourly rates. I have feature film produced credits. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCRIPT EVALUATIONS/REVISIONS. I have about 10 screenplays already written, primarily in the sci-fi and superhero genres. I need talented writers to critically evaluate the scripts and identify the flaws. Each major character should have goals, obstacles and a clear arc. The dialogue needs a Mike Tyson-style punch-up too. Payment for each script.. We have hired writers through SS before.​SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ANIMATION SERIES WRITER. Screenwriter Talent Criteria: Capable to write sci-fi comedy adventure genre for children's animated series. We are looking for a long term partnership to support our animated series. Task: Discuss & transform Director’s story idea to screenplay. Fixed rate​.


SYFY SCREENWRITER. We need a team player screenwriter who really understands science fiction and drama (as well as thriller). There's payment for services. Travel fully paid (10-14 days). SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR SCREENWRITER. This is a feature horror screenplay. Logline: Hayley with her friends call up spirit or curse someone else online by Zoom. In the end, her friends are all dead after the online meeting except Hayley. This is an online real-time collaborative screenwriting effort, starting this week. We have a meeting online by Zoom and Google Docs at the same time every day. You will write and brainstorm online with other writers one or two hour at the same time every day. This is a 2-4 writers team, and writers have credits. The final draft of the screenplay is expected to be completed before Christmas. Payment is by hour. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

COMEDY TV WRITER. Looking for a comedy writer to help work on a TV Pilot that is like American Idol but for actors. You will work on the script, format, and write the interview questions. First draft already written, Payment based on experience. Must have comedy writing experience. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ISO SHORT SCRIPTS. Seeking short scripts UNDER 10 PAGES. Open to most genres. Payment negotiable. RC is the director of the feature film HARDEST DAYS. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CHRISTMAS SHORT SCRIPT. Seeking a Christmas short that can be shot following Covid production guidelines. Prefer something inside a house, church, or small classroom setting. We would like to find a short over the next week and begin shooting shortly after. Scripts with strong middle-aged women will get first-look. We will compensate you for the script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

DARK COMEDY, 1 LOCATION FEATURE SCRIPTS. A group of actors are looking to produce a feature film set in 1 location. Genre: dark comedy. We want feature scripts only, unless you have an anthology series similar to COFFEE & CIGARETTES. Compensation for script. Our goal would be to start production next summer. ​SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEATURE SET IN MOVIE THEATER. After reading material and talking to our backers, we have decided to shoot a feature film instead. We need a script that is set in a movie theater (we have access to one). 90% of the story needs to be set inside the theater for budget purposes. We are not looking for concepts or ideas, only completed FEATURE scripts. We are willing to look at any genre, but horror and dark comedy are top priorities. Compensation for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

PRODUCER NEEDS SCREENWRITER. Studio producer looking to collaborate with talented screenwriters. Please send the first act, approximately 30 pages of your screenplay as a sample of your writing. Alongside that a short bio of yourself in the body of your email.  Payment negotiable. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

COMEDY, SATIRE, SAD DRAMA SHORTS. Photographer/ filmmaker looking for a small script to shoot. I have produced shorts before. Low budget. Small cast (2-6) mainly (if not all) ages 15-19 female. Few locations, easy to obtain. No CGI or SFX (easy things like blood, rain, etc is fine). Run time 3-10 minutes. Payment to be negotiated. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


Open to a couple different concepts: One: A film which evolves around a clothing designer, or up to four clothing designers. Perhaps the location takes place in one store or boutique. I now have about five or six clothing designers who are willing to fund film projects. The feature film or tv/episodic has to somehow generate a return on investment for them, by increasing business to their store. Inquire within. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


INDIE FEATURE SCRIPTS WANTED. Open to any genre except romance, documentary, and documentary/found footage. Budget: Rough estimate 100'000 USD. Indie payment, negotiable. Location: Must not take place in specific location, ideally rural or in smaller towns. Should not involve a lot of VFX. We're very open for any story, but we prefer if the story has a meaning and is not just there for entertainment. Thus, it's important for us to have the bullet-point list to directly see what the story's intention is and how the story processes that. We like stories like "Blade Runner" and "Joker", but also the works of Alfred Hitchcock and Christopher Nolan. Also something towards psychology/ horror. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


COST EFFECTIVE FEATURE SCRIPT. I have an African actor who is big in Africa that we need a script for. This requirement will not change, since we already have guaranteed distribution because of him. With a lot of indie funding drying up due to Covid, it is imperative that the script is cost effective, limited locations and cast, so we can potentially self-produce it. Our distribution partner has also had a good deal of success with their films on Netflix.​ All genres except horror. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

COMEDY SCREENWRITER NEEDED. East Coast-based producer/actor is searching for a  competent and experienced comedic screenwriter for script/film. Comedy must be your specialty. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORTS WITH FEATURE POTENTIAL. Shorts up to 10 pages for filming this December, for developing next year into either a Feature or TV/Episodic. Script should absolutely have NO foul language. We only want to read action, drama, and romance. We prefer a diverse cast.  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FILMMAKER SEEKS WRITER. Filmmaker seeking screenwriter to collaborate on film story idea. Looking for a talented writer with their own style/voice that can capture an authentic narrative based on the African American experience in the education system. Therefore, we are seeking scripts inspired by this truth. In each submission, we encourage a narrative story filled with authenticity, creativity, unique vision, and bold storytelling. We seek to be entertained, inspired and informed. Script length will be no longer than 10 pages and can draw from any genre provided it helps deliver a commercially entertaining story with deeper themes. Production will take place in NYC. One time payment. 3 week job.​ SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

WRITER FOR U.S. COURTROOM FILM. Before applying, you must have experience writing courtroom dramas. Please send links to produced courtroom work or applicable writing samples. Those with legal background will be moved to the front of the line. This is a 90-minute drama that is set around true events. We have an extensive treatment the writer will work from. Payments will be broken down in 3 installments.


