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entertainment professionals who have posted with us have contributed to extraordinary projects like:

Browse & Search.  Apply & Submit.  Get Paid, Sell A Script, & Gain Credits.

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Browse & Search.  Apply & Submit.  Get Paid, Sell A Script, & Gain Credits.

Welcome to Screenwriting Staffing's Screenplay Search and Screenwriter Job Board – the premiere resource for entertainment industry opportunities. Our platform connects you and your screenplay to the industry by championing screenwriters to agents, managers, producers, and companies seeking writers/projects. We provide essential leads to help elevate your career, featuring reliable screenwriting gigs, script searches, and literary representation requests.

We offer adverts for writers of all genres and levels, and our mission is to simplify the industry experience for screenwriters and filmmakers. Since our founding in 2013, we have been steadfast in our commitment to helping writers achieve their goals. Thanks to our platform, over 100 movies and shows have been produced, and more than 200 writers have landed gigs or gained representation by penning scripts.

We're proud to say that our platform has helped over 300 writers achieve success, making us one of the top platforms for screenwriters and producers.  

Whether you're interested in selling your screenplay, landing an agent, or getting a screenwriting job, come to us. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, our platform offers the best leads online.



Unlock paid screenwriting opportunities and exclusive industry connections, tapping into a network of pros actively searching for screenwriters for script requests, paid jobs, and representation.



Access our free listing page designed for emerging, aspiring, and collaborative-minded screenwriters seeking new opportunities in the film and television world.

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