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Screenwriting Staffing was created in February of 2013. In over 8 years, SS has facilitated over 275 success stories. These success stories include screenplay sales and options, landing representation, paid writing work, and long-term collaboration. No other similar site produces this many opportunities on a

regular basis. Below, please find a list of our 'FEATURED' success stories. View

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Cary Solomon & Chuck Konzelman, with Believe Entertainment, closed a major deal with Joe Skorpen on his feature script CHRISTMAS IN THE ATTIC, as well as Peter Wisan's feature script, THE BIG TEN. Believe Entertainment is behind GOD'S NOT DEAD and UNPLANNED. Peter was also HIRED as a Script Doctor by David  Ogunde for the movie SNARE, which is currently filming.

Wavelets Entertainment, funded by Media Asia, STAFFED Jingshu Lu for their upcoming TV shows. Jingshu will be joining their writers room in Los Angeles. Jingshu previously worked on 幸福敲了两次门 for CCTV.

Bawn Media Group HIRED Rhonda Kennedy as a writer for the 2nd and 3rd season of "Cheetah In August", currently on AMAZON. Features Amber Coyle.

Shelley Hack, SVP Development for Smash Media, purchased "A Bramble House Christmas" from author CJ Carmichael from a pitch by Tawny Stoke. The project was produced and aired on HALLMARK during Christmas, starring Autumn Reeser and David Haydn-Jones.

Baron Jay purchased and PRODUCED William B Keller's screenplay, DEADLY REUNION, starring Kristy Hill. Baron also OPTIONED 'DATING CASEY AGAIN'  from screenwriter Alejandro Leopard.

Yulia Trofimova PURCHASED Anne Opotowsky's script, The Tram. AdditionallyMinos Papas, with Cyprian Films, HIRED Anne as a script consultant on their upcoming movies. Lastly, Nivi Singh HIRED Anne as a dialogue editor on her feature film, Interconnect.

Arun Konda, with Dynamic Features, hired Rick Hansberry, to re-write EVIL IN HER. Stars Tara Brown. Additionally, producers BRUNA CABRAL and CAMILA RIZZO produced Rick's script, MY TWO O'CLOCK. Rick was​ also hired to take LAURA GUY's romantic-drama outline/summary and turn it into a script.

Dea Divi was HIRED to complete 5 screenplays for Loud Films, including "TRUTH OR DOUBLE DARE", starring Gina Hiraizumi. The film can be seen on Amazon.

Adam Smithe hired Travis Seppala to write seven episodes for the TV series ENDEAVOR. Stars Eve Mauro. Travis sold his animation script, DESERT RACERS, to producer Aleksandar VuksanovicTravis was also HIRED by James Del Gatto to write/outline the horror film, SHATTER. In addition to the writing gigs, Travis also sold his screenplay, BUNKER, to Tom Stajmiger.

Cody Frank, with Pollen Path Entertainment, HIRED Adam Rocke to write a magical-realism feature script. Additionally. Cody bought Travis Seppala's feature horror film, CAPTIVE. Lastly, Cody PURCHASED screenplay, MY FRIEND DOROTHY, from Brandon Rhiness.

Literary Manager Kathy Muraviov, with The Muraviov Company, agreed to REPRESENT Phyllis Corley's drama (made-for-tv) screenplay, EVOLVEMENT.

Michelle Luchese, with Cake on Fire Productions, PURCHASED feature screenplay BRAT from Jordan Imiola.

Carlos Keys, with, Carlos Keyes Film EntertainmentOPTIONED Rob Watson's feature screenplay, PERIPHERAL. Additionally, the two also teamed up on the horror-thriller film, THE DARK ONES, which stars Nana Gouvea.

Sergei Safiullin, with Mad Art Productions, HIRED Mark Simborg to write 2 episodes of 'DIVAS DRIVE'. The show is about Women and Cars.

Nathan Campbell, with Rooks Nest Entertainment, bought Lloyd Evans feature script NUGGET. 

Barbara Bisanz, with Spinning Reels Productions, came to an agreement with Scott Gore's feature screenplay. Film is currently in production.

Michael Wohl, with Talking Stick Pictures, HIRED Nick Green to pen a Miranda-July-esque dramedy called THE ULTIMATE LIFEHACK.