SCRIPTS ABOUT MUSIC. We are wanting to read FEATURE scripts that are set around either a musician or singer. The focal point should be about music, of course. We will field comedy, drama, and romance only. The budget needs to be low. Payment for script will be determined. NS has worked with talent such as Patrick Fabian, Emma Roberts, & Amir El-Masry. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR SHORTS. We would like to read horror shorts that can make waves in the festival circuit. Only smart, high concept shorts. No slasher or gore. $750 for short, with back-end points. Only completed shorts. Not looking to hire a writer. We have worked with SS writers in the past. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SPORT SCRIPTS IN PUERTO RICO. Seeking baseball scripts (will consider soccer and maybe basketball) that are set in Puerto Rico, or that can be shot in Puerto Rico. The entire story does not have to be set there, but at least 75% for tax breaks and incentives. It's necessary that a majority of the cast are Latinx. Due to COVID and our budget, we need the script to have minimal locations. Love to produce a  drama like HARDBAL. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEMALE-DRIVEN DRAMA OR COMEDY. Feature-Length, TV Pilot/Bible. I am currently looking for female-driven feature film scripts, in particular ones which can be made for low budget and are Covid friendly, aka less actors and minimal locations. If you have a feature film or pilot which fits these specs, please send it through to me! I am looking for projects which I am able to act in, as well as produce. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FAMILY-FRIENDLY WESTERNS. We are looking for a family-friendly Western feature with a runtime between 70-80 minutes. We have produced a movie through SS before. By family friendly, we mean nothing rated R. No sexual scenes, no gruesome violence, no overly foul language. Something the whole family can enjoy. Only westerns. Option first, then buyout. WGA and NON WGA writers may submit. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HALF HOUR DRAMEDY TV PILOTS & FEATURES. I work for a boutique production company in West Hollywood and we are looking for dramedies that can be shot as a half hour pilot or a feature. No other genres. Female protagonists preferred, but open to others. Only completed projects. Winners of contests encouraged to submit. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

AUTHOR FOR BOOK. Note from SS: While we know this is a book gig (not a screenwriting one), we believe this is a good opportunity for writers who do both, that are also looking for paid work. I’m looking for an writer that can write a fiction book on a story I’ve created. The book will be a psychological thriller that is religious and science-based. This is a PAID gig. More info will be given to writer. Please send your bio/writing history, and any samples you may have. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER NEEDED. Screenwriter to take outline and turn it into script. I will need the following when you submit: 2 page sample of a killer in a house script, if possible. Descriptions of your characters. Payment per page. More information will be given to writer. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR HISTORICAL ADAPATION. Adapt book and historical research into dramatic supernatural drama. This is the result of 15 years of research and contains some rather ground breaking information. Must have recent TV, Netflix or similar supernatural drama experiences. There is up front payment, but I’m looking for a writer fascinated by the subject of 15 years of research that’s uncovered fascinating secrets going back over 2000 years ago. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR TV PILOT ABOUT BOXER. I’m trying to create a pilot episode about my life experiences in the boxing world showing the good and bad side of the sport. I would like to find a professional screenwriter to write the script for me. Paid job for pilot. 2 week gig. I am also looking for an author for a book, too.​ SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

MYSTERIES SET IN SMALL TOWN SCRIPTS. Hollywood-based company would like to read mystery stories with small town secrets (i.e.: Broadchurch, Wind River). Option then Buyout. Only features. Budget open. We have made deals with SS writers before. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEATURES SET IN HOUSE. Looking for ultra low budget feature-length screenplays that can be filmed in a house. It doesn't matter where the house is located. Open to any genre. Some pay upfront and backend participation.


ISO SHORTS, ANY GENRE. I have written, directed and produced short films and pilots. However, I want to work with more screenwriters and work at bringing their words to the screen. Payment TBD. I currently do not have any specific genre in mind. I am merely looking for a story I connect with no matter the cast size. Stories that require minimal budget are ideal. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ADVENTURE FEATURE SCRIPTS GEARED TOWARDS KIDS. Producer looking for low-budget scripts suited to a young adult cast. Coming-of-age stories (Stand By Me), action adventure (Goonies, Stranger Things), kids investigating an urban legend, etc. Hoping to find scripts that incorporate one or more of the following locations: a covered bridge, river, abandoned barns, railroad. Think small town America. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

DRAMA OR TRUE STORY FEATURES. Looking for feature scripts: drama, drama/comedy, or true story - emphasis on a strong story/plot with broad appeal (with strong characters of course!) that inspires and uplifts without being overly sentimental. (i.e.: Green Book, The intouchables (French film), The Hundred Foot Journey, Good Will Hunting). SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SWORD, SORCERY FEATURES. We want to read sword and sorcery stories, as well as magical realm. VR is a plus. Budget won't exceed 1.5MM. We work directly with a Romanian and New York City production company. We are open to scripts that were adapted from books. Payment for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

LOW-BUDGET TV PILOT. We hope to find a voice that is fresh and new to the scene, for a low budget TV pilot (or short) that is relevant to our current times and provides a unique point of view to an issue that is hopefully new and surprising to us and therefore also the audience. We would be shooting in the UK, either in London or the countryside. 35 for TV pilot, no more that 12 pages in length for short film. Genres we will accept: Comedy, Satire, Dramedy. Payment for script.​ SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

* INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIP SCRIPTS. I am conducting a search for a company I work for. They are searching for feature-length material that revolves around an interracial couple. We are especially keen to comedies like GUESS WHO. But we are open to romance, drama, or religious genres too. We are not searching for friendship scripts, only ones with a romantic theme. Payment for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

AFRICAN-AMERICAN DRAMEDY SCRIPTS. We are searching for a 1-2 location African-American feature script, comedy or drama or both, with a small cast. Stories with lots of locations and cast will be ignored. Scripts with excellent coverage and contest placement will get a first-look.


