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* SCREENWRITER FOR MAJOR FEATURE. We are working with a well-known filmmaker on a "spirit" film. We are currently looking for a writer, with West African heritage and feature-length film writing experience, for the project. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT. ​

* SCI-FI FAMILY SCREENWRITER WANTED. Multi-award-winning producer looking for someone to collaborate on a rewrite on a script. Must have a bit of an out of the box mind for family sci-fi. Prefer a produced screenwriter but really looking for that diamond in the ruff. Payment negotiable and main title screen credit. ​SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT. 

* ISO WEB-SERIES SCRIPT. While the world is on hold due to Covid19, we are using this time to look for scripts high on content value for for a web-series. Only short form content, with minimal production with a small crew. Anything that requires a large budget should not be submitted. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT. 

* SCREENWRITER FOR COMMERCIAL. Seeking screenwriter to write short commercials with our ambassadors who have a combined following of 2 million people. Scripts will be used to sell our product, brand, and culture. Payment for work. For major beard product. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT. 

* ANY GENRE, TV & FILM SCRIPTS. FP, with offices in Malaysia & Australia, is searching for TV series and feature-length films. Genre is open. We have produced 29 feature films and over 500 commercials. Budget open. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT. 

* BILINGUAL SCREENWRITER FOR SERIES. Hiring a bilingual (Spanish to English) screenwriter for a TV series for children. Preferably from the New York area. This is a paid position.​


* WRITER FOR TV SHOW BIBLE. Screenwriter-Producer based out of Atlanta is searching fora screenwriter  to create a show bible for their TV crime drama series ASAP. Paid. Must submit show bible samples, links to work. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT. 

* FEATURES IN ASIA. Producer in Belgium is searching for scripts set in Asia. He is not looking for scripts that can be changed to take place in Asia. Can be in a foreign language, think "Parasite", but can also be in English or another language, as long as it's set in Asia. Asian cast needed. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT. 

* CHILDREN SCRIPT WRITER. We are looking for a writer who can help us create short, fun, engaging learning videos for children learning English as a second language. These digital videos will be used inside the learning app. We need a skilled writer who can work with us to develop episode concepts and then shape those concepts into fully realized scripts. We are hoping to find a writer who has notable experience writing for children's entertainment or education. educational app developer that creates award-winning learning games for ALL children, including those with special needs or without access to resources. Our apps are game-based, but they also include libraries of fun, digital videos that help children learn. Competitive pay. 


* HORROR SHORT SCRIPT. Seeking Covid-friendly short script to film this summer. Would like to read material that follows unusual narratives and breaks the rules. Only horror. Prefer stories told in rural areas. BIPOC writers encouraged to submit. Purchase price for short: between $500-1K. We have produced scripts through SS before. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

* SCREENWRITER FOR FANTASY MYTHOLOGICAL MOVIE. I'm looking for a very experienced writer for a mythological fantasy thriller similar to "The Wrath of the Titans" 2012. I'm looking for writers who were produced by big studios, not just short indie movies. You must send me your resume and quote for your work.​ Our company is based in Los Angeles. 


* SCREENWRITERS FOR FEATURES & SERIES. BM, a production house based in Mumbai, India has expanded into feature films & web series as an independent vertical apart from the ongoing advertising video production work. Now they are actively looking to collaborate with screenwriters who have written a full script for either feature film or web series. Through the help of this association, we would like to interact with passionate writers. We would like to collaborate and discuss ideas for a feature/series. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

* ACTION-THRILLER SCREENPLAYS. Only quality scripts that can draw A-list above the line talent. Only send action-thriller scripts (no other genres), features only. Budget open. HL is a producer and line producer at LA Productions. He has over 25 producer credits. ​ SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

* TV PILOT OR TELEMOVIE SET IN PARIS. Budget won't surpass £500,000. We are seeking scripts set in Paris to shoot as a television pilot or telemovie. We want the sights, sounds, and vibes of Paris, and want Paris to almost be a character in of itself. Female leads will get priority. If you script won or placed highly in a reputable contest please state up front. Genres we will accept:  Romance, Comedy, Family, Light Drama. Nothing else. Payment for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

* COMEDY SCREENWRITER OR COPYWRITER. Company in California is looking for word-happy, well rounded creative candidates that specialize in screenwriting and copywriting (especially comedy). We are looking for a swiss army knife, with a knack for creativity that can conceptualize scripts, pitch decks and storyboards for a variety of clients. Our small team, handles budgets that exceed millions of dollars per month. Paid. 

* 3 SCREENWRITERS TO JOIN TEAM. Major company with over 7 billion views on YouTube seeks screenwriters to write short motivational screenplays. This person is someone who can help to come up with ideas, write dialogue, create characters and develop storylines that teach important lessons for all demographics. This individual will be able to write in a very niche style that follows a certain formula which has enabled us to garner billions of views within a short time period. Each video is around 5-8 minutes of length, involves 2-8 actors, minimal locations and is intended for social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube and IGTV. Between $25-$30 an hour. You can work remotely. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

* SPECIFIC FEMALE-DRIVEN FEATURES. WF is looking for Hallmark and/or Lifetime type stories with a female lead. Thrillers need to have romance intertwined. Romances need to either have a splash of comedy and/or an inspirational message. Nothing rated R will be accepted. Female leads only. NO other genres. WF is an independent film and television production company with a focus on Features, MOWs. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

* CONTAINED SCI-FI FEATURES. We're looking for someone who has a script that hits the following criteria: 

contained sci-fi/thriller with elements of either horror or action. 7 people max cast, commercially viable. Some kind of unique hook to separate it from other sci-fi films. Payment for script.​ Must take place on a spaceship or space station. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

* DRAMA FAITH-BASED FEATURES. We are seeking only drama faith-based features that can be made between 250K-500K. Stories need to be deep, thought-provoking, and illuminate Christianity. Stories that follow a family, like BEYOND ACCEPTANCE (2011), preferred. We will review both produced and unproduced writers work, but if you have previous Christian material produced, please tell us up front (major points). 6-month option, then purchase (15K-20K).​SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

NEED SCRIPT DOCTOR. I am searching for an experienced screenwriter who also has experience working in development. Having editing and coverage experience is an added bonus. Must have fantasy experience. The screenplay is 102 pages, similar to the TWILIGHT series.​ Paid SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

PILOT OR SHORT. Type: Short or Pilot. Genre: Open to any genre however a little more interested in Dramas, Thrillers, Action. After the successful purchase of a horror short from an SS writer, we are now looking to add other genres to our catalogue. We would love to produce a drama with a strong social message, and or action films, or psychological thrillers. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CRIME-DETECTIVE FEATURE SCRIPT. We own a small SPFX studio, and are always on the lookout for scripts loaded with special effects. At this time, we are only wanting crime-detective stories with SPFX. We have bought a script from a writer at SS before. Our budget will not exceed 1MM. Option/Purchase: industry standard rates. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

MEXICAN-BASED ROMANCE/FRIENDSHIP TV SERIES. We have been granted a modest amount of money to shoot a TV pilot with the hopes of selling it to a network. Our budget is not large, but we have enough to make a solid pilot. We are only searching for projects set in Mexico. The entire cast does not have to be Mexican, but the lead does. We want to read something along the lines of VALERIA that focus around female friendships, as well as romances. We are not interested in reading any other type of material at this time. We would like you to at least have some sort of pitch deck available (or Bible), that walks us through future episodes. Payment for pilot, plus royalties and back-end if turned into series. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

PRODUCTION-READY LOW BUDGET FEATURES. Producer in Los Angeles is looking for an original feature script that is production-ready. No work-in-progress, no rough drafts. I will review any genre except horror or comedy. Right now, we are only evaluating summaries. The script must be able to be made on an ultra to low budget. Payment will be given for script. I have won 9 film awards, in festivals set in Barcelona and Los Angeles, just to name a few. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SEARCHING FOR SCREENWRITERS. We are starting a New International Studio with no walls or borders. We are looking for writers from around the world. We will be producing independent features and other related product. Most writers will work individually or as a team on projects already funded. We are looking more for talented writers with an interesting background to become part of our team. Unlike the Old Studio System, we will not have their services contracted to us exclusively. Our writers will be able to take any jobs offered to them by others and can turn down any assignment we offer them for any reason whatsoever. Will be paid for each assignment on a project by project basis. EM has worked 11 years in distribution. 


1 LOCATION FEATURE. I'm looking for a 1 location feature to act in. Does not have to be a main role, just a good character. Caucasian or Italian. Ages 25-35, possibly a little older. I have a director attached, just need the right script. Only scripts that mainly take place in one location. Horror, Dark Comedy. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORT & FEATURES. First and foremost, I'm mainly interested in shorts over features, but open to both. The shorter the better. Small stories easy to produce. I am based in Sweden. Only genres I will accept: Comedy, Thriller, Drama. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

1 0-20 MINUTE WEB-SERIES. Actress that plays roles between 30-35 is seeking a vehicle web-series pilot to star in. The pilot should not exceed 20 pages. Pilots should also have an outline or bible to go along with it. It doesn't have to be detailed, just enough to gauge where the writer takes the story.  With COVID, we only want projects that would require a limited amount of cast and crew. We will pay for script and back-end (in the event we make any money). 