Raj Mehrotra, producer of Hack-O-Lantern, HIRED Eric Stumpf to develop his next film. Stephen Reynolds also HIRED Eric to expand his low budget horror/thriller idea into a full length feature script. Furthermore, Vail Film Festival, presented by the Hallmark Channel, also HIRED Eric as a screenplay reader. Vail also HIRED O. S. Williams as a screenplay reader.

Rapheal Cdeeq HIRED Spencer Guerrero to write an upcoming African 

American sci tv series being shot in Atlanta. Additionally, Joel Beling, with Supa Characters, HIRED Spencer to pen a couple animation films.

Hadrian Rajotte, with Second Narrows Entertainment, OPTIONED feature-length screenplay ON THE HOUR by Brandon Rhiness. Brandon also OPTIONED feature script SWITCHBLADE to Timothy Lukas Hattich. Furthermore, Brandon sold his short script I'M NOT AFRAID OF CLOWNS to Oscar E. Mena. In addition to his option/sales, Brandon was also HIRED to scribe a thriller/suspense screenplay for Eddie Brown Jr., with MysterE Visions Entertainment.

Corey L. Douglas purchased two feature sci-fi scripts from Scott Nelson. Scott also entered into a sales agreement with Rachelle Chartrand. Rachelle was seeking a social change screenplay.

Peter Ebanks, with Titan Digital Media, was searching for a "flawed hero, drama feature", and found Agata Zema's feature script, ROOM TO TRAVEL. They officially came to an agreement, with more details to come.

Tommy Lee Thomas was searching for a screenwriter to help write the final draft of a FAITH BASED ACTION script that deals with the horrors of human trafficking. He found screenwriter Jim Lupis and signed a mutual agreement. Tommy produced 5 feature films to date, one on Netflix.

Jonathan Gill purchased the feature-length script THE PERCH from ROY WILSON. The script is currently in pre-production; film starts this summer.


Najeeb Khuda, with Endless Media, OPTIONED Greg Houghton's feature-length screenplay, CRAWL. Greg is represented by Silver/Bitela Agency.

Paul Robert Lingas was HIRED by Simon Phillips to co-write 8 episodes on the sci-fi tv series, DYSTOPIA. Stars Michael Copon


Rick Troxel, with Dragon Bay Films, PURCHASED feature-length script 'PLANET GEORGE' from screenwriter David Santo.

Robert Hoxie SOLD his feature-length script, THE BEEKEEPER, to Ryan Baker 

of Sixgun Pictures.

Naman Guta has PURCHASED  Steve Lucas' screenplay THE PROCESS.


Dwayne Clark HIRED Ami Brown as a Script Editor on the feature film KOPC 2: RELOADEDStéfano Gallo, with Scooping Owl Productions, HIRED Ami to write a beat sheet and 1st draft for a gay action hero film. Additionally, Robert Hamiltonwith Captureglass Pictures, HIRED Ami as a Horror Script Analyst on his upcoming feature film.

Dandan Shi, with True Legend Studio, HIRED Paul W. Cooper as a SCRIPT EDITOR for his 6 episode historical docudrama miniseries, 5000 YEARS OF HEROES

Farnaz Samiinia, with Nocturnal Beast, OPTIONED horror feature-length screenplay, 'ELEANOR' from Deano Jones.

Sean Riley, with Integral Motion Pictures, HIRED Pablo Vizcarrondo to complete a re-write for a holiday romcom feature shooting this winter. 

Jerry Koedding, with Wave Films, OPTIONED Dave Miller's action-drama 

television pilot, 'GAME THEORY'.

Thomas Bauer, with Malteserkreuz Film, HIRED Taylor Sardoni to write a mystery-thriller web-series (5-6 episodes) set in a rural environment.

Renee Ebert SOLD her comedy-horror script, San Antonio Undead, to Moxie Motion Pictures.

Will Cecil bought Mary Goldman's short script GLORIA STEINBERG. Production date is expected this summer.

Alec Trachtenberg, with Coastal Art Productions, OPTIONED feature thriller screenplay, GREEN MOUNTAIN STATE, from Kyle Carmean.