SHORT SCRIPTS OR STAGE PLAYS. Seeking Ten-Minute Stage Plays – or Short Film Scripts that can be staged as Plays – for unscripted Web-Series about producing the plays themselves. We’re searching for one-act plays (10-12 pages) with 1-3 characters to be taped in three-camera TV style.  All genres accepted – holiday elements a plus.  All writers welcome:  WGA or non-WGA, Equity or non-Equity.  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

WRITER FOR SHORTS. We are looking for script writers to write short and creative scripts to inspire hearts and minds. Each script will be used by us to create a short film (2-4 minutes) — think like a Nike commercial. We are a pre-launch NY based entertainment platform which aims to be a digital oasis for truly gifted writers, creatives and leaders. We publish digital treats, called Capsules. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR MARTIAL ARTS FILM. Screenwriter for martial arts story. The writer must have extensive experience writing fight scenes. I.e., taekwondo, karate, and all forms of martial arts. We must see writing samples and proof of produced work under this form. This is paid. 4K up front, then another 4K once production starts. Our team produced a project through SS back in early 2018. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CHICK FLICK FEATURES. We have funding, we are just looking for the right script. We would like to read chick flick material. We are also open to female-driven action stories. Our company has financing for a feature film but we just need a script. We are trying to get back into feature narrative stories; most of our work has been commercial. Budget - 1 Million each for 5 films or 5 million for 1 film.  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR GHOST STORY. Ghost story film to be shot in Bulgaria needs a screenwriter. 80-page script. This is a work-for-hire, and needs to be written in Final Draft. Please send 2 script samples, your resume, and any other relevant information. Paid. Producer-director has over 60 produced credits. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT. ​

COMEDY FEATURE-LENGTH SCRIPTS. Producer-Director-Actors, with over 100 produced credits, is searching for comedies that can be produced for $150,000 -$250,000. Minimal locations (preferably set in or around Las Vegas or Los Angeles). No preference on Lead. Cast size 4-6 leads/strong, supporting 15-20 small supporting/day players. Feature-length comedies only. Payment negotiable. ​SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT. ​

SHORT THAT HAS POTENTIAL FOR FEATURE. ISO 1 page summary (2-3 paragraphs) of an idea which could begin as a 60-90 second short, but with feature film (2 hour) potential in the future. General concept: Female lead, has access to weapons, her city has been invaded, and she is protecting her City. Primary/critical shooting scene takes place in a warehouse. The female lead is a good character and has a passion for protecting people from harm. She has accumulated guns/weapons and is willing to put herself in the way of danger, to keep others safe. Not looking for anything political. Please limit your summary to 1 page max. Single spaced and in paragraph form is fine. Payment for 60-90 second short. Payment negotiable if we want to make it into a feature. We are based in Kansas City. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT. ​

SCRIPT DOCTOR FOR FEATURE FILM. TSW is searching for a script doctor on his latest feature screenplay. It's DEATH IN PARADISE meets GREEN INFERNO. Genre:  Drama, Romance,

Disaster. Set it Taiwan, 86 pages, inspired by real life events. Please quote your most adorable rate.. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT. ​

DRAMA SHORTS/WRITERS. We are a Film and Theater Repertory Company seeking writers for our upcoming project titled, "Silver Linings". This project is a short film featuring a series of monologues. Each monologue should be 3-10 minutes in length, and be written from the perspective of a person facing personal demons. It should be written in the first person narrative, giving an intimate account of a particularly difficult time in their lives. There will be a few versions of this series touching on circumstances such as: Covid Lockdown/ Quarantine, Abortion, Family Issues, Addiction, Mental Health, etc. It can be about any difficult time, those are just a few examples. Paid. We previously hired a writer through SS to pen our TV series.


HORROR OR COMEDY FEATURE. Company based in Panama ISO of a feature-length script. Only submit horror or comedy (no other genres). Female lead, low budget preferred. Option agreement for script. Their last film starred Jesse Eisenberg. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT. ​

SCREENWRITER FOR INDIE THRILLER. I am looking for a highly-skilled script writer to continue work on an existing (finished) script (90 pages) or rewrite it based on the idea/story of the existing script. The story is fine for 75% of the script, but the ending does not work. The script is a gripping, contained Low-Budget-Indie thriller in the vein of HELL OR HIGH WATER, very dialog driven and full of suspense. 80% if the story is placed inside a car and there are mainly just 3 actors. Due to the amount of emails I get for each posting here, I have to limit the search to just script writers who have at least one optioned/produced feature script (no shorts) in the SAME GENRE in their reference work. And with produced script I mean scripts produced by a production company and not by the writer themselves. Payment upfront.  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT. ​

HALLMARK-TYPE MATERIAL. We are looking for scripts for Hallmark. They need to be fairly small in cast as given Covid 19. In terms of genre we are looking for comedy, drama, romcom, thriller -- anything you would see on Hallmark. No rated R material. Payment discussed with writer. We have worked with SS writers before. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT. ​



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* IN NEED OF CO-SCREENWRITER. I’m looking for a co-writer USA or UK native language, interested in a collaboration (“screenplay by” credit or other agreement to be defined) to script the pilot episode of my Crime-Drama Tv Series “Stage 5”. If this video concept inspires you, please send an e-mail to Joshua Tree: Logline: Intending to murder the person who ruined his life, a suicidal man discovers he has cancer. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

* SCREENWRITER NEEDED FOR PROJECT. Read through collected interviews and stories, many are on the Internet. Take some guidance from me. Talk to a few others on the phone. Develop characters based on real people. Recreate actual events. The screenplay may work best as a musical. I have some songs to present, some original and some covers. This story is 50 years old, includes a lot of music and a lot of various characters, interactions, and ties to historic and cultural events. I have NO experience in screenwriting, but did live part of the story. Please refer to the website for more details:; Writer retains a significant ownership in the script. We will look for buyers. Send your experience, samples, and links to Mark Keillor:; please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

* SCRIPT READERS & PRE-SCREENERS. Nashville Film Festival is seeking readers for our 2021 Screenplay Competition. Readers are compensated on a points system. Points can be redeemed for festival and creative conference passes, screenplay coverage, and discounted entries (you cannot read for the category you enter.) Reading screenplays is a great way to improve craft in any discipline of the business. Apply and join the team here:

TV WRITER WANTED. Looking for a writer to write an hour-long tv pilot episode, it's a horror, comedy, action adventure TV show.​ We must see a writing sample. There's a little up front payment, but very small. Reach out to Jordan Arteaga (J7 Cinemas), via email only:; Please tell them SS sent you.

