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By applying or submitting your work to the listed leads, you acknowledge and accept our TERMS & CONDITIONS. These leads are not to be republished/sold. Please kindly tell each lead that Screenwriting Staffing (SS) sent you.

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* GHOSTWRITER WANTED. Larry Davidesque Persona needs ghost writer. $15 an hour. Comedic ghost writer needed for feature punch up work and for Greenlit short films with Larry David meets Woody Allen persona. You would be working over the phone together with me simultaneously on my projects: prolific adlib spontaneous dialogue. Revising, brainstorming, riffing.  Knowledge of screenplay storytelling needed. Please send your experience to Keith Matthew by emailPlease tell them SS sent you.

* COMEDY SERIES WRITERS. We're currently seeking a team of writers for our short film dark comedy series, "Shut Up and Drive." Upon receiving your email, we'll provide you with the pitch deck and project details. Payment is based on funding. If interested, please send samples to Brandon Bitros by email. Please tell them SS sent you.

* SCREENWRITER PARTNER. Screenwriter with several completed feature screenplays that have reached final and semi-final status in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara screenplay competitions and good Blacklist comments seeks established screenwriter with solid connections to partner. The concepts are fresh, the dialogue succinct, but the character development needs work. I need a partner who is great with developing emotional content and balancing male and female protagonists so actors will be eager to play the roles. I want producers and directors to say “I want to make that picture” so financing will follow. Send credentials to Banning Lary by email. Please tell them SS sent you.

SCRIPT EDITOR. I´m looking for writers who can edit my script, Heaven´s Revolution, which counts 117 pages. It´s a feature and a spec script. It´s the intention to edit my script, with regard to grammar, sentence construction, spelling and maybe some dialogues sound stiff or need to be expressed differently. As for format, i don´t think it needs adaptation. Very low pay. Contact Leotien Parlevliet by email. Please tell them SS sent you.

SEEKING WRITERS. I'm looking for a group of writers to help draft 20 episodes for the 1st season of my sci-fi/fantasy idea "Malladium" in case I want to present it to major studios in the near future. 3 week job. No upfront payment. Contact Seth Stewart by email. Please tell them SS sent you.

* ANY GENRE SHORT SCRIPT. I'm looking for a screenwriter who would like to get their short film made. This is for a start-up company who would invest time and money into the production. Right now, you would get footage, IMDb, etc., but no upfront payment. Please send a logline or short summary to Omotoye Jesutomisin by email. Please tell them SS sent you.

* SCREENWRITER FOR EPIC SERIES. The adaptation of my book (please view the book trailer created by Aleksandar Tomov) has the potential to be an epic TV mini-series. This is ancient history pre-written before time. I have the screenplay in mind after publishing the book, I just need to put that on paper. The movie “Alexander” by Director Oliver Stone, tried to compress a decade of conquest into 3 to 4 hours which may not be enough. Sadly, it was not acclaimed by the critics nor did well at the box office. The screenplay I have in mind will take a only year, even less, of the conqueror’s life in a 2-3 hour pilot movie. And if the script and the pilot movie are a success, I hope there will be at least eleven more. If you have interest in collaborating, please send me your LinkedIn profile and and an email. My name is Leo Landicho and here is my book. Please tell them SS sent you.

SCREENWRITER NEEDED, ORLANDO. This position is not remote. You MUST be able to work out of Orlando, FL. No exceptions. You MUST have experience writing religious works. Produced credits preferred. Payment in increments. Please send your IMDb and interest to Bruce Gardner with Costal Films by email.  Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​

ISO SCREENWRITER. We are looking for writer new or experience who can help us flush out our ideas into a script no more then 90 pages please. Please submit a 10 page script so we can evaluate your writing. 5% on the net distribution. I am a newer producer. Contact Max Riggs by email. Please tell them SS sent you.​

SCREENWRITING PARTNER. I'm looking for young (bipoc), newer writers. We're currently working on a dystopian feature project and are looking for a co-writer. this script will be submitted to competitions. This is a partnership. Send bio and samples to Genet Glass by email. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​

