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February 2022


Dear Guest of Paradise;


My Bamboo Wife series is an edgy, glamourous television drama exposing life in the Hawaii Territory, its impossible role in defense and how the Japanese forged their own American Dream―a bellwether of future citizenship and war. Extensively researched, the pilot ‘Riddle’ received Best Drama Screenplay at the L.A. Film Awards and other selections in 2021.


Universally relevant, all people embody the paradox of bamboo―formed by inner and outer forces yet never knowing to what degree.


LOGLINE: In 1922 Oahu, a young woman finds significance by aligning with the Japanese to expose the ironic ‘Cocktail’–roaring misinformation and missteps which threaten the American Dream and future peace.


In the ‘Riddle’ episode, a wounded and lost Jillian Pace [19] visits Colonel and Eva Thorn at Schofield Barracks. Introduced to Michi Ishikawa, the house servant who reveals all Japanese in Hawaii want to be Americans, she sees her future and goes all-in with a letter to test the Governor and publisher of the Honolulu Advertiser over the island’s stance on the Japanese. Under frivolous icing and the seductive sway of American media, Jillian finds the ‘cake’―a borderland where Japan and the US collide in an epic struggle for power. 


Seen as ‘foreign’ and not Army material, Jillian quickly rejects being an officer’s wife in lieu of straddling two worlds as a spy. With a miniature camera and clinging to an intriguing scrap of paper dropped by J. Edgar Hoover’s operative, Tokuji Sato, she is on a fateful course to risk reputation, safety, and national defense―chained to Destiny but not her own.


I am a professional writer (7 books+) with three producer-ready film projects. This story’s inception is built on my family’s military history in Oahu, so I invite you to read a real chapter in the history of Paradise. Thank you in advance,



The Host, Heather P. Shreve