COMEDIC MONOLOGUE WRITER. We are producing a TV show, Think Saturday Night Live, and want comedic writers. We are looking for some comedy monologues to give our Standup Comics and Actors to perform. This will be produced. You get IMDB credit and links back to the YouTube video to use on your personal site also. There is also pay, too. For more on Mark West: For more on Reed Fleishman:; Send relevant comedy writing experience, links and/or samples: 

mark@reedfleishman.complease tell them SS sent you.

COVERAGE ON 2 SCREENPLAYS. Detailed, incisive, critical screenplay notes on story, plot, structure, dialogue, action descriptions, humour, characters. Seeking five (5) pages of critical notes per screenplay, with pinpoint page references (not seeking synopses or summaries). Ongoing work. Payment via Paypal. $25 per script. More info: The Big Five Character Profiles; oel Beling:; please tell them SS sent you.

SCREENWRITER FOR DRAMA. Seeking an experienced screenwriter to partner with on a dramatic television/streaming series with an African American female lead. Looking for a writer to help create unique content with unforgettable characters that evokes emotions with audiences. If you are a fan of either of these shows, that is a good sign: (Starz) Power, Greenleaf, Ozark, Handmaid’s Tale, All American, Snowfall, Queen Sugar, The Chi, and Grey’s Anatomy; Guaranteed Writing Credit and full payment negotiated upon production agreement. For more on Shirl Sigee:; email minimum 10-page script sample.; please tell them SS sent you.

SHORT SCRIPTS TO COLLABORATE ON.  Filmmaker in London seek shorts that can be shot in London or surrounding area. Limited location and cast scripts only. Open to most genres. Seeking writers who want to collaborate with a produced filmmaker. Compensation for scripts TBD. For more on Braks Productions:; Send only a small pitch to Razh Randhawa: 

info@braksproductions.comPlease tell them SS sent you.

SCREENWRITER FOR FEATURE FILM. Based in Toronto. Looking for a screenwriter who is preferably familiar with the Asian American /Asian Canadian/immigrant culture to collaborate on a feature film. This is unpaid since we are seeking for mutual collaboration. Pro-bono. Director's website: Short film Talisman: (currently in post production), Reach out with samples; Angela Wang: angelawxng@gmail.comPlease tell them SS sent you.


SCREENWRITER, BOOK TO SCREEN. I am looking for a screenwriter to do a sample of my work . It can go into negotiation for a script/screenplay for option. Romance novel for book to screen. Payment TBD. Books:

Arrowood/e/B00DT9Z4C8%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share; Contact Teresa Arrowood:

teresa.arrowood@gmail.comPlease tell them SS sent you.

FILMMAKER SEEKING SCREENWRITER. Music Biopic. Filmmaker seeking screenwriter to collaborate on story idea and turn into a rock biopic/drama. Looking for a talented writer with their own style/voice to help deliver a commercially entertaining story with deeper themes. The story is set in the present time and there is an art house element contained within the story idea. Someone with heavy metal/rock music knowledge is preferred, but this is not a basic rock music story. T The feature will be produced and directed by the filmmaker. The filmmaker has access to studio partners and production companies that can help fund this project. They are looking to present a quality screenplay to these partners with a view to worldwide distribution. Influences: The Doors, A Star Is Born and Walk The Line. Please send a cover letter, resume & samples. Email Anton Jokikunnas [] -- anton@darkside.fiPlease tell them SS sent you.

HORROR/SCI-FI SCREENWRITER. I am new, but I have an experienced director attached to help me. I am not a writer, but I am seeking someone to turn my concept into a script, no less then 70 pages. Its a horror/sci-fi idea. Backend payment. Email Gordon Lipton [] with 4 pages of a writing sample: liptonmanagement@gmail.comPlease tell them SS sent you.

ANY GENRE SCRIPTS. Producer in Belgium is searching for scripts.. Can be in a foreign language, think "Parasite", but can also be in English or another language, as long as it's set in Asia.  Email Michael Goldbaum [], Gold Tree Productionsgoldtreeproductions877@gmail.comPlease tell them SS sent you.

WRITER FOR TREATMENT. I am in search of a screenwriter who understands how to write a compelling treatment. I submitted a script to an agent, and now need a treatment. I need someone who can do this quickly, easily, and for a fair price. Please quote your price in the email. Send a treatment sample, bio and links to Michelle Emge: emgemichelle@aol.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCRIPT WRITER WANTED. Must have experience with writing scripts. Develop personalities of two virtual characters users engage with 2. Write a script for 45 second explainer video incorporating those two characters 3. Translate therapy content into fun & engaging conversational content among two characters and our users given the narrow real estate of an App, brevity in communication is a critical component to develop this engagement. $40/hour for an estimated work for 40-50 hours. illumu [] is a HealthTech start-up building an App for high school and college students.  Email Sourav Sengupta with your storytelling background: sourav@illumu.lifePlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

ADAPTATION NEEDED. Experienced Novelist needed to adapt screenplay to novel for script going into production We have a romantic drama feature screenplay that was turned into a proof-of-concept short in 2019. The short was accepted into over 20 festivals around the world, winning awards in 10, including multiple “Best Film” and “Best Screenplay” awards. The success of the short has led to several financiers vying to fund the feature project, and the attachment of one of the world’s biggest African American stars to play the lead role. This movie will be produced, and we already have interest from major distributors. ​Deferred, as a split of profits from the sale of the book. Credit will be as author of the novel, based on the screenplay. Send cover letter and resume to A.W. "Tony" Scott [] via email only:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