SCREENWRITING PARTNER. I am an award winning author. My first full length book, When I See You Again, is available on Amazon. I write in multiple genres. My short stories have been published in several anthologies. I want to branch out into the entertainment industry, and would like to collaborate with someone with experience in creating screenplays. I have developed multiple concepts for feature length films. My partner’s main duty would be using a script writing program to create a marketable script. Send info/interest to Christine Anthony by email.  Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​


VOLUNTEER SCREENPLAY READERS NEEDED. We are looking for volunteer readers for the VAIL SCREENPLAY CONTEST, an international screenplay competition run by the Colorado Film Institute, producer of the internationally recognized Vail Film Festival. This is an unpaid volunteer position. We have screened over one thousand films, hosted hundreds of filmmakers, and honored many industry leading actors, writers, producers, and directors. For more info: Send a little info about you and if you have samples, send those too! Email:; please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.​

SCREENWRITER WANTED. I’m looking for a screenwriter with credits and/or connections to polish a screenplay of mine and to help market it after the WGA strike ends. It’s a thriller script with an excellent plot and characters. I’m prepared to share the writing credit as well as pay should we secure an option or sale. I currently have another script with a producer and a well known actor attached that I hope will get made soon after the SAG strike ends. If interested message David Johnson by email. Please tell them SS sent you.

EXTERIOR SHORT SCRIPTS. Requirements: 5 characters max. 5 pages max. No more than 4 scenes. Films that inspires hope and redemption in humanity. Christian 

stories also welcomed. No other types accepted. Send logline to Alex Uzor by email. Please tell them SS sent you.

LOW BUDGET HORROR-THRILLER SCREENWRITER. We have an idea for a script, around 75 to 90 pages. We're unsure whether to make it a horror or a thriller. It should be set in a minimum of three locations: a house, a barn, and a bar. We need three main characters. If you're interested in getting your work produced, credits and networking, and want to work on a very low-budget film, please reach out. Payment is 5% on the back-end, no up front. Send 3-6 page writing sample Sidney Altman (Mount Pleasant Films) by emailPlease tell them SS sent you.

POLITCAL THRILLER CO-WRITER. I've written two novels on AI becoming sentient and then quickly becoming a threat to mankind. I would describe the novels as political thrillers. Read about them on Amazon. Looking for someone to develop a script with me, we'll develop and market. 51%/49%. The public is waiting for a good AI themed movie that plays out around the globe. This is less science fiction. And more political thriller. Contact Charles Napier by email. Please tell them SS sent you.

COMEDIC WRITERS. Need comedy writers for online sketches, tv series, and movie. Risky, edgy, controversial comedy. It will start on YouTube and Patreon. No upfront payment at the moment. Contact Steven Michaels by email. Please tell them SS sent you.

CO-WRITER OF ASIAN-DECENT. Inspired by the teachings of Bruce Lee, I have written a Martial arts short that centers around anti-Asian hate sentiment in a post-Covid community. Because the subject matter portrays the lives of Asian-American characters, it is crucial to have a co-writer of Asian decent join me as a partner on this project. Please note, I am unable to pay anything up front. This would be a long term partnership, with possibility of converting story into a full length script and/or series. Based out of NYC, but willing to have a partner who is remote. Reach out to Michael Sloman by email. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCREENWRITING PARTNER. I’m looking for a script writer partner. ​Jonah’s Love Story, Elan’s Love Story. My passion is story development and storytelling, not script writing. So, I’ve put together a character driven contemporary love story with a murderous twist. I’m looking to collaborate with a screenplay writer who can help bring this story to life. If this opportunity is of interest, please contact me to further discuss. Collaboration gig. Email your interest to Dennis GelbaumPlease tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

WRITER TO WORK WITH. I am a Co-Producer on a short film called Polo Lolo. I am wanting to direct a film. Looking for a screenwriter to partner with. The Elemental Defenders are a team of five teenagers who must protect the world form an evil organization know as the shadow Syndicate. The Syndicate seeks to harness the power of the elements for their own nefarious purposes, and its up to the defenders to stop them. Email your interest to Isaiah Nichols.

