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Top 3 winners will have their query letter read by over

3K industry professionals and buyers! 


1st Place - Dating Casey, Again - Casey creates a fake dating profile to keep tabs on Todd, her soon-to-be ex-husband, only to accidentally start falling for him all over again. Feature by Alejandro Leopardi 

2nd Place - Non-Binary - A non-binary, biracial CIA operative is tasked with preventing the assassination of an ultra-right-wing American President. Feature by Robert Timothy Tobin 

3rd Place - Deathcentralized - After a long, fruitless job hunt, a talented software developer finally lands a position at her idol's cryptocurrency start-up, but a string of mysterious suicides with apparent ties to the company leads her to the discovery of an ancient and primal evil. Feature by Luca Filipi 

4th Place -The Einstein-Rosen Bridge - After having his daughter kidnapped, a time-traveling man will face a robust pedophile network to find her. Feature by Armando Soares Gouy - 

5th Place - Doing Time In Paradise - After doing time for armed robbery, an alcoholic grandmother has to live with her estranged daughter and family as part of her parole conditions while trying to figure out who ratted her out and where they stashed the loot. Feature by Tawny Stokes 



Big Criminals - Three desperate men plan a kidnapping, never realizing their jobs as school crossing-guards haven’t quite prepared them for a life of crime. Feature by Steve Wisniewski

Chonker and Lil' Friend - A young cat, bigger than most, finds her way at Hollywood Elementary School with her new best bud, who is a French Bulldog and aspiring rapper. TV Pilot by Andy Dubick

Her Majesty's Spymistress - A tough, young Protestant woman secures a perilous job as the first ever female spy in the spy network of Queen Elizabeth I to revenge her father's death at the hand of Catholics and to save her family from poverty. TV Pilot by Marcus Goodwin

Messenger Dogs - A young, rebellious orphan enlists in the army, finds the devotion he's longed for in a war dog he trains, and together they risk their lives to save over 50 British soldiers during the final months of World War One. Feature by Clark Ransom

Shetani - A Kenyan wildlife ranger hunts down poachers and battles bureaucracy amid rumors of a large killer elephant, which locals believe is the Devil incarnate. Feature by Joshua Keller Katz



And Yet I Rise Again - An ambitious young boxer committed to following in the footsteps of his well-known father, who was a champion but tragically murdered, is suddenly diagnosed with cancer which turns out to be one of the biggest fights of his life. Feature by Jaime Yruegaz

Animus - When a corrupt politician is assassinated in crisis-stricken Athens, a tenacious cop struggles to hold on to his values, as he navigates a labyrinth of political intrigue and personal dilemmas. TV Pilot by Christiane Lange​

Climate Changed - When an all-talk-but-no-action environmentalist is forced to work for a fossil fuel conglomerate, he learns that the girl of his dreams he meets on the job may be running a global warming cover-up of a cataclysmic environmental disaster.  Feature by Alan J. Field

Deep In - After taking on a charismatic young street hustler as her partner, a mature woman must save her thriving business and her new partners' life when helping him turn legit puts her in the cross-hairs of his violent drug lord. Feature by Monique "M. P." Stone​

15 - A young man who survived a horrific childhood abduction hasn't dared leave home in 15 years, so his brother and an ominous doctor devise a plan to force him out of his house, but when bizarre things start to happen, is it the work of his brother or is he beginning to lose his mind. Feature by Timothy McClelland

Firefighter - When leukemia threatens the life of a six-year-old boy who wants to be a fireman, a local fire chief moves heaven and earth to make him an official firefighter before he passes. Short by Vaughn Roste

Forget You?! - When David takes his family to visit his parents for Christmas, he believes there’s no hope of salvaging his relationship with his father, especially with his father’s Alzheimer’s. But hilarious and horrendous circumstances arise that force him to realize that it’s never too late to say “I love you.” Feature by Denis Mortenson 

Goblin's Gun - Believing her parents will return, an orphan refugee, separated at the border, balks at being adopted, but when the car going to her new home and family catapults into a river, her spirit is rescued by a Shaman who awakens her to the value of life. Feature by Pamela PerryGoulardt

Heart Of A Woman - A young African American, seeking to express his true identity, has to overcome prejudice and bigotry to realize her authentic self and live proudly as a transgender woman. Feature by Keith Holland

Minerva Claus -When Santa is poisoned and children fall mysteriously ill, Santa’s wife, a former goddess named Minerva, must dredge up forgotten talents before the world is forever changed. Feature by Veronica R. Tabares

Phoenix Edge - A starving artist, battling narcolepsy and facing eviction, scores the interview of a lifetime at a world-class design firm. When he's challenged by its eccentric, thrill-seeking CEO who happens to be his exact double, he seeks the help of an unorthodox psychotherapist. Feature by Eddie Moton

Providence Falls - When the Jacobs family relocates to Providence Falls to get a fresh start after a tragic accident, the wife gets her depressed husband an emotional support dog that talks to him... which happens to be the voice of God. TV Pilot by Scott Fales

Shotgun Ballad -A thrill-seeking criminal being hunted by a team of elite bounty hunters reconnects with a former love to plan a brazen heist and buy their way out of the country. Feature by John Alen

Tailgaters - An emotionally unstable Cleveland native leads a ragtag group of parking lot security guards in battles against ravenous tailgate parties and lawless concertgoers, while racing against the clock to prove they are irreplaceable by artificial intelligence security. TV Pilot by Brian Deininger

The First Kitty in Antarctica - When a privileged British cat accidentally gets left behind by his humans touring Antarctica, he is lucky to meet a kind but naïve penguin who befriends him, teaches him how to survive, and ultimately helps him get home. TV Pilot by Vaughn Roste

The Lost Gods of Memphis - A society of Egyptian gods and goddesses lives hidden in plain sight in the American South. When one of their own disappears, a group of four elderly, eccentric gods turned jazz musicians are enlisted to restore order. They are - The Lost Gods of Memphis. Feature by Jon-Carlos Evans​

The Queen Of Night - During a time of war when no princesses are available, a naïve peasant girl is given a chance at a competition to marry the Prince, but she falls in love with the Queen-Mother. Together, they have to decide how to play the game of politics in a patriarchal society. Feature by Seda Anbarci

The Record Store - A struggling record store owner in Raleigh, NC, is confronted by buried family secrets as she fights to keep her small record shop open forcing her to make unlikely alliances. TV Pilot by Marvin Jackson

The Robo-vac Beast - A robo-vac acquires a taste for flesh instead of dirt. After committing a string of mysterious unsolved murders it dies in a pool but its replacement has AI and creates even more shocking horror. Feature by Joe LaCroce

The 12 Days of Christmas - A street-wise, homeless girl and a book-smart boy are enticed by a mysterious pawnshop owner to find Santa’s missing sleigh by following clues from the classic 12 Days of Christmas song. TV Pilot by Scott Fales



Not To Burst Your Bubble - From cigarettes and slushies to gold and limos, an Arab, Muslim family builds a hidden world to make it in America while trying to remain true-to-self in the cow-covered hills of rural Virginia. TV Pilot by Serena Rasoul

The Bamboo Wife - A young woman, blind to her demons, finds significance by aligning with the Japanese in Hawaii—a potent cocktail that threatens her and America’s future peace. TV Pilot by Heather Perrine Shreve


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