WRITING PARTNER.  Need assistance with TV pilot. Payment is unknown, but guaranteed credit. I'm currently working on Knights, King Arthur Series. A sample of comedy writing and a letter of inquiry. Email Joseph Halgren: 

jlhalgren33@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

CO-SCREENWRITER NEEDED. Religious Horror set in the Middle Ages. The story needs to be set in one room--the private study of an alchemist. Need co-writer to take to take my story and help turn it into a script. 500 dollars deferred payment, to be paid upon completion of film. A 90 page screenplay adaptation of the medieval legend of Doctor Faustus--an acclaimed alchemist who summoned and sold his soul to the Devil for occult knowledge and power. Email Cole Hamilton] if you are interested:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SEARCHING FOR WRITING PARTNER. I'm interested in trying a writing partnership in hopes to improve my screenplays. I believe my ideas are worthwhile, at times, pretty darn compelling, but my execution leaves something to be desired, which is where you come in. My preferred movie type is thriller. I'm not particularly interested in starting a new film in another genre, though under the right circumstances I'm open to trying new things. Also, if you have scripts which you feel would benefit from a fresh perspective, then by all means I would like for this to be a two-way street. Lastly, I’m not looking for any drama other than what is on the page, so please be willing to leave any ego issues at the door. Contact Kenneth M. Daniels [] via email only: kendaniels@mindspring.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​

NARRATIVE SCREENWRITER. We are seeking a screenwriter to help with developmental funding for a narrative limited series. A biopic about a platinum selling female Caribbean artist who at 80 years old was the oldest ever performer at Cochella 2019. This story is a historical timepiece that touches on slavery, colonialism, racism, sexism, sexuality, rape culture, Caribbean history, Calypso music, immigration, isolation, alcoholism and stardom.​ Producer operating from London and Trinidad.; Send examples of previous work and IMDB page. Payment once there is funding. Celeste Kennedy Doig: celeste.kd@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​

SHORT SCRIPT WANTED.  I am looking for a script to turn into a short film. Genre: Any. Cast: 1. Page length: 1 - 2 pages. Location: House/Flat. ULB, no large stunts or special effects. Credit only, no payment. Email Sachin Chande 

[] your logline: tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​

SEARCHING FOR SCRIPT WRITERS. Audio Legends is a small Swedish startup with the goal of making the best audio dramas in the world. We are now preparing for the autumns pitch meetings with distributors and looking for a writer to help create the shows (i.e we are not looking for finished scripts, we want you to create a show based on our input/theme). You must be able to create captivating cliffhangers, rapid dialogue, and fast-paced storytelling. Knows the formatting standards of "script- and screenplay". For more on Audio Legend:; The Dead and Dying:;
Send your screenwriting portfolio, resume, and info to Anders Backman: anders@audiolegends.sePlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​

SHORT FILM SCREENWRITER. Exiram Productions needs a screenwriter who can help write scripts for new short films just to get credit. Check out my work for more information.; freelance screenwriters only. Contact Alexis Ramirez: 

exirammovie@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SEARCHING FOR FEMALE-DRIVEN SHORT SCRIPT. Seeking a "Covid Friendly" short film script to produce - 2-3 characters, one non-public location, preferably set in one room or outside area (garden, backyard, field). This will be a skeleton, but top notch crew led by an award winning DGA director, producer and cinematographer. Prefer female driven stories, ideally 4-12 minutes. Any genre. The finished product will be submitted to festivals and screened by showrunners, managers and casting directors within the director's network.  Film to be shot in Los Angeles area but all writers are welcome to submit. Writer will be invited but not required to be on set during production. Please submit a brief intro about yourself and your work.  For more on Samantha Lavin:; For more on Fair Fight Films:; Submit a completed script along with a (one paragraph) synopsis by June 30th. Note on no up front payment. Email: fairfight@mac.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

FRENCH SCREENWRITER NEEDED. I'm looking for a French speaking screenwriter for collaboration to write a script in English. Short film projects but also series. Paid on contract by agreement. Several films already produced. I am based in Canada. Contact Steve Jay with your information: fondationsp@yahoo.caPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

CHINESE/ENGLISH BILINGUAL WRITERS' ASSISTANT (LA ONLY): Production company funded by China’s Alibaba and Media Asia develops tv/film for China’s fast-growing market, is looking for bilingual  writers’ assistant to join our writers’ room. Compensation competitive/TBD. This is a non-WGA project. Need experience working at a talent agency, production company, studio or network. Track continuity and update the Series Bible, flag potential writing issues to executive producer. Proofread, translate, format scripts. SS has been asked to vet submissions. MUST BE BASED IN LOS ANGELES. Send resume, cover letter, and sample to Jacob N. Stuart via email:

ROMANTIC COMEDY FEATURE OR SHORT. I'm really just looking for something to work on during quarantine, so I'm not throwing any money into making something. Just looking to possibly work on a project with my wife here at our home.  Script should be romantic comedy (one that got away). For more on Jared Acker:; Email pitch:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

30 SECOND SCRIPTS & STORIES. 30 seconds scripts/stories with or without dialogue that can be shot in a house with a medium size swimming pool. 1 actress only. Can include dogs. Any genre but only HAPPY ENDINGS. The goal is to make 1 minute short films for class, for practice. Monologues okay, too. It will be shot with iPhone 7 Plus. Once it’s finished it will be shared. And if it’s decent enough, publish or sent to competitions. This is pro-bono. If you are interested in collaborating, reach out to Magi Avila [] via email only with your logline and summary:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.