LOVE STORIES, ROMCOM SCRIPTS. Looking for Romantic comedies and or Love stories. Budget not a problem. No other genres. Feature scripts only. We will pay for the script. We already signed deals with 2 SS writers. Our films have had worldwide release. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

LOOKING FOR SCRIPT CONSULTANTS. Searching for a Script Consultant to join our team providing written and verbal feedback on writers’ work. We’re looking for screenwriters with professional experience only. (Interns, graduates, script readers, development execs, etc. need not apply.) For this position, we are looking for someone who has: Optioned and/or sold numerous screenplays. Had their work produced. Experience helping writers with their scripts, in both written and verbal form​ Being a member  means being able to deliver actionable feedback—a road map to a better draft—rather than just pointing out what’s wrong with a script. Paid. Position is remote. We have worked with SS writers. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ROAD TRIP SCREENPLAYS. I am an executive assistant for a producer who is searching for road trip scripts that can be shot between $500K-$1M. Must be set in the continental United States. Genres: Drama, Romance, Comedy. No horror, sci-fi, action-packed stories. Comedy is best, but only if it's smart and not crude. Script that have placed or won in top contests will get first-looks. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORT - DRAMA, COMEDY, ROMANCE. Few characters, 1-7 Pages Looking for scripts & screenwriters to produce a series of shorts on a new YouTube channel. Only romance, comedy, or drama. I am an indie filmmaker and music video producer. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


Small team currently looking to produce, film and direct some new pieces once we are allowed again and am interested in working/collaborating with LGBTQ themed writers/writing. Am UK/London based so the same would be great, but also happy to work with non-UK based writers if plausible! Must be shootable on a low budget. Ideally anywhere between 1-12 mins in length​. Payment. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CONTAINED THRILLER (PSYCH/SUSPENSE) FEATURE. We are looking for a very contained (1-2 locations, 2-5 main character) thriller that can realistically and safely be produced this fall (with presumed COVID restrictions). 100 pages or less, limited vehicles, no planes, trains, animals. No major SFX, or CGI. My last film  is now streaming on HULU. Payment details: 2% of prod budget + points TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FRENCH-SPEAKING SCREENWRITER. Canadian director-producer is looking for a French speaking screenwriter for paid collaboration to write a script in English. Short film projects but also series. Paid on contract by agreement. 

Several films already produced. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

TELEMOVIE, TV PILOTS, FEATURES WANTED. We're currently accepting unsolicited scripts from non-union screenwriters for our 2021 slate. Feature-Length, TV Pilot/Bible, Telemovie. 

Currently accepting submissions across all genres. We are also open to accepting pitches from unknown writers. 


ART HOUSE FEATURE SCREENPLAYS. Only wanting art house work. Unconventional romances and strange dramas. Something along the lines of Loveless (2017) and Monsieur Lazhar (2012). Budget open. Will accept both WGA and NON-WGA. Writers with produced work preferred, but not a deal-breaker. If you are not familiar with the art house sub-genre, then your script does not fit. Producers are based in London & New York City. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

CGI FEATURE NEEDS SCREENWRITER. CGI Animated Feature is seeking a Co-Writer with female sensibilities to help our mother-daughter story find its way. It’s J.K. Rowling, it’s Frank Capra, it’s Guillermo del Toro with a good helping of the Pixar we love. There is up-front pay for a scriptment however WGA rates for a full script are dependent on funding and we are confident. Your financial and creative happiness is our objective and should you be the right fit, you will want for nothing. Fundamentally, you are a like-minded idea generator who can bring something to the table, deliver smart, authentic and economical dialogue and optimally, be good in a room. It’s imperative to be available for meetings in Los Angeles. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

ULB FEATURE SCREENPLAYS. Company is looking for feature length scripts in the following genres: romance, fantasy, thriller or sci-fi. This will be for an ultra low budget feature to be filmed this summer. I am the production coordinator helping the director look for scripts. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT

ACTION-ADVENTURE & SCI-FI FEATURE SCRIPTS. Director-Producer based in Belgium is looking for some exciting action-packed scripts that also have all the elements of a good story. Location can be set anywhere. Cast needs to be small. Main lead can be male or female. Budget undecided -- will be based on script. Will buy the script for industry standard price. Do not submit any other genre. Also, am looking for screenwriters who are interested in adapting books into screenplays and then eventually producing them. There is some pay, but low. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

SPORTS FAMILY FILM SCREENWRITER. We have the story and character breakdown for our sports family story. Need a script writer to fill in some empty segments and put the story in script format. Looking for spec writer that can work for $2500 to $3500 for finished product. DM has produced 7 feature films, 3 are on Netflix.​ SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

COMEDY-DRAMA TV WRITERS. Large international PR firm are looking for writers who can do the style of Californication, Entourage, Diary of a Call Girl. I am looking for tv show writers only for a series pitch. PAID You will be

put on our weekly payroll. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

PTSD DRAMA SCRIPTS. Looking for a story that deals with PTSD (preferably women characters that have and suffered PTSD). Minimum locations, no more than 10 characters. Pre-production in 2021. You will be PAID for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

ANY GENRE FEATURES, UP TO 20MM. We are looking for good stories told well. We are open to any genre but tend to like thriller, horror and sci fi the most. We are looking for more than one script. Budget can go up to 20 million per movie. Interested in finding at least two unique stories told in 3 or less locations with a handful of characters. Also looking for a script that involves an large cast that is character driven. If your script has a female lead please mention that in your email. We have several known actresses that we are looking to cast for quality roles. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

FANTASY SCREENWRITER. We have a a script that falls under the "fantasy of manners" genre. While fantasy, it focuses more on morality and society, with a female lead. This is not a mystical, creature sort of story. We need a screenwriter to re-write the 2nd draft. 3K for the re-write. An additional 2K if the movie goes into production. We may need a 3rd draft, and will pay accordingly. We only want writers who have produced fantasy work. Doesn't have to be major, just produced.​ SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

SCREENWRITERS TO WRITE CHRISTIAN MATERIAL. Life Productions is a faith based production company currently working on several projects and is currently looking to collaborate with several screenwriters who understand Christian concepts. Payment is up to $1,500 (negotiated based on experience).Please send in a sample script of 15 or more pages preferably a drama or thriller. These will be reviewed and candidates short listed. Further instructions will be given and a Skype chat with the Producer who will make the hiring decision.​ We previously hired a script doctor through SS. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

CONTAINED FEATURES: HIGH CONCEPT GENRES. No Comedy, no musicals, no animation, no fantasy. Specifically looking for intense dramas with suspense or thriller aspects.  Open to sci-fi, action, drama, and smart horror.  Minimal Cast, minimal locations (Like 1 central location preferred). Ideally not looking for anything with pets or children in them. We are planning to shoot a feature as soon as this July​. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

ACTION-ROMANCE FEATURE. We are looking for something along the lines of MR. & MRS. SMITH. The story needs to blend action with romance (nothing too over the top). NO OTHER GENRES. Budget is open. One of the main characters has to be ASIAN. This is non negotiable.  Our team produced a project through SS back in early 2018. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

SMALL-SCALE, ULB FEATURE. I’m looking for a small scale feature drama/thriller/or romance that takes place in an urban metropolitan area, or the suburbs of an east coast city such as Miami FL. Must be limited locations.. I don’t care if the lead is male or female. I plan on working with a small crew. Budget is small. Small payment for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

SHORT SCRIPT SET IN MOVIE THEATER. I have access to an older movie theater. I am looking to shoot a short (then submit to festivals) within the next few weeks. Not looking for work-in-progress concepts or scripts that can be changed to fit a theater. Any genre is fine. Will pay for script. 


CONTAINED FEATURES, ANY GENRE. Los Angeles-based production company is looking for feature film projects we can produce when the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. We are thinking minimal cast and crew, 1-3 characters, 

contained location, and any genre. Also open to inter-cutting stories that can be filmed independently as separate film units but fit together as a strong feature. 


SHORT INDIE SCRIPTS. I am a producer in Chicago looking for short, low budget scripts to produce. Scripts should not be longer than 15 pages/minutes. We are partnering with a theater company that is interested in delving more into film production. We are looking for stories that can be shot with a small cast and crew, in one or two locations. If you have simple stories about let’s say, an artist looking for inspiration while also running late to a family dinner, or a young teen going through losing a close friend, we want to hear them! We’ve got the equipment, locations, and actors. We just need more stories! Payment TBD and discussed. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

LOW BUDGET FEATURE COMEDY. ISO low budget comedy feature script to produce and direct. Quirky, transcendent, alternative. 2-3 locations. Small cast. Happy to sign NDAs prior. No other genres. IC is a member of the Director’s Guild of Great Britain. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

COMEDY-DRAMA WEB-SERIES. CD is searching for a web-series (either mini or hour long). Female ensemble only. 