SCREENWRITER FOR ADAPTATION. I am seeking an experienced screenplay writer who specializes in horror and mystery genres to collaborate on adapting a completed Limited Series script. The screenplay is based on the historical fiction novel "Return of the Richmond Vampire," which has gained media attention and is gaining momentum in sales as the 100th anniversary of Richmond, VA's urban legend approaches on October 2, 2025. If you are a skilled screenwriter with a passion for horror and mystery genres and have experience with Limited Series, we encourage you to apply. Send a a portfolio of your work and a CV and a reference to Jon Rakestraw by email. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCRIPT WRITER FOR VIDEOS. A production house is looking for content script writers to create educational content in multiple languages for a series of videos.  Looking for writers in the following languages Hindi, English, and Marathi. Subjects and topics will be provided, the writers need to research and write as per that. Note: It's a remote project, anyone applying can work from home but individuals will need to come to the office for 1-2 briefing and meeting sessions, the office is in Mumbai. Share your updated CV with Filmboard MoviesEmail - Prakhar Sharma.

MEXICAN SCREENWRITER IN LA. Looking for Mexican screenwriters based in Los Angeles who are interested in collaborating on a feature film in Spanish to be shot in Mexico. The ideal candidates should be fluent in Spanish and possess a strong understanding of Mexican culture, as the project will incorporate cultural references. Payment will be provided upon the commencement of production. Contact Patricio Kalish with your interest by email. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you. 

COMEDY WRITERS. Looking for improv comedy writers to build a team to collaborate on original content and scripts. No experience needed. Reach out to Nick Ochiobi with comedy samples by email. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

FILIPINO SCREENPLAY WRITERS NEEDED. Better Bound House is currently seeking part-time Filipino writers for our 4th round of projects. Number of slots available: 8. Key Responsibilities: Read and analyze books to determine their potential as a screenplay. Write engaging and compelling screenplays that bring the story and characters to life on the screen. Adapt books into screenplays. This is a project-based contract. Send us your portfolio together with copies of your successful projects to Carl Joseph by email. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

UK SCREENWRITERS. I'm looking to collaborate with a UK writer or someone who has good English. This script is a fantasy/thriller so you will need a passion in good vs evil and heroic/tragedy costs. This idea is already in motion and I'll be excited to work with the right individual! Quarterfinals with Lit Laughs 2022. Collaboration gig, partnership. Please contact Curtis Tootell (Shootreel Productions) by email. Tell them SS sent you.

ART HIEST OR DRAMA SHORT. We are looking for 3-5 pages short script to produce for a film class on Patriot's day April 17th. We have access to an art gallery and a 90 year old artist whom we promised one or two lines or a cameo. We are filming in her art studio. We also have access to school corridors, a kitchen, a parking lot and a backyard. Ideally, the script will take place within the art gallery as well as any other scene in any of the specified locations for convenience. Ideally there would be a brief outdoor scene to teach the ins and outs of exterior filming. Think of either an Art Heist with 2-3 characters. Production credit and copy of the film. For more on RA Vision Productions. Send short pitch to Raouf Zaki by email. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCREENWRITER FOR SHORT. I am an MFA-Acting Student looking for a screenwriter to collaborate for 25 minutes short film as my final project. London-Based. The shoot will be in May. This would be unpaid collaboration. However, the film will have screening at Picture House Theater and IMDB credit will be given. Please get in touch by email with your previous scripts, work link and CV. Anamika Srivastava. Please tell them SS sent you.

SCRIPT EDITOR WANTED. Looking for a screenwriter to edit a script about a South African story. If you are interested in working together, please reach out to Loraine Govender by email; please tell them SS sent you.

SCREENWRITER WITH SLOVENIAN BACKGROUND. I am looking for an experienced US screenwriter with Slovenian background. This is regarding a biopic series we are developing which could benefit from someone with solid TV drama screenwriting skills and also understanding of the subject (person of national interest). Depending on level of experience, writer could assume either a sr. or jr. position. Paid gig. Email your background to Petra Strašek - please tell them SS sent you.

CON-MAN TYPE SHORT SCRIPT. This may be a bit of a stretch, but I'm an actor / producer / director working on his demo reel, and I'm in need of some scenes to fill it. I am looking for a kind of Danny Ocean / Gentleman Thief / Con-Man type character, and plan on filming it professionally. Will be posted on YouTube and other platforms. Unpaid. Send your short summary to Antonio DeCoppi by email. Please tell them SS sent you. 