[], Whale Dreams Entertainment [] is developing the specific content about every industry, its behind the curtains life, exclusive stories of its leaders with their interviews. We want to tell truth to people how these industries work, why the prices for the products or services are so high, and does it have a future or what changes could be applied. We are looking for a person who will want to create unique content that will fit not only American TV but European too. The first episode will be narrated by the niece of Spielberg. Currently, major TV network companies and VOD platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon are interested in our docuseries concept and waiting to see a pilot episode.  We are a small team of professionals who want to build a great tv-show together. I have to mention the condition of the payment because we don't use anyone's time or work for free - everyone should be paid fair. Due to circumstances that we are doing a pilot episode as proof of concept and we going to pitch it to the network, all our team invests their time and work into the pilot and after selling this episode will be paid. I'm telling that because I want to be fair and honest with everyone and because we are looking to create a team of people who know what they are doing and what result do we want to get from our invested time and work. We have an opportunity to create our own tv-series where everyone will have their own share or their salaries will be paid after selling the first pilot episode. Contact via email:;

please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

BEACH-TYPE TV PILOTS. We are currently looking for TV pilot scripts that would could be filmed on the east coast either in Wilmington, NC or Charleston, SC. We are looking for a beach type with DRAMA roles.​ No up front payment. Send pitch bible or synopsis to Maurice Nix [] via email:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

TV SERIES WRITER. I'm an actor/producer finished 4 short films and 1 feature as a producer over the last 2 years, among other projects. Just Directed my 3rd short film too.  Looking for writers that have experience writing in the action/drama genre. Think 24 TV series, The Bourne Identity movies, Or Person of Interest TV series. Aiming to come away from this pandemic with filmed content to pitch! Let me know if you are interested in collaborating, we can start with 1 script. I didn't do a treatment yet, want to discuss ideas with the right screenwriter and develop as a team. Deferred payment. Contact Dawn Church [] via email:; please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCI-FI/DRAMA SCREENWRITER. I am currently looking for a Screenwriter to collaborate on a SciFi/Drama concept I had. It's not a paid position, But we are ideally aiming to do a festival run and press release with it once quarantine is over.  Would love to receive some samples from talented sci-fi writers. Email Nicholas Ferwerda [] with samples/links:; please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.


PRODUCER SEEKS SCREENWRITER. Producer Raj Mehrotra [] is searching for a writer to take his idea and outline (plus visuals) and turn it into a screenplay. Feature is an action, revenge, boxing/marital arts film. Writer will be compensated when THE film is sold. Send bio, links, and/or samples. Raj is known for Hack-O-Latern. Email him directly:; please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCREENPLAY READERS NEEDED. We are looking for readers for the VAIL SCREENPLAY CONTEST, an international screenplay competition run by the Colorado Film Institute, producer of the internationally recognized Vail Film Festival. This is an unpaid volunteer position. We have screened over one thousand films, hosted hundreds of filmmakers, and honored many industry leading actors, writers, producers, and directors. For more info: Send a little info about you and if you have samples, send those too! Email:; please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​

DRAMA SCRIPT DOCTOR/EDITOR WANTED. We are looking for a script doctor to edit, tighten, and polish the script and develop a coherent one-pager for fundraising. The ideal candidate will be an experienced writer with a passion for intimate, human stories, with a strong understanding of history, politics, and culture. An ability to write strong females characters is required.

Please note: the job is not a paid job YET. Once we secure funding for the film, we will pay fully for the work. 

 "Cafe Resistance" by director Roberto Monticello []. This is a story of how the entertainers of a Parisian Cabaret, The Blue Parrot.  If you are interested, please send an email to Ziporen Yahav Hazum:, with the subject "Cafe Resistance - Full Name." Please submit your resume, tell us a little bit about yourself, share 2-3 short writing samples, include a general quote, availability, and timeline. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCREENWRITER TO WORK WITH DIRECTOR. Looking for a screenwriter to collaborate on a drama short based on Asian American/Canadian culture. Our director have some ideas and would love to work with a writer in person to help develop it into a script. This is unpaid since we are seeking for mutual collaboration. For more on Angela Wang:; Please email with samples of your work. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCREENWRITING PARTNER. I have what I feel is a solid comedy movie idea and looking for partner who is looking to mold the idea into a realistic package that could be marketed through the appropriate channels. I have no knowledge of screenwriting, script writing or the industry. I am looking for a collaborator that does and who appreciates working with someone that can look through a fresh lens as an industry/writing outsider. 50/50 split. Email Scott A Mestan with your interest:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCREENWRITER FOR SHORT. Need a screenwriter for a short film set in Central America. Pays $100. Short should be around 10 pages. Outline already written. Produced and unproduced writers can apply. Send a sample, short bio. Contact María Fernanda Duarte​ [] via email only:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SPEC SITCOM WRITER NEEDED. We are developing a 30 minute sitcom for television or streaming. Tagline: "The inmate is running the asylum". Logline: "A psychiatric hospital is not anything to laugh at except when the doctors are crazier than the patients. The best part is that each episode is loaded not only with laughter, but with compassion, as we take a whole new look at mental illness. "SHOW CROSS: “Cuckoo House” is a thirty-minute comedy with an outrageous cast of characters and is a cross between “What About Bob”, “Monk”, and “The Dream Team”. This job is on spec. Please send 2 pages max of comedic writing sample. Keller Entertainment [] is known for shows such as: Conan, Tarzan:  and Acapulco H.E.A.T. Email Max Keller []. No other submissions. Maxkellerceo@aol.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCREENWRITER FOR SHORT. I am looking for a screenwriter to put my idea into proper format on paper. The project will be called "The Land Challenge." It will be a short parody video. Unpaid. Credit and you can use your work for your portfolio. Email Tariq Graham [] directly with samples; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

HORROR/ THRILLER CO-WRITER. I am looking for a co-writer to help expand one, possibly two low budget horror/thriller ideas to full length. They are at different stages of development, but I'd like to find someone to put their stamp on it and take it in an interesting direction (while keeping budget considerations in mind for possible future sale). This will be a partnership for a future sale, but I do try to offer some sort of compensation for your time as I know how valuable it is. If selected, $100 payment for draft.  For more on Stephen Reynolds: Email resume/samples/bio:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing Sent you. 