Comedy-Dramas. Characters who act heroically. Relationship stories. Can be dark, but not too dark. They recently hired a writer through our site. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

ISO SHORT SLASHER SCRIPT. Film must be contained. Something in a barn, small bar, apartment, or small office space. Need it 5 pages or less. Female or Male lead is fine. You must be the original author. Outside of those requirements, I'll read anything that's a slasher. Include your purchase price in the email. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

CONTAINED FEATURE SCREENPLAY. Looking for contained feature length screenplays. House, apartment, woods. Possible access to a park. Any genre okay. Plays, horror / thriller stories with minimal effects/blood, humorous monster-length monologues, manifestos - anything you can cram into one or two locations and entertains. ULB project. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

SCREENWRITER FOR TV PILOT. For season 1 of a 13-part series we are looking for a screenwriter to write the pilot episode. The series is about a psychic who shares supernatural 

experiences. These will be partly re-enacted and partly narrated. Paid. Negotiated with screenwriter. We are a production company based in the UK. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

BLOODY HORROR SCRIPTS. We own a small SPFX studio and we are seeking horror films with lots of spfx, could be slasher, gore, creatures, or experimental. We are not looking for complex horror stories that are high concept. Something similar to HILLS HAVE EYES, but with more special effects. Feature scripts only. Rates based off script, Budget open. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

WESTERN & SCI FI FEATURES. We are looking for Westerns & Sci-Fi Love stories. We are not looking for morally corrupt material that corrupts. Material should not include horror or gore for gore's sake. We are very serious in pursuing 

material.​ Our films have had worldwide theatrical 

screenings and grossed millions. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

COVID-19 SCRIPT. DC and his team are searching for a 1-2 location screenplay about a family overcoming COVID-19. We are not seeking horror or science-fiction, but something with a strong moral message. This is for immediate 

production and will go straight to VOD. Payment is 3-5% of budget, plus back-end. We have worked with SS writers before. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

SCREENWRITERS FOR YOUTH SCRIPTED SERIES. We have reached hundreds of thousands of teenage viewers with our unscripted content across youtube, instagram and tiktok and are now working to develop scripted series. We are looking for screenwriters to help us create 4-6 premium scripted shows. KT is launching the first ever youth-focused streaming platform that will rival the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. We are looking for the best emerging writers in the world, who can join us to develop groundbreaking work for a youth audience: think Euphoria, Mid90s and Kids in series form. PAID.  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

MOWS OR FEATURES FOR NETWORK. Lifetime and Hallmark 

type MOWS or FEATURES:  Romance Or Romantic Comedy - High concept, such as an exotic location or foreign land. Inspirational Drama / Underdog  - think the movie BLIND SIDE. Thriller with Female lead - must have love interest or entanglement- limited location would be ideal but not necessary . PG 13 at the most. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


and company is see romantic comedies. FEATURES only. We are seeking female characters in a lead role, not supporting. We make 4 women-driven films a year that we sell to Lifetime. If your script does not fit that mold, please do not submit. Payment for script is between $12K-$15k. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ISO THRILLER SCREENWRITER. I have a concept/summary already which a producer loves. He has the investors to make this happen. He has produced several and he works for a big European studio. The concept here is a 1 location thriller but very character driven and will have to have very smart dialog. Full budget would be about 500k. I am paying out of pocket right now to further develop the concept for the producer. So I can only pay A LITTLE UPFRONT. It deals  mental health and will support a mental health charity. I'll be able to pay a much larger amount once the film is financed. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ELEVATED, CONTEMPORARY SCI-FI. My producing partner and I are searching for contemporary sci-fi feature scripts that can be made for $500K or less. We are open to reading elevated sci-fi pilots, but they must be highly original and have a small cast. For film, a good example of what we are looking for is: MIDNIGHT SPECIAL (2016). 6 month option. Buyout for script would follow low-budget industry rates.​SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SUPERNATURAL/HORROR GHOSTWRITER. I am looking at turning our horror feature film screenplay into a novel; the film will be released hopefully later this year, so hoping to move quickly on this. You MUST have prior experience taking a screenplay and turning it into a novel (not visa versa). Ideally, I would like to connect with horror/supernatural ghost writers who's have work previously published. PAID job. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


SUSPENSEFUL, CLEVER FEATURE-LENGTH SCRIPTS. I’m an experienced, award-winning director in Pittsburgh looking to produce and direct a feature film. I'm interested in optioning (non-WGA but a mutually agreed upon fair price) a feature-length script. Budget around $200K.  Scripts that interested me have generally had dark themes but are varied. Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, drama, thriller, and black comedy are probably the best fits. I'm looking for innovation in the script. Not just well-developed characters enduring a suspenseful situation, but also a story with an unusual, cleverly-devised premise. Films to reference: Let the Right One In, Harold and Maude, The Girl With All the Gifts, The Ring, Interstate 60, Her, Memento, & Pan's Labyrinth. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORTS SET IN HOUSE OR APARTMENT. Short scripts set in a house. An apartment will work, too. If there are scenes in a yard or garage, we can make that happen. Anything else should not be submitted. Seeking to produce a short over the next 2 months while at home. Budget will not exceed 4k. Will pay for screenplay. Open to any genre, but drama and horror are tops. No more than 4 charactersSIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


JAF, based in Atlanta, is looking to produce a film for a well-known Native American male actor. The main character (or co-lead) does not have to be Native American. The producer and actor only want edgy humor. His age range is late 20's and early 30's and the actor needs to be the lead or co-lead. Budget should be around $3-7 million. ROM-COMS - such as: 49 year old virgin, lnocked up, how to lose a guy in 10 days, wedding crashers, what happens in vegas, the ugly truth, no strings attached, good luck, chuck, the switch, friends with benefits. they came together, The Big Sick, How to be a latin lover. SITUATIONAL COMEDIES/BUDDY COMEDIES - such as: the Hangover series, Old school, Role models, Eurotrip, Pineapple express, Neighbors, Game Night, logan lucky, Step brothers, Hot tub time machine, How do you know, Ted, Trainspotting, Chips, Gringo, I feel pretty, life of the party, Bridesmaids, book club, this is 40, the other woman, Payment/Option for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

DRAMATIC SHORT FOR  YOUNG ADULT ACTRESS. Seeking script submissions for a short dramatic script, less than 15 minutes. Project is fully-funded and writer will be paid. It is a vehicle for an up and coming actress, age range 17 - 25. Think Molly Gordon or a young Rachel McAdams. Must be highly original and conceptually timely with capacity to grab attention. ​SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

LOW-BUDGET FEATURES. UK-based production company, with Sundance-selected films, is searching for quality low budget feature scripts, preferably 90-100 pages that can be brought in at or under £100k. Genre is open. Payment details negotiable. The producer is in the early days of a slate, so the search is a bit vague right now. ​SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

RE-WRITES, POLISH. Various projects on offer. Write a production-ready script from a logline or synopsis, or rewrite or polish existing work. Full screenplays from scratch, or rewrites and polishes. Will accept all levels of writers. I'm based in AU, but writer can be anywhere. Paid, but low.. I've HIRED writers through Screenwriting Staffing before. ​SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

DOCUMENTARY SCREENWRITER REGARDING RACE. Priority and preference goes to African American screenwriters. It's important to have professional documentary experience to help finish documentary film about race in America. Doc is complete and we are re-cutting and writing in a narrator to finish the film. Production is completed. Job duration is 30 days. Flat rate for screenwriter. ​SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

EXPERIMENTAL SILENT FEATURES. The entire film does not have to be silent. But at least 80% needs to be. Key plot points conveyed through dialogue is okay. We are working on a collection of experimental films where the story is only told visually (with some title cards). Feature films only at this time. Between 70-90 pages. Genre is open, but we are mostly interested in horror, mystery, and crime-thrillers. Budget won't exceed 500K. NAT has worked with talent such as: Patrick Fabian, Emma Roberts, & Amir El-Masry.​ SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

TV SCRIPT WRITER FOR KIDS SHOWS. NKT has over 8 million subscribers and 3 billion views in less than 3 years.  We are a full time video production house. We specialize in content that entertains and inspires our viewers around the world. We create scripted and non-scripted shows for children and the young at heart. We also make branded content for major toy companies and movie studios. Rate is negotiable depending on experience and qualifications. Responsibilities include writing short scripts/stories. We are hiring a small full-time in-house team of writers, as well as seeking skilled professionals to contract with for specific projects. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEATURE-LENGTH & TV PILOTS W/ MORAL MESSAGE. CS is searching for the following scripts: morally virtuous, family, Christian/spiritual, inspirational, character-driven dramas, feel-good, Biblical -- anything, as long as it has a STRONG MORAL MESSAGE. . Features or TV. Budget open. Payment for script varies. We are looking to move on projects quickly. Our films have included Sean Astin, Hayley Orrantia, & Jesse Metcalfe. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHORT SCRIPT, ANY GENRE. Searching for a short our male actor can star in. REQUIREMENTS: main role needs to be a male Australian actor between 30-40. Any genre except horror. You will receive payment for script and IMDb credit. I am wanting to shoot the short next weekend. Script should be under 10 pages. Already have director attached. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ACTION CO-WRITER WANTED. Pay is between $25-$50 an hour, DOE. JG, based in Los Angeles, is searching for someone to co-write an action/dark comedy feature. Forest Gump meets John Wick. Duration of job is 1-3 months. His last film starred Eric Roberts & Nick Bateman. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SPIRITUAL-FICTION SHORT SCRIPT. UK-based producer is looking to make a short in the genre of spiritual fiction. A story which shows characters overcoming difficulties, finding inner peace. Bringing through universal wisdom which can be of service to humanity in increasing well-being. It might be a tale of a modern prophet, someone who overcomes addiction, someone lost who becomes found with their true tribe.The estimated budget is £1000, , to be shot in the UK or New York, lead could be any gender, age or ethnicity. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR-THRILLER SCREENWRITER. SF was is one of the largest production houses in the Mediterranean. ​The writer will be work-for-hire and will need to quote a rate. We are not Hollywood, but this PAID. mind. ​ Similar concept as A QUIET PLACE , with minimal characters and little dialog. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


