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I would like to submit my horror script, “Anti-Social,” for your consideration. We’ve received excellent script coverage with ten considers and are ranked in the TOP 1% on Stage 32, TOP 2% on WeScreenplay, TOP 10% on Coverfly, and have a Script Score of 74 on


Logline: “Ten years after a brutal massacre that shocked the small town of Eden Falls, a masked killer returns and targets a group of influencers as they launch their new underground app specializing in violent and sadistic entertainment."




SYNOPSIS: The small town of Eden Falls was rattled when the groundskeeper of St. John's Orphanage, CHRISTIAN CROWE, a disfigured mammoth of a man, snapped and went on a murderous rampage, sparking the legend of the Eden Falls Massacre.

Now, ten years later, a group of influencers -- JESSIE, KAILANNI, CRYSTAL, and the gender-fluid flamboyant drag-queen XANDER or "QUEEN Z," as he's more commonly known to his fans -- head to Eden Falls, for the biggest party of the year to launch their new app that specializes in violent and sadistic entertainment, Our Social Playground (O.S.P.)


Along their road trip, they get lost in Eden Falls and meet two handsome locals -- BODHI and QUINN, who show them to their accommodation before heading to the party.


The party is lit, but after Bodhi has a heated altercation with Jessie's ex-boyfriend CALEB, they decide to head back to the accommodation to get to know each other a little better.


While at the cabin, they’re confronted by a group of people in masks; however, they soon reveal themselves to be Jessie's friends creating an epic O.S.P video to help gain her more followers. Jessie drops her guard as Christian Crowe shows up, slashing his way into the night. Bodhi uses the distraction to kill Quinn, confirming that he's in league with Christian, and with Kailanni's help, they kidnap Jessie -- the ultimate betrayal.


Jessie wakes up, tied and gagged, as Kailanni taunts her with the revenge story that set the whole plan in motion. Crystal is dragged into the room, and Jessie is offered a chance at redemption; an eye for an eye. But before she chooses, she makes one last attempt at putting her captors through a psychological mind game of lies and manipulation, distorting their reality and ultimately having them second guess their true alliances.


BIO: I'm a Writer, Actor, and published author, represented by Gilchrist Management. My previous feature, "There's Something in the Pilliga," is available on Amazon Prime, along with the controversial “I’m Here Too," which received 23 nominations, 12 wins, and over 13 million views.


Anti-Social” is a spine-chilling, suspenseful horror film that combines horror and social commentary while offering a fresh and clever homage to the slasher subgenre. It's fast-paced, smooth, and has a considerable amount of diversity, including BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ characters, making it highly commercial in today's market.


Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Kind Regards,

Brendan Byrne

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