SUPERNATURAL/GHOST GENRE SCREENWRITER. i have written a 84 page script which is in the horror genre and I need you to help fine tune it and finish it up from script notes I got from a couple of professional script analysts. I am looking for a script doctor to work on the points the analysts sent me and to follow their notes and some of your own to make the script better. So this work will include a rewrite of certain parts of my script including dialogue improvements and work on the 3 acts of the story making it even more interesting a story than it currently is so that it's ready to be called a "final" script. You must have experience in horror/thriller genre. Please send your resume some writing samples, IMDB link and your email address. Pay TBD. Email Leo Chow: Please tell them SS sent you.

CO-WRITER WANTED. I'm looking for a co-writer to collaborate with me on a LGBT short-drama. The film is based on a true story about a non-biological lesbian mother in Kansas fighting her ex in court for the rights to see her daughter. The case is currently in the Supreme Court, so I would like to move fairly quickly on this. Script is half-way done but still needs a lot of work. Also, would like to eventually turn this into a feature. Email Megan Weissenstein [], with Boyish Media []. Co-writer applications only: mweissenstein@boyish.mediaPlease tell them Screenwriting staffing sent you.

SCREENWRITING PARTNER. Seeking a writing partner to work alongside with to put together a concept and Pilot episode for a TV show idea that has a Goldberg's autobiographical vibe and also focuses on struggling minority families in today's society. Person must be: Formatting expert,. Someone who I can collaborate and bounce ideas off with, basically a partnership to get our works together and even separate produced. Whatever we come up with together we split 50/50. You can learn more about me and my work here:; Send what genres you like and a little about yourself to Rebecca Paniagua: beckiepan7@outlook.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

DIRECTOR ISO OF WRITER OR WRITER-PRODUCER. I'm a director looking for a writer or producer with a narrative short that has partial funding.  I would bring in the rest of the funding. Duration: at least 4 minutes. Budget range: $4K to $50K, with the higher end requiring more time to chase funding. Both of us: work out the goals of the short (e.g. short to feature vs. free online, etc) as well as ownership and pay. My contributionsI have good contacts for crew, and some for cast. I'd probably do the picture edit, which will help our budget go further.

directed/wrote/produced three shorts with SAG actors, two music videos. Your contributions: A script that is either ready to go or getting there, any genre; I don't mind works in progress.  The script should not be extra-mainstream, for lack of a better term; in some way it should be at least partly: highbrow, or arthouse, or weird, or slow cinema, or an acting piece, or fiercely satiric, or a fever dream, or a spine/structure for improvisation (whether Mike Leigh or Christopher Guest).  The script could be a short form version of your feature script, or a 'first 10 pages' short. I'm open to anything from "Don't touch my script" to "I'm looking for a writing partner", or anything in between.  I'm open to hyphenates (writer/producers, writer/actors, etc). For more on Michael Maggiano:; Email me with more about you and your short script: mikemaggiano@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

CO-WRITER WANTED. I'm a writer (published novel) with a basket full of ideas and two completed screenplays. I am looking for a co-writer to polish and hone the dialogue of the completed screenplays. I don't restrict myself to a fixed genre. The meetings will be by Skype. 50/50 split when sold. Email Thomas C. Backer if interested: -- Submit CV and Writing Sample. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

COLLABORATION ON SCREENPLAY. I'm new to screenwriting but have written two nonfiction books, both published by traditional houses. You can learn more about me/my books here: I'd love to find a co-writer to hone the dialogue and refine the script, which is set in St. Augustine and Key West, Florida. The script can work either as a standalone film or as a pilot for a miniseries. I live in Florida so if you're amenable to Skype meetings, that would work for me. 50/50 split when sold. Email Walter deMilly if interested:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.


[], with Accela, Inc., seeks script writers for romance-drama mobile games. We are a romance app (iOS and Android) game developer in Tokyo. We are the creators of PsychiXX (Falling love with Supernatural) Liebe in Flammen (Falling love with Fireman). Our game titles have a track record of 500,000 downloads worldwide. For more on our storytelling and games: These are PAID writing assignments.  To help evaluate if you are a good fit, please send a writing sample and experience (if any) writing for mobile/video games/stories. Email: 

daisuke.nagaoka@accelainc.netPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

LONG-TERM SCREENWRITER. Vadym Shapran [, ] is looking for a screenwriter to build strong long-term cooperation. Right now, I’m interested in creating 10-15 seconds diverse teasers in order to showcase production value and build an audience. Later, we will proceed with creating short films and hopefully feature films. All genres are welcome as long as it’s catchy, interesting and cinematic. Something which potentially can go if not viral but with “wow” effect. Teasers could be both with and without actors. But I should mention that my preferable genre is thriller, because that is where I can release all my VFX and editor’s skills. Feel free to ask any questions. You can send your ideas and proposals to vadym.shapran@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

LEAD SCRIPT WRITER. We're seeking a Lead Script Writer to guide a team of writers producing weekly episode releases. This hybrid writer will combine their creative storytelling talents with their management and leadership experience. The ideal applicant will have experience creating storyboards, pitching story, keeping up with fast-paced deadlines, writing screenplays, and working in a serial format. This position is full-time at our head office in BERLIN, GERMANY. Inkitt [] is the world's first reader-powered book publisher. We have developed an algorithm that predicts bestsellers by analyzing reading behavior. For more info:,000 Euros a year. Send cover letter, screenwriting sample and resume to Will Buckingham:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.


ISO CANADIAN WRITERS. Seeking a Canadian-based writer to work with on a 10 minute short for a specific local Canadian film festival. Script will be 10 minutes or less. I will respond back to everyone within 48 hours. Low budget only. Low payment. ONLY THOSE IN CANADA at this time may submit. Send a short bio and links to work. Contact Xiaoxiao Geng [] via email:; Please tell them SS sent you.

FIRST-TIME FILMMAKER SEEKS SCRIPTS. I am looking for a script, action, sci-fi thriller/ female driven. Possible that has a mother and daughter, fight scenes and a cabin. I have no credits I am a first time film maker trying to make a film. I would like to offer 5% on Distribution. I am based in Canada. Contact Trigg Thomas:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.


