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1st Place - Influencer Psychology - Dr. Lily Martinez is a psychiatrist who caters exclusively to social media influencers. Though she initially struggles to understand her patients, she unexpectedly becomes a social media star when a worldwide pandemic prompts her to create a social media channel called Influencer Psychology; and it becomes wildly successful because her patients ask to be involved (and bring their followers with them). Situational Comedy TV Pilot by Wendy Bustamante. 

2nd Place - Memories of My Father  - A clinic receives a grant to test VR Goggles that trigger an elderly Alzheimer’s patient’s memories of gruesome murders he committed as a younger man. Now, he’s back in business. Psychological Thriller Feature by Paul Alan Spreadbury.

3rd Place - The Bamboo Wife - In 1922 Oahu, a young woman finds significance by aligning with the Japanese to expose the ironic ‘Cocktail’–roaring misinformation and missteps which threaten the American Dream and future peace. Glamourous Drama TV Pilot by Heather P. Shreve. 

4th Place - Red Sky At Morning - Half dryad sisters run a detective agency from a cursed steamship, solving mysteries and protecting the supernatural community in 1890’s San Francisco from humans.. Steampunk Drama TV Pilot by Jodi Davis. 

5th Place - My Dreamgirl Don't Exist - In 2007, a struggling writer meets his dream girl in a dream and does everything in his power to find her, regardless of a pregnant girlfriend, an overdue novel, and the fact that she lives 60 years in the past. Anti Romance Feature by Eric C Koenig. 

(7 Finalists - in alphabetical order)

A Musing Story - Every fictional universe ever imagined may very well exist, having been created by a Muse and then shown to various kinds of artists and creators. Cadence Dermott is one of those artists, during a point in history where humankind discovers that a world they thought was fictional actually exists on another planet. TV Pilot by Wendy Bustamante

Anti-Social - A group of influencers launch their new underground app that specializes in violent and sadistic entertainment, unaware that they're being stalked by a merciless serial killer hell-bent on revenge.  Feature by Brendan Byrne

Crashers - Reckless and impulsive young people devise risky car accidents to collect insurance blood money, get caught up in the seamy underworld of crime and auto insurance fraud and suffer the nightmarish descent as events spiral out of control. Feature by Lindy S. Hudis

Elsie Venner - A new teacher becomes obsessed by an outcast student, a strange and hypnotic girl who harbors an unnatural propensity for evil and a mysterious dominion over rattlesnakes. Feature by Raleigh Marcell

Family Business - DENNIS is a single suburban dad who never lived up to his father's expectations. But now his 2 young children are showing an aptitude for the family business—serial killing. TV Pilot by Samuel Bollen

Rooms of Experience - An emotionally guarded district attorney must come clean about her past in order to reconnect with the daughter she abandoned, as she prosecutes an elderly woman who took the life of her severely disabled son. Feature by Steffany Sommers 

Sherwood Oaks - On his first day on the job, the newly-promoted Sheriff of Nottingham investigates missing children (Hansel and Gretel), domestic disturbances (Cinderella), and noise complaints from Robin Hoods Merry Men. If he can't keep the residents of Sherwood Oaks happy, he may lose his job. TV Pilot by Joshua Caleb Dillon


(Semi-finalists - in alphabetical order)

A Circle of Children - A tomboy is kidnapped and taken to an underground arena in Mexico where she must choose to fight the other kidnapped teens to the death in hopes of being freed or convince the others to fight together in hopes all will be freed. Feature by Curtis Torchia

Ainsworth - Having worked so hard to create a stable life, when his students are targeted by an illusive serial killer, Robert Ainsworth must decide what is more important, holding onto his delusions or helping Detective Miles Hayward end the bloody rampage. TV Pilot by Tiffany Yarde

Butterfly - When his newly found love is kidnapped, David Aremu, a paranoid climate change advocate has to fight fear, PTSD, his fossil-loving, unsupportive father and then a group of notorious Jihadists in order to save her and advance his cause. Feature by Olaitan Michael Olaniyi

Cigarette Juice - - After the family matriarch dies, one family moves back to the south. During the ‘great migration’, Clay Turner inherited his mom’s property and the hate from those who never left. Feature by Hura L Hill Jr.

Has Been - When once famous pop star Jordan Hammer finds himself forty and broke, he moves back to his small hometown where he must recross the bridges he burned on his way to fame. TV Pilot by Joshua Caleb Dillon

Jackie and Reuben - A star pitcher contends with his arch-rival while struggling to learn to pitch
with his other hand in time to save his childhood orphanage from a bank auction. Feature by 

Daniel D. "Scrappy" Jackson

Lunar Jetman - When tensions escalate between two Mega-Corporations causing the death of his friend, a Lunar Astronaut must battle through the chaos of World War 3 to get back home to his family on Earth. Feature by Campbell Christie

Matthew - A young boy struggling with anger issues and an abusive home life seeks comfort in his best friend, but with his behavior how long can it last? Feature by Ian Thompson

Monster Carnival - An anthology series explores humans’ modern-day meetings with folkloric creatures through cautionary tales. TV Pilot by Alia Zeid

Phaethon - A dedicated Military Intelligence officer from the 1940-s when encounters a gray alien in crashed UFO near Roswell, learns that he must stop a plot by a race of hostile Draconians in order to prevent the Global catastrophe that is about to happen. Feature by Victor Orel 

​Scarlet Seas - Father and daughter hunters pursue a fugitive vampire across the Caribbean; her bloodthirst unleashed when pirates plunder a ship ferrying her coffin. Feature by John C Young

The False One - When slave-turned-soldier Judas is sent to the East to help destroy Rome’s enemies, he finds his loyalties torn between his duty to the Empire and his growing belief in the prophet he's sent to spy on… Feature by Andrew Kevin Fawn

The First Cookie - Left alone on a Montana ranch for five days before Christmas, a 14-year old girl with no knowledge of the Bible, Christmas or Santa is visited by a series of unlikely characters who help her discover the joy of Christmas and a love of Christ. Feature by Paul Alan Spreadbury

The Ladies of the Sacred South - When their crumbling house museum is condemned, five spunky senior citizens battle, conquer, and ultimately convert the historian sent by the state historical society to buy their beloved old house. Feature by Raleigh Marcell

The Solomon Power - A teen with extrasensory abilities is coerced into leading a secret government plot to build an army of demon warriors in exchange for information about her missing mother. Feature by Steffany Sommers

The Wedding Picture - After a totally isolated, partially disabled German farm girl (with her Nazi grandmother) rescue a wounded World War II American airman, emotions conflict, then drift into attraction, romance and a “Wedding.” But tragedies follow; she, now a destitute pregnant refugee, alone, struggles toward his unknowing misinformed U.S. parents. Feature by William Baxley

The Zombie Invasion of Christmas - As Santa Claus and his dysfunctional elves prepare for their annual Christmas run, they are unaware of a growing zombie plague spreading across the globe. Short by Phillip Ramati

You Can't Beat City Hall - When politicians force firefighters to become combined Policemen/ Firefighters, a newly-promoted fire captain, and a newly-elected union officer risk their careers by igniting a firestorm of opposition. Feature by Daniel D. "Scrappy" Jackson


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