Terri Hitchock with Other Hitchock Entertainment HIRED Janine Zaruski to write 13 episodes for the mini series, MANNY'S GARAGE SALE: A HITCHCOCK KNOT.

Susan Williamson, of Three Tuxedos Films, HIRED Tom Swanston to adapt the novel “Heaven” into a TV SERIES. Tom was also HIRED by Rick Bay to write a true story about an iconic wrestling coach.

Eun-Kyung Jun PURCHASED feature script 'GIRL POWER' from Blake Mote.

KiddoTV HIRED Taylor Sardoni to develop a children's TV show. Taylor will be working one week out of KiddoTV's office in Los Angeles, and then traveling to Tokyo for 3 weeks.


Steven Feld entered into an agreement with Jordan Imiola  at Better Management for representation. Jordan also entered into an agreement/representation with Paul M. Field's screenplay 'A British Hacker In America', which is based on his auto-biographical book of the same name . 

Stephen Reynolds HIRED Eric Stumpf to expand his low budget horror/thriller idea into a full length feature script. The script was a quarter finalist at the American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest.

Glix Entertainment OPTIONED feature-length screenplay PALE from screenwriter Justin DiSandro. Justin also attached Michael Matteo Rossi​​, President of Italian Cowboy Productions, to DIRECT his feature screenplay, '25 YEARS LATER'.

Timothy Lockridge PURCHASED Jessica Penny's feature-length script, DINO. Timothy also hired Jessica to re-write an existing script he had optioned.

TMI Hollywood hired Tracey Maye to write 2 episodes for their SHOW; guest appearances on the show include: Christine LakinAlanna Ubach, Doug Jones, and Tara Strong.  

Dena Hysell and Isak Borg OPTIONED their feature script, ESCAPE ROOM, with The Robb Company. Dena and Isak are also attached to DIRECT. 

Tracey Lynn Conrad, Founder of Young Philanthropist Society of Cincinnati, 

HIRED Michael Doyle to take an existing outline/concept and turn it into a full-length feature screenplay. Aymie Majerski is attached to produce 'The Hipster'.

Skylar Patterson found and PURCHASED "5 Days in Calcutta" from Fred Perry.

Eric Wilford, with 95Forty Productions, HIRED B.S. Carter & Stephen Reynolds to write the feature-length screenplay BLOOD TO ICE.

Ed Craven PURCHASED drama script, GREEN RIVERS, from A. Monica Greenwood.

David Scott Smith, Owner of Storyheads Entertainment HIRED Courtnee Rizzo to work on his slate of films. David also recently hired Dana Kendler to co-write their CGI animated feature film

Anderson Willie found feature-length script LOVE IS RECTANGULAR , and PURCHASED it from Charlotte Burt. 

Neil Manspeizer HIRED Kate Niemuller to adapt 3 novels into screenplays. "The Forbidden Seeds of Canaan" is a collection of 3 short stories, total of 278 pages.

Hakeem Stevens brought on screenwriter Robert Hayek as the HEAD WRITER for the tv mini series WISHFUL THINKING.

Eric Gershoni, with Brads Media, HIRED Larry Postal to develop a family comedy for a client of his in Vietnam.

Moetle Landers PURCHASED Joyce Mack's horror feature, "Macabre Unearthed".

Tina A. Wake was HIRED by Francesco Giannini  of Frankly Films to turn a novel into a tv series. Tina was HIRED by Larry Van Loon to write a western feature film. She was also HIRED by Bernard Young, to turn his novel "Harem Boy Saga" into a feature-length screenplay. 

Matt Hodgkinson, with Cheeky Monkey Productions, OPTIONED horror feature script, 'REM', from Marco Patino, and 'THE DARK' from Jeffery Lancelle. 

Tamual Dorsey OPTIONED feature-length script 'LOVE & ISSUES' to Sherman Malone with Sherman Malone Films.

Anton Jokikunnas HIRED two writers for his rock/metal music film project: Court Moss  and Richard Russell.

Masaya Tajika HIRED Emerson Korum to write a screenplay for a coming of age sci-fi/drama.


Charles Scott PURCHASED survival-drama feature script, 'GREEN A NIGHT', from Adaline Moreau.