ANIMAL ANIMATION SHORTS. We would like to read animation shorts between 5 and 25 minutes that feature funny animals. Something similar to GOPHER BROKE. This did not have dialogue, but we are open to dialogue. We will pay for the short script. We are currently looking for 2 to produce. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

FEATURE ON CHINESE CULTURE. SHD represents investors who are interested in financing a movie that will highlight the progressive and beneficial facets of the Chinese culture. Drama, Rom-Com, Family, Drama. Can be set in any location, time period,. Payment for script is $10,000. SHD has produced 4 successful indie movies. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER(S) FOR GENRE FEATURE FILM(S): Seeking genre writers who specialize in Sci-fi, Action, Horror, and Fantasy only (No Drama or Comedy writers please). There are (4) separate projects in the development stage that need multiple creative writers that actually have "style'.  Two features involve the Mexican cartel which one of those is a horror, another is a sci-fi military action, and the other is a football-esque story. You must be able to write action, world-building, Producer/Director has multiple awards and achievements, including with the DGA. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

GAME NARRATIVE WRITER. Develop stories with compelling, multifaceted characters consistent with the project vision. Conceive scenarios, missions, and objectives that are tied to larger story goals. Write and edit character dialogue, enemy barks, objective text, and narrative content. Paid with benefits. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

DRAMA SHORTS. SC seeks a bold and exciting drama short. NOTE: I posted a search in FEB seeking a thriller, and now opening up my search for a drama. At this time, only submit dramas. Page length: 5 - 10. No large stunts or visual effects. I work professionally in the industry so have access to kit + crew. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR NIGERIAN-AMERICAN FEATURE. DMS, production company based our of Los Angeles, is searching for someone to write a 90-page feature screenplay for a comedy based in Los Angeles and Lagos, Nigeria. In order to qualify for this job, you must have a solid understanding of the Nollywood film industry. Paid. . SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

HORROR FEATURE SCREENPLAYS. We are looking for non-WGA writers of horror genre. Needs to be limited cast and limited locations, preferably possession type stories but will except any. Please no high concept horror scripts, simply won’t fit into the budget. This is a paid job and the writer will be compensated for his/her script. Previous produced films include: Headgame, Abbey Grace, among many others. 


WEB-SERIES AND FEATURES. Overall Parameters:  

Follows current Chinese censorship • Medium - Low budget, big heart, big impact shows. • Crime drama web series. • Dark comedy-drama web television (not too dark, but carries a deeper message). • Female-driven. • Fun and quirky. • Character driven with well-developed relationship arcs. • Emphasis on emotional pull. • Stories that are based on great relationships, character development and character arcs. Additional Web Series Parameters:  • 6-8 episode mini-series or regular 12 episode series (hour-long). Searching for something along the line of: • Chernobyl  • Why Women Kill  • Happy Valley  • Well-Intended Love  • This Is Not What I Expected. Buyout for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

BILINGUAL STAFF WRITER. LA-based company that develops feature films and television series for China’s film/tv fast-growing market. We are looking for bilingual Chinese / English TV staff writers to join our writers’ room in Burbank. Compensation competitive / TBD. This is a non-WGA project. This role has an estimated time frame of 2-3 months with potential for continued long-term employment. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


Producer/Director is seeking Kung Fu / martial arts feature screenplays. Please don't pitch any other type of material at this time. Please email him with your logline and query letter. His last feature, now on Amazon stars Stefan Boehm.​ SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

AFRICAN AMERICAN ENSEMBLE COMEDY FEATURE. We are looking for an African American comedy to add to our feature slate for 2021.  Budget around 1MM. Only comedies. We prefer stories set in a big city, but open to others. WGA and NON WGA may submit. Please do not submit more than 2 query letters. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ANY GENRE SHORT. We are looking for 3 – 10 page scripts only in order to produce on a micro-budget. Any genre is welcome but the plan is to shoot over a weekend or two in minimal locations. We will be submitting to film festivals. 


HORROR-THRILLER-SCIENCE FICTION SCRIPT. Short Script. Genre: Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Psychological, Supernatural. No longer than 15 minutes, (15 Pages, if over, please let us know if you would be okay with our scriptwriter polishing the script) Budget: Under 5K and under. Payment: $300+ and IMDb credit. Ideally: We are after a group of young Adults (18-35). Females and Males, that engage in a weekend getaway, and get involved in a Seance/Ouija Board session. Ultimately with supernatural beings. Open to other scenarios. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

MICRO-BUDGET CHARACTER-DRIVEN FEATURE OR SHORTS, COMEDY. Filmmaker is looking for a great piece of writing that can be produced on an very micro budget. Think "The Puffy Chair" by the Duplass brothers, "Krisha" by Trey Edward Shults , "Stranger Than Paradise" by Jim Jarmusch. If you've seen these films you know what I mean. Comedy is preferred but not a deal breaker. But it MUST be micro budget. If if involves Lamborghini car chases, large choreographed fight scenes and helicopters I'm sure your script is amazing but I can't make that movie. Character-driven stories only.  I strongly believe in compensating for work, especially writing because it's so difficult to craft a quality/original story and I'm open to negotiation for your work based off what you think is fair. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

CHINESE ROMANTIC COMEDY. Searching for a universal romcom with a Chinese cast. Film can be set anywhere. Budget will not exceed 5MM. Only features, something around the 100 page mark. We purchased a script through SS back in 2017. Include a bio with your pitch. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER SHORT. Searching for a  psychological thriller short to turn into a film. No other genres at this time. 2-5 characters. Something around the 5 page mark. Simple/ relatively accessible, i.e. school, woods, restaurant, newsagents etc. Send short query letter via email. Payment for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

NYC COURT ROOM DRAMS, FEATURE OF TELEMOVIE. We are We have access to court rooms and have tax incentives in the city. Plus, we are based there. So please only court stories set in NYC. Budget will not exceed 1MM. PAID option for script, then buyout. Only completed work, not work in progress. Work must be copyrighted. Features or Made for TV movies. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCI-FI SHORT SCRIPT. Searching for a sci-fi short, no longer than 10 minutes, to produce. Budget for short is around 5K. Will pay between $400-$500 for the right script. Female leads are great, but not mandatory. No other genres (so no horror etc). Looking for a festival darling. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

LAW ENFORCEMENT FEATURE. We are seeking feature films that follow law enforcement. Male or female lead is okay. Think of a movie like END OF WATCH. We are not looking for hokey films or buddy comedies, but drama or thriller cop films, with a serious and real message. Budget will not exceed 500K. Setting can be anywhere in the States, preference goes to Los Angeles. We partnered in producing a film last year starring Michael Madsen. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

LOS ANGELES-BASED SCREENWRITER WANTED. We are looking for a Creative Screenwriter to help write short, motivational video scripts. This person is someone who can help to come up with ideas, write dialogue, create characters and develop storylines. This individual will be able to write in a very niche style that follows a certain formula which has enabled us to garner billions of views within a short time period. Each video is around 5-8 minutes of length, involves 2-8 actors, minimal locations and is intended for social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube and IGTV.  30-40 hours a week. $25/$30 hours an hour (or based on experience). SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ISO SCREENWRITER. Seeking a screenwriter to write and edit current scripts, as well as help develop new ones. 3-6 months. Payment will be determined based on which project you are chosen for. We want to read writing samples from the following genres: Romance, Drama, True Crime, Mystery/Fantasy, Children. Please pick your strongest areas. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCRIPT EDITORS NEEDED. I am looking for 2 script editors with comedy experience, for two different feature comedy scripts. I have 2 scripts that are almost ready to be produced, and am looking for someone to add a bit more drama and tension. Not so much format, but substance. 

Send rates. I have produced 1 feature and 20 shorts.  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

POLISH ON SHORT. I have written a short, 14 pages long. There are some mistakes like improper formatting, improper slug lines, too many words overall, poor grammar, etc. I want someone that can help fix these issues. There is pay. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

TV OR FEATURE ABOUT THE BIBLE. We are seeking something along the lines of IN THE BEGINNING. We want projects that tell Bible stories. Anything from Adam and Eve to David and Goliath. We are NOT looking for faith-based fictional stories at this time. Budget open. Produced and unproduced writers can submit. PAID. We have worked on major Christian films. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

INSPIRATIONAL SHORT SCRIPTS. HS, based in Los Angeles, is in search of inspirational short scripts. Pay for script is $500. 

