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1ST PLACE | TRUE STORY OF THE PERFECT 36 -- Two young sisters reluctantly join forces with a time travel expert and travel back to August of 1920. They must get to Nashville in time to stop an interloper from keeping the Nineteenth Amendment from being ratified. Sci-fi by Veronica R. Tabares


2ND PLACE | 21 DAYS IN PARIS -- While in a coma, an art professor dreams of meeting his soulmate in Paris, as well as Degas and other famous dead people. Upon waking from the coma, he goes to Paris to discover whether the woman he loves is real or a fantasy. Romance by Denis Mortenson 

3RD PLACE | THE CHRONIC ARGONAUTS -- When a time-travelling mad scientist accidentally kidnaps a rugby-loving church minister from the 1800s, they both land smack in the middle of a last-ditch fight to save mankind from an alien invasion. Sci-fi by Dan Goforth

4TH PLACE | THE COMPOSERS --  After his wife's sudden death, Stephen, a washed up Broadway composer, must take his estranged daughter Emma to the funeral where they wrestle with their relationship even as they decide to blackmail Stephen's sister-in-law, a famed pop singer, into starring in his new show. Drama by Joel Fishbane 

5TH PLACE | ARENA -- When the galaxy's toughest cop is framed for murder and sent to the dreaded prison planet Arena, he must battle heinous criminals on a gladiatorial game show in order to clear his name, clear his conscience, and come home. Sci-fi by Catlan McClelland | 



HAUNT FOR HIRE -- After a family enlists the help of a ghost to save themselves from a vindictive neighbor, they start a haunt for hire business and learn that even ghosts can be haunted. Comedy by Veronica R. Tabares


BULLY! (Teddy Roosevelt and the Panama Canal) -- Rough Rider President Teddy Roosevelt ignores the Constitution, orders American gunboats to sea, and bullies his way through Congress, Wall Street and Banana Republics to secure America’s right to build the Panama Canal.  Drama by James B Saunders

HIT & RUN -- When the wife of a struggling businessman robs a pizza restaurant, to pay her husband's bills, they are forced into a hide-and-seek game of life-and-death with police and the mob-connected restaurant boss. Action by Hebron Simckes-Joffe


INKED IN BLOOD -- A tortured man returns to the town he ran away from as a child to exact his revenge on all those who wronged him and face the one man he fears the most - his father. Revenge-Drama by Paul Corricelli


LITTLE SISTER -- A professional paranormal investigator must return to his childhood home in order to save himself from a demonic entity. However, this involves also saving his estranged family who is reluctant to accept his help because he’s not the girl they raised. Drama by Tristan “Voss” Wold 


M-OTHEЯLAИD -- A skeptical physicist and a former FBI-agent are enlisted to revive a Fringe Science Department at Homeland Security, where they investigate a series of crimes involving popular American conspiracy theories, Russian agents in our government, and a parallel universe leaking into our own.  Sci-fi by Emily Ross    


STONE WOMAN -- A honeymooner in Belize becomes a reluctant adventurer when an anti-American police chief frames her husband for murder, and the only one on her side is the silent ghost of an ancient Mayan woman.  Adventure by Veronica R. Tabares


THE RELUCTANT SEXAGENARIAN  -- A 60-year old woman’s birthday wish to get younger backfires, making her keep aging backwards until finding true love. Comedy by Rita Wheeler 


THE SERUM -- After a biochemist is murdered, a reporter searches for the remaining dose of a serum that extends human life and which Big Pharma wants destroyed. Thriller by Thomas Thorpe 

A STORM IN SEASON -- Six years ago, a slave earned his freedom. Today he will fight to free a nation. Drama by Paul Weidknecht

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