SCREENWRITING PARTNER. I am looking for someone to partner with to rewrite a spec script. I had already recently submitted it to a big production company in Hollywood but gave me a second chance to rewrite it and send it back to their development team to read it again. For more details or If you are interested please email Charles Mugi,; please tell them SS sent you.

CRIME-DRAMA SCREENWRITER. Co-writer for a 90 minute crime-drama feature film. What we are looking to create is a crime drama based on corruption executed by the upper class. A political twist on it is very welcome. References are: Peaky Blinders, The Godfather, Scarface, Legend, The Darkest Hour. Co-writer will receive 1-2 percent of a 750k - 1m British Pound film budget. Email your credentials to Asgar Aggerholm. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

FEATURE-LENGTH OR SHORTS. I’m putting together a project that’s closer to an anthology radio series. What’s important is the interaction between the characters as sound design (FX, music, etc) will be minimal. Think campfire story meets audiobook/30’s radio show. Scripts should have limited characters (like 4-6 characters) there will be 2 male and 2 female actors, but an additional narrator is also possible. Feature Length is also ok if able/willing to break it into segments. Final versions of the episodes is expected to be between 30min-1hr. Genre is open. There is no payment for these scripts only credit. This is a no-budget project. Email pitches to Ben Chaffins. Please tell them SS sent you.

CO-SCREENWRITER FOR BIBLICAL SCRIPT. Looking for a screenwriting partner to co-write a screenplay called Nephilim (Biblical Giants). The story takes place in the 80's where a African-American female protagonist is haunted by the memory of encountering a giant in the ocean. Co-writer must have extensive biblical knowledge, especially with Noah's Ark and the Nephilim and 1980's pop culture enthusiasm . A Jewish writer and/or African-American co-writer preferred to match the demographic of the characters (but not mandatory). Payment unavailable upfront, as this is an ongoing partnership and would be 50/50 if and when script is sold. Kulture Seed Films' last project:; email Michael Sloman your info:; please tell them SS sent you.

SPEC SCREENWRITER. We're looking for experienced writers to help draft a original screenplay for a possible Buffy The Vampire Slayer revival. Wrote several witting samples from 2020-2021, two of them were pitched to Paramount. Seeking newer or student screenwriters. No upfront pay. 3 week job. Email Angel Cross (Startopia Productions, Inc.): Please tell them SS sent you.

ISO WRITERS TO JOIN TEAM. I am creating a Pro Wrestling Show with using a video game to do the recording. A Women's Wrestling company that focuses on characters from every walks of life, as well as inspirations from pop culture, video games, anime, cartoon, movies, comics, TV etc. As well as mixing all types of genre into one, dramatic, comedy, risqué, horror etc. I am looking for a writer or two that can help me come up and establish characters and eventually involve them and build a story around the characters  I currently have a YouTube channel, where I post content of video games almost daily. Send an email to Brodie Smith: Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCREENPLAY COLLABORATION. I'm looking to find somebody that can convert my treatment (Laugh Now, Cry Later) into a script. We will be submitting to contests and other outlets. This is a collaboration gig, so no upfront payment until we get investors. Send your info to Keekee Suki via email. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you. 

SCREENWRITER WITH MAJOR ACTION FILM CREDITS. Radiant First Production is looking to attach a writer to a project that is currently being shopped to networks/production companies. Must have credits from action movies that have been produced from 30M-100M range (no exceptions). We currently have the rights to a book and are working with the Commander of the ship of the USS Cole. Logline: On October 12th, 2000, during a brief stop for fuel in Aden, Yemen, a US Navy guided missile destroyer, the USS Cole, is attacked by al Qaeda suicide terrorists, challenging a young Captain and his crew to save their ship and each other. Send IMDb and links to produced action films to Brandon Riley by email only.

Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCREENWRITER WANTED. Co-host(Screenwriter/Script Doctor) for upcoming Screenwriting Podcast. Do you want to talk about movies and where some go terribly wrong? Lets talk. Hoping to find someone in LA (preferably but that's not a deal-breaker). Someone who is full-time/near full-time screenwriter or script doctor could be t0o busy. Patreon/Sponsors - Eventually to Full-time salary. If this interests you, reach out to Nikki Baker by email. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

PROMO SCRIPT WRITER, AUDIO SERIES. Pocket FM [] is a leading Audio series App, enriching the lives of millions of audiobook lovers every day. It also gives you the ease to listen to your favorite audio series while commuting. It has all the best sellers of various categories like: Romance, Suspense and Thriller, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Classic and more. We are looking writers to write interesting and engaging promo's for audio series already live on our platform/ upcoming audio series. 1.) Concept note of the audio series will be shared for writing 2.) This will involve some reading work- picking out interesting part from the series. Concept note : Promo example: Writing Guideline: This will be a per write up basis Gig/ Not Hourly. Send a sample writeup on the details shared by us to Avinash:; please tell them SS sent you.