Cross the Line Entertainment hired Matt Deitch, Josh Brewer, and Joe Downey to write for their ongoing web series - The Superheroines.

Brett Emanuel, with AIOTK, hired Jason William Spencer as a writer on the web-series, "Wine Moms".


Laura Cross, producer of Rebel Seed Films, OPTIONED "No Rest: Mission4Muna" by screenwriter Angela Munson.

Puja Rok PURCHASED feature "CRYSTAL STOLEN" form Ben LaRue.

Meghan Weinstein, with Daisy Eagle Films, HIRED Michael Herman to do dialogue punch-up on her new feature film.

Kevin Ruiz North HIRED Kevin Holton to RE-WRITE his short sci-fi script, LOOKING FOR ANSWERS.

Dalton Conway PURCHASED Carole Hannahan's feature screenplay, FACE ME.

Patrick Lavery HIRED Monica Warden to write animation short script,

The Unknown Dissident.

Joseph Danjie hired Chris Carson Emmons as a script consultant/co-writer for his new film project, AFOAKOM: The Mysterious Statue.

Colin Costello and Barry M. Putt, Jr. were HIRED by Baicizhan, Chaoyouai Technology to write audio scripts for their Chinese market. 


David Welsh Creative HIRED writer ISSAC LUCAS to collaborate on his mystery action thriller: THEO - THE BOY WHO WAS INVINCIBLE. Issac was also HIRED by Satya Adu, with Meraki Studio Cinematics, to write a heartfelt light comedy.

Theatre X Entertainment PRODUCED Jaclyn Boser's screenplay "A Christmas Reconciliation".

Janelle Stein, with Blue Pearl Theatrics, HIRED Robert Dillon as a screenwriter to work on season 2 for the series ASHLEY'S WORLD

Toastmasters International HIRED Ioannis Skiotes to scribe commercials for their company. Ioannis was also HIRED by Diogo Costa as a screenplay editor for Diogo's graphic novel screenplay. And most recently, Freddie Hernandez 

hired Ioannis to turn his outline (based off a true story) into a screenplay. Freddie also produced R.S. Ebert's screenplay, WOLF MOTHER: HUNTED.

Adam Slutsky was hired by Hamzah Tarzan to re-write a film in pre-production. Kathy Muraviov represents Adam.

SunCity Productions PURCHASED Deborah Solberg's feature-length screenplay, "No Fixed Address".

Brendan McNeill, producer at True Bearing Pictures, OPTIONED screenwriter 

Jason Bortz's thriller/suspense screenplay. Jason is represented by Silver/ Bitela Agency.

Tommy Garcia, with Press Pix Media , HIRED Laurel Pardo as a script consultant on a horror screenplay.

Willoughby Pictures HIRED Jane Therese to adapt "Too Many Tears" into a screenplay.

Christian Betley connected with Kamal Sadanah; Christian will be writing an action/adventure feature script revolved around the Himalayas


Lucio Lepri purchased and produced two films from screenwriter Robert Christian Frostholm, THE LAST MEAL, and THE LAST GOODBYE.

Georgie Lalov, with The Projects Company, PRODUCED Timothy McCelland's screenplay, ''15''. 

Arturo Portillo  was hired to write an episode for Samuel M. Rodriquez's new show, 'Encarnatus'.

Joel Heath HIRED Adam Stovall to scribe "Countdown to Ragnarok".

Tim Jara Morgan, with Latch & Key Productions HIRED Michael Stagliano to develop a TV Series

María Fernanda Duarte OPTIONED Jalya Tanner's feature script, MIRROR, which revolves around the crisis on the US-Mexico boarder. 

Cliff Thomas hired Briant Happ to write 2 episodes on an existing series.

David Orta, with DBO Production/The Artistic-Civic League, HIRED Stan Usherenko, to write a HORROR/COMEDY screenplay.

Gorilla Studios OPTIONED William Keller's feature screenplay, "Serial Killer". 

Mike Gonza HIRED Jake Teeny to write a screenplay. Production is set for next summer.

321 Productions hired Joyce Howard to write a treatment and script for their next feature film. 

Evelyn Gabai completed a sitcom presentation Bible for Fred Weinberg.