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10 Reasons Why Professional TV Writers Need a TV Bible

The internet is flooded with master classes, many of which are repetitive. At Screenwriting Staffing, our primary focus is on helping writers get paid and sell their scripts, whether they're features, pilots, or shorts.

However, it's surprising to learn that most writers, including those on our site and competitors, often lack a series bible to accompany their pilot scripts. Why is that? It's because many writers don't understand the history, importance, and process of creating one.

That's why we're excited to announce a live master class focused on creating a series bible. In just the past two weeks, two separate companies have requested our writers not to submit just their pilot, query letter, or treatment; instead, they specifically asked for a TV series bible.

SUPERNATURAL PILOT SCRIPTS. We're looking for professionally-crafted pilot scripts at least an hour in length. Target audience should be at young adults with a medium cast of characters to be around 3-5 people, alongside a brief description of the plot, including the main characters, their goals, and the central conflict. . We have a rich legacy in creating groundbreaking television shows, including "The X-Files" and its spin-offs "Millennium", "The Lone Gunmen" and the short-lived series "Harsh Realm. Forward your TV Bible.
SCI-FI TV PILOT. Our company is looking for screenwriters to present a pilot script for a potential television series in regarding to Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Send Series Bible.

This realization led me to compile a quick list of ten reasons why a professional TV writer needs a TV bible...


1) Historical Context: TV Bibles originated as helpful documents for writers on long-running shows such as "The Jeffersons." They acted as cheat sheets, ensuring consistency and providing guidance for new writers joining the team.

2) Transition to Sales Document: Today, TV Bibles have evolved into powerful sales tools. They're not just internal guides anymore; they're presentations aimed at convincing executives and investors to support a new series.

3) Executive Tool: TV Bibles serve as executive summaries of a show's potential. They provide a quick but comprehensive overview, helping decision-makers understand what makes the series unique and why it's worth backing.

Validation of Pilot Quality: A well-crafted TV Bible reinforces the quality of the pilot episode. It demonstrates to executives that the show has depth, longevity, and the potential to captivate audiences beyond the initial episode.

Pitch Efficiency: TV Bibles streamline the pitching process. Instead of rehashing details, creators can use them as ready-made presentations, saving time and ensuring consistency in the message delivered to potential buyers.

Concentration of Core Elements: In essence, TV Bibles distill the essence of the show into a concise yet compelling narrative. They highlight the core elements—characters, themes, and tone—that define the series' identity and appeal.

Professional Presentation: Presenting a TV Bible signals professionalism and preparedness. It shows that the creator has invested time and effort into crafting a polished document, reflecting positively on their commitment to the project.

Creative Guidance: TV Bibles provide a roadmap for creative decision-making. They outline the show's universe, character arcs, and overarching storylines, ensuring consistency and coherence in the storytelling process.

Selling Tool: More than just informative documents, TV Bibles are persuasive tools. They make a compelling case for why a network or investor should get behind the project, emphasizing its marketability and potential for success.

Long-Term Planning: By detailing future seasons and story arcs, TV Bibles demonstrate the creator's foresight and vision for the series. They show that the show isn't just a one-off idea but a fully realized concept with the potential for ongoing development and growth.

In summary, TV Series Bibles play a crucial role in the development and pitching of new television projects. They're essential tools for communicating a show's potential and securing support from industry stakeholders.

Want to learn more on how to create a selling TV Pilot and creating a professional Series Bible? Enroll in our class!


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Article written by Screenwriting Staffing's Founder Jacob N. Stuart


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