SCREENWRITING COLLABORATION. Collaborating on a pilot script for 4 sessions, a total of two weeks. If greenlight, then it would go from non paid to paid. Collaborating on the characters, structure and writing the episode. Send comedy samples to Jacqueline Robotham: please tell them SS sent you.

PRODUCTION COMPANY SEEKS INTERNS. We are looking for an amazing, Production Intern, Development Intern, Creative Intern to join our Shot of Tea Team! Learn more about our company here:; send resume by email:; tell them SS sent you.

CO-WRITER WANTED. Co-writing a Sapphic short film (roughly 30 mins). A love story aimed at young adults. No sex. Preferably my co-writer(s) are from the Korean LGBT+ community and either bisexual/oanseual so representation is fair and well-delivered as well as cultural experiences. I'm looking for the style of the film to be in the vein of Heartstopper, or K-dramas like It's Okay Not To Be Okay or Business Proposal - take a look at the editing, dialogue and the way they act as an example. I wouldn't be able to pay you upfront but it would be great to have you. Link to my last short: ; send relevant script samples to Becca Barrett:; tell them SS sent you.

ADAPT BOOK TO SERIES. I would like to adapt my first book in a four book series: Dark Tales from Dreamdale into a 1-hour dark comedy TV show I have no experience in the film/tv entertainment industry. However, I've written quite a few book dark/fantasy/comedy books published on Amazon:; I don't know what or where to go after the screenplay or TV script is finished or even I can afford it. But I would try to negotiate with anyone if possible. I just don't want to spend thousands of dollars, when it should be something affordable. Contact Jeremy Robertson:; tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

DRAMA-THRILLER SCREENWRITER WANTED. I am connected with a very popular rapper in our Albanian community. I want to use him as the main actor in a TV pilot in order to finance the project. Ideally, would be a topic in which a person from a poor country migrates to Germany to achieve his dreams. His character would be similar to Guy Ritchie's films. Money, cars, and drugs. The more commercial the better, but it would be good to also have a dramaturgical streak related to love. For more on EM Films: Send bio/interest/samples to Erman Memedi vi email:; tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

DIALOGUE SCRIPT WRITER NEEDED. Currently, I am running a gameplay channel, starting my career as a content creator: Most recent project:; Need experience in being able to prepare scripts/dialogues for characters and able to collaborate and work with the directors, writers, and voice actors, and also experience writing dialogue for sports, action, and comedic characters. Email interest and resume/samples to; please tell them SS sent you.

CANADIAN SCREENWRITER NEEDED. Canadian screenwriter (female preferred) wanted for rewrite of fantasy / dramedy feature. Ultra low pay up front, and 50% credit as co-writer. Please send sample and resume to S. Zimmer:; please tell them SS sent you.

SCREENWRITER WHO IS DEAF. I have a true life story that is riveting and want to partner and co-write with a writer who is deaf or from the deaf community. It's a great story, and I have had multiple factions show interest so I feel strongly it's a story that will sell. Email Marci Rothschild:; please tell them SS sent you.

STUDENT SCREENWRITERS/FILMMAKERS. If you are currently enrolled in school and want to volunteer at Festival de Cannes this year, you can assist with several special events during Cannes Film Festival. May 19-23, 2022. Tell Nicole Muj that Jacob at Screenwriting Staffing sent you: Please email your info/background to: (deadline to apply is May 11th). Travel not included (must work as a local).

TV PILOT COLLABORATION. Duties to include collaboration for the pilot episode for a web-series. Ultra low pay. Send resume and writing sample. Here is our short film, SECRETS:; email Jeniene L. Scott:; please tell them SS sent you.