Short should have a good message. No other genre at this time. Although we've primarily done documentary and commercial work, narrative is our passion and we're looking for an amazing script to make into a short! The target length is 5-7 minutes, everything else is flexible. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


filmmaker-actress, is seeking a specific low-budget feature to act in. Requirements: thriller (some action is okay), main lead is a female detective, some strong female supporting roles, only a few locations. Story should be simple, but smart. Something along the lines of The Silence of the Lambs. Payment TBD. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ANIMATION SCREENWRITER WANTED. Production company looking for a writer for our animated series. Requirements: experience writing for sci-fi animation series, specifically audiences between 11-12. At least one produced credit is a must. Paid job. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ISO CRIME-THRILLER-HORROR FEATURE OR SERIES. EL is searching for either a feature or series that's crime, thriller, or horror. No more than 20 characters. Age-range of characters should be between 18-30. Either young female or male lead. Few locations, small budget.  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


TV SHOW SUBMISSIONS. SNE is looking for show submissions. Interested in: Scripted Shows - half hours comedies in the vein of Kims Convenience, Schitts Creek. Reality Series – preferable with an outdoor theme along the lines of the shows you would see on discovery channel / cottage life channel but happy to review all ideas. Documentaries – anything with a compelling story. Docu-Series – ie. The Nature of things.  Payment TBD. We have worked in business 

affairs on projects such as: Wonderstruck, Continuum, The Man in the High Castle, & Somewhere Between. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER FOR SCRIPTED PODCAST. Our main character is a pre-teen girl, so we are mainly searching for a female writer to capture her voice. The writer will help in the development of the first season of a scripted podcast. Each episode will be around 10-15 minutes each. I've locked in the concept but I'm looking for a female writer to come on board and help with development of the characters, story arcs and series. Ideally you'd come on board and work with me to get the first season scripted. Paid. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


SCREENPLAY EDITOR. I am looking to pay an editor who is available soon to edit a 100 pages movie script. The screenwriter-editor is responsible for: the grammar (English language), shorten the dialogue, make sure the screenplay format is correct. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

* ROM-COM SCREENPLAY. IDP is searching for a rom-com feature screenplay. We found some wonderful scripts on Screenwriting Staffing before. Budget open. Check/Wire to be negotiated as option or purchase. Our films have debut at Sundance and AMFEST, just to name a few. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

COMING-OF-AGE DRAMA OR COMEDY. Looking for a coming of age drama or comedy feature, centered around a 10-14 year old male. Last film on Amazon. Estimated budget is 100k. Have worked with SS writers before. Will option with TBD payment once we go into production. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ISO CREATURE/MONSTER FEATURES. Searching for ONLY creature-monster feature films. Please understand the cult genre. We are not wanting just any horror script. There needs to be a main monster (preferably more than one) in the story. Monster films with some humor are welcomed too. We'd love to read something similar to JEEPERS CREEPERS. Budget between 500k-750k. Want it around 90 pages. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


SCREENWRITER FOR TV/FILM ADAPTATION. We are searching for screenwriter to possibly adapt material. First work of a new author that has taken hold in her niche on amazon online book sales in the millions. Looking to see if our property is something you can work with to adapt to a tv series or feature film. Payment details to be discussed. 


SCREENWRITER FOR WEB-SERIES. I have been hired to direct a $30,000 pilot for a web-series, but the script needs some editing. We are really looking for a better opening. We want someone who has experience in either TV or web. We want to read samples where openings are visual, not full of dialogue. There is pay. You will also receive co-writing credit. Pay based on experience and skills. I've hired a writer through SS before. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCRIPT DOCTOR FOR SLASHER. ISO a screenwriter with at least one produced slasher film. I will also accept a monster-style film, too. Paid job, negotiable. Most likely between $2-3k to revise a 2nd draft script. Need someone who can dedicate their time to this project (not juggle several at once). SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

DRAMA OR DRAMEDY SHORT. This search for a short is for me to act in and for a Sony fellowship winner to direct. Female lead(s). Great, substantial characters who might be doing things out of character. Needs to be well developed, not overly written, easy to shoot (not too many locations please), not too many characters. Must have a clear, surprising beginning middle and end. Looking to shoot over a weekend.  SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ISO COMEDY SCREENWRITER. Searching for high school comedy feature samples for a writer's polish on a current script in pre-production. Definite pay (negotiable/5k). NON WGA only.  Straight buy out for a NO-credit polish. It's a little more than a polish, a lot less than a rewrite. EP well-known comedy producer. Production set for early summer 2020. 


HORROR OR THRILLER FEATURE SCRIPTS. Filmmaker in search of quality horror and thriller feature screenplays . Particularly interested in contained stories-- one-two locations with minimal characters budget range $30,000-500,000. Open to "bigger" stories, but script would have to be unique. There is pay for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SEARCHING FOR SHORTS. We are now looking for short film scripts. We are based in Chicago. Filmmakers with sufficient equipment looking to create some great content for human consumption. We want people who are driven and hungry. Filming will take place on the weekends. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

LOOKING FOR FEATURE SCRIPTS. Feature Drama, Drama-Comedy, Historical and True Stories. Character driven, inspirational. No other genres. We love stories about people who overcome obstacles, small town secrets revealed, unlikely heroes, bridge cultures, and stories that show the best of humanity about people who change lives for the better. Characters who are able to find tolerance, acceptance, love and hope. A small story told in a larger historical context is also a plus. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SPECIFIC SHORT SCRIPT FOR FESTIVAL. I'm looking for a script that we can use for another film competition that we're having here in central Ohio. Great opportunity to get your short made and screened.  Strict Requirements: 5-11 minutes long (nothing over 11 pages). Young adult actors. Genres accepted: Horror, Comedy. Drama (no other genre). SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.​

SMART ACTION FEATURE SCRIPT. Producer/Director looking for smart action screenplay. Budget range should be in the $500k to $1.5 million mark, limited location and limited cast action movie. Location does not matter geographically. Looking for hand to hand combat, martial arts, limited gun, explosion and car chases preferred. Partial funding is in place. Looking to option first and then payout for script. 


SHORT COMEDY SCRIPT. Need short comedy script. Film begins late 2020 or early 2021 under 20 minutes, 6-10 characters. Will be shot in Midwest. Budget $5,000. Will pay for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

ANIMATION WEB-SERIES. We are looking for short animation scripts that are between 8-12 minutes an episode. Think something along the lines of MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES (except the main character doesn't have to be famous). We are not looking for just a short script. We are looking for projects that have a pilot, preferably more episodes written, and a Show Bible. This should be written for the web. There will be upfront payment. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

LGBT DRAMAS - TV, FEATURE, SHORTS. MW is looking for LGBT content. If you have ideas or a fully-fleshed out script, let's chat. Feature-Length, Short, TV Pilot/Bible. ONLY LGBT dramas. Megan is an award-winning director, producer, and content creator. She has developed, produced and directed various projects for networks and content partners such as Discovery, A&E, Esquire Network, HGTV, Style Network, History, OWN, Goodwill, Children’s Mercy KC and the Pujols Family Foundation. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

RAUNCHY COMEDY FEATURE. Our crew is looking to shoot a raunchy comedy, something in vein of AMERICAN PIE. Movie should be set somewhere on the East Coast or Midwest U.S.A.. Budget is open, but nothing over 5MM. Main characters should be either in high school, college, or fresh out of college. Full payment for script. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

DRAMA OR THRILLER FEATURE SCRIPT. TLH, based in Europe, is searching for a non specific location script, that's a drama or thriller, with a strong story. The average production cost in our region is 2-4MM. So please do no submit anything over. We will also accept projects with a budget as small at 50K. Limited cast is preferred, but open. NO large crowd scenes. Payment for screenplay will be based on final budget for project once fully funded. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.


company is searching for a very specific writer to write a very specific script. This is a "mentor" film, think of relationships like Professor John Keating & Students - Dead Poet's Society, (1989),  or Coach Ken Carter & The Basketball Team - Coach Carter (2005). We prefer someone who has had worked produced where a mentor is the focal point. 


ULB COMEDY FEATURE. YOM is looking for ultra low, shoe-string budget comedy features only (nothing else). Only projects that can be produced and distributed through our channel ASAP. Tiny cast. Limited locations. Easy to shoot comedy projects. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENWRITER WANTED. Looking for a screenwriter

to help complete a feature-length screenplay. There will be 3-5 meetings per week for 1-2 hr work sessions over the phone or Skype. During these regular meetings the screenwriter will dictate the plot and talk through ideas for each scene. We will be working on either a techno-surrealist thriller or a sci-fi horror film taking place in the near future. The goal is to finish a film treatment followed by the first draft of the screenplay within 5-8 weeks. Before we begin the full project, we will complete a short test film treatment (with pay) to make sure we work well together. Paid job for script, hourly pay at a rate based on qualifications. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SCREENPLAY COVERAGE WRITER. Award Winning Writer/Producer is now hiring experienced Coverage Writers for the action futuristic screenplay, American Warrior. When submitting resume, please submit an example of coverage. Payment will be made immediately upon receipt of coverage. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.

SHOESTRING BUDGET COMEDY SHORT. Only comedy. Prefer found footage or video diary comedic story. Office prank stories will get priority. No more than 10 pages. 1-3 characters. Shoestring budget. Small payment for script. Short will get produced. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT.



Are you looking for IMDb/film credit? Or, ROI in a feature film? Consider joining Screenwriting Staffing's newest film: DE GRINGO A LA TUMBA.


