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Dear Sir or Madam...


Mankind is dying out! Womankind thinks he’s over-reacting. This is the tagline for my action-comedy MANDEMIC!


LOGLINE: Amanda is on the verge of dumping her deadbeat boyfriend Steve, when a mysterious non-lethal virus starts incapacitating the entire male population of the planet. But when Steve turns out to be immune to the global man-flu, Amanda suddenly finds herself with the most desirable boyfriend on Earth!


SYNOPSIS: AMANDA and STEVE have been together since college and Amanda has had enough! She’s a hard-working businesswoman, he’s a lazy hypochondriac. She has a high sex drive, he brings his Playstation to bed. Her plan to dump him, however, is interrupted by the news that a non-lethal virus is rapidly sweeping through the male population of the planet, incapacitating men of all ages with symptoms similar to those of a severe flu. All, that is, except for Steve, who turns out to be immune to the virus. So Amanda suddenly finds herself with the fittest boyfriend on the planet!


Amanda confides in her best friend Sara about her healthy boyfriend, swearing her to secrecy. Soon every woman in London knows about him, and Amanda and Steve are forced to go on the run; deciding to head for Scotland where Steve’s exgirlfriend, a famous immunologist, may be able to create an antivirus from a sample of Steve’s blood. And so, with Steve disguised as a woman, the couple flee London, with gangs of desperate housewives, lonely single women, and militant feminists, all roaming the streets, hunting for the now legendary Steve. Steve is forced to embrace his feminine side, and with a new-found perspective comes to realize how much he has taken Amanda for granted. Can Amanda and Steve save their relationship? More importantly, can they save mankind?!


MANDEMIC! is a battle of the sexes rom-com, written shortly before the outbreak of COVID 19, and re-written to reflect some of the issues that effected humanity during and after the pandemic. Laughter is therapeutic and helps us deal with difficult situations, so I think this action-heavy comedy is quite timely.


I am a produced, award-winning screenwriter and have worked with Oscar and BAFTA winning filmmakers. I spent 18 months developing a TV series with Oscar winning Echo Lake Entertainment and I came 2nd in Final Draft’s Big Break contest with my buddy-comedy Knight Knight, which I later co-produced. I have been selected for mentoring programs with Tony Grisoni (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) and David Reynolds (Finding Nemo).


Thanks for your time.



Nicholas Horwood

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