I am looking for a screenwriting partner for a feature film based on an award-winning documentary. Must be well versed in Southern Vernacular of the 1900s and present day. This is an equity for hire job with producer credits when the film is made. Work for equity/ownership. We will work off an outline which I wrote. Links to my past work: Door Ajar - Trailer; email John Reyer Afamasaga (Three Times Dot Org LLC)[] with samples and cover letter:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

COMEDY WRITER. Screenwriter for easy to produce, short, non-politically correct comedic skits between 10-15 pages. The Newest and boldest Conservative Commentary Channel to come out of Seattle, Washington State. To learn more about OPERATION COLD FRONT: To apply, send a 10-15 page comedy script and info about your screenwriting to Mathew Gile:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

DEVELOPMENT SCREENWRITER/CO-WRITER. I am looking for a development partner for a bio-pic series about Soviet composer, essentially a writer who we can develop the pilot story with, then write the script. Ultimately I am looking to submit the script to streaming platforms, cable networks, and US/UK production companies that I know and try go get it made. As I am located in Tokyo now, the communication would most likely be by e-mail and occasional skype call. I would say this is not really a job who is looking for a lot of compensation (but this is PAID, but low" $300), but more for a writer who has talent but with not so much experience. Successful candidate would be someone who: - Has good knowledge about classical music field, or at least is willing to learn. - Is good at researching. - Is good at taking notes and open for change. - Good at writing suspenseful drama with dynamic social background. For more on Masaya Tajika:; email resume and samples to:
Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.


[] is seeking a screenwriter to join forces with to write a web-series. He will be directing the series in South Florida. The position is currently unpaid. For Pablo's director reel:; to apply, please submit your application here: 
Job Opening | Submit


SCRIPT WRITER NEEDED. We are Indian team of actors/ directors and need some help in developing scripts. We will provide credits for those script writers. low-budget movies will be produced within a month. Email your interest and bio to Kiron Kumar 

[] -- kirondkumar@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.


screenwriting teachers/mentors to lead online and onsite sessions to adults and international university students. Ongoing positions. The company is expanding into new markets so need to have fresh batch of staff. $50 an hour. For more on David Pope: For more on Year Of The Dog Films: list credits and teaching experience if applicable:; do NOT contact us for anything else. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

P/T UNPAID INTERNSHIP. Shore Scripts [] is a Screenwriting Competition and Production Company focused on promoting new screenwriting talent. Shore Scripts is looking for an energetic and enthusiastic intern to research production, marketing, and partnership opportunities for 2019. Candidates must be highly skilled at online research and lead generation and possess above average writing ability. To apply, email your resume and a brief description of why you would like to join our intern program to Shore Scripts. Email: jobs@shorescripts.comPlease send resumes as an attachment. Applications close midnight Monday 20th of May (PT). Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

CO-WRITER FOR SHORT. I’m looking for a co-writer to help write and develop a script for my university project for my final project. It's an LGBTQIA/Mental Health awareness film with the focus of showing fair and equal representation of the community in media, as well as hopefully sparking the change in conversation about mental health. You will receive copy of the film and credit. Email Becca Barrett [] --; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

FULL-TIME SCRIPT WRITER, BERLIN. We've invented an immersive reading app that is released episodically and includes various interactive elements including chat fiction, prose, audio, vibrations, polls, community involvement & more. For more om INKITT: Featured on BBC Business: We’re seeking a Full-Time Script Writer to contribute to a fast-paced team of writers who are producing daily episode releases. This hybrid writer will combine their skills of scriptwriting and interactive storytelling. The ideal applicant will be a TV fanatic and have experience creating storyboards, pitching creative stories, managing deadlines, and working in a serial format. This position is full-time at our head office in Berlin. More on Inkitt: Send your application with an updated Resume, Cover Letter, and sample script to Emma: emma@inkitt.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing Sent you.

CO-SCREENWRITER NEEDED. seeking a co-writer for a King Arthur series I've been working on, who is open minded and loves history and attention to small details. You would be working with me to write the rest of the 10 episode season 1, I've already got a finished pilot episode script,(you write 4, i write 4, we both right the last one).I want the characters who have sensible character arcs, that feel human to any reader/ viewer.If you do want to be part of this. No up front pay., back-end. Email Joseph Leven Halgren: jlhalgren33@gmail.comPLEASE TELL THEM SCREENWRITING STAFFING SENT YOU.

2D ANIMATION SHORT. We are looking for a short animation screenplay, nothing else. The story concept needs to be simple and presentable in 2D animation format. It can have quite a bit of narration if the story flows well. We have all kinds of resources but we work on small budgets. We have a full animation and editing crew. Script length 2-10 pages. Genres accepted: DRAMA, ACTION/THRILLER and ROMANCE, nothing else. For more on Marcus Lee:

Link to video REEL; send query letter via email: docmacabq@gmail.comPLEASE TELL THEM SCREENWRITING STAFFING SENT YOU.

ULTRA LOW BUDGET SPECIFIC DRAMA SHORT. Looking for something simple that is 2-3 characters, 1 or 2 locations, no more than 10 pages, and that can be done on an ultra low budget. Will pay for script, but low. REQUIREMENTS: cast has to be between the ages of 15-25, male or female. Preferred locations: smaller city house, hills/mountains, or forest. Script should be able to be shot in Santiago, Chile. Must be a drama. For more on Nicolás Muñoz Abarzúa and his shorts:; send drama logline(s) via email: PLEASE TELL THEM SCREENWRITING STAFFING SENT YOU.

SCREENPLAY EDITOR. I have a few scripts, each around 85/90 pages, that need edited. Tighten scene descriptions. Smooth out clunky dialogue. Correct spelling errors. Correct grammatical errors. Correct formatting errors. MFA students welcome. Please have screenwriting experience. Please quote low rate to start; there is a budget, but very small. Email Raam Sek with short bio/samples:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​




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