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Dear Producer,


A Bookish Little Christmas is a family-friendly Christmas comedy feature that will leave an audience feeling cozy, festive, and ready to curl up with a good book. As someone who grew up in a small town and moved to New York City, I wanted to write a story that instead of pitting one place against the other, showcased what was lovely about both.


LOGLINE: When New York City author Charlotte’s publisher tells her that her latest book’s small town setting isn’t believable, she agrees to spend Christmas in Winter's Hollow, Connecticut to get the genuine small town holiday experience. During her stay she not only learns she's expected to compete in the town's annual caroling competition, but finds herself unexpectedly falling for bookstore-owning single dad Jesse.


Once in Winter’s Hollow, Charlotte is not impressed. The bagels are terrible, they don’t have a Starbucks or taxis, and everyone is relentlessly pleasant. Her publisher arranges for her to work part time at the local bookstore where the handsome owner, Jesse, likes to tease her about her big city ways. His seven year old, Beth, is exhaustingly audacious, and Al, the woman who manages the store, won’t stop calling Charlotte her “new best friend”.


Over the next few days, Charlotte can’t help but notice that Jesse is beloved by his clientele, well-read, and a wonderful dad to Beth. To her surprise she actually has a good time at the first caroling rehearsal, and it’s not just because of the homemade cookies or the fact that Beth sings so beautifully there's no way they won't win the contest. Jesse invites Charlotte to stay after for hot cocoa, where he confides in her about Beth’s absent mom and his life as a single dad. Listening to him talk about how much he loves his life makes Charlotte wonder, is she really happy? Has she ever been?


As the days pass, Charlotte and Jesse become closer and sparks fly. With the help of Al and Beth he surprises her with her first real Christmas tree, and she finds herself feeling more fortunate and cared for than she has in a long time. At their last caroling rehearsal, Charlotte takes a call from her best friend in New York. Jesse accidentally overhears what he thinks is her saying how unhappy she is in Winter’s Hollow, and that she just wants the experience to be over. Hurt, he asks her to leave without giving her a chance to explain the misunderstanding.


Heartbroken, Charlotte is somehow still convinced by Al to walk around the town’s Christmas Eve Festival. The women run into a frantic Jesse, who tells them that Beth woke up sick and has gone missing. Charlotte finds her hiding at the bookstore, and Beth confides that she’s afraid everyone is disappointed in her because she's sick and can’t sing in the contest. Charlotte reassures her that that isn’t true, and finds herself agreeing to sing the solo in Beth’s place.


Backstage at the competition, Jesse finds Charlotte and apologizes, confessing that he’s been overprotective of his and Beth’s lives since her mother left. The two of them make up and share a perfect kiss right before Team Bookstore takes the stage. Not only can Charlotte sing, but her performance wins them the competition. Jesse invites Charlotte to spend Christmas day with his family, and she happily accepts. Not only have they found each other, but she now has the perfect inspiration for her next book; A Bookish Little Christmas.


I’m an award-winning screenwriter with years of experience in the film industry and a passion for witty dialogue. My writing has been described as “entirely fresh”, “compelling and real”, and “it’s not Sorkin, but it’ll do I guess.” When I’m not writing I enjoy reading, going to the theatre, and eating Taco Bell.


A Bookish Little Christmas is a love letter to the two places that have shaped me the most. If you’re interested, I would love to send the full script for your consideration.


Thank you for your time,

Rebecca Leigh

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