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According to the Alzheimer's Association, more than 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's. REMEMBER I LOVE YOU is a story that many Americans are currently dealing with. The script has similarities in topics to Iris: A Memoir of Iris Murdoch, Still Alice, Away from Her, and The Notebook. REMEMBER I LOVE YOU received a "RECOMMEND" from Screenwriting Staffing. You can also check out our PITCH DECK by clicking HERE.

LOGLINE: After Mason makes the difficult decision to move his wife Beverly into an Alzheimer’s facility, he restarts a relationship with long-time friend Kathryn and struggles with his emotions, what it means to be faithful, and his family’s expectations.

After 52 years of marriage, MASON TAYLOR, a retired watchmaker, and BEVERLY TAYLOR, a dance instructor, must cope with Beverly’s deteriorating mental health due to Alzheimer’s. After a series of incidents that put both Mason and Beverly at risk, Mason makes the difficult decision to move Beverly into an Alzheimer’s facility in Florida, where his children and grandchildren live. He moves into a new house close to Ocean Manor Assisted Living.


Near the new house, Beverly’s college friend KATHRYN operates a bakery with her daughter NIKKI. With Nikki’s prodding, Kathryn and Mason strike up their relationship again, though they had not been close for years. Kathryn admits that she was jealous of Beverly when Mason proposed; her flame has not yet gone out despite having a family and being widowed.


Mason struggles to keep the relationship as “just friends.” Haley has a problem that her father and Kathryn have gone to dinner and Mason brought Kathryn to her daughter Chloe’s birthday party. Kathryn feels so uncomfortable that she leaves. Mason takes her home. Kathryn turns an attempted kiss on the cheek to a kiss on the lips. She apologizes. Mason and those around him debate what it means to remain faithful to a spouse who has dementia. He is worried he will betray his wedding vows as he and Kathryn grow closer.


Beverly falls and hits her head. Mason is slow to get to the nursing home because he doesn’t see incoming phone messages while enjoying an evening with Kathryn. When he does arrive Beverly and Hayley want to know why he is wearing a nice shirt and cologne. Beverly wants to know if he is seeing someone. Mason denies it.


Before long, Beverly accepts her new situation and creates her own connection with a male resident, CAPTAIN HENRY, as his dance teacher. Mason must now deal with Beverly's separation and inevitable decline, his feelings toward Kathryn and his family's expectations to determine what is best for him.




I am compelled to tell this story based on my experience with my own parents and in-laws. I have watched my mother take care of my dad and cope with the “death” of her spouse due to this horrible disease. 


In addition, I have watched my father-in-law struggle with the decision to put my mother-in-law in an Alzheimer’s facility long before he thought he would have to make this decision. This story is loosely based on his experience. I quickly realized everyone has an opinion about what is moral, right, correct, responsible when it comes to having a relationship with the opposite sex outside of marriage. This story is meant to highlight those opinions and to show the confusion and judgment people in his situation struggle with.


Thank you for your time! Please contact me if you would like to read the full script. I can email you a copyrighted version right away. 



Laura Guy