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1st Place -- Mandemic!  - Amanda is on the verge of dumping her deadbeat boyfriend Steve, when a mysterious non-lethal virus starts incapacitating the entire male population of the planet. But when Steve turns out to be immune to the global man-flu, Amanda suddenly finds herself with the most desirable boyfriend on Earth! Feature rom-mom by Nicholas Horwood. Read Winning Query Letter.

2nd Place --  Bookish Little Christmas - When New York City author Charlotte’s publisher tells her that her latest book’s small town setting isn’t believable, she agrees to spend Christmas in Winter's Hollow, Connecticut to get the genuine small town holiday experience. During her stay she not only learns she's expected to compete in the town's annual caroling competition, but finds herself unexpectedly falling for bookstore-owning single dad Jesse. Feature family-friendly comedy by Rebecca Leigh. Read Winning Query Letter.

3rd Place -- Grifters - Two co-dependent best friends drowning in student loan debt decide to fake their death after a freak accident leaves them presumed dead. When their story is picked up by the national news cycle, the growing pressure threatens to destroy their friendship and their chance at freedom. A dark half-hour comedy by Weslie LechnerRead Winning Query Letter.

4th Place - Anti-Social - Ten years after a brutal massacre that shocked the small town of Eden Falls, a masked killer returns and targets a group of influencers as they launch their new underground app specializing in violent and sadistic entertainment. Feature suspense-horror by Brendan ByrneRead Winning Query Letter.

5th Place - Marcus Aurelius: Human Resources Counselor - Following a particle accelerator accident that rips a hole in the spacetime continuum, Marcus Aurelius, 14th Emperor of Rome and stoic philosopher, struggles to adapt to modern life after he switches bodies with an office's human resources counselor. TV comedy pilot By David SchroederRead Winning Query Letter.




(in alphabetical order)

Cage-Fed - When a man finds himself mysteriously transplanted into a sealed cage, he yearns to uncover the truth behind his new reality and the outside world. Feature by Brad Mason.

Girls Gone 50 - After a series of bad break-ups, a fifty-something elementary school teacher is challenged by her best friend to take an anything goes approach to online dating in order to break her toxic relationship pattern and finally get the love and multiple orgasms she deserves. Feature by Steffany Sommers.

Ghost Stories - A late night radio talk show psychic solves murders with the help of some very snarky ghosts. Feature by Wendy Memoli.

Globeheads - A down-on-his-luck artist gets dragged into Florida’s conspiracy theory underground after taking the only job he can find - producing propaganda for a flat-earth enthusiast determined to spread The Truth. TV pilot by Briana Nicole-Lynn Cox.

Morbidly - A young physical therapist slowly loses his grip on reality as he succumbs to the seductiveness of his only patient, a morbidly obese woman with an unearthly hunger. Feature by Don Stroud.



(in alphabetical order)

Ask Not - A disheveled man shows up at Langley and tells CIA agents that he’s from the future and that he came in 1963 to reluctantly kill John F. Kennedy because if the President had lived, there was no escaping World War III. Feature by Jack Polo.

Brain Fog - Sara wakes up in an ICU bed, having been taken off a ventilator. Thinking she has survived Covid-19, Sara resumes her life, but is plagued by visions and hallucinations, until she wakes up in an ICU bed, having just been taken off a ventilator. Short by Eric White.

Celtic Blood - A young Irish gangster is sent to the U.S. to rebuild his boss’s empire, all the while being the target of a conspiracy within the FBI. TV pilot by Richard W. Masterson.

Cussing, Fussing, Fighting, and Killing - An ambitious software engineer tries to start a business only to have his life ruined when his scheming aunt turns his own wife against him. Feature by Anthony L Moore.

Exile - An uptight elderly woman and an eccentric teenage girl become friends while stuck in a time loop that they can’t break or the girl will die. Feature by Camilla Zahn.

Exodus - A troubled young climate activist attempts to impress a larger more extreme environmental action group, while exposing his employer as a fake green energy company. Feature by Daniel Stephenson.

Feudal Vampire - East clashes with West in feudal Japan as a vampire samurai engages in an unholy battle to rescue the daughter of the Shogun from the fanatical clutches of a vampire priest. Feature by Dwayne Lawler.

Greek Tragedy - When a teenager in ancient Greece discovers she’s fated to die in a tragic event, she must journey to Mount Olympus in order to secure her own destiny, free from the influence of the Gods. TV Pilot by Alia Zeid.


Into The Ether - When a desperate college professor resorts to experimental sleep therapy to cure his nightmares, he loses his grip on reality and finds himself ruthlessly hunted down by a sadistic teenager in both the dream world and waking life. TV pilot by Steve Brown.

Kosovo - Caught up in the war in Kosovo, politics and beliefs break a family apart and leave the two sisters in each other’s crosshairs until their final confrontation as the opposing forces fight a decisive battle with the lives of thousands of refugees in the balance. Feature by Timothy Guay.

Lie First; Breath Second - A small-town DCI’s torn between avenging her past and protecting her present when bodies start dropping faster than the secrets they carried, and all signs point to her husband. TV pilot by Briony McMahon.

Love Haters Club - A bold group of teens ban together to form a quickly growing movement against relationship games in this coming of age, teen comedy, which is set to feature music and performances by Hayley Kiyoko. Feature by Christan van Slyke.

NightAn aging sheriff searches for two college students who’ve disappeared in a dense Arizona forest, only to uncover a conspiracy involving intelligence operatives, criminals and potentially, extraterrestrials. Feature by Thomas Thorpe.

Over the Moon and Under the Sun - A passionate Jewish teenager in Nazi Germany must escape her homeland and learn to use her majestic voice to help her survive the horrors of the Third Reich while she’s pursued by a sadistic SS officer bent on settling a personal score. Feature by Gregory Breuer.

Pitch It 2 Stream It - An unknown screenwriter leaves behind her sick mom, students, and secure job to compete on a tv show against industry pros where the prize is the chance to land her first gig and she inadvertently becomes involved with a scandal-ridden actor thus making her the girl everyone can’t stop slut-shaming, which could end her career before it even begins and bring harm to her mom and students also. TV pilot by Lily Geraldine Jackson.

Splintering Heart - A little Jewish girl is saved from the horrors of Nazism and the Holocaust after her parents are sent to concentration camps. Feature by Allen Gunnison.

Spring-Heeled Jack - The son of wealthy aristocrats is orphaned and forced to grow up on the crime-ridden streets of 1830s London, maturing into a jack-of-all-trades master thief. But when he learns the truth behind his parents' murder, he adopts the guise of an infamous London demon, and this superior criminal becomes a superior hero! TV pilot by Nicholas Horwood.

Terms of Entanglement - Twenty years after a mysterious event split reality and destroyed data records, a woman contends with quantum weirdness and a shadowy government agency to find the daughter she gave up for adoption. TV pilot by David Schroeder.

The Mother Witch - After joining a team dedicated to protecting Gettysburg from malevolent paranormal forces, a young woman must stop the powerful Mother Witch who ruined her family years ago from achieving her bloody, murderous goal that could destroy the town – and more. Feature by Chaitanya Vyas. 

What to do About Generation U? - The fate of millions of unwanted babies and the future of a new planet depend on how successful (or not) robo-parents Arnie and Irene Beta are at caring for an unwanted Black baby girl. Feature by Paul Alan Spreadbury.

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