NEW VOICES. Shore Scripts are looking to hire new voices to write a series of articles on screenwriting, filmmaking, and TV. If you're interested in contributing to the Short Scripts story please send your resume and links to previously published articles to by midnight on Wednesday, April 20th PT.; please tell them SS sent you.

COMEDY GHOSTWRITER. Ghostwriter needed for a full length comedy film. Looking for a screenwriter to write a comedy film set in the 90's about a video store clerk who must participate and win the video game tournament to save her home. Picture ROCKY meets video games. Paid, but ultra low. Beginner writers encouraged. Send a comedy sample to Jordan Michael Arteaga [] via email:; please tell them SS sent you.

WEB SERIES WRITER. We are looking for a writer interested in collaborating on a dramatic, science fiction web series. We are currently aiming for one limited season run, with the potential for expansion into multiple seasons. Viable candidates should have a working understanding of writing in the screenplay format, especially for a television series medium , and be comfortable working in a collaborative creative environment (i.e., a writer’s room). While there is no upfront payment, backend compensation is something to be discussed. Previous project: Interested candidates should submit their name, other credits, and at least one writing sample along with a cover letter to Barbara Marie Costa:; tell them sent you.

CO-SCREENWRITER. Searching for a co-writer for a Bio/Drama genre feature film on a renowned personality who has been national awardee in Asia and nominated three times for the same. This is a collaboration job. Payment would be made after we complete the script and pitch. For more on Riyansh Pandey:; send resume by email only:; please tell them SS sent you.

ASSISTANT SCREENWRITER WANTED. I'm looking to hire Assistant Screenwriters (from OTT/ film background or graduates from film school). Location: Mumbai If interested, kindly email your updated work resume to (for more on Nikita Kulkarni:' please tell them SS sent you.

SCI-FI SCREENWRITER. Looking for a highly motivated person to write a Sci-Fi TV series, remotely. My email is If your thoughts and ideas are out of the box and you are interested in this collaboration, please, send me an email. Ivana Bogdanović:; please tell them SS sent you.

SEEKING SCREENWRITERS. I am looking for writer(s) in the action Drama and psychological thriller genres. If the writer(s) can send writing samples, IMDB link and best contact information to the email provided below, I will get back to them based on necessary fit.  I'm only looking for writer(s) that can take notes and ideas and turn them into production ready screenplays based on the analysis. Not looking to purchase scripts at this time. I'll explain in full detail once appointments are set.  The payment is deferred as of now yet negotiated for the agreed amount then added to the production budget once fully financed. Contact 88 Winds Entertainment., David Dortch [] --; please tell them SS sent you.

LOOKING FOR SCREENWRITERS. Filmlocos is producing a series of monologues this year and are looking for interesting pieces of comedy. We strongly encourage Bame/Ethnic writers to apply too. Send 1 page maximum of monologue to Email: Subject: Screenwriter. Unpaid More info @filmlocos. Please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you. 

CO-WRITER WANTED. I'm currently searching for some co-writers who are interested in helping me with my ideas for my potential film. This is my first time in the movie industry as a screenwriter. Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Suspense. Co-writer wanted. No up front payment. Send writing samples to Angel Cross:; please tell them SS sent you.

FEMALE SCREENWRITER, INDIA ONLY. Looking for a New Delhi, India based female screenwriter for a feature film project.  Its a drama about art in a capitalist society. For those asking: I need a female writer because we might be able to cast a known female actor as the protagonist. And if the gender of the protagonist changes the entire dynamics of the story will change. So I need someone who remains true to the text. Also I need someone who will help to keep a check if I am being misogynistic. Send samples, location, and CV to Ritik Pandey []:; please tell them SS sent you.

HORROR SCREENWRITER. To emerging screen writers. We are looking for writers who absolutely love Horror films with a slight touch of alien in there. We are a team of eager actors and crew members who are tired of the pandemic and decided to work together to make a little feature. Concept Idea involves , alien girl, humanoid and creature Looking for one writer who can take our notes and concept and put a little outline together and then produce a script for us. We have no money to give upfront.  What we can afford to offer is 5% on a distribution deal and IMDB credit and a few film festival submissions. Contact Brian Thomas: please tell them SS sent you.