*SEARCHING FOR SCRIPT WRITERS. Audio Legends is a small Swedish startup with the goal of making the best audio dramas in the world. We are now preparing for the autumns pitch meetings with distributors and looking for a writer to help create the shows (i.e we are not looking for finished scripts, we want you to create a show based on our input/theme). You must be able to create captivating cliffhangers, rapid dialogue, and fast-paced storytelling. Knows the formatting standards of "script- and screenplay". For more on Audio Legend:; The Dead and Dying:;
Send your screenwriting portfolio, resume, and info to Anders Backman:

* SCREENWRITER TO ADAPT BOOK. Need a novel adapted into a screenplay. The book is called A Dance With Death: An Irish Soldier of Fortune at the Little Bighorn [].  My website is ​It would not be a paid position until the script was picked up for a movie...a legal contract would be put in place before I expected any work to be done and then shown. For submissions: a resume, bio and links to work would be great. Thank you for your time, Lance Dorrel:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​

* COMEDY TV WRITER. I seek a comedy writing partner for a TV series about Storm Chasers ("Chasers"). Out of work siblings, brother and sister, leave their urban lockdown for the wide-open Midwestern Plains to chase tornadoes, because of a documentary they saw during quarantine. I am an award-winning Short and TV Pilot screenplay writer,; No payment up front. Send samples to Eric White:

Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

* SHORT FILM SCREENWRITER. Exiram Productions needs a screenwriter who can help write scripts for new short films just to get credit. Check out my work for more information.; freelance screenwriters only. Contact Alexis Ramirez: 

exirammovie@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

* SEARCHING FOR FEMALE-DRIVEN SHORT SCRIPT. Seeking a "Covid Friendly" short film script to produce - 2-3 characters, one non-public location, preferably set in one room or outside area (garden, backyard, field). This will be a skeleton, but top notch crew led by an award winning DGA director, producer and cinematographer. Prefer female driven stories, ideally 4-12 minutes. Any genre. The finished product will be submitted to festivals and screened by showrunners, managers and casting directors within the director's network.  Film to be shot in Los Angeles area but all writers are welcome to submit. Writer will be invited but not required to be on set during production. Please submit a brief intro about yourself and your work.  For more on Samantha Lavin:; For more on Fair Fight Films:; Submit a completed script along with a (one paragraph) synopsis by June 30th. Note on no up front payment. Email: fairfight@mac.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

FRENCH SCREENWRITER NEEDED. I'm looking for a French speaking screenwriter for collaboration to write a script in English. Short film projects but also series. Paid on contract by agreement. Several films already produced. I am based in Canada. Contact Steve Jay with your information: fondationsp@yahoo.caPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

CHINESE/ENGLISH BILINGUAL WRITERS' ASSISTANT (LA ONLY): Production company funded by China’s Alibaba and Media Asia develops tv/film for China’s fast-growing market, is looking for bilingual  writers’ assistant to join our writers’ room. Compensation competitive/TBD. This is a non-WGA project. Need experience working at a talent agency, production company, studio or network. Track continuity and update the Series Bible, flag potential writing issues to executive producer. Proofread, translate, format scripts. SS has been asked to vet submissions. MUST BE BASED IN LOS ANGELES. Send resume, cover letter, and sample to Jacob N. Stuart via email:

ROMANTIC COMEDY FEATURE OR SHORT. I'm really just looking for something to work on during quarantine, so I'm not throwing any money into making something. Just looking to possibly work on a project with my wife here at our home.  Script should be romantic comedy (one that got away). For more on Jared Acker:; Email pitch:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

30 SECOND SCRIPTS & STORIES. 30 seconds scripts/stories with or without dialogue that can be shot in a house with a medium size swimming pool. 1 actress only. Can include dogs. Any genre but only HAPPY ENDINGS. The goal is to make 1 minute short films for class, for practice. Monologues okay, too. It will be shot with iPhone 7 Plus. Once it’s finished it will be shared. And if it’s decent enough, publish or sent to competitions. This is pro-bono. If you are interested in collaborating, reach out to Magi Avila [] via email only with your logline and summary:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.



[], Whale Dreams Entertainment [] is developing the specific content about every industry, its behind the curtains life, exclusive stories of its leaders with their interviews. We want to tell truth to people how these industries work, why the prices for the products or services are so high, and does it have a future or what changes could be applied. We are looking for a person who will want to create unique content that will fit not only American TV but European too. The first episode will be narrated by the niece of Spielberg. Currently, major TV network companies and VOD platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon are interested in our docuseries concept and waiting to see a pilot episode.  We are a small team of professionals who want to build a great tv-show together. I have to mention the condition of the payment because we don't use anyone's time or work for free - everyone should be paid fair. Due to circumstances that we are doing a pilot episode as proof of concept and we going to pitch it to the network, all our team invests their time and work into the pilot and after selling this episode will be paid. I'm telling that because I want to be fair and honest with everyone and because we are looking to create a team of people who know what they are doing and what result do we want to get from our invested time and work. We have an opportunity to create our own tv-series where everyone will have their own share or their salaries will be paid after selling the first pilot episode. Contact via email:;

please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

BEACH-TYPE TV PILOTS. We are currently looking for TV pilot scripts that would could be filmed on the east coast either in Wilmington, NC or Charleston, SC. We are looking for a beach type with DRAMA roles.​ No up front payment. Send pitch bible or synopsis to Maurice Nix [] via email:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCREENWRITER FOR BIO-PIC. I'm looking for a writing partner to rework a bio-pic with me. I bought this man's life rights several years ago. He's a very influential and accomplished man with an amazing story. He's now around 80, lives in LA, and I'm not sure how much longer he has. I've wrestled with this story for years and finally realized (thanks to Covid) that I have to admit I'm stumped. I would like to find a strong, experienced writing partner to rework this story with me. Shared writing credits. I have access to several producers, but can't pass this along until it's ready. If you're the right person, I'm thrilled to share credit/pay and everything else that comes with this story. Send first ten pages of a dramatic feature and short bio. Contact Dawn Spinella [] via email:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SEEKING WRITING PARTNER. I'm in Los Angeles and I prefer a partner nearby, but it's not a requirement. I'm seeking a writing partner, or a script, or a group looking to produce narrative audio. Project goals to be agreed on; for instance, they may include indie audio production, writing a screenplay version, etcetera. I'm interested in projects that are: • any genre • smart to a fault • not too middle-of-the-road My strong suit tends to be dialogue, detail and making scenes work for actors. I'm looking for a sticktoitive partner of any experience level. Please submit your interest in collaborating on narrative audio, plus a few links or a synopsis/sample​. For more on Michael Maggiano: Email:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you. 

TV SERIES WRITER. I'm an actor/producer finished 4 short films and 1 feature as a producer over the last 2 years, among other projects. Just Directed my 3rd short film too.  Looking for writers that have experience writing in the action/drama genre. Think 24 TV series, The Bourne Identity movies, Or Person of Interest TV series. Aiming to come away from this pandemic with filmed content to pitch! Let me know if you are interested in collaborating, we can start with 1 script. I didn't do a treatment yet, want to discuss ideas with the right screenwriter and develop as a team. Deferred payment. Contact Dawn Church [] via email:; please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCI-FI/DRAMA SCREENWRITER. I am currently looking for a Screenwriter to collaborate on a SciFi/Drama concept I had. It's not a paid position, But we are ideally aiming to do a festival run and press release with it once quarantine is over.  Would love to receive some samples from talented sci-fi writers. Email Nicholas Ferwerda [] with samples/links:; please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.


PRODUCER SEEKS SCREENWRITER. Producer Raj Mehrotra [] is searching for a writer to take his idea and outline (plus visuals) and turn it into a screenplay. Feature is an action, revenge, boxing/marital arts film. Writer will be compensated when THE film is sold. Send bio, links, and/or samples. Raj is known for Hack-O-Latern. Email him directly:; please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCREENPLAY READERS NEEDED. We are looking for readers for the VAIL SCREENPLAY CONTEST, an international screenplay competition run by the Colorado Film Institute, producer of the internationally recognized Vail Film Festival. This is an unpaid volunteer position. We have screened over one thousand films, hosted hundreds of filmmakers, and honored many industry leading actors, writers, producers, and directors. For more info: Send a little info about you and if you have samples, send those too! Email:; please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​

ULB DRAMA OF COMEDY FEATURE. I am looking for ultra low budget comedy and drama scripts to produce ASAP. All are welcome. Payment is by IMDb credit  and $250 plus % of profits. Good for unproduced writers and those starting out. NON WGA only. We have for films produced so far:; send query letter only to Yanu Paira:; please tell them SS sent you.

DRAMA SHORTS. Sachin Chande 

[] seeks a bold and exciting drama short. NOTE: I posted a search in FEB seeking a thriller, and now opening up my search for a drama. At this time, only submit dramas. Cast: 2 - 5. Page length: 5 - 10. Location: Simple, relatively accessible i.e. school, woods, restaurant, newsagents etc. Notes: No large stunts or visual effects. I work professionally in the industry so have access to kit + crew. This is unpaid. For more on Sachin: , Send query letter via email only: tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

DRAMA SCRIPT DOCTOR/EDITOR WANTED. We are looking for a script doctor to edit, tighten, and polish the script and develop a coherent one-pager for fundraising. The ideal candidate will be an experienced writer with a passion for intimate, human stories, with a strong understanding of history, politics, and culture. An ability to write strong females characters is required.

