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what are writers saying about our service?

REAL testimonials, from REAL people, with REAL success.

"I joined the SS Premium Membership on your site less than two weeks ago and I already have a success story! I’ve been hired by Neil Manspeizer to write three novel to screenplay adaptations! Thank you very much for all the leads!"

"I joined your premium service after receiving YOUR writer submissions -- even though I didn't find the script that I want to film yet, I was so impressed with the quality of responses and incredibly professional writers that I decided to join! I have had a my own scripts requested from the Premium email ... a great service and MUCH BETTER option than others that are out there, trust me."

"A production company  posted on SS looking for someone to take a concept and turn it into a pilot. I pitched them my take.They loved it and hired me. It was awesome. They were incredibly happy with the draft I turned in and are interested in working with me again.  Good stuff. Thanks for setting this up! I've had three really good positive experiences so far with SS."

"Just started the Premium subscription and was instantly getting email blitzes for screenwriters and various scripts wanted. Why did I wait so long to join? Love this service!" 

"What Jacob is doing at Screenwriting Staffing is utterly impressive. Competing sites don't truly understand the struggle, and only exist for the profits. Jacob has been at ground zero, and understands what it takes to find success (and get paid) in the film industry. I tip my hat to him and his entire team. Keep up the great work!"

 "The Founder of SS, Jacob N. Stuart, and I connected on LinkedIn and I viewed his website for Screenwriting Staffing, and boom…. my universe opened up even further....all I did was check out their website and I already have [2] screenwriting assignment."

"I met with the producers - It was awesome!  I gave them some of my thoughts - Got a great trip to LA out of the deal and a nice PAYCHECK for being a dialog consultant and cleaning up some of their football specific questions.... the cool part is I was PAID nicely and had a great all-around experience. I think it's safe to say Screenwriting Staffing helped me with all these gigs! Thanks again, guys." 

"As I said before, I think Premium Membership is a great idea and sorely needed by most freelance writers.  I've lived and worked in Hollywood as well and I know how tough it is in general, and you guys are offering a really valuable service!"

"Screenwriting Staffing is wonderful, and I know I speak for all other burgeoning writers when I tell you 'Thank You' for creating such a wonderful site for us to connect and search for opportunities!" 

"When my clients ask now,

I tell them about

Screenwriting Staffing!" 

"Thank you SS for making this opportunity available. Laura and her production crew are committed profoundly to sharing Fiona's story. I just want to say how much I enjoy Screenwriting Staffing. I always look forward to your "blasts"." 

"I got the email from Morning Dream Films early this morning saying they really liked the script, and now Larry and his team plan to shoot the film next summer.  This is so surreal to me! Thanks, SS!" 


"I was just hired by Kirill Vishnevskij though premium membership. It's PAID work, he's great to work with,

and the experience has

been tremendous!"

Thanks, SS!

"I really do appreciate your service and all of the opportunities

Screenwriting Staffing has provided for me!" 

"Thank you very much for this opportunity to work as a PAID writer! I had a very interesting time working on this script as an editor. I will continue to submit through Screenwriting Staffing if I match the projects needs, because I find a wealth of chances to work and increase my strengths as a writer!" 

​"Since joining PREMIUM a week or so ago, I've submitted my feature-length and short scripts to 5 likely producers. Good show, Screenwriting Staffing & Jacob!"

"Fred Weinberg was great to work with – Fred’s a hilarious guy with an amazing background in sound and music. They really seemed to love my work, too, and they said they were very happy with the results. Thanks SS for giving us the opportunity to meet through Premium Membership!"     

"My literary agent is in negotiations with Kamal Sadanah's production team. The current idea is for me to fly from Vancouver to Mumbai, India and work with Kamal and his team.  The director is a talented visionary, someone who has already taken India by storm and the rest of the world. I feel honoured to be part of the creative process - many thanks to Screenwriting Staffing!" 


"Thanks to Screenwriting Staffing's premium LEADS, I connected with John Frederick, who was looking for scripts to produce. He took

a liking to my comedy "My Suicide",

and things just flowed from there!" 


"Just wanted to let you know that I responded to Arun Konda's request for a rewrite of his horror script and ended up getting PAID to do a page one rewrite of the screenplay. . Thanks for leading me to paid rewrite work." 

"Hi gang! Just had my 12th success story through Screenwriting Staffing's Premium Membership. Thanks again, SS!"   

"Just got hired to write a script for Patrick Lavery. I have found SS extremely helpful.

SS Premium service is invaluable to me at the moment!" 

"Just landed a gig through premium services. Seems like a great gig for working from home and picking up some extra cash!"

"I think Screenwriting Staffing's premium membership is really SUPER!" 


"Deidre Jericho hired me to develop a TV pilot for a true crime series she's developing.  I found this lead through a SS premium query email.  This is my 6th hire or option of my work through Screenwriting Staffing.  Your service is great!"


"I think you know about my three successes with screenwriting staffing. It makes a difference. The first win was optioning a short film that recently got re-optioned. The second was getting to give notes/script doctor a screenplay, and then my favorite win, getting to write a pilot and help develop a limited series, that I am currently working on now. Combined, the wins feel like a much bigger win and steps towards getting staffed or working on more things that are produced and help boost me into the “big leagues.” The first win made the cost justified but the subsequent wins made the whole thing that much more valuable. Thanks for doing this and I hope we just get more and more producers looking at us."


"About three months ago I submitted a script to SS for evaluation and paid for the follow-up call with Jacob.  It was apparent to me immediately that he understands the issues screenwriters face and that he cares about people, especially when they are willing to work hard.  I’ve worked with other good evaluation companies before, but none with the heart that Jacob has.  He has inspired me to be a better writer.  I have now received three recommends from him that required only minor rewrites, and I also obtained a manager because I had three recommends.  If he tells you your scripts isn’t ready, listen and take the advice you paid for.  He knows what makes a script good.  If I have any success in the future, it will stem from efforts that Jacob made.  That’s why I will always be a loyal customer to SS."


"I connected with producer Robin Dudfield to write an adaptation of Stephen Leather's "The Tunnel Rats" via SS. I just finished a first draft screenplay. Thanks for the excellent lead, SS!"

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