INDIAN SCREENWRITERS. We are looking for Indian writers, as the stories are set in India. Having a basic understanding of Indian geography, culture and languages will make it easier for the writer. This is for Indian films and web series'. This will be a paid writers' room. For more on Jaishankar;For more on Script A Hit: https://scriptahit.comEmail credentials to:; please tell them SS sent you.

DRAMA, COMEDY, TELEMOVIE OR FEATURE. Currently seeking film scripts that the writer would like to bring to life; it will be featured on a major streaming network. We are seeking a show, that can be a season, with 15 to 20 min episodes. Examples of shows like Riverdale Love & Hungry Outer banks. This would be our first project, but we have some great connections with a great team and we’re looking to bring someone’s story to life; we are also open to feature films, can be up to 75 minutes. Cast size 3 to 5 people main characters. There is a budget for the production of the film, but the script will not be paid for, the writer will be given credit and exposure. For more on Welc Pride Productions:; Send query letter to Herbert Welc:; please tell them SS sent you.

COMEDY SHORT SCRIPT (OR POSSIBLY WRITER). Actress looking for a short comedy screenplay to produce and act in OR a writer who can write a comedy screenplay idea that I already have. Both would be paid. Please DM loglines and or writing samples to Seba Eskandari 

[; please tell them SS sent you.

2-MINUTE SHORTS. BRAKS Productions is looking for a two minute short film script, it must be strong and poetic, with maximum 2/3 characters and set in one location. For more on Braks Productions:; Send only a small pitch to Razh Randhawa:; please tell them SS sent you.

MATERIAL FOR DEMO/SHORT. Actress / Director/ Producer looking for unpublished material for a acting demo reel. Intense emotional range, smart, funny, witty, with heroic characters, mothers, business owners, best friends, etc. There are for females, any ethnicity, with an age range of 40-50. Please think of this for an actress described as a gregarious-alluring-takes-no-prisoners kind of woman. They must be 1:30 - 2:00 minutes long or less. But if you also have shorts that are around 7 minutes that’ll be fantastic too. If the chosen material turns out to be a short film script, it will also be submitted to all pertinent film festivals. Please send your materials to Magi Avila[]:; please tell them SS sent you.

COMEDY TV WRITER. We are looking for a comedy writer for a sizzle reel. If the project is picked up, you'd be hired to write the TV pilot. Right now, there is no up front payment. This is raunchy 30-minute series we are trying to get off the ground. Email Moetle Landers  [] via email: quantumlightpictures76@gmail.complease tell them SS sent you

SCREENWRITING PARTNER .Take my screenplay and elevate it so it is ready to be shown to a producer with whom you have worked and who is familiar with your work. Work with producer to get the screenplay in a form that is acceptable to him or her. Author of Unclean Hands [], a published book. I am a beginner but adapted it to a screenplay for a pilot and seven additional episodes for a miniseries to be run on a streaming service like Netflix. This is On "Spec" - share in any royalties from screenplay. Contact Henry Rakowski:; please tell them SS sent you

HORROR SHORTS WANTED. We are looking for short horror scripts 15-40 minutes for a new live web-series to be broadcast to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook on Friday nights. The series will do live table-reads of horror scripts, and will include possible Q&A with the authors of the scripts after the read. We are looking for both new and established horror writers who want to test out ideas and get exposure for their scripts. Please submit a brief introduction to your script, its horror elements, length, and horror type (slasher, monster, haunted house, etc.), and if we are interested in the concept we'll be in touch. You can find our shows at; Email submissions to Joshua Wise:; please tell them SS sent you.

CO-SCREENWRITER. We would like someone to write and edit the forthcoming two-part four-hour limited romantic-mystery basic cable TV drama series with a dramatic ending ''Aurora''. We wrote this idea not long ago. Tagline: Their perfect life ends in murder. No up front payment at this time. Backend. For more on Lwazi Nkiwane:; If you are interested, email:; Please tell them SS sent you.

SCREENWRITING COLLABORATION. Former practicing entertainment attorney and entertainment business executive with connections to some of the most prominent players in the industry is seeking a feature film screenwriting collaboration partner based on an original concept I have written with full character descriptions and complete scene outlines. This will be a big budget, major production company, studio film, not an independent. It has blockbuster, franchise, sequel/prequel potential. The genre is fantasy/action-adventure. We will be working together on this on "spec" as fifty-fifty partners and in addition to future screenplay-related compensation, it is expected that my screenwriting partner and I will also be executive producers on the film with corresponding credits and fees for that. Email Kerry Blackman [] one feature length screenplay you've written preferably in the fantasy, adventure or action genres:; Please tell them SS sent you.

CO-WRITER NEEDED. I am an actor and looking for someone to help rewrite my short movie screenplay by taking all the descriptions and turning them into actions for the characters of my story. It is my very first screenplay so I need an experience co-writer. No up front payment at this time. For more on me:; Email Yann Morine:; Please tell them SS sent you.

LA-BASED SCREENWRITER. I’m looking for a screenwriter, USA native language (L.A. based), interested in Joint Authorship of my Crime-Drama Tv Series “Stage 5: Nothing left to lose” (non paid assignment). If you are interested, please visit the official website www. and send an e-mail to Joshua Tree: - Logline: Intending to murder the person who ruined his life, a suicidal man discovers he has cancer. Please tell them SS sent you.


SEARCHING FOR WRITER TO TACKLE NON-TRADITIONAL TAKE ON ROMEO & JULIET. I’m the Director of Content Development for Sideway [] - an innovative new streaming service that uses the mechanics of social media to tell fictional stories - and we are looking for a writer to develop a new, gender nonconforming version of Romeo and Juliet for our platform. If you have any kind of direct, personal connection to nonconforming gender praxis, or fall anywhere on the LGBTIAQ+ spectrum, this is the gig for you. In bringing this new version of Romeo & Juliet to life, we are hoping to retain as much of the original text as possible, while at the same time not being sacred about prudent dramatic changes. That said, the framework of the story - the setting, character relationships, world and texture - are entirely up to you. It needs to be set in the present day, given the nature of the app itself, but all other aspects of the story are open to creative interpretation. Please submit resume and a brief pitch to Am happy to discuss the concept, platform, compensation and expectations further, and answer any and all questions. Please tell them SS sent you.

SCREENWRITER NEEDED FOR PROJECT. Read through collected interviews and stories, many are on the Internet. Take some guidance from me. Talk to a few others on the phone. Develop characters based on real people. Recreate actual events. The screenplay may work best as a musical. I have some songs to present, some original and some covers. This story is 50 years old, includes a lot of music and a lot of various characters, interactions, and ties to historic and cultural events. I have NO experience in screenwriting, but did live part of the story. Please refer to the website for more details:; Writer retains a significant ownership in the script. We will look for buyers. Send your experience, samples, and links to Mark Keillor:; please tell them Screenwriting Staffing sent you.

SCRIPT READERS & PRE-SCREENERS. Nashville Film Festival is seeking readers for our 2021 Screenplay Competition. Readers are compensated on a points system. Points can be redeemed for festival and creative conference passes, screenplay coverage, and discounted entries (you cannot read for the category you enter.) Reading screenplays is a great way to improve craft in any discipline of the business. Apply and join the team here:

TV WRITER WANTED. Looking for a writer to write an hour-long tv pilot episode, it's a horror, comedy, action adventure TV show.​ We must see a writing sample. There's a little up front payment, but very small. Reach out to Jordan Arteaga (J7 Cinemas), via email only:; Please tell them SS sent you.

COMEDIC MONOLOGUE WRITER. We are producing a TV show, Think Saturday Night Live, and want comedic writers. We are looking for some comedy monologues to give our Standup Comics and Actors to perform. This will be produced. You get IMDB credit and links back to the YouTube video to use on your personal site also. There is also pay, too. For more on Mark West: For more on Reed Fleishman:; Send relevant comedy writing experience, links and/or samples: mark@reedfleishman.complease tell them SS sent you.

SCREENWRITER FOR DRAMA. Seeking an experienced screenwriter to partner with on a dramatic television/streaming series with an African American female lead. Looking for a writer to help create unique content with unforgettable characters that evokes emotions with audiences. If you are a fan of either of these shows, that is a good sign: (Starz) Power, Greenleaf, Ozark, Handmaid’s Tale, All American, Snowfall, Queen Sugar, The Chi, and Grey’s Anatomy; Guaranteed Writing Credit and full payment negotiated upon production agreement. For more on Shirl Sigee:; email minimum 10-page script sample.; please tell them SS sent you.

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