Please note: the job is not a paid job YET. Once we secure funding for the film, we will pay fully for the work. 

 "Cafe Resistance" by director Roberto Monticello []. This is a story of how the entertainers of a Parisian Cabaret, The Blue Parrot.  If you are interested, please send an email to Ziporen Yahav Hazum:, with the subject "Cafe Resistance - Full Name." Please submit your resume, tell us a little bit about yourself, share 2-3 short writing samples, include a general quote, availability, and timeline. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

DIRECTOR SEEKING SCREENWRITER. I have several projects in the pipeline, and one project “Rock film” needs a new screenwriter. I have hired SS writers before. I'm looking for a writer who helps with my idea, I will be directing and producing it. A lot of art house elements. 115-125 pages. Film is set in the US. It also helps if you know heavy metal/rock music, but this is not basic rock music story. Film influences: The Doors, A Star Is Born (Film). This is deferred pay. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you. Email Anton Jokikunnas [] your info: 

anton@darkside.fiPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCREENWRITER TO WORK WITH DIRECTOR. Looking for a screenwriter to collaborate on a drama short based on Asian American/Canadian culture. Our director have some ideas and would love to work with a writer in person to help develop it into a script. This is unpaid since we are seeking for mutual collaboration. For more on Angela Wang:; Please email with samples of your work. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCREENWRITING PARTNER. I have what I feel is a solid comedy movie idea and looking for partner who is looking to mold the idea into a realistic package that could be marketed through the appropriate channels. I have no knowledge of screenwriting, script writing or the industry. I am looking for a collaborator that does and who appreciates working with someone that can look through a fresh lens as an industry/writing outsider. 50/50 split. Email Scott A Mestan with your interest:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCREENWRITER FOR SHORT. Need a screenwriter for a short film set in Central America. Pays $100. Short should be around 10 pages. Outline already written. Produced and unproduced writers can apply. Send a sample, short bio. Contact María Fernanda Duarte​ [] via email only:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SPEC SITCOM WRITER NEEDED. We are developing a 30 minute sitcom for television or streaming. Tagline: "The inmate is running the asylum". Logline: "A psychiatric hospital is not anything to laugh at except when the doctors are crazier than the patients. The best part is that each episode is loaded not only with laughter, but with compassion, as we take a whole new look at mental illness. "SHOW CROSS: “Cuckoo House” is a thirty-minute comedy with an outrageous cast of characters and is a cross between “What About Bob”, “Monk”, and “The Dream Team”. This job is on spec. Please send 2 pages max of comedic writing sample. Keller Entertainment [] is known for shows such as: Conan, Tarzan:  and Acapulco H.E.A.T. Email Max Keller []. No other submissions. Maxkellerceo@aol.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCREENWRITER FOR SHORT. I am looking for a screenwriter to put my idea into proper format on paper. The project will be called "The Land Challenge." It will be a short parody video. Unpaid. Credit and you can use your work for your portfolio. Email Tariq Graham [] directly with samples; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

HORROR/ THRILLER CO-WRITER. I am looking for a co-writer to help expand one, possibly two low budget horror/thriller ideas to full length. They are at different stages of development, but I'd like to find someone to put their stamp on it and take it in an interesting direction (while keeping budget considerations in mind for possible future sale). This will be a partnership for a future sale, but I do try to offer some sort of compensation for your time as I know how valuable it is. If selected, $100 payment for draft.  For more on Stephen Reynolds: Email resume/samples/bio:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing Sent you. 

SUPERNATURAL/GHOST GENRE SCREENWRITER. i have written a 84 page script which is in the horror genre and I need you to help fine tune it and finish it up from script notes I got from a couple of professional script analysts. I am looking for a script doctor to work on the points the analysts sent me and to follow their notes and some of your own to make the script better. So this work will include a rewrite of certain parts of my script including dialogue improvements and work on the 3 acts of the story making it even more interesting a story than it currently is so that it's ready to be called a "final" script. You must have experience in horror/thriller genre. Please send your resume some writing samples, IMDB link and your email address. Pay TBD. Email Leo Chow: Please tell them SS sent you.

CO-WRITER WANTED. I'm looking for a co-writer to collaborate with me on a LGBT short-drama. The film is based on a true story about a non-biological lesbian mother in Kansas fighting her ex in court for the rights to see her daughter. The case is currently in the Supreme Court, so I would like to move fairly quickly on this. Script is half-way done but still needs a lot of work. Also, would like to eventually turn this into a feature. Email Megan Weissenstein [], with Boyish Media []. Co-writer applications only: mweissenstein@boyish.mediaPlease tell them Screenwriting staffing sent you.

SCREENWRITING PARTNER. Seeking a writing partner to work alongside with to put together a concept and Pilot episode for a TV show idea that has a Goldberg's autobiographical vibe and also focuses on struggling minority families in today's society. Person must be: Formatting expert,. Someone who I can collaborate and bounce ideas off with, basically a partnership to get our works together and even separate produced. Whatever we come up with together we split 50/50. You can learn more about me and my work here:; Send what genres you like and a little about yourself to Rebecca Paniagua: beckiepan7@outlook.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

DIRECTOR ISO OF WRITER OR WRITER-PRODUCER. I'm a director looking for a writer or producer with a narrative short that has partial funding.  I would bring in the rest of the funding. Duration: at least 4 minutes. Budget range: $4K to $50K, with the higher end requiring more time to chase funding. Both of us: work out the goals of the short (e.g. short to feature vs. free online, etc) as well as ownership and pay. My contributionsI have good contacts for crew, and some for cast. I'd probably do the picture edit, which will help our budget go further.

directed/wrote/produced three shorts with SAG actors, two music videos. Your contributions: A script that is either ready to go or getting there, any genre; I don't mind works in progress.  The script should not be extra-mainstream, for lack of a better term; in some way it should be at least partly: highbrow, or arthouse, or weird, or slow cinema, or an acting piece, or fiercely satiric, or a fever dream, or a spine/structure for improvisation (whether Mike Leigh or Christopher Guest).  The script could be a short form version of your feature script, or a 'first 10 pages' short. I'm open to anything from "Don't touch my script" to "I'm looking for a writing partner", or anything in between.  I'm open to hyphenates (writer/producers, writer/actors, etc). For more on Michael Maggiano:; Email me with more about you and your short script: mikemaggiano@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

CO-WRITER WANTED. I'm a writer (published novel) with a basket full of ideas and two completed screenplays. I am looking for a co-writer to polish and hone the dialogue of the completed screenplays. I don't restrict myself to a fixed genre. The meetings will be by Skype. 50/50 split when sold. Email Thomas C. Backer if interested: -- Submit CV and Writing Sample. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

WEB-SERIES SCREENWRITER. We are seeking non-WGA produced or unproduced screenwriters who are interested in writing an episode of a web series No Virtue []. We are casting in March 2020 and filming in May-June 2020. You will get a full credit and the episode to share as a work sample/part of your sizzle reel. We have two more screenwriter positions available.  If you are interested, email MJ Palo [] --; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

COLLABORATION ON SCREENPLAY. I'm new to screenwriting but have written two nonfiction books, both published by traditional houses. You can learn more about me/my books here: I'd love to find a co-writer to hone the dialogue and refine the script, which is set in St. Augustine and Key West, Florida. The script can work either as a standalone film or as a pilot for a miniseries. I live in Florida so if you're amenable to Skype meetings, that would work for me. 50/50 split when sold. Email Walter deMilly if interested:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.


[], with Accela, Inc., seeks script writers for romance-drama mobile games. We are a romance app (iOS and Android) game developer in Tokyo. We are the creators of PsychiXX (Falling love with Supernatural) Liebe in Flammen (Falling love with Fireman). Our game titles have a track record of 500,000 downloads worldwide. For more on our storytelling and games: These are PAID writing assignments.  To help evaluate if you are a good fit, please send a writing sample and experience (if any) writing for mobile/video games/stories. Email: 

daisuke.nagaoka@accelainc.netPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

LONG-TERM SCREENWRITER. Vadym Shapran [, ] is looking for a screenwriter to build strong long-term cooperation. Right now, I’m interested in creating 10-15 seconds diverse teasers in order to showcase production value and build an audience. Later, we will proceed with creating short films and hopefully feature films. All genres are welcome as long as it’s catchy, interesting and cinematic. Something which potentially can go if not viral but with “wow” effect. Teasers could be both with and without actors. But I should mention that my preferable genre is thriller, because that is where I can release all my VFX and editor’s skills. Feel free to ask any questions. You can send your ideas and proposals to vadym.shapran@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

LEAD SCRIPT WRITER. We're seeking a Lead Script Writer to guide a team of writers producing weekly episode releases. This hybrid writer will combine their creative storytelling talents with their management and leadership experience. The ideal applicant will have experience creating storyboards, pitching story, keeping up with fast-paced deadlines, writing screenplays, and working in a serial format. This position is full-time at our head office in BERLIN, GERMANY. Inkitt [] is the world's first reader-powered book publisher. We have developed an algorithm that predicts bestsellers by analyzing reading behavior. For more info:,000 Euros a year. Send cover letter, screenwriting sample and resume to Will Buckingham:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.


ISO CANADIAN WRITERS. Seeking a Canadian-based writer to work with on a 10 minute short for a specific local Canadian film festival. Script will be 10 minutes or less. I will respond back to everyone within 48 hours. Low budget only. Low payment. ONLY THOSE IN CANADA at this time may submit. Send a short bio and links to work. Contact Xiaoxiao Geng [] via email:; Please tell them SS sent you.

FIRST-TIME FILMMAKER SEEKS SCRIPTS. I am looking for a script, action, sci-fi thriller/ female driven. Possible that has a mother and daughter, fight scenes and a cabin. I have no credits I am a first time film maker trying to make a film. I would like to offer 5% on Distribution. I am based in Canada. Contact Trigg Thomas:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.


I am looking for a screenwriting partner for a feature film based on an award-winning documentary. Must be well versed in Southern Vernacular of the 1900s and present day. This is an equity for hire job with producer credits when the film is made. Work for equity/ownership. We will work off an outline which I wrote. Links to my past work: Door Ajar - Trailer; email John Reyer Afamasaga (Three Times Dot Org LLC)[] with samples and cover letter:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

COMEDY WRITER. Screenwriter for easy to produce, short, non-politically correct comedic skits between 10-15 pages. The Newest and boldest Conservative Commentary Channel to come out of Seattle, Washington State. To learn more about OPERATION COLD FRONT: To apply, send a 10-15 page comedy script and info about your screenwriting to Mathew Gile:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

DEVELOPMENT SCREENWRITER/CO-WRITER. I am looking for a development partner for a bio-pic series about Soviet composer, essentially a writer who we can develop the pilot story with, then write the script. Ultimately I am looking to submit the script to streaming platforms, cable networks, and US/UK production companies that I know and try go get it made. As I am located in Tokyo now, the communication would most likely be by e-mail and occasional skype call. I would say this is not really a job who is looking for a lot of compensation (but this is PAID, but low" $300), but more for a writer who has talent but with not so much experience. Successful candidate would be someone who: - Has good knowledge about classical music field, or at least is willing to learn. - Is good at researching. - Is good at taking notes and open for change. - Good at writing suspenseful drama with dynamic social background. For more on Masaya Tajika:; email resume and samples to:
Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.


[] is seeking a screenwriter to join forces with to write a web-series. He will be directing the series in South Florida. The position is currently unpaid. For Pablo's director reel:; to apply, please submit your application here: 
Job Opening | Submit


SCRIPT WRITER NEEDED. We are Indian team of actors/ directors and need some help in developing scripts. We will provide credits for those script writers. low-budget movies will be produced within a month. Email your interest and bio to Kiron Kumar 

[] -- kirondkumar@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.


screenwriting teachers/mentors to lead online and onsite sessions to adults and international university students. Ongoing positions. The company is expanding into new markets so need to have fresh batch of staff. $50 an hour. For more on David Pope: For more on Year Of The Dog Films: list credits and teaching experience if applicable:; do NOT contact us for anything else. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

P/T UNPAID INTERNSHIP. Shore Scripts [] is a Screenwriting Competition and Production Company focused on promoting new screenwriting talent. Shore Scripts is looking for an energetic and enthusiastic intern to research production, marketing, and partnership opportunities for 2019. Candidates must be highly skilled at online research and lead generation and possess above average writing ability. To apply, email your resume and a brief description of why you would like to join our intern program to Shore Scripts. Email: jobs@shorescripts.comPlease send resumes as an attachment. Applications close midnight Monday 20th of May (PT). Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

CO-WRITER FOR SHORT. I’m looking for a co-writer to help write and develop a script for my university project for my final project. It's an LGBTQIA/Mental Health awareness film with the focus of showing fair and equal representation of the community in media, as well as hopefully sparking the change in conversation about mental health. You will receive copy of the film and credit. Email Becca Barrett [] --; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

FULL-TIME SCRIPT WRITER, BERLIN. We've invented an immersive reading app that is released episodically and includes various interactive elements including chat fiction, prose, audio, vibrations, polls, community involvement & more. For more om INKITT: Featured on BBC Business: We’re seeking a Full-Time Script Writer to contribute to a fast-paced team of writers who are producing daily episode releases. This hybrid writer will combine their skills of scriptwriting and interactive storytelling. The ideal applicant will be a TV fanatic and have experience creating storyboards, pitching creative stories, managing deadlines, and working in a serial format. This position is full-time at our head office in Berlin. More on Inkitt: Send your application with an updated Resume, Cover Letter, and sample script to Emma: emma@inkitt.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing Sent you.

SHORT FILM WRITER. Seeking a screenwriter to write a short script that takes place in Los Angeles. The story revolves around the music scene. Not seeking scripts, just a writer. Very small payment, credit, and percentage. Send samples and resume to Alice Greenwood [] -- alice.greenwood.director@gmail.comPLEASE TELL THEM SCREENWRITING STAFFING SENT YOU.

CO-SCREENWRITER NEEDED. seeking a co-writer for a King Arthur series I've been working on, who is open minded and loves history and attention to small details. You would be working with me to write the rest of the 10 episode season 1, I've already got a finished pilot episode script,(you write 4, i write 4, we both right the last one).I want the characters who have sensible character arcs, that feel human to any reader/ viewer.If you do want to be part of this. No up front pay., back-end. Email Joseph Leven Halgren: jlhalgren33@gmail.comPLEASE TELL THEM SCREENWRITING STAFFING SENT YOU.

2D ANIMATION SHORT. We are looking for a short animation screenplay, nothing else. The story concept needs to be simple and presentable in 2D animation format. It can have quite a bit of narration if the story flows well. We have all kinds of resources but we work on small budgets. We have a full animation and editing crew. Script length 2-10 pages. Genres accepted: DRAMA, ACTION/THRILLER and ROMANCE, nothing else. For more on Marcus Lee:

Link to video REEL; send query letter via email: docmacabq@gmail.comPLEASE TELL THEM SCREENWRITING STAFFING SENT YOU.

ULTRA LOW BUDGET SPECIFIC DRAMA SHORT. Looking for something simple that is 2-3 characters, 1 or 2 locations, no more than 10 pages, and that can be done on an ultra low budget. Will pay for script, but low. REQUIREMENTS: cast has to be between the ages of 15-25, male or female. Preferred locations: smaller city house, hills/mountains, or forest. Script should be able to be shot in Santiago, Chile. Must be a drama. For more on Nicolás Muñoz Abarzúa and his shorts:; send drama logline(s) via email: PLEASE TELL THEM SCREENWRITING STAFFING SENT YOU.

SCREENWRITING PARTNER. I am an optioned writer with a drama screenplay in need of a new set of eyes. I am looking for a partner to do a polished revision. I am seeking to split any/all sales and credits. Prefer a PRODUCED WRITER. Send links, bio, and a sample of your work. For more on Sean Mckenzie:; email: author.sean.mckenzie@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​

SCREENPLAY EDITOR. I have a few scripts, each around 85/90 pages, that need edited. Tighten scene descriptions. Smooth out clunky dialogue. Correct spelling errors. Correct grammatical errors. Correct formatting errors. MFA students welcome. Please have screenwriting experience. Please quote low rate to start; there is a budget, but very small. Email Raam Sek with short bio/samples:; Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​

SCRIPT WRITERS WANTED. We are seeking writers to join our team. We are a collaborative group of filmmakers, editors, and directors. We specialize in film, tv, and advertisement. Send bio and letter of interest to RDM Motion Pictures [

and Deepak Batra

Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​ Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​


Seeking screenwriters in Washington DC area (or that can work as a local) who can work on a screenplay. This is an independent production and our company would be producing it. The entire movie will be shot in Baltimore. Payment based on experience. Our last film we just wrapped, AFTERMATH:
Send resume and samples to Sunny Roy with Caturiya Films []

Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​

SCRIPT CONSULTANT, HORROR. Josh Bishop, with AOR MEDIA [], seeks a screenplay consultant for a horror-gore script. MUST love horror. MUST have horror samples and an IMDb. MUST use Final Draft software. Contract job; pays hourly, low/moderate. (10 hours). Email Josh with experience: aormedias@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​

SCREENWRITER FOR 3D ANIMATION FEATURE. This position can be remote for the right candidate. We are looking for a co-writer to join our writing team in developing a previously-written animated short, into a feature. Our team also consists of scriptwriters and dedicated dialogue writers/translators as this story is being developed for a feature in a foreign language. The primary target audience are children between 3 and 12 years across the globe. An ideal candidate would be someone who has written, but not necessarily sold, a feature screenplay in the same genre. You will be working with the lead writer/producer/director to fine tune the story further from where we have paused. Automobile enthusiasts/hobbyists have a HUGE advantage. Please submit samples of your earlier work for consideration. Final Draft is our preferred screenwriting software and we would like everyone on the team to have their own copy for ease of workflow. We will start writing the feature screenplay right after we finalize the story for the feature. Payment will be deferred. Appropriate screen credits assured. Website: Email Chakrra: contactchakrra@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​

SEEKING CO-WRITER. I have the outline of a TV Show ready and a production company interested. I'm looking for a co-writer to the screenplay. If interested, email Enrique Pérez: luke707@